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  1. Managed to do my interior 'properly' minus taking the seats out which I will do another time. Interior was probably the worst part about the car when I got it, one of the first things I did was give it a good vacuum and wiped all the surfaces down. Then at a later date I gave the steering wheel and seats a deep clean. So yeah at surface level it wasn't that bad meaning I've only driven it a handful of times since doing the previous cleaning but today I spent time really focusing on the small details. Interior is now looking and smelling fresh, about 90% to where I want it to be, like I said taking the seats out will make up that other 10%. Work completed: All carpets and surfaces vacuumed All surfaces wiped down with anti-bac solution Headliner Steam Cleaned Steam used to kill bacteria within ventilation system All plastics cleaned with KochChemie MultiInterior cleaner 'Tooth pickery' carried out Steering Wheel & Seats deep clean using Hog Hair brush and Angel Wax Heaven for Leather Leather treated with Gtechniq L1 Leather Guard Final quick vacuum New Air Freshener
  2. Always good to see another local Z in the area! Can't wait to get my hands of this when the time comes
  3. The Brothers were out at the weekend!
  4. Some lovely shots as usual! In terms of your spacers I was just speaking to a lad yesterday that had a Nismo, Mk2 mind you but he had loads of problems with his Eibach spacers. He changed to the Z1 Motorsport spacers with the extended nuts and he said it cured the problems completely. Also might be worth using some 3in1 anti-seize copper grease, will help them not get as stuck.
  5. From peoples real life experiences with the Eagle F1 the MPS4S has better wear rate, so I’ll stick by my original statement. That’s the only thing these tyre reviews do not cover its wear rate, that’s why the website has a summary section based on what people have found after x amount of miles using each different tyres.
  6. I spent a lot of time looking into this when I was making my decision on what Tyre to go for. From what I found is that the wear rate on the MPS4S is considerably better then the Eagle F1. Although the Michelin’s are more money nothing can compare. You pay for what you get essentially. You can find the MPS4S in the sizes you are after but you do have to look thoroughly.
  7. Plates on! Enjoyed my first drive since being freshly detailed, missed driving it so much! Decided to use heavy duty Velcro for the front plate, cut circles out to match the two big holes in the front bumper, looks alright!
  8. Always good to see another MK1 Nismo pop up as they are so rare to see! Lovely car, some amazing upgrades! I bet the car feels so planted. Very nice actions shots there
  9. I ended up going with MPS4S all round. 245/35 up front and 275/35 on the rear.
  10. Yep same! I also put a post out on the Facebook to try and find out who it is but no luck
  11. If my car goes missing at the Torqen meet I'll know where to look Thanks for the sticker, complementing it perfectly





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