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  1. Are you based in Wembley? Nice Nismo.
  2. No rush to get an EV. One more generation of Mustang before it all changes I reckon. Good buy.
  3. Futures probably Electric/Alternative Fuels then older combustion engines being taxed off the roads in UK Last new car will be something fun, something I know wont need repairs or a million recalls. I suspect imports of new cars will be banned so the used market will get stronger. Id like to try a GR Yaris or 86 at some point as brand new cars possibly or delivery miles. 86 unlikely as its only on sale for 2 years till 2024. Depends on what type of experience someone wants. I like the idea of something lightweight geared towards track or enthusiast use
  4. Yeah you can go directly towards Ealing from Hanger Lane into Kew. There is traffic that way depends sometimes. Easier to leave early everyone has the same idea by 8AM though
  5. Heathrow exit just hell....Shame youre on the inner M25. If you were on the outside id say go through Windsor/Ascot/Slough Better roads and get on the M40 and its plain sailing till you hit the 40 all the way to Hanger Lane. Traffic getting off A40 onto the A406 another car park with lots of idiot drivers. Since youre all in a convoy youll have to sit in it unless you leave at 8-9.
  6. Daily and Track use Nismo! Good driving
  7. Saturday traffic begins at 10AM till 2pm in that area. Earlier is better.
  8. its not going to be 50k forever if you're buying used. After a year and some miles they'll be going for 35-40k possibly 30k depending on the used market in 18 to 24 months and beyond LC500 is another category of car. The Z will run rings around the LC500 couple with the fact its around 300-400kg lighter. Youre not going to track an lc500. Whereas you can track and daily the Zed. There are rumours its lighter than the 370Z. No one knows how good or bad the 9 speed will be. It may be better acceleration wise and on the track than the Supra. Conveniently Manual Supra is r
  9. theyre usually for sale for a while on Autotrader as well as convertible. A couple of grand at least. I call this the US spec.
  10. Ill find out soon enough but i saw a video... People from other countries attend...You must have your reasons. There are pros and cons to both mixed and specific car meets. I dont attend many tbh
  11. Always good to keep the oem exhaust incase. Good to see Z owners in Europe where German cars dominate. Ever got to the biggest Z meet in Europe held in Germany. Its probably been affected by Covid.
  12. Nissan are gathering feedback on it and its based on the Fairlady 432R. Theyll then decide if to sell it in Japan and US
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