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  1. if each panel was sprayed with 90s paint 3 times per panel..... now they have to use environmentally friendly aerosols which are rubbish quality
  2. Good find!! Be quick off the mark to inspect because some cars do go in an instant.
  3. Few weeks ago there was red one for sale at 24k...Wait till September October...Prices are silly...Some just sitting there at a silly prices Problem with white if you get a prang the paint will be mismatched as its 3 stage paint..... only so much blending they can do. Id buy an electronic paint tester. All panels should be close in paint thickness if it hasnt had a repair or filler. Little trick i learnt from BCA...
  4. Fairlady Z trademarked in the US. While Ford have trademarked "Skyline". Looking closer looks like its been applied to merchandise and parts. Time will tell For Ford might be a case of Nissan not using skyline currently in Europe or US so why not
  5. Not so sure if people are on this car like that. Hard to tell...The premium its costing in VAT and Import duty. Might as well be called stamp duty..... We shall see though.
  6. Yeah saw that Its gona be on my PowerPoint presentation though lool... Lets get the base car first at least some basic specs and price then can discuss the "clout" version 😂
  7. interesting from Jenson Button video. DCT is only available with AMG 4 pot. and traditional Auto for V6. Maybe im wrong... The Good is the Toyota V6 gets the Manual gearbox. People are saying a Toyota engine never sounded better. If the engine is the Camry V6 its the engine that should have gone in the Supra Im thinking the Supercharger is adding 70hp roughly
  8. https://www.pistonheads.com/news/ph-features/gavan-kershaw-on-lotus-emira-ph-meets/44401 From 60k without options for the 4 cylinder but you never know
  9. Nissan Australia President states it may not be as fast as the Supra or have launch control. Its not about that apparently. Which makes me think they wont do anything to the 5 year old VR30 like increasing Torque or power etc. Probably saving that for the Nismo which will probably be conservative. The unveil is August 17th at 1AM on Nissan Youtube. https://www.carsales.com.au/editorial/details/nissan-z-to-deliver-what-toyota-supra-cant-130824
  10. Someones reserved it and wants to do this and add a widebody...👀 Each to their own. Looks good stock Lets see what Alpine and Lotus do further down the line in terms of design
  11. I suspect dealer markup or is that a thing in UK...Its a bargain if £60,000 fully configured "present card now and add delivery" Get it in red or black, and youd fool a few people to thinkin its a new Ferrari
  12. Someone said on Youtube that theyll wait to pick it up for £30,000 👀....youll be waiting a while. Then when the ICE ban hits theyll wonder why they didnt get it at £45k with a few miles. Even though they are aiming for mass market it may not be the case here. maybe in the US and other markets. Some people may not see it as anything special. End of the day I see only a few lotuses per year. Theyll get a few more sales but is it going to be significantly more than Alpine for example. Ill wait for the sales figures.
  13. To be honest it only pips the 2009 GT. No where near the Nismo. I think with a simple bodykit it could change things. A different front bumper with an angular grill. A modification that allows wider rear lights too. In trying to emulate the old Z they went with straighter lines as opposed to curved for a more retro look. Attached is whats possible if say aftermarket wanted to keep it simple. It makes sense for Nissan to start making models available like Toyota have with the 86. So aftermarket development of parts can start.
  14. Bargain of the century especially in Summer
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