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  1. Best thing I did putting MPS4S on my car, glad you're enjoying them too!
  2. Hello and welcome! Look forward to seeing this progress!
  3. Ron is a great guy, takes so much pride in his work. Tell him Lewis from L&D said Hi! Glad he got his hands on a Z
  4. Wow that looks like a perfect drop, will have to seriously consider myself. Look forward to seeing on Sunday
  5. are the spats genuine? also do you photos of insides of the bumper
  6. It’s priced at the value of just the wing. Anybody who wants the wing can buy and take it off
  7. What a dream! Welcome. Looking forward to updates
  8. Torqen 20mm Spacers. Brand new. £70 Zunsport Black Grille. Used. £20 Rear Boot Lid Plus V1 Replica Spoiler. Needs to be painted. Currently in KY0 silver. £80 Location: CB6
  9. Yea have seen Tarmacs one
  10. Lewis Schwier

    V3 Spoiler

    Hello, does anyone know if Nissan still make the V3 Nismo Spoiler? If so anywhere that sells it?





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