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  1. Also have just upgraded to MPS4S Fronts - 265/35/19 Rears - 305/30/19. Looks and feels so much better, the wheels don't look lost in the body like stock sizes do. Very Pleased!
  2. This thread has been going on for 9 years, that itself just shows the level of consistency from Jez and the team at Horsham. Took my 370 Nismo down there as it had a crunch from 4th to 5th. Quickly sourced the problem (Syncro was worn) Gearbox was dropped, taken apart and rebuilt, also had slave cylinder replaced and a wheel alignment. Top service once again from Jez and the guys. There is a reason people drive from all over the country to go to Horsham! Thanks Again
  3. 1) Payco - Datsun 510 SSS. Reg WWU 276J 2) KBAD - 350z . Reg J44SUS 3) nismoandy- 350z - WP06FNX 4) Nino - 370z - Reg. SK12 XZZ 5) Olly350z - 370z Nismo - GM16 JBX 6) Andy_Muxlow - 350Z - Reg. A20MUX 7) andy james. 350z reg AJ07 ZZZ 😎Humpy - 370z N12 SRA 9) Richn370 - 370Z CX59OKP 10) ColDel - vx220 - VK05XEU 11) davey83 - 350z - GT05ZED 12) pintopete58 350z GA53SOZ 13) Charlie Boy - 350z - AK56BYT 14) 💥Zippypooz - 350z - N44SSN💥 15) hotrain69 - 350z - NA07YTU 16) John
  4. Still for sale if anyone is interested. save yourself some decent money off RRP
  5. Some nice jobs ticked off the list! This has got to be one of the cleanest underbody on a 350z I've seen
  6. Can anyone who has fitted their cover please link me to the longer bolt size required for the right side hole? Many Thanks
  7. Loool I saw that. This guy has been trying to sell it for over a year now. The guy I bought mine off said he went to see this one in person and said it was pretty beat
  8. Was time to tackle the engine bay! At a glance it didn't look that bad but turned out to be one of those jobs, 4 hours in and you're regretting starting it The engine bay wasn't badly soiled but this thick layer of a wax type of gunk was absolutely everywhere, absolutely impossible to get off unless you scrape at it or go ham with tar and glue remover. I figured it was best to scrape most of the gunk off the worst areas first before I started cleaning, multiple different tools were used to get in every nook and cranny possible, I literally spent half a day d
  9. Yea definitely, we have a cambridgeshire whats app group, the majority of us are close to the Norfolk border so that would be ideal!
  10. I'm 5 minutes down the road from Ely, you local to there?
  11. Fortunately I'm used to doing 4-5 hours of prep work on my customers cars. And when you have timescales its a whatever the weather kind of situation
  12. They are the original headlights but have been modified exactly how @SHEZZA explained. At first it was one thing that put me off the car but when I saw them in person I quite liked them and they have grown on me even more since I bought the car. Not quite sure if they are there to stay but definitely at the bottom of the list if I were to change.
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