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  1. Good luck, I’m sure it will be up to the job
  2. I’ve just tried Koch Chemie Eulex on mine, using a partially soaked microfibre and several passes. It’s the best thing I’ve used for removing wheel weights so far.
  3. Agreed the short trigger is an absolute game changer. I was skeptical at thirty odd quid but it makes working in tighter spaces much easier and I’m really happy with the Direct Hoses one, same as you got above. Could definitely live without it but it does make life easier. Now ironically my mate is talking of getting a quick release extension for the short trigger to make it the same length as the original lance
  4. I was today years old when I found this thread... looking forward to the updates
  5. That might be a nice drive out for me (Bedfordshire)... I’ll watch the forums for any future meets, thanks.
  6. Never caused me any problems. Just disarms the bonnet sensor part of the alarm (on mine at least). Only threat is two legged critters now.
  7. All bolts came out ok until the ones holding the mount to the gearbox. Possibly over tightened by the garage which did the clutch. Only supposed to be 40lbf.
  8. Tried to install mine today
  9. Rotten egg smell is typically associated with cats.
  10. https://youtu.be/cxSSlxDTBWM I’ve inserted a link to the rather entertaining promotional video displaying their 12 month claim, based on the premise of washing twice monthly. Real life results would also back this up, provided people know how to maintain their paint properly. I’m not a Soft99 fanboy (I’ve only only used King of Gloss) but I feel I should interject when the durability is questioned without basis. Reason being as above, it’s fluorine based and synthetic rather than naturally occurring wax products. Having said that, as we’ve all said above, if
  11. People rave about it, PTFE based so very good water repellency properties and lasts about 12 months. Not the best in their range for gloss so it depends on what you’re looking for. If ceramic is off the cards it’s the next best thing for durability.
  12. I’m expecting a full review of this! Sounds right down your street. I’ve got too many chemicals to change system myself, just bought another 5L of snow foam.
  13. Once they stop taxing cars for CO2 and NOx emissions they will start taxing them for iron and rubber particles emitted from brakes and tyres respectively. Something which is also present on electrical cars. These are much larger in diameter than exhaust emissions particles and somewhat as harmful towards air quality. So I expect to see the tax system changed to this by the time we’re all supposed to be electric. No escaping it unfortunately and of course it will all be our fault for driving electric cars then (despite people trying to be green and following government recommendations/tax incen
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