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  1. GranTurismoEra

    400 Zed

    No, as they have to meet emission requirements. There are a few Natural Aspirated engines still being made. I dont think Nissan will be one of them. It will either be Turbo Petrol or Hybrid Petrol going forward. As much as I love NA and they sound amazing, there is usually something missing and not much performance modding can be done to get it performing night and day without going Fi. It will be good to try something else. Either way there will be a crowd of people that say thats not a Zed its a Mercedes or its lost its soul etc. As much as I thought the 370 lost a bit of its character from the 350 it also had its plus points. Im sure not everyone liked those changes. Not everyone will like the fact that there may be no new Zed or if it does come it may come with a 4 and 6 cylinder Turbo option. Is that necessarily a bad thing?
  2. @reeceybeaneyI think its close between the Nismo and your current car. Only saving grace for the Nismo is the higher displacement and speed post 60. There is a remapped Nismo for sale with Gold Rims. I rather get stock one though
  3. 370z Nismos are much cheaper now. Out of all the germans BMW are the best for me. The newer ones are more reliable. I want to try the B58 everyones been raving about
  4. GranTurismoEra

    400 Zed

    Its not going to happen remember and if it does itll be a dull 2 liter. The worlds going to end shortly after we're all forced to drive EV. etc etc Negative much? Its not that bad. Honestly
  5. "Public Charging Cable" is £210 pounds. Its probably a thicker weather and fireproof cable with Porsche lettering. Thats the standard turbo model. Audi and VW have had window mechanism issues from 2000 and still do today.
  6. Nice EV....might as well get yourself one of those.
  7. Found it. £115,000 starting. My brother replied big boys only. Thats tell you what you need to know about that LOL I cant see that price coming down and why would it. Its Porsche after all. My options were considered "reasonable" and came to £31,000 bringing the total to £147,269
  8. From the side its not the best. But the back is good. The front isnt the best design as they tried to make it look cute with the headlights. Meanwhile the 8 series has a different headlight and grill design I think the 40i for me would be nice. Can always get a Nismo further down the line in say 2-3 years, still got my pipes Ill wait till end of year prices are coming down with new plate out and summer coming to an end.
  9. Most get quieter over time once there is some soot lining the exhaust. Mine were asbo for 3 weeks then it got quieter. Resonated is the way to go
  10. I was referencing your car sir. Yours sounded the best in my opinion. Goes well with the car. Reminded me of my AAMs
  11. the best sounding ZED at Ace Cafe had Tarmac Short Tails. You dont need a full system.
  12. They cant expect huge numbers but neither can the other rival brands. Ofcourse if we are talking about europe alone id agree. But North America is a huge market for it. Infact close to 70% of 370z sales are based in US. I think in Europe you would rely on Germans to be bigger sellers. Like I said before without US id say don't bother. Also the Supra is expected to sell a lot in US and Canada. Its not a risk because GTR is still selling hence its continuation to at least 2022-2023 according to chief engineer. Its rivals such as the 6 cylinder M2 may not be a huge seller but there is still a market for it. Also what determines failure or success if the Alpine for example only sold 1,800 roughly in 2018. Europe alone. Which is a lot less than the first year of the 370. Also they are introducing it to new markets such as Australia. It may not be high on the priority list. But its possible. 370 hasnt been profitable but didnt stop them producing it for an extra 7 years after ditching the convertible. Despite only selling 1000 a year. The biggest market USA will probably determine any future for the Z cars. I think it still has a place if done right and priced right. If you dont offer different trims or engine options then dont expect mass sales.
  13. GranTurismoEra

    400 Zed

    It is a Z forum. Every Z forum deserves a good render. Apparently the Japanese website that leaked this have been accurate in the past. Lol The lights are similar to the Juke. Only thing now is if they okay it or scrap it. Either way I think it looks a bit German but modernised. The grill definitely needs work
  14. Onto the next model. A new model is desperately needed to accompany the new Juke. With the right design and trim I think there is potential to do really well. It can look really slick if done right. The 370Z has had its time now. Time to run along Put an efficient 3 liter turbo 399hp in the new one, make it lighter than the current Nismo. Price it at £40,000 new thats 10k cheaper than its nearest rival the M2, Supra then youre onto something then just bring a much more powerful 475hp Nismo a year later at 45k-50k etc. Include a DCT and Manual option.



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