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  1. Nice to see an update, interior is looking spot on. At lot of research gone into everything to get it how you want it, would expect nothing less! Loving the track photos as usual!
  2. A few updates over the last couple of months... Unfortunately Nissan use a faux alcantara on the steering wheel so the quality is not great and the fibres tend to build up. So used Colourlocks leather sanding pad and fabric cleaner. Worked a treat! I think I will end up getting it re-trimmed by Royal but thats good enough for me atm. Minor service was due, car has only covered 4,000 miles since its last one but it had been a year so thought I would keep it fresh. Used genuine Nissan oil and filter can't go wrong with it. Also did a general
  3. @Jasesonix very nice! So true, unbelievable how much attention it gets and its because you don't see them anywhere and has huge road presence. The Mk1 seats are extremely comfortable just don't look as good as the Recaros.
  4. Thank you! Regional as in European Market
  5. Welcome back! Number 51 here (White) Like Paul said 120 registered to the UK. Numbered to each regional market. Glad to see another one in safe hands, mine wasn't in the best state when I picked it up so getting it back to perfect. Can see my little thread here
  6. Some very nice updates. Those coilovers were one hell of a find! Just like your exhaust system
  7. For Sale: Custom 370z Resonated Short Tails, Burnt Tips. Used. £175 Best sounding short tails I've heard for the 370z. Michelin Pilot Sport 4s 275/35/ZR19 (100Y) Only covered 2000 miles £200 for the pair.
  8. Finally my new front diffuser arrived from Japan. I had bought and received my Z Speed under-tray from Z1 Motorsports a while back but didn't bank on having to replace the front diffuser AS WELL! My original under-tray was absolutely trashed, and was hanging on by about 3 bolts, a few self taping screws and cable ties. It would bottom out over the slightest of bumps and would flap around violently above 70mph. TBH it was ruining the driving experience and got so bad I didn't want to drive the car until it was sorted. So long story short I went to order a 370z Aluminium under-tray f
  9. What a brilliant write up, refreshing to hear from someone who is passionate and has good car knowledge, I completely agree with every single thing you said, couldn't of put it better! Like most things the people who slate these cars are usually people who haven't driven them. Most new cars lack character and are becoming less and less driver focused, plus the further we get towards getting rid of new combustion engines the more these cars will be appreciated. The Z is special in its own right and the Nismo versions give a complete atheistic package that is different to anything on the market,
  10. Don’t believe the hype. There is no technology thats been able to keep the hexagonal structure in tact once applied. @Stutopia got it spot on. This video explains it very well, they visit Jim from Dr Beasley’s who’s been studying Graphine since it hit the market.
  11. Nope none at all, car seems to drive better. Went on a 'spirited drive' and went over and into some quite substantial bumps and dips in the road - absolutely no problems. Spoke to a few others that had done the same before I went ahead with the change and no problems reported by other owners either. To the eye the arch gap seems to be the same, haven't done measurements. The bigger tyre gives an extra width that pulls the wheels out of the arch a bit without putting spacers on the car, as you said it also adds extra width on the other side as well but like I said before the cleara
  12. @HEADPHONES I think I've seen somebody do that before and it sounded awful. I'll eventually buy a nice aftermarket system but for now very much enjoying stock. @davey_83 Didn't even bother, I bought the car for such a good price even paying for all the work I wasn't out of pocket
  13. A few updates, lots of progress. The first being an issue that I picked up on the drive home from picking the car up...gearbox issue, crunch from 4th to 5th. Not good! So I got the car down to Horsham Developments and told them I thought it was a worn syncro, they were skeptical at first until they test drove it and saw how bad the crunch was, very alarming as the car has only done 30,000 miles, so two things the issue needed to be sorted and I needed a full health check to make sure I had not bought an absolute dog. After taking the gearbox off and stripping it down wh
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