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  1. alexgv1

    350Z wheel nuts

    Hi @Andy_Muxlow thank you for the offer but ZMANALEX is sending me down the four I require Mods can lock the thread if it helps. Thanks for all the responses.
  2. I’ve got the Nismo carbon fibre one. Works great for me but gets comments about the size
  3. What a beautiful car! Love the colour especially.
  4. alexgv1

    350Z wheel nuts

    No worries, thanks for checking. I’ll PM @ZMANALEX
  5. alexgv1

    350Z wheel nuts

    I believe so, yes, thank you.
  6. alexgv1

    350Z wheel nuts

    I’ve managed to part ways with one of my locking wheel nuts somewhere along the line and I’m looking to replace all four with factory wheel nuts (non-locking) if anybody had some for sale. Wheels are the stock 350Z GT4 wheels. Thanks
  7. Thank you for sharing! I really enjoyed this. Most interesting engine related YouTube video I’ve seen in a while.
  8. Hoping I can get the day off from work as I’d like to go to some meets this year! Fingers crossed for when my roster is out
  9. Good luck, I’m sure it will be up to the job
  10. I’ve just tried Koch Chemie Eulex on mine, using a partially soaked microfibre and several passes. It’s the best thing I’ve used for removing wheel weights so far.
  11. Agreed the short trigger is an absolute game changer. I was skeptical at thirty odd quid but it makes working in tighter spaces much easier and I’m really happy with the Direct Hoses one, same as you got above. Could definitely live without it but it does make life easier. Now ironically my mate is talking of getting a quick release extension for the short trigger to make it the same length as the original lance
  12. I was today years old when I found this thread... looking forward to the updates
  13. That might be a nice drive out for me (Bedfordshire)... I’ll watch the forums for any future meets, thanks.
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