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  1. Welcome, very nice zed! I agree with the other either original spec or if you don't want to pay out for Diamond cut refurb you can go full silver like me (still looks good )
  2. Guide I went off when I first used the product
  3. Looks like marring to me, very easily done when trying to polish by hand. Also those swirl marks can be caused by a number of things also. Marring specifically can be caused by various things, dirty/damaged cloths (do not wash with fabric softener!), poor prep work, dusty environment, over application, under application. Like ilogikal1 said when buffing off its a good idea to spiritz the buffing cloth with some QD.
  4. Yeah I see what your saying, exactly what I was thinking of when I thought of waxes and sealants and how long they last. Yeah that is why the video is so pointless in a sense. Both brands have wipe on wipe off products as well as spray on rinse off for a reason lol. Yup spot on, couldn’t of said it any better. Why they have proved to been so popular with people!
  5. In terms of the video it is very strange, doing a test but not using correctly or how the manufacturers explain how to use - however you want to put it lol Don’t quite get what he was trying to achieve, maybe to see if you could use the product in a different way?
  6. Most definitely would be over application or using it on a hot/sunny day. Even when used the correct amount compared to any other products that provide some sort of protection and or hydrophobicity you are using a lot for how long it lasts.
  7. Got to take these tests with a pinch of salt because Prep work will be the difference between a product lasting for 1 week compared to 3 months. And also the conditions and contaminates of real world driving compared to just running a mitt and some shampoo over the same section over and over is worlds apart, very unrealistic. These spray on rinse off products have become very popular over the last year or so, it’s very smart marketing that caters to enthusiasts. They’ve taken two main things most people care about time & water behaviour and created a product that is super quick to apply and gives paintwork great beading which people love. My personal opinion is that it’s a bit of a gimmick and is not good value for money if applied how the manufacturer says, you use a ridiculous amount each time and it does not last. Most the time these products will smear. I’ve had a good few cars in which have had these products used on them and you can see it in patches under the studio lights.
  8. Love this build, very clean, track focused. Bodywork looks great, stance is awesome
  9. Welcome, lovely spec! I was also a bit sceptical about spacers but I spoke to a race engineer and he assured me there would be no difference. I went with 20mm all round and have been very happy since. Bought mine from Torqen
  10. Look a lot better in person imo. Rear spats are provisionally sold.
  11. FOR SALE: Located in Ely, Cambridgeshire. Refurbished Team Dynamics Jade-R 20inch Wheels with Falken tyres. Front - FK425 245-35-20 (Loads of tread left) Back - FK510 275-30-20 (Practically New) £550 3D Carbon Side Skirts, great condition, would need repainting, currently finished in KY0 £80 V1 Nismo Rep rear spats, painted in KY0 £40 Wheels come with centre caps but they are a bit worse for wear
  12. Place Microfibre cloth on floor mat below pedals. Spray pedals with APC, I used Bilt Hamber Surfex this time around. Agitate with Hog Hair brush or old tooth brush would do the job. Then spray water to rinse off. All residue should fall onto the microfibre cloth so it doesn’t run down onto your floor mats. Then wipe pedals dry with clean microfibre.





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