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  1. They attract more boyracers. Also cause more drag if not fitted or designed properly lol...
  2. Better safe than sorry. There will be more through the summer. At one point there were only 3 for sale. So its up and down with numbers for sale.
  3. Distance buying always a risk. As I found out with the second Nismo. Hopefully they are an honest dealer
  4. Even with DiY looking at £1000. One or two people complaining about AC not working and malfunctioning reverse camera. NGL even the factory unit has malfunctioned before giving me live feed driving forward 😂
  5. Why bother with designing a proper dash. Just chuck screens there. Seats are nice though
  6. Lool....Jonny collector strikes....They were £38,000 new. No longer produced so playing on that. The Civic Type R is £50,000 and GR86 is around £36000 - £43000 jap import. Its crazy but someones willing to pay. Which justifies the new Z at £42,000 to £50,000 is not extreme lol. 23 year old platform vs Supra, Alpine etc new cars built from the ground up. Must be a die hard collector or someone that wants "that one with funky wheels" Last of the so called enthusiasts we know this is a 26k car at best.
  7. Cheapest Z right now i saw in Japan was £42000 and that was the ST Automatic in White with few miles on. So maybe depreciation will take a different path from the Supra 🤔
  8. http://www.autotrader.co.uk/car-details/202302274669841?atmobcid=soc3 Reserved!
  9. Lots of pros and probably one of the best looking cars sub 30k the Nismo @Olly350z I digress. You get this from time to time. They try to get personal and make snide remarks. Getting overemotional for no reason instead of minding their business. These are supposed to be grown Men.
  10. Tatty! drama queen. My car was parked up yesterday for all to see....it cleaned up pretty well....If i had something to hide i wouldn't have showed up yesterday....Davey saw it......you sound like the guys in the German crowd. Mines better than yours. You can always powdercoat the wheels for me. Two need doing. Its not the end of the world as I still bought the car and drive it daily. Your showroom condition is still awaiting collection. 😉 Ive owned 4 Zeds all in good condition including a new Nismo. So i guess im lacking in knowledge You need to calm down and relax. Its not that serious. These replies are beyond a joke. But no ones laughing. Back on topic please. The op doesn't need your bullsheet.
  11. Just because Jonny Bravo put his convertible up for £5 doesn't necessarily mean Jonny Quests Coupe should be reduced to £5. Someone could still buy it as its happened before. Some guy offered me £24,000 for my 17 Nismo back in 18. We buy any car paid £26000.... It's worth what someones willing to pay that could be more or less depending
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