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  1. Great guide, well written, short and precise not over-welming in anyway for someone who has little to no knowledge about these cars
  2. I bought my V1 similar time to you (Jan 2021) About a year ago I went to do a 2 year ownership write up and after reading your write up I honestly couldn't of put it any better then you had, so I never did I've read so many journalists review on these cars and doesn't come close to yours!
  3. Went for a little photo shoot with a local automotive photographer at the end of 2023. His name is Jack Hughes Photography on Instagram if anyone is intrested. Here is a few of them, really pleased with the outcome!
  4. @LoadmasterThanks man! They were @Killick.z's. I know the brand is Retevis. Looks like they do a few different options depending on the range you are looking for.
  5. @davey_83 the seat was unbelievable, holds you in place perfectly. I think the longest stint of driving without stopping we did was about 4 1/2 hrs and my back didn't ache or hurt one bit. The only downside is its a bit of a pain getting in and out but thats a minor for all the benefits it gives. @GranTurismoEra exactly! I would rather it sit in the garage most the year and have a mega road trip and a couple nice drives out rather then drive it pointlessly
  6. Thought I would give a little 2023 wrap up. Updates from May until now, nothing in terms of modifications/restoring but quite a few good quality drives out! Only 3,300 miles covered this year, 1200 of those were on the road trip too. Collecting Cars Morning Coffee Meet at Bicester Heritage, good drive out, amazing weather. The selection of cars is by far the best I've seen for a cars and coffee static meet, drooling over Porsches and talking cars never gets old! Torqen's Summer meet is always a great social, good to catch up with everyone plus really nice to see the Tarmac lot there too. I travelled down to Podium Place for the Behind the Glass live podcast. One of my favourite podcasts to listen too, I went to one of the live events down at Duke of London last year, great event can't say I enjoyed taking the Z into London though First time to Podium Place and I was really impressed, always great to speak to random people about their pride and joys! Next up was the big one! Me and @Killick.z planned a European Road trip at the start of the year. So in September we headed off to Germany for a 6 day annual road trip We drove down to Folkstone the evening before our eurotunnel crossing. Stayed at the Premier Inn there so we were fresh for the next day of driving. Crossed over to Calis in the morning and from there we headed onto Spa. We arrived that evening and stayed at the main hotel right next to the race track, no action for us to watch as was off-season but it was a good stop off before Nurburgring. Walkie Talkies are a must! Weather was amazing when we arrived, we parked our cars, walked up through the village for some dinner then headed to bed after a long days drive! We did some exploring around the track in the morning, they have trails all around the track that span through the surrounding villages, great for bike rides, really picturesque place. Hotel was really nice too. We then set off for Nurburgring, we booked an apartment through AirBnB. Parked up at what would be home for the next 3 days. The apartment was perfect, great value for money. Situated in Kelburg which is a beautiful little village only 10 minutes from the track. It was Shane's first time to the Nurburgring so we had to do all the touristy stuff, only was right! We then watched the NLS race 8. It did not disappoint, amazing to see the Frikadelli Racing Ferrari 296 GT3 that won the 24hrs Nurburgring in action! One of the days we went to Motor World/Michael Schumacher private collection that is next to the V8 Hotel in Cologne. This place was huge and had so many things under one roof. Car storage, private collections, Lamborghini, Masarati, Lotus Dealerships, V8 Hotel, shops, restaurants and much more! After a great long weekend in Germany we then made the long drive back towards Calis, we stopped off on the coast of France and got a AirBnB. Coming from Germany which had been pretty poor weather for the majority, being greeted by the sun and sea was an absolute delight, what a way to end our trip! Great chance to put our feet up, watch the sunset and reflect on the trip over some nice food before making the final bit of the journey home the next day. Train was delayed by 3 hrs on the way back but nothing could put a downer on the incredible past 5 days! Honestly so happy with the car, it didn't skip a beat and provided comfort and performance when I needed it to. I averaged 28mpg over the whole trip which was brilliant, the huge fuel tank that these cars have meant we only had to fill up 3-4 times. More memories created with this beautiful machine, it has made me fall in love even more then before I gave the Z a good thorough wash and decon before putting away for another winter. Car is now Sorn and fingers crossed I can book a slot at work to give a proper detail! Hope you all have had a good year and hopefully see some of you in 2024!
