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  1. Fitment error? According to these numbers on the diagram1,3,2,4? Or torque settings? Whats number 8? is that to see if the flange is not straight? Flange could be it or bearings. If its the bearing that has play would there be other side effects like tramlining or pulling to one side?
  2. If depreciation is a worry get a 59 plate for between 10-13k. I dont think theyll drop below that range due to the 350s.
  3. https://www.carsales.com.au/editorial/details/toyota-supra-upgrade-to-fend-off-nissan-400z-125472 Toyota not worried about Nissan announcement and plan to update Supra yearly in other markets. The 2021 in US is coming with over 400hp and tweaked suspension. Followed by a Manual. Releasing GRMN version in 2 years time using next Gen M3 engine (twin turbo S58) apparently with 500hp. Need more info from Nissan regarding the GT let alone any Nismo version. Maybe they are waiting till October/November which around one year from expected release. With a full reveal early next year
  4. lol dont let that put you off the waiting time is the killer but you got Torqen and co who can source the parts but then theres duties to pay. Its got 4 seats and is good compromise. I had to wait 8 weeks for my exhaust on the 370 my mirror is taking 3 months lol as I dont want to use Ebay. Its doable. Test drive one but extended so you can check out the Electric steering and comfort etc. Besides you might decide a few visual mods are your limit so waiting a few weeks is ok
  5. Lol suprise, BMW .... My area has a high BMW and Audi theft rate. Im glad no ones interested in Japanese here. Good business model. "dont quote rule" just means they go elsewhere or to a mates insurance company
  6. 4 liter V6 wow. Looks like serious work. 384hp. Whats the limitation? Whats stopping it from getting to 400hp? Is it due to the engine being a v6? Also I read on the American forum that 395hp is possible with breathing mods Stillen Gen 3 intake, Cat Back Exhaust, High Flow cats as well as Ported lower manifold and a good ecutek tune Or is that just talk? and 370 hp is the best can hope for?
  7. unfortunately they got snapped up like 6 months ago. When a 3 litre comes up for sale they sell quickly. Aftermarket Parts youd have to import most likely. Oh and the fly by wire steering people have complained about. 2 litres are attainable 3 litres are harder to get
  8. Problem is it doesn't, not really. Nowadays they make up for it with pops, bangs and crackles. Just not the same. But a stock 350Z with standard exhaust sounds really good. The 370 nowhere near as good without an exhaust
  9. Hand painted is better. No paint mini balls floating onto the paintwork. Akebono stickers look good too but nismo is ok.
  10. It seems to be more evident when its hot and causes a vibration in the steering wheel. Car doesnt tramline or wiggle at the back. Has started happening since May. Is it possible to change the discs and keep the same pads? Any tips for avoiding this in future. I never leave my foot on the brake when stopped. I only really use handbrakes when stopped. I dont drive hard or brake harshly. On my honda i never have such issues. Ive also had warped discs within 2 months of changing them on the 350Z 370Z Nismo is the car. Lack of cooling on the brakes or discs?
  11. is that sound actuator or genuine piped into cabin noise. With all these opf filters and noise restrictions etc its the next best thing lol
  12. Then fans would say it should have been a Silvia reborn. etc A Silvia thats costs around the same as an MX5 2.0 with Targa option 2 + 2. Useable back seats and boot. Would be interesting.
  13. Great shape, just unsure on the plastics, vents and bodykit. Sometimes less is more. I think by 2022 there will be choice of both in manual. while the Supra appears smaller. The new Z may be slightly slimmer than the 370 we,ll have to wait and see when revealed Also twin scroll vs twin turbo 369 ft lbs vs 350 ft lbs. Hopefully nismo tuned to 400 ft lbs depends on tolerances..... probably conservative We will see if Toyota bring the higher powered 2021 Supra to Europe. Something to do with emissions... Ekonas right, i havent seen any on the road....
  14. careful now In the mean time I guess we,ll wait for some solid information on the S engine. Still around 3-4 years away apparently. Close to end of life. Also Rumors floating around regarding 400hp Type R with Hybrid Engine. Guess 300hp is now old news in the mid range performance cars Toyota fans think the A100 will follow after this generation ends in 4-5 years time and that Z wont have any impact on Supra.





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