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  1. Honda chickened out of the Honda E coupe so I guess someone has to be the class leader. Maybe thats why the upcoming Z wasn't given a model number as the name. Its the final model before hybrid or electrification. Ive driven the Niro 200hp/390 ft lbs and been in the Model X 600+ hp. I can see how they could apply it. I just think it will be similar to introduction of hybrid coupes. Something was missing despite its appeal. Still missing something. Updating the ECU to sound like a V8 or spaceship isnt cutting it, neither is having a switchable fake 6 speed manual or paddleshift. Mi
  2. Why they put the camo on...Nothing we haven't seen before. 😉 Spotted in Arizona near the Proving grounds
  3. NO Do research on 2006 350Z. Some issues with that year
  4. The whole market took a dive. Perfect time to sell your bitcoin would have been mid April at £45,000. The current dip is only temporary. People are signing up in millions everyday. A lot of people are angry at him for market manipulation. The authorities will soon start investigating him as he has too much influence 😂 Bitcoin is still predicted to hit £80-£100,000 in the next year then take a dive after apparently based on historical patterns. When Bitcoin dips the whole market is affected pretty much
  5. Those decals are probably vinyls and removable. 15/16 plate GT are quite a good buy. I think £17k is slightly above value but they dont necessarily suffer the same issues as early models.
  6. wow, good thing, saved yourself a lot of money.
  7. Do you know how they diagnosed that? Was it a manual visual check or diagnostic machine or both.
  8. Fair play for letting it go mate. 😂😂 Glad it was just a small issue
  9. Should have put a tenner on 300+ coins. A new one came out few days ago and rose 2900%. Missed it but some claim to have put £500. But theyre not cashing out. I did hear a story about two lost hard drives and a guy offering £500,000 to the council to find them in landfill. 😂
  10. Very suited username for this topic . I guess thats why it all came about. your right anyone getting in now missed the train. Now its just small investments for long term. Sudden rises most around November till last month on many coins including Bitcoin. Still all new for me but glad I looked it up. Im always watching videos and doing some checks. 6 months ago i reckon I would have just about got on the train. Its okay though patience is key... Ethereum and Cardano have great potential and are steady. Although Ether took a strong dive in 2018 and rose again
  11. Not too dissimilar to Self employed/Limited Contractors and many who didnt want to go that route. That fear of having to deal with HMRC. System is literally designed to keep people at a certain level. The introduction of IR35 and new tax rules every year. Surely it would be better for the country if more people could enter the 20%/40%/45% tax brackets then there may be a case for reductions further down the line. Maybe.... The 45% guys mostly have accountants anyway....Yeah with crypto the tax man wants in. Like the old days of soldiers banging the door dow
  12. To make it seem faster than it is? The marketing team has taken the action movie route. I think that was the digital clip from the trailer a few posts up. It does sound muted. I think it should be amplified a bit more. They can put an exhaust that will give it a more exotic natural sound although it wont be as loud as the pre 2015 370Z. I think from the A to Z list. The Ariya and the Z are whats left. Ariya will come first. Then Z early next year with pre orders starting in July/August I think. 6 - 9 months lead time
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