  7. Brilliant attention to detail as always! Really enjoyed these updates!
  8. 1. andy James x1 ticket PAID. track time TBA 2. Monkey1983 x1 ticket PAID no track 3. Coz@TORQEN - 1 x Ticket PAID, no track time 4. Jamah_Zed x1 ticket PAID, No track time 5. Harrm x1 PAID 6.Humpy - 1 X Ticket PAID and no track time 7. PhilT x1 ticket PAID, plus Julie 8. Harvers x 1 ticket PAID Track time 10:45 9. BiggieJDM x 1 ticket PAID No track time (yet) 10. Tiffy350z x1 ticket PAID no track time 11. steven.b x1 ticket PAID, track time 13.00 12. Monkey Nuts x1 ticket PAID, Track time 12.00 13. MicktZZZ x1 ticket PAID, no track this year 14. Olly350z + 1 ticket PAID, no track time 15. Killick.z x1 ticket PAID, no track time 16. Ben350 x1 ticket PAID, no track time (might noise test car and add later) 17. Lewis Schwier x1 PAID
  9. @HEADPHONES I know right, absolute perfection! @davey_83 link to airbag loom kit https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/304769002208?mkcid=16&mkevt=1&mkrid=711-127632-2357-0&ssspo=bpDOGzmOTHm&sssrc=2349624&ssuid=NRzfZP8lT2W&var=&widget_ver=artemis&media=COPY @dave_7 haha there is no graceful way of getting out now @angelsanzbriz yea I bought the car in 2020, thank you very much. Still very much enjoying it!
  10. Well, I think its safe to say its been a long winter and we are all sick of it! Last drive out of 2022, only right it had to be C&M. Weather was lovely, car was in some great company! Who said Nissan doesn't make good cars 😅 Had some time to do a 'pre winter storage detail' Wheel wash and Decontamination Snow Foam pre wash Two Bucket wash Tar Removal Towel and Blow dry Clay Bar decontamination removal Single Stage machine polish (Rupes Yellow pad and Scholls S20 polish) IPA wipe down Two Layers of Angel Wax Fifth Element wax Exhaust tips polished Tyres dressed Interior hoovered and wiped down Also did a two stage machine polish on the rear lights and fog light as was much needed. Plan is to get the front bumper painted and then PPF the whole front of the car so didn't see the point in ceramic coating the paintwork. To finish off, I took off my B pillar trim and de wrapped them, something I was meaning to do since I got the car. Unfortunately looks like whoever took them off before to wrap snapped two out the 3 clips so I bought a new one to replace. Thank goodness it was a nice day to drive home! Finally managed to clear the garage after 1 year of living in the new house! Happy with the size tbh, some of the new modern garages are a joke how small they are! All tucked away for winter Fast Forward to end of March 2023 What an awful and depressing winter hey 😒 haha nah wasn't too bad, managed to jet off to Oman to see the fam so split it up a bit at least! Time to tax the car, gone up to just shy of £700 a year, not ideal but it is what it is 😭 Last minute decision to go to Japfest and it was actually a great day, caught up with some of you lot and put some new faces to cars! Positive vibes all around, i think everyone was just glad to get out in their cars. Finally found some time to install my Recaro Pole Position I bought last year. Seat out, always satisfying to be able to clean areas that are usually blocked. Now anyone who has fit aftermarket seats know that you have to bypass the airbag plug, I've seen people solider and splice their own. I didn't fancy that and managed to find a airbag by pass resistor kit on ebay which is plug and play. Worked a treat, no air bag light! The weight difference between the two is incredible, didn't have a scale to compare but must be 10lbs or so I bought Buddy Club rails as I wanted to still be able to move the seat back and forward, plus no need for me to be 'on the floor as I'm only 5'10 in height. Can't fault the Buddy Club rails for the most part, good quality, great fitment. Had an issue with one of the studs but the company I bought it from quickly sent me a replacement so all good. I couldn't get the brackets on the lowest setting on the seat as it would block the rail lever that moves the seat back and fourth so I'm at second from bottom. Test fit, all good, I'm sure I'll do some miles and adjust if needed. So happy with the look, definitely what this car was missing from factory! In the future I would love to send them to get stripped and the Nismo logo embroidered on the headrest like the mk2 CS seats. Quick blast out with my friend on his motorbike to test out the seats, all I can say I was blown away with the difference a good bucket can make to the driving experience, feel so much more connected to the car and makes already a great car feel even more analog! Plan is to get the passenger seat further down the line, I literally never have a passenger so would rather prioritise other things I would like to get for the car. Next up exhaust system I think, after two years of enjoying the stock system I think its time to unleash the beast. I've banged on about a Motordyne system forever but could never justify the price now. Also looked at the Torqen system and Greddy so toss up between the two! Hope everyone is well and look forward to seeing some of you at the National Z event in a couple of weeks 😎
  11. The Ultimate set up having both options for wheels and tyres, I suppose unless you got a support vehicle you'll have to guess on the day how the weather will be! Out of intrest how much for a set of Goodyear EF1SS?
  12. Those coilover sleeves are well good! Also your car must sound insane now 🤩
  13. Anyone got tickets and can't make it? Looking to come along
  14. Full drift build on a mk1 Nismo!
  15. 1. davey_83 2. pintopete58 3. George1966 4. Rhysos 5. Headphones 6. Monkey1983 7. budbongo 8. SHEZZA 9. Justthejedi 10. V1H 11. Andy_Muxlow 12. The Bounty Bar Kid 13. Coz@TORQEN 14. Lewis Schwier
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