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  1. Good stuff. Not bad roads on that side of M25 either.
  2. Now or never. By the time we all wait these cars will have over £1000 road tax, fuel will be £2.00 due to a 10 year long war in Russia, pay per mile will be active and ULEZ will probably add more cars to list with higher emissions
  3. Another reason the 67 Zeds are being kept pricey. The tax is 190 or so. I definitely want to try other cars first ngl. I think ill arrange some test drives coming days/weeks. Certain costs are given but they vary vastly over an extended period from car to car. The GTR is what it is for costs. I even think its inline with R8 maintenance. Theres a couple in my area.
  4. Based on 8 to 10k Miles a year It would be 1.5 to 2 times what it cost to run the Z at its cheapest. Around £7,000 per year. That one had the brakes done recently so saving £2000 already. Its the bi-annual service that costs and who knows whats due next. When you add all the costs together including £730 tax, insurance its expensive thats why lots of GTR are just sitting for 6 months. If you add fuel, insurance, tax and service Zed was pretty much near 5k to run per year. GTR will be 50% more i reckon if a major service plus brakes needed to be done for example thats like 2.5 to 3k alone. It is what it is. Next time you see me I might be "sports" EV lol or back in a Z
  5. Good price? Trade is 30-36k though http://www.autotrader.co.uk/car-details/202401125496183
  6. https://www.pistonheads.com/news/ph-americancars/order-book-opens-for-shelby-super-snake-in-uk/48638
  7. Found this on an EV forum discussing Chinese EV tariffs. https://uk.motor1.com/news/715061/ferrari-porsche-most-profitable-auto-makers/
  8. Yes sir for Nismo thats what its meant to be. or seen a few normal Zeds around 40k used and near new with hardly any miles on Exporter sites. In Japan used cars sitting at £33k and ST under 40k. Just customs eh. Few nice ones wish we had Russian rules. No VAT, No duties lol Doesn't matter though, these guys will have no choice but to lower prices the longer they sit there as more flood the market. It seems not many people are busting a gut to own one in Japan. A few coming up for sale in both US and Japan.
  9. https://www.pistonheads.com/news/ph-americancars/ford-opens-mustang-gtd-orders-in-europe/48634
  10. Florida? Smoking hot rocks. At $65,000 its still a stretch. Its going in Japan for more. 15 to 17 GTR can be got in UK for that. Crazy market. Markups need to be outlawed.
  11. Wish i could attend. Was great last time. Good opportunity to "network". Other cars do turn up as well. Great timing before the drizzle and overcast
  12. Seats deeper on Nismo. You do sit higher in GT
  13. PPF can be expensive £1500 up to £3800 for a whole car over here. It will protect against stone chips but the paint wont look as HD as it could. It will look reflective but the colour would be dulled somewhat because of the film. Polish, prep, Ceramic coat it. Stone chips Will Happen if you tailgate or get caught on the motorway while behind an hgv or salt truck. Tbh youd probably need to be close to beyond quarter of a mile behind anyone to avoid bouncing stones.
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