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  1. 1. andy James (350Z) 2. Payco (510) 3. ShortPaul (370Z) 4. nismoandy (350z) 5. L. Schwier (370Z) 6. S. Killick (370Z) P.S shouldn't this thread be in the National meet section, I couldn't find it as was looking in that section. Can't help other might not see it because of this.
  2. I've actually been researching into this topic for the last 2-3 years. First of all exhaust sounds are like exterior looks, it comes down to your ear and what you think sounds good. Some people love a single exit straight piped and the others a stock system all comes down to personal preference. But in this instance you sound like your looking for something similar to me so I think my input might be of help. First of all I had a 350z and it came with an awful cheap Japspeed K4 system, which was 'tinny' and 'droney' so bought an Invidia Cat-back system and I was so pleased with it, stock sounding under 4k revs then a nice deep sporty sound when you open it up. I then had a completely stock system on my next 350z which I really enjoyed as I could hear more engine and intake noise which gave a more muscle car acoustic to the cabin. I now have a Mk1 370z Nismo and like you had short tails on which sounded okay but were just cheap with a bad rasp top end. One thing to state is the 350z do sound different to the 370z and the exhaust systems clarify that. I've now switched back to the HKS Nismo system that was standard with the car new. Loving it so far but do want something with more noise further on down the line hence me watching nearly every single Youtube video for every exhaust system for 370z. I'll just list a few of the popular ones. Invidia Gemini - Probably the best value for money, never heard anyone who was disappointed with this system. Stock sounding low down with deep tone up top. Also exhaust prices on most other systems seemed to have increased by quite a bit which makes the Invidia even more appealing. Injen system - An awesome sounding exhaust with beautiful tips, again not too loud but has a really nice tone. Greddy - similar to Injen, top quality as expected Ark Grip - One of the best but also expensive, the design of the resonators and how they sit are absolutely stunning Motordyne - IMO the absolutely daddy, best looking, quality and sound but also very expensive
  3. Yup there is a couple of youtube videos of people fitting them to 350z's. The one where they use Buddy Club seat rails look like they gave a really good seating position. None on a 370z but I wouldn't of thought they could be that different.
  4. Has anyone fitted pole positions to their 370z or know anyone who has?
  5. Good to hear, Braums have always been really good for the price and suit the z's really well
  6. Nice to catch up with this thread, hope you're keeping well! Really look forward when everyone has their cars back on the road 💨
  7. Wheels are loooooking gooood! It is crazy how low the exhaust sits, I've had a few people comment who have followed me in my Z. HKS or Greddy both sound as good as the ARK from sound clips, not sure how they do on ground clearance.
  8. Thanks man I appreciate that, yea its been an amazing first year of ownership. Yea there is something about the combination of driving and great music that is good for my soul, the car is a blessing itself but also makes me appreciate the things we take for granted also
  9. Thanks for the kind words, yea its a shame your not closer! I bought them from Nengun, all in including import fee's and shipping they cost about £300.
  10. A few updates and a one year ownership review. Happy new year everyone thats reading! Santa came through with some Nismo goodies, floor mats, oil cap, fuel cap and oil drain plug I also had my Nismo red accent stripes replaced and roof re wrapped. The Nismo striping were in bad shape and the roof wrap wasn't the best (done by the previous owner) so wanted it refreshed. First up the Nismo striping, now the obvious thing to do was to buy the genuine stickers but after looking I decided against this..as per with anything Nismo the prices were outrageous plus they no longer make the front one. Back one was $250 and the wing mirrors were $88 each! So I got in contact with Mikey from MKS Customs who does all the wrapping/vinyl stuff for my customers. He was certain he could get a good colour match to the Magma Red and get the dimensions OEM like. So I went ahead and bought the OEM wing mirror stickers from Z1 so Mikey had reference to the real thing. I think he done a great job and saved me huge amounts of money. OEM: Before and after: Had Mikey order in some Inzotek wrap from the States for the roof, anyone in the industry who is familiar knows that Inzotek film is the most paint like finish vinyl there is and do some absolutely amazing colours. Haven't had a chance to polish and take photos yet but the finish is unbelievable and looks exactly like paint, the gloss and smoothness is incredible. (Roof done in Gloss Black) Finally fitted new centre caps after coating them. Only replaced 2 out of 4 as the others were okay, after a quick polish and touch up they were as good as the new ones. As for the other crap I have no idea what one of the previous owners were thinking. Quick wash and QD and car is now ready to be put away for the winter. My garage at the new house is still filled with building materials so car will be taking residence at one of my good customers house. All tucked away until Spring time So I've owned my car for just over a year now, 4,300 miles covered, 700 of those over 3 days in North Wales w/ @Killick.z Honestly its been everything I dreamed of and more, every single time I drive this car I have a smile on my face and often when I'm cruising, listening to some great music I have a real sense of gratitude for the car and all things in this crazy, beautiful, mad thing we call life. The performance of the car is all I need to satisfy me on public roads, a great balance between comfort and performance, a wonderful grand tourer with individuality and race car traits. I personally get a lot from driver engagement and the character of a car which the 370z has bags of. N/A, RWD with Manual gearbox will always be a winner for me. Aesthetically I genuinely think the Mk1 Nismo is one of the most beautiful cars out there, obviously I'm bias as I have an emotional connection with the car but I work and spend intricate time with some of the best cars in the world and It never takes away my appreciation of the stance and silhouette of my car. Absolutely love cleaning/working on it and every single time I park up I find myself looking back at the car in awe. The specialness that is the Mk1 Nismo , in the rarity and looks will always justify my choice in where maybe other cars trump it on performance. North Wales road trip was the highlight of the year for me, really got to put the car through its paces from fast pace B roads to motorway cruising in all weather conditions. 700 miles in 3 days and the car didn't skip a beat, just made me love the car even more then I already did!
  11. Not sure, maybe to save money? From the design of the v2 it certainly looks like they were trying to extend beyond the v1 customer base to sell more cars.
  12. Great choice well worth the money, absolutely love mine, changed the look and feel of the car, enjoy!
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