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  1. If its done properly then you shouldn't but dirt can still build up against the edge and it become more visible overtime. A lot easier to catch with things when washing too. There are 3 main brands that people use in the UK. Xpel, Suntek & Llumar. All are very good films. The advantage with Xpel it has the biggest database of designs by a long mile. Suntek is actually a sister company of Llumar's. (Use the same film) Some people will say the Llumar film has better clarity (less orange peel) others would say Xpel is thicker and has better longevity. Like I said they are all good films and similar priced. Good write up here. https://exclusivepaintprotection.com/learn/best-paint-protection-film
  2. As others said they are the main areas, also the bottom area of the front of the rear quarters where they meet the side skirts. Most cars have a piece of PPF on this part already. I would say having only half the bonnet and front wings done doesn't look great. Is worth going to a place that can do full frontal. So the whole bonnet and wings. Usually for a standard full frontal would be around £1200 plus VAT from a reputable company.
  3. I'm a Accredited Installer for Modesta and Kamikaze Collection. I work closely with a Xpel Accredited PPF installer. Any questions just ping me a DM. I think most of your questions have already been answered on here but here to help any how. We are based in Cambridgeshire. WWW.LDLUXURYDETAILING.CO.UK
  4. If you want exclusivity you could go for the mk1, not many about and not that often up for sale. It doesn't have the nice Recaro seats the mk2 has but it also doesn't have the fake noise through the speakers. Pros and cons. I went from a 350z to a Nismo. 1 because I always wanted one but also because I was going to get the Vis Racing Body kit for my 350z and quickly realised that I would be spending Nismo money once I had fitted and painted it. I think they are worth the money in looks alone compared to standard 370z let along the performance upgrades too.
  5. Nice to hear an update from you Shezza! Hopefully catch you soon
  6. Unfortunately it sounds like you've learnt the hard way that these main dealerships are usually not very good and expensive. Even their so called 'specialist centres'. Horsham Developments and Abbey Motorsports both have extremely good reputations for all things Z. I'm sure there is some other specialists garages some other forum members can mention as well
  7. When I was inspecting my arches and giving them a good clean I noticed they had kept quite a few things that were the same design as the 350z. One being what @dave_7 mentioned. That Black rubber bit that seals the front of the back arches. It is literally a dirt trap and as usual was FULL of mud. Secondly I noticed the amount of water that gets trapped between exactly where you said, between the rear panel and side skirts. I used the blow dryer couldn't believe how much trapped water came from that area. Another poor design from Nissan unfortunately. Shame these cars weren't under sealed from factory.
  8. It definitely should of, looks like it was a half ass job. Seems to be more common these days
  9. Finally got the rear brakes done so I could actually drive the car. Thought I would replace pads and discs each side so they have equal wear. Bought from Euro Car Parts at a great price as they had 45% off. How the previous owner didn't clock that one of the pads was down to the metal I will never know. The whole wheel was caked in orange iron contaminates and the constant scrape was horrendous. Anyway before the discs went on I thought I would paint the hubs with some hammerite as we all know the paint that is used on brake discs comes off and rusts in no time. Much better! Turns out the brake pads had just completely disintegrated both sides, I reckon they were the original brake pads, not surprised they had fallen apart 8 years later! All fresh now, just need to get the wheels refurbished and paint the front hubs to match!
  10. Yea its a shame we only got white, silver and black. The Magma red and Gumetal grey look amazing in the mk1.





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