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  1. yep, that alone won't be cheap either.
  2. All good when 2030 swings around itll be getting late as you say and modding will only get more expensive. So its now or never. Im sure hes got his own plan for the car. I dont know all the details. Hes done his own research on the car and on forums. I only opened the thread to ask if anyone else had done something similar. Like I said it will take a considerable amount of time and money. Hes going down the specialist route so it will be in stages with each stage requiring hardware and work to be done. The biggest stumbling blocks are the Turbo, ECU, possible gearbox purchases with labour as well as Engine builds if he chooses to add race cams, change internals etc. Its safer to do as people have blown their engines. If it was self built its easy to forget things. There are many specialists in the country that can build the car. He hasn't said who hes going with. Obviously Ive told him its not realistic and how much hes looking at to achieve 700-800hp let alone 1000hp. Its what he wants. So when its all set and done yes big money which could be better invested in big pharma, Tesla stocks over the 5 years but this is his thing. Yep I remember 'Herbie goes bananas' and the remake. You never took a shine to the modern Beetles then?
  3. https://www.carthrottle.com/post/the-nissan-400z-will-look-just-like-the-proto-z-concept-patent-images-reveal/ Patents filed
  4. "attention whoring"... Not on social media tick. Not known in car circles tick, doesnt attend many meets tick....Hes only doing Youtube to document it and for anyone remotely interested No ones seeking any attention or approval. Just a discussion and asking if anyone done it or got close to doing it... If you wanted to put an LS3 in an MX5 id be happy to see it as a car guy and offer encouragement where possible. ZP having spoken to someone who works in Renault-Nissan there could still be u-turn and importation is still possible on the downlow Thats the difference.
  5. Same difference. According to you there was no Z P coming either. Even when I said so in 2019. Its not even about getting it wrong. Its the pessimism. Impossible is a barrier built by people with a negative mentality. If its never going to happen you must be involved in some sort of time travel?
  6. Who wants to grab the last one at £31,000 from Edinburgh. A high chance there will be more 'new' ones or near new in the run up to Summer. Thats all she wrote.
  7. Not my words The below was posted earlier on the **REMOVED** forum, so, get your orders in soon. Or alternatively keep on saying that you want/ed an analog, 2 seat rear wheel drive n/a V6 coupe/roadster, then not buy it because of the badge.NISMO NEWS | 370Z End of ProductionDear NISMO centres,End of Production for 370Z CoupeWe would like to inform you that the production of the MY20 370Z will be coming to an end on 30th Septmeber 2020 for the UK market.On Sale for more than 10 years, the 370Z was one of the last Sports Coupes to feature a naturally aspirated V6 engine and as such was a true celebration of Nissan’s ‘Z’ car heritage.Throughout its lifecycle, the 370Z has proven to be a popular and versatile with a number of special editions such as the Yellow edition, Black edition and last year’s 50th Anniversary edition. We know that this much loved model will be well remembered and continue to be cherished by its army of loyal fans.We encourage you to sell from existing stock, whether your own or from NDS first.There is a last opportunity to place sold customer orders only for the final production month of September, with expected November arrival in the UK. While we will do our best to have these built, please be aware that this cannot be guaranteed due to parts supply restrictions to minimise obsolescence impacts. Orders must be placed by the end of June, so please do not hesitate to speak to any potential customers who may require a factory order vehicle. June 2020 https://www.pistonheads.com/gassing/topic.asp?t=1874072 Beats opening a new thread
  8. A new Electric A110, a crossover and an SUV. The only realistic path for Renault Nissan sports cars in Europe is hybrid or electrified. The A110 has sold around 1950 in 2018 and 4300 cars in 2019. This year they are projected around 1500 cars..pandemic maybe.. They may be the first to offer an electrified sports car since Teslas original roadster as successor to the A110. Aside from other smaller independent unknown limited electric sporty cars out there. Before that a Crossover and an SUV. A good move for Alpine and Lotus? https://www.motor1.com/news/466086/alpine-ev-brand-official/
  9. That's interesting and along the way you havent accounted for the people not on social media, on forums or on the Scene. Loads of DMOs that dont make much noise. Sleepers that go about their business. Its a huge ambition but you never know. Its a lot of money and work but its not impossible.
  10. I dont disagree, I dont see the car ever hooking perfectly with that power. Another part to buy but High profile softer semi slicks make sense
  11. If they can get you in the GR Yaris for £360 pm or the supra for £500 a month but the Yaris is quicker and you also track your cars? The kicker is you were in the market for the Supra but after testing the Yaris... Shouldn't compare but pandemic has tightened the funds and there will be people (not many) who would go for the Yaris over the Supra. Its a useable daily that can be tracked
  12. there are 22 year olds who have been driving for less time that have near 800hp Supras on UK average pay. Maybe they skip the pub and cut back on visits to the Shard while not paying rent who knows. Squatters rights allow 3 months apparently If he doesn't fair play, but if he does.... Ill do you one better. If he buys the car I once called a 'flop' the Honda NSX in year 6 or 7 you should quadruple the money to £200. If none of this happens you can always spend the £10 on a pint or pints as well as a PowerPoint presentation on non functional aero, so Payco never ever puts Canards into Nismo bumpers again!
  13. If 600hp was your goal then cool....If you quit the game and cashed out for a reason it is what it is. Someone asked what a finished project was. Its finished according to the owners objective and goal. If you're a tinkerman like Ranieri then thats on the person tinkering... If the goal is 1000hp and safe for the drag strip then thats the goal. If things keep breaking then its never really finished as its still being worked on. Depends on whose objective it is.
  14. Im getting 400Z vibes from this thread..... I rarely go into build threads but whats a priority for you might not be a priority for others. 1000hp with no Aero. Very rare. How do you know whats a pipe dream and whats possible. There are people working in McDonald's with more savings and/or investments than the average man on the street... I dont doubt its near impossible for many. He did pay cash for the Supra and parts bought so far we're all bought in quick succession. Its like my assuming the only reason Ian didnt finish his Supra werent because of anything but funds. I dont know him so cant speak for his financial situation. The same applies here. People on this forum have spent more than £20,000 on their cars. It wasnt a pipe dream then despite not being a practical or realistic project to the onlooker....





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