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  1. So like Batman and Bats.... Face your fears head on!
  2. Some nice quieter custom exhausts are possible. Bigger resonators or custom back box. Pipes look better just get bigger resonators
  3. GranTurismoEra


    Even though I had an automatic GT I felt the pressure from your Nismo after initially legging it. Lol
  4. GranTurismoEra


    There will be a check engine light for 02 sensor. But that can be mapped out. Best to add everything intakes, headers etc then remap. Lol. If its just HFC should be good. Up to 20hp apparently. Shop around tarmac and torqen both do them.
  5. At point of sale would require auditing by third party on which products are being sold....ie decat systems and pops and bang tuning....tuning beyond reasonable limits ie GTR stage 5/6. Similar tuning is made illegal in some countries. Sounds like it all ties into proposed tampering laws. Or maybe they're trying to copy US system especially in places like California where they clamp down on loud exhausts. Noise cameras will be rolled out on high streets and residential areas. On the highway it's a bit of a tricky one. PS in London DVSA can stop at anytime any vehicle to conduct a roadside MOT test as been the case with a mate. Usually they set up at the side on a layby pulling HGV and trucks over. They're usually there with traffic officers. I've also seen traffic cops looking under the hood of a guys car. He may or may not have a clue what he's looking at.
  6. All v8 F types, Mustangs, Porsche 911 pre OPF and the like should either go to the dealer to get a software update or stay out of dynamic!/sport modes... 🤬. They're all loud stock from factory. Even with software and loss of pops and bangs. V8 cause vibrations. V10 V12 and W16 are even louder. V12 cold starts are harsh and sudden... Built for residences with their own land not terraced housing Goodluck trying to convince officer perkins it's a stock exhaust while he writes you a ticket.
  7. https://www.autoexpress.co.uk/consumer-news/361602/uk-firm-fitting-pop-bang-aftermarket-exhausts-fined-landmark-court-case
  8. Great programme. Not seen beyond season 1 and one of my old colleagues is now a farmer abroad. I sent him this series. He loved it.
  9. According to multiple sites today including Sky News, Guardian etc Top Gear TV programme has been shelved for the foreseeable future.
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