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  1. GranTurismoEra

    370z in Berkshire

    looks like a good idea. Most of the noise does come from there
  2. GranTurismoEra

    I'm back

    welcome. Went to see that particular one. Roof was working at the time it was probably just a fuse. We didnt find anything wrong mechanically had it inspected. Just the coolant pipe leak. Left it as the communication wasnt the best, owner wasnt around But I can see he fixed it which is good. Yes youre right can pick up a mohair for £450. Or £800 fitted. Actually very good condition and well taken care of zed for age tbf
  3. GranTurismoEra

    Anyone seen LL57AKP?

    So youll be looking for another HR in future.
  4. GranTurismoEra

    Brexit again

    Bet you its a close out result still lol March in London right now calling for second referendum. The first one was a misunderstanding and a fluke https://www.nytimes.com/2019/03/23/world/europe/brexit-march-london.html
  5. GranTurismoEra

    4 - 25mm Eibach Wheel Spacers

    do they need to be declared to insurance as modification?
  6. GranTurismoEra

    Roadster that needs some tlc

    are you able to fix the roof if it stops working mechanically?
  7. GranTurismoEra

    Anyone seen LL57AKP?

    same here lol
  8. GranTurismoEra

    Leaked photo of the Supra without camo

  9. GranTurismoEra

    Alloygators on Nismo

    On a side note, maybe get a clear vinyl wrap on those accents. Nissan told me they come like that from the factory as I had a stone chip on the side skirt. If you go full frontal PPF it can get to £1500. Some wrap places might be able to cover them for a few pounds. You could probably color match if anything happens The red accents are a darker red than the gators but still give it a nice look. Maybe the chrome edge rays kind of work against it in a way. No problem. Also be warned those protectors leave a tough adhesive when you remove them. You may need very warm water, microfibre cloth and a lot of patience to get the adhesive left behind without causing damage. I never removed mine. But the company I sold to removed them to check the wheels. The new owner bought the car without the gators.
  10. GranTurismoEra

    Alloygators on Nismo

  11. GranTurismoEra

    Alloygators on Nismo

  12. GranTurismoEra

    Alloygators on Nismo

    Hence the gators! Im just quoting someone else on here....Id never dream of telling people that. You still park between the lines in an empty car park with business closed?
  13. GranTurismoEra

    Anyone seen LL57AKP?

    when are you getting another Z?
  14. GranTurismoEra

    Alloygators on Nismo

    I did and people at work seemed to notice first day they went on . Whos watching who Not ott because its a thin line of red. Goes well with the other red lines. If you sprayed the wheels red then thats ott. Or as suggested "learn how to park"