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  1. LOL ....been saying this for ages. There will always be a faster fish.
  2. https://www.cnn.com/2019/11/06/success/ford-electric-mustang-trnd/index.html The 900 horsepower muscle car has been unveiled exploring possibilities. This car comes equipped with a manual gearbox. Yep youre not seeing things Comes with Valet mode and boasts 1000 ft/lbs of Torque. Similar to a Bugatti Veyron There will also be an electric Ford Mustang SUV with less power
  3. Theres a porsche owner on my instagram that drives a GTS Cayman and raves about his mates ND. SlawterCH on Youtube, if you like Switzerland and POV videos. Definitely one for the future.
  4. Saw this on Instagram. Any products in UK you would recommend for rain? Where the water beads and runs off windshield. In some cases can be applied to the whole car. That way no need to use wipers especially the rear
  5. yep not much. Lighter weight makes a difference. No torque dip and a bit more power could be a different result
  6. welcome to the forum. mk only an hour away
  7. might be a guy on a track day. It may even be a guy with twin turbo or engine swap. It could be a test driver comparing the old to a new car like the supra. It may also be a cynical marketing ploy to get people talking about a 10 year old forgotten car
  8. any opinions on the ND MX5? Especially the newer 184 hp ones
  9. If its lighter and more nimble it will give it a better more real feeling. Also the lower displacement engine would probably be louder in stock form being older
  10. In regards to sound Audi are already doing artificial Sci Fi vehicle sound in their hybrid/electric SUV and its quite loud. I hear one whiz past the office everyday. Its like a mix of Tron Bike and USS Enterprise.
  11. I can see why a GT 370 would be the test development car. Since Nissan usually release the Nismo a couple of years in. I still feel the Nismo should be the development car. The Q60 engine did have a 300 hp version. That could be an option for a more toned down lighter Z. But the twin turbo VR30DDTT would always be the better option. Just dont expect anything above 21 Miles per gallon if theres no hybrid tech mated to it. At least youll get 360 ft/lbs of Torque. Which 90 ft/lbs more than the current Nismo at 270 ft/lbs. Obviously you cant compare to the 440 ft/lbs of Torque from the average remapped single turbo v6 diesel In regards to styling, they have a lot of time to do something sleek and more in tune with the 350Z. I think any styling should be headed that way with a touch of Nismo. Since more people were fans of the 350Z. Im sure the designers would want it to have cues from the new Juke. The only thing id take exterior wise are the slim LED headlights and more potent Rear tail LED lights I guess 2020 is a no go. Tokyo Motorshow didnt happen. So might be waiting 2 years before you hear a yes or a no
  12. Without Scottish type incentives I see the uptake being very linear slow and steady. I still believe taxes will be imposed on EV at some point once the number of ICE vehicle sales diminish or VED takes a hit
  13. Bold statement to say all. There are many that wont touch electric. When will it be affordable for the layman... Definitely not within 10 years.
  14. Civics are popular. 7 years and only issue i had was with the EP2 brake caliper ceasing on 170,000 miler. The FN shape was mainly the harsh ride. I didnt like the styling on the FK. I actually wanted the 2.2 diesel. Never got round to getting a Type R.
  15. The 3 Liter Q60 engine would need revision. It was mated to a manual gearbox for the orange SEMA car. Looks like it needed a lot of parts. I think if Nissan bother they should work to create a car smaller than the 370Z as the 370Z is quite bulky size wise and maybe get the weight down Weight down to 1400kg and a twin turbo 399hp with a revised engine would be good. Any hybrid tech etc would drive costs up. A dct auto development would cost money too. Maybe get a 7G/9G auto gearbox from Mercedes instead? Either way look at the new A45 S. £49,000. Thats where the price will be if you start getting a development list together.



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