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  1. Rocketbunny Pandem Widebody Does look clean in Black.
  2. Yeah we will see. Then you got other cars like the new M240i, c63 and TTRS even GTR which are around similar price. Protos available right now for last few weeks. £59k https://www.goo-net-exchange.com/php/search/summary.php Split grill only available in Japan. For now https://jalopnik.com/dont-like-the-nissan-zs-face-youll-be-able-to-change-i-1850011955
  3. Looks good in White. Sounds better than other exhausts I heard.
  4. I think a guy on this forum had it previously. Looks like the one. Several owners
  5. Yeah will see how things go. While the R8 club is tempting. 14 year wait for me can be over. New penny jar on the way. Lets see how much coin is amassed ha. Depends cuz the 12 is not massively more expensive than 09. Id want a stock AF one with few owners. Id prefer a 12 to 15 ideally. There was a supercharged Nismo for 30k for sale for a while. Im sure another will pop up eventually I suppose you could Supercharge one for 10k but you may only get half back.
  6. Theres a guy currently living in Japan says he,ll bring it back when he moves. Cant remember his name though. The Proto Z is still 11 million Yen. When they finally get released theyll be around 7 to 8 million i reckon after the hype. Which is high for a Z34.2. Nissan had a stop production because of recalls on the manual. So thats probably delayed things a bit. Lol Like ive said many times this car is not worth a penny over 45k as its not a new car underneath. Judging by the prices on the proto right now (£60k). Any cars this year will be 9 million plus i reckon. Couple Protos are available now at £60k plus with delivery miles.
  7. Any videos would be great from cold starts to taking off. Or some POV.
  8. Still looking only seen USA ones and ppl not willing to sell separately.
  9. Lazy country man. Insurance jobs pay 4-5 times more. When I crashed the 350 rear quarter panel. My bodyshop charged me £400 to straighten and respray it. If i went through insurance he would charge them £2000. At which point they wanted to write the car off. Made no difference cars off road now anyway. I asked a bodyshop about a respray for my brothers Supra to black. They said they wouldn't take it on as they could be taking on 6-7 insurance jobs that week each paying a good amount. Sad times.
  10. Must be tricky to get to the screws underneath the hatch after removing the plastic trim. I'm wonder if the clips click in. There looks to be a lot of them on v2 spoiler. Once the screws are off is it a case of using fishing line to undo the glue or tape to separate the spoiler from the body. Then hoping the clips dont keep it stuck.
  11. Theres a Mk2 spoiler on Ebay if youre still looking. Just the issue of shipping from UK
  12. Lots of Zeds and GTRs on the big screen for once. Been a while. Ill take the red car unveiled by Nissan last year or this White performance with similar wheels. Longer hood below is ripe for a v8/v12 transplant. Poor mans 599!
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