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  1. https://www.topgear.com/car-news/supercars/sscs-tuatara-fastest-car-world-331mph-top-speed Beating the Bugatti Chiron!
  2. lool, grills galore.... Turboing and engine swap are a bit of a headache. There are some q60 engines for sale and a few people in the states have done it. Better off either staying old school or changing brand
  3. I think the pale yellow paint doesn't help in the slightest. The 370 nismo still has better looks for me. Hoping for a midlife facelift. One thing that wont change are the headlights. Everything else can be worked on. Maybe the aftermarket can do something with the appearance of the headlights, front bumpers and fenders
  4. Otherwise there are reasons why Apple chose not to go beyond 12 MP for the past 3 iterations. Also their 4k video has more stabilization so much so you dont really need a Gimbal.
  5. I hope it gets smashed by depreciation so I can import it
  6. hows the camera? I see Huawei are now using a 50mp camera.
  7. https://www.thedrive.com/news/37025/nissan-z-proto-will-reach-production-pretty-much-unchanged-says-nissan-executive As first thought. Not much will change. Take it or leave it lol Theres the aftermarket. Makes no difference to us since its not coming here lol
  8. Newer Z will be fine for now. I guess the government assume newer cars have better emissions control despite bigger engines emitting high amount of pollutants
  9. The summon feature outside of EU seems to work fine. Apparently some people in US are using it. Thats great that they support the car 3 plus years after. Its important for customer retention. As opposed to saying 'end of life' just get an upgrade. Will be interested to know how it is post CPU upgrade.
  10. Im in I.T too, so im all for tech in the right places and within reason. Hence im not completely opposed to Electric cars but they have their flaws. Its just technology for the sake of being edgy and cool. The summon feature was probably thought about by some teenager 30 years ago. Someone just thought lets do it now the car can read traffic lights and signs as well as detect covert pedestrians. Technology gives people the license to do dangerous things like this. Being in the US its probably a 1 hour cross county lines journey he/she slept through.
  11. Death of the town center? https://www.dailymail.co.uk/money/cars/article-8830815/Birminghams-Clean-Air-Zone-live-1-June-2021.html
  12. Very dangerous combo rear wheel and bad weather. It probably aquaplaned changing lanes. Could be an uneven bit of road. In the dry there would probably be no story here as the car tends to skip on stock suspension and twitch but regain itself. Hope they are okay and fortunately others managed to stop in time. They shouldn't lose faith as its not a common occurrence with the 370s
  13. I have a local indie that services my CRZ and AA Approved and all the good certs....Ive taken my Nissan to him for interim oil changes £20 labour and sometimes hes like just pay for the oil+ filter... sometimes i get a discount from him....using only Nissan approved OEM items...i could do it myself but i prefer a qualified person with a ramp lol.
  14. Lol I hear you but you need to remember not all buyers are that way inclined. A lot of buyers come from other manufacturers like the Germans and prefer full dealer history. Whereas people who have been on the mod scene are very versed with Specialist garages and independents. The average joe on the street would assume non dealer history is your mate doing DIY on the car. Some may think yes its serviced but hasn't undergone a 70 point checklist as standard. Things may have been missed. While a specialist could tell you why you have serious brake judder but a manufacturer may need to hire a specialist disc skimmer. There are pros and cons....I know Abbey. Id take an older 370 or 350 to them. Ive been there recently for brakes as I needed uprated pads and better discs than standard. Also had that judder issue and my calipers needed repainting. Left the painting for now though. So indies have their pros and cons Not slating them at all as service was top and hes a knowledgeable guy...been in the game decades...id definitely take my car to get work done from a specialist.....but there are pros and cons anywhere you go. The cars only 4 years old with 4 services so far. If youre never selling or giving the car to a fellow enthusiast then indies or diy all the way.
  15. Does the Taycan have this half baked feature? Apparently they blocked it in the EU. Then people thought they could be smart by using remote desktop feature with 2 phones. It got patched straight away. Thanks to social media. It never fully worked anyway A summon feature is people trying to run before they can walk.





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