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  1. 1) Apoc124 2) Andy_Muxlow 3) Kayla 4) Lemans Phil 5) MarkSt 6) Matt89
  2. Phil, this is a post for a June meet....
  3. http://www.photography-uk.com/v/photos/78304xth/C259697004 Guys, you can download a 400px image free of charge if your interested.
  4. Photo time.... All of the zeds on the stand (although I now realise I've missed at least 2, sorry!), plus as many as I could find around the show plus all the ones I was able to photograph on the strip. Not fussed by poobarus
  5. Im aiming for anytime between 7 & 8 for arrival on sunday. I need to see you lot horrendously hungover so i can wake you up with fog horns
  6. Please give Bay Automotive a ring for a quote as mentioned above, its a long job and i also had my service done. I wouldn't want to say one price and then due to inflation/operating costs the new cost could be more. 59,000
  7. Rather than adding on to the end of an old thread I thought I'd start a new one with a recommendation for someone who can do this job at a competitive price that may be more suitably located for other owners (I didn't fancy trekking all the way to the south side of the M25). I was talking to a friend who mentioned the oil gallery gasket failure and how it would present itself in both physically readouts and driving characteristics and unfortunately mine ticked all the boxes. -Low oil pressure on cold start -Low oil pressure on warm idle -Flat top end acceleration -Kangarooing under acceleration at low revs (even under gentle throttle) I had the work undertaken after getting a recommendation from a friend. He recommended Andy at Bay Automotive in Buckingham. http://www.bayautomotive.co.uk Andy was very knowledgeable and was able to describe what the issue was, how it was affecting the engine and how it will now behave in comparison. I am very pleased with the outcome, the car feels very different now and can really appreciate the top end grunt that I was missing before. The kangarooing has completely disappeared and it feels like it should have felt before! Don't know why I was putting up with it. Lack of personal experience I guess. I won't discuss money publicly on here but will say that it was competively priced and you should go directly to get a quote if you want the work to be done. A side note for anyone looking into this, the gaskets were in back order from Nissan when we ordered for about 3-4 weeks. Before the work was undertaken: After the work was undertaken: Gasket condition @ 59,000 miles: Stretched bolt hole: Bay Automotive with a couple of nice motors outside
  8. Running late guys, see you there!
  9. As the weather tomorrow looks shocking we may have to move the meet to the underground Sainsbury's car park just down the road. Last time we went there it was empty downstairs and full of moped riding corsa driving bad men upstairs so make sure you come downstairs! Unless you like that sort of thing!?!?! Stick this code in google maps for exact location of entrance --> 9C4X26PQ+96 Or the old fashioned way: 775 Witan Gate, Milton Keynes, MK9 2FW
  10. 1) Matt89 2) OliverB 3) Mattbowles 4) Apoc124 5) Nate 6) Andy_Muxlow 7) Kbad 8) WOOIE 9) Kayla 10) Erni902 11) MarkSt 12) grigiux 13) MLCMK
  11. 1) Matt89 2) OliverB 3) Mattbowles 4) Apoc124 5) Nate 6) Andy_Muxlow 7) Kbad 8) WOOIE 9) Kayla 10) Erni902 11) MarkSt 12) grigiux See you there
  12. 1) SUPRAWOOIE - Camping - PAID 2) Andy_Muxlow - Camping - PAID 3) Apoc124 - Camping 4) Twinturboz- Camping 5) Rich260- Camping 6) joshallen1993 - Camping - PAID 7) OliverB - Camping 8) Dicaprio - Not Camping 9) MattRwebB - Not camping -PAID 10) MarkSt - Not Camping 11) Matt89 - Not camping - PAID 12) getshawty - Not camping 13) Battlezed - Not Camping 14) Secretstar07979 - Not Camping 15) Kbad - Not camping 16) Shire - Not camping 17) rlakey1 - Not camping - PAID 18) Shaun350z - Not camping - PAID 19) 20)
  13. 1) Matt89 2) OliverB 3) Mattbowles 4) Apoc124 6) Andy_Muxlow 7) Kbad 8) SUPRAWOOKIE
  14. No excuses. Get yourself down.
  15. No tickets........stop Unless you want to donate money to the "Make Matt's exhaust louder fund"