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  1. New owner and I guess member :)

    some 4 pots are louder than stock Nismo, maybe its just me,
  2. New owner and I guess member :)

    if you want to go louder check out the AAM short tails resonated exhaust. Took me 9 months but worth it! welcome!
  3. New Member

    Looks like the special edition from one of the games i used to play....best looking car under 50k for sure!
  4. Zed is now gone :( Mazda 3 MPS??

    infiniti G37?? lol
  5. New member - no 350z yet

    Welcome! been driving 9 years and pay £1300 now for my 370z nismo with commuting and tints, exhaust...the idea was to wait till i had enough experience or no claims to afford the insurance. It would have cost me £2500 to insure when i first started driving even at 4 years around £2000.... Its cheaper in my mates area central reading.

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  7. Any 370z with aam short tails nr london?

    Yep deffo,
  8. Any 370z with aam short tails nr london?

    got it fitted. Nice and very loud on cold starts for 60 seconds. Real life pop on downshift and bang on limiter. Not that fake stuff from 4 pots running around.......Sounds proper a lot more like the 350 I had before....
  9. want to view a few 370z's - thoughts on these?

    LOL stick with ex demo like I did. I got mine at 3k miles service done already. for £26,000 Judging by these prices i can drive till 15,000 and still get my money back lool. Wait and see then get one with sub 5k miles for £25,000. Dont rush and buy a higher mileage one, I also got the standard 2 years servicing and 3 year warranty and breakdown. GT model depreciate faster, But you can probably get a nice one around the £21,000 mark with low miles..... I got white. Hides all the marks and hairline scratches better. The shape looks better and cleaner. Black all it takes is for someone to rub against it or hit it with a handbag and youll see scratches....
  10. Out of the game for a while, whats the deal with new roadsters?

    Thats Nissan for you. Dropped as far back as 2011. Never bothered with Automatic Nismo version either. Nissan's self pity is quite sad really. Their sales are extremely poor. And the remaining enthusiasts are left with shoddy customer service and poor buying experience. I dont even know why people bother. Shame Honda dont make anything that looks as good as the Z as they are just a better allround company than Nissan...... Better off getting a used one and making sure all the issues - Steering lock etc have been addressed. Good Luck! Then stick with indy dealers for any repairs that might be needed.
  11. Essex Members?

    chose a good early time. Can avoid the chavs, and just as they turn up the show ends lol
  12. New to ZED (Nismo???)

    nice, headturner for sure
  13. Nissan DAB dealer fitted option

    it is going to be one day. More so the 350.....based on the simplicity alone it falls in line. Modern Classic
  14. Parking Protection From Dings Inside Car Parks

    Amazon door protector on Amazon. Doesnt work if as previous poster said is aluminium or youre parked next to an SUV. The door has to line up with your door. My tips, Avoid going to retail parks at peak times like midday on a weekend. I pick up my packages etc at like 5:30 just before they close. I shop at tesco and go to the 24 hour one at like 12 midnight when only supercars turn up and park in the middle or far away. If i have to go to a rough area i Uber it there or take public transport get someone else driving for once. No Biggie. Lastly I always try and park at the end in the last space and leave the car a bit forward so i can access my door even if someone parks tightly...... Apart from that nothing you can do really. Accept what can happen or get a runaround, plastidip it and use, who cares what happens after lol.
  15. Storm White Paint Quality: Prone To Scratches?

    thats tailgaiting LOL, i back up when on motorway. got a windshield chip as well very tiny though