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  1. Lol thats all been shut down by Euro 7. Mr Renault said they're not investing in Petrol or Diesel engines going forward. Its going to be electric for anything thats hybrid now. Micra is getting scrapped and Juke etc will be moved on to Electrification. Besides the car is apparently not out until June 2022. I reckon it will cost over 5 million Yen for the Performance. Expensive but look at the cost of the current Nismo over there. The Sport will probably cost 4 million plus Yen and Performance 5 million+. 86/ BRZ is around £22,000 (3.7 million yen)...Im assu
  2. Dont accept less than £7500 for a UK car lol. Depending on Mileage. To get an equivalent car thats the going price for UK car sub 100k miles unless you trek to the highlands. When I had my accident in 2016 the insurance wanted to pay me £4250 total loss...I told em where to go that id repair it myself. Which I did for a couple hundred. I knew I couldn't get another good Z for that. Hopefully they apply common sense and pay the right amount. Afterall we,ve all paid into the insurance pot for "incase". Now its happened pay out those dividends!
  3. https://www.autocar.co.uk/car-news/new-cars/analysis-lotus-e-sports-ev-platform-made-sharing
  4. I remember my mate who mastered initial D told me at 16, dont cross your arms unnecessarily. Push and Pull. Felt like Karate Kid 😂 He was really good with manual. Akina downhill and uphill twisties. Whole arcade would spectate.
  5. Video from Japan of a GTR Nismo driven like daisy until the Z and Audi RS appears at 1:25. Then a mad man flies by after 6:44. Things get interesting at 7:10. Guys all over the gaff towards the end. Crazy s**t....I just stumbled across it after searching using Japanese text. This is a normal Saturday here in London 😂
  6. Looking at it now its a mean front. Its not bad just a bit wild with crazy road presence youd expect 700-1000hp beast with that grill 😂 Look like its trying to inhale the world for something crazy powerful under the bonnet
  7. To me it just sounds like a bad case of Eastenders. If I phone the insurance for the 20th time. All I need to know is "when is the money going to arrive in my bank account?". Subplots, Storylines, main characters and extras are not my concern. If I get another Z. Its dislok steering lock, ring door bell and a loud siren outside.
  8. "That schedule will also be uncomfortably close to the proposed EU7 introduction date - and Cartier confirmed that Nissan has no plans to invest in its engines and vehicles to make them compliant with the new rules. “Strategically we are betting on electrification,” he said, “to the point where we are not investing in Euro 7.” From an article regarding axing the Micra and the current gen Leaf.
  9. I know one off designs are not cheap and can carry trademarks etc. Theres CAD design, 3D Printing, lots of trial and error with fitment. Not sure if anyone here has attempted or ever had a one off part made for them or designed one themselves. Besides what do you think of this one off custom front bumper made in Japan? Is it too much? or a nice design?
  10. They rarely come up. When they do theyre snapped up. Congrats seems a good deal. Enjoy
  11. Some bargains to be had with patience and proaction. Looks nice and well kept. Its that Zed life. They just dont understand... Cant wait to get another.
  12. Lol GR Yaris might be great around a winding track that takes 50 seconds to complete, and fun in its own way. I dont think the audience is the same at all. For me the GR86 with a Supercharger is a better bet. Just a shame journalist are claiming 21-26 mpg. I guess it may or may not be the reality. Youre right you could import a used performance model with 8,000 miles and 1 year old for say £28,000 retail as was £35,000 new with options according to US exchange rate. By the time you pay customs and VAT youre heading in the wrong direction of £37,000. Better
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