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  1. I met some people from Essex at ace cafe London two months back. Be good to meet up in future at bluewater or somewhere local.
  2. holy thread revival Batman! I heard the newer ones are smoother. As in the HR. Only thing to look out for is oil gallery gasket/ oil pressure etc The 370 is more spacious although more thirsty. Z4 a bit cramped. Look for a fresh 2007-2008 HR id say
  3. The soundtrack was awesome. I hope they will dive back to the 80s for this
  4. lol...importing is an option. But some guy listing his at £35,000 had me laughing my head off
  5. i have a feeling it will be around £60,000-£70,000 Looks wise it looks good. I rather this than a 4 pot.
  6. What do you guys think? Ive seen them listed at £15,000. My brother saw one at £12995 and I saw one at £35,000. Obviously right now there is a lot of hype due to the new one. Do you think a non modified stock Twin Turbo Supra will go up by a lot once the new one has been out for a few years ? Nostalgia effect maybe. I know some people think they are vastly overrated and can never be compared to cars like the R34 which is now as you know worth around £55,000+
  7. Boys be boys and girls be girls. Be careful now.... If it doesn't matter which orientation he ends up being. Then you might as well forget about it and stick the kettle on. ps just being funny no offence!
  8. Unfortunately no matter the data presented or evidence for its need for inclusion into the education system. Certain people especially religious people will never accept it. So ignorance if thats what its called will remain. Alternatively they can always take their kids out of school or move countries. They'll either have to allow their kids to learn the hard way or provide home tutoring or move. Looks like kids and parents dont have a choice in this matter. It was nice being in school and not having to learn this as part of the curriculum. We know it exists as an adult now I mind my own business. So studying it may or may not change peoples opinions on the topic.
  9. I was about to watch the BBC Panorama Documentary on this topic and the protests yesterday and got distracted. Might watch it tonight In Turkey there was a guy who was with a group of girls in our huge entourage. He came up to me and a mate and said you guys never came to say hi, I know why. Its because im Gay I know. I said its nothing to do with that. But made us feel @*!# for it. like we were discriminatory. Ah well. I guess we should start accepting and liking everything and everybody so we dont offend.
  10. owning a car in Singapore is very expensive. The cars cost 2-3 times as much due to high taxation. You have to be well off to own a zed there. By then you probably arent looking at zeds anymore. Lots of GTRs there though
  11. if the genitals are female they would go to a female prison. I cant see a man turned woman going to male prison post op lol
  12. maybe gender studies is an attempt by the government to raise awareness and acceptance or reduce bullying and violence against a group that has long been on the outside of society. Only time will tell if it has made a difference or caused more anger and an increase in right winged views. It can have a reverse effect as well unfortunately.
  13. I remember as a 15 year old in school sitting in art class discussing this with fellow classmates. The teacher admitted she had transgender and gay friends. All the students thought she was weird and the whole concept was disgusting. The teacher however was shocked and thought we were ignorant and out of touch. In todays world as far as primary school they are teaching year 2s gender studies and about societies need to accept it. The muslim kids parents arent having it hence the protests and pulling kids out of school. My opinion is to let kids be kids. You bring up your kids the way you see fit. Children shouldnt be politicized but it may be necessary to explain to them the madness going on. Yes theyve always been in society. Its just now you must "tolerate" or be "tolerant". I hate that word. Might as well say put up with lol. Live and let live But you must explain to Sally why Scott can leave school in July and return in September to be known as Stacey. Good luck to all you parents. Maybe parents are afraid of the influence on their own kids. Really and truly the concern is about your own kids. Also we knew there were gay kids in school as far back as year 8. I sat next to one. The threat of suspension to anyone caught bullying is enough to buck your ideas up. So a long absence and return to school meant the parents werent messing about neither was the school. Majority didnt come out till they were in sixth form. Same with transgenders in order to avoid the bullying as most of the trouble makers didnt stay on for sixth form and had left.



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