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  1. This would have slightly more power with a manual option still there. There was talk of manual options for the Supra. Seems the uptake isnt really there. Nissan will eventually have to start giving discounts again just to shift it. Any new trimmings will make it not worthwhile tbh. R&D on a new front bumper, engine swap and tuning, other misc interior or exterior changes means they may not make enough profit to warrant the changes Supra is newer too so more appealing. Despite being smaller interior wise
  2. It probably should be Nismo facelift only in limited number as I cant see them selling bucketloads here in UK. Id even say very limited edition like 100 cars in EU In US maybe a bit more as they seem more "enthusiastic" about it going by SEMA and Z1 cars. They could offer GT and Nismo trims there. They barely sell 50 370z in the whole of europe per month for the figures I saw couple of months ago compared to 150 in US. Seems to be falling overall. Have to question whether 200 cars per month in US and EU is worth making those changes for. Unless they do a final limited edition and call it a day. Say 250 cars worldwide. With a revised front bumper, engine swap and glossier interior (alcantara dash, painted or wrapped center console). Will they sell thats the thing. It will probably cost a bit to make those changes
  3. Hope so, If it does happen Id be interested to see how much it would be and if so can maybe trade up as Ive never had a turbo car before. Been all NA.
  4. tbh its probably more me trying to understand people. We are all aging and trying to learn and stay positive in these times thats all really.
  5. GranTurismoEra


    Still a good tyre the Michelins. At least the ride will be comfortable and secure
  6. Fair point, this is possible but it rarely happens because it descends into shooting practice to see who can kill the discussion the fastest. To the others who wish to discuss, Im 90% sure they too think its all hogwash but they dont go about it in such a ferocious or mocking manner. They actually discuss it then let the thread die. From time to time I might go back and read the points on old threads so everyone is entitled to their opinion it wouldnt be the same without opinions. Not meaning to come across as a dude with a nasty chip, thats just my opinion after noticing a pattern of constant negativity. Its been a good 4 years Ive found the forum very informative and useful. It might be time to call it a day. They can then collate all the threads into one place and label it useless gossip by GTE. At least it livened this section up a bit. Sorry if it offended I did my bit to try bring some interesting discussions...Yes a lot of them were future Z threads or replies to, infiniti, alpine, bmw etc prospective future cars or analysing every car on the market claiming I was going to purchase...which I decided to go back to a Z..but I think its kind of run its course now. I will be asking the mods to sign me out I'm done And no I wont be reregistering as ForzaHorizonEra  No hard feelings eh...
  7. Masks - Previously used by Chinese tourists and hip hop dancers. Now used by a few. The same way people think I look stupid wearing one with filter inserts, Is the same way I think people attitudes of if I catch it I catch it is stupid and yes keep breathing in that air. Only needs someone to sneeze and/or talk and their germs stay airborne for sometime. Never thought Id see the day when the youth would wear it and start taking this virus seriously. But Ive seen one or two and actually keeping distance after one guaranteed he didnt have it a week ago. Death toll is now 1600. What happens next is extension beyond easter if the numbers of deaths dont slow as well as new infections rate. Hopefully death toll peak wont be more than the 5000 they predicted and they get a slow down of new infections. Also need testing kits in April to be available like Germany. NHS staff first obviously.
  8. calm down guy. No need to let it run away.
  9. Then the Yaris GR is coming with 1.6 3 Cylinder 257 BHP AWD and probably weighing 1100kG. 5.5 seconds and an unfortunate top speed of 102 MPH apparently and 30k plus Meanwhile GR86 will be 250-260hp. Subaru want to put more power in their version though
  10. Yes very good. Wish theyd make another one just as good with more modern content covering the 350 and 370 design and manufacturing process. Watched it a while back like last year summer, will have another watch. 4 weeks of doing not much might as well..
  11. GR86 features 252 HP Turbo 4 Cylinder 2.4 Flat Four. Looks interesting Subaru will unveil their version later https://www.autocar.co.uk/car-news/new-cars/next-toyota-gt86-confirmed-2021-leaked-presentation
  12. fair enough Enough hasnt been done....335 deaths now approaching 500. 3 weeks late for any type of lockdown.... some countries closed airports, shops and schools etc after 20 cases confirmed. Britain waited for 5000 cases and 335 deaths to take intermediate action Working according to statistics instead of common sense. We know the numbers are going up daily. As long as 1 piece of exercise is allowed in the park at 2 meters distance its all good.
  13. Boris the clueless. Exercise, shopping etc Lol because people will listen....my MDs mate wife works in govt and they already chaired meetings saying the death toll reaches 500 there,ll be no more advisories The British way. Prioritize liberties over the health of the people Minimize dictatorship as much as possible Keep calm and carry on When @*!# hits the fan by which its too late rush through legislation enforcing what should have been enforced 3 weeks ago Clothes shops open...why not whose forcing them shut...no one lol......Weakkk..... In a nuclear apocalypse one form of exercise in your underground bunker Nip to wet market catch a case of covid 79
  14. An 18 year old has apparently died. People need to start taking this seriously.





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