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  1. I'm dreamer1566. 300+ posts and pics. Not posted for a while and lost 70 followers since lol......not posting anytime soon Add me
  2. GranTurismoEra

    3D Printed Wheels Anyone?

    modern = more complex = more headache. Interesting design but overly busy
  3. GranTurismoEra

    Not a 350Z owner yet!!!

    welcome to forum Common issues are banana arms, rocker cover, clicking hubs, radiator, arch rust. Aside from that still more reliable than the average German. Make sure service history is present. A healthy engine is smooth at idle. Check gearbox its normal for it to be notchy when cold. My one started having issue engaging 2nd gear like the linkage was going. Imports have a different vin number to UK GT. UK ones have brembos as standard.
  4. GranTurismoEra

    350z Mileage and Ownership Thread

    I had mine for 18 months. Spent £2000 bought for £5200 traded at £3000 for the 370Z Nismo. Banana arms, rocker covers, disc + pads, service much more. Had a few comments at work. But hey ho if youre a petrol head you wont be driving Tom Dick and Harrys collection. Each to their own as they say. One day I might look at a 240Z. Looking at getting another 370Z late next year. Got an itch to scratch with an RCF or LC500 one day but not now. The 350 for me is a better car than the 370Z. Better on fuel, better seating position, sounds better, more rigid and stable, doesnt tramline and still turns heads. The nismo was more of a looker and more refined. You hear a certain sound turn around and there goes the 350. Cant miss it.
  5. GranTurismoEra

    4 door audi TT

    lol 500 trims and 30 models. Feels special stepping into a derivative of another model.
  6. GranTurismoEra

    370z Nismo automatic in UK? do they exist?

    No autos for Nismo in UK. As the salesman said "just drive manual dude"
  7. GranTurismoEra

    Oh my... Spank me and call me Mary!

    reminds me of the mercedes from few years back. nice. People complain about not getting the "feel"......no windshield feel the wind in your face
  8. GranTurismoEra

    Why The 370Z Is Still The Best New RWD Coupe (Review

    review the latest nismo? you will need to 2 hands on the steering wheel in that. The steering wheel feels lighter and on rough roads it can pull. thats why i felt way more stability in the 350z its heavier with a solid steering wheel.
  9. GranTurismoEra

    Interesting Read

    ahh the 350 somewhat forgiving compared to 370 with fuel. Which can cost you double in a week depending on the weight of your right foot finally a review with useful information. Good one PH
  10. GranTurismoEra

    Toyota taking orders for 300.....

    z40i is around 335 bhp then with a twin scroll turbo?
  11. GranTurismoEra

    400bhp 370z at SEMA

    4 pot turbo option could be a reality if they become desperate. If mercedes get involved to boost sales. Any v6 will probably appear as a top spec or nismo version. No its not a good base for a Z. The slk 250, slk350 amg and 500 amg v8 versions are for a different market plus they weigh quite a lot. Nice cars though 4 pot version will be similar to jaguars 4 pot but cheaper. It could be priced similar to TT (35-46k) with 300bhp. But then Im only interested in the v6. If it keeps the Z alive they should consider it. A v6 twin turbo with 400 for the gt and lighter weight and 450hp nismo would be nice though. At that power rear wheel biased awd is a good idea with a manual and dual clutch auto option. Would cost an arm though. They would need to develop a better auto gearbox similar to dsg for any 4 pot as the 370z auto is slow on shifts GTR R36 will probably be around 600-700 bhp. I dont think gtr will be affected. What will hit GTR more is their pricing strategy. If 100k plus..and Z nismo is 55k with close to 500bhp Despite all this it might still not sell well in uk. Its Japanese.....US they will love it there you are right though... what kept the 350 doing well was it undercut the market. Nissan got hype now. why they think the 700 bhp r50 by italdesign is a good idea
  12. GranTurismoEra

    Why The 370Z Is Still The Best New RWD Coupe (Review

    saw this the other day good review
  13. GranTurismoEra

    400bhp 370z at SEMA

    lol.... Hopefully mr chief designer alfonso wont give up the ghost....simply putting a q60 engine and altering the design is still a big investment. It can be competitive with the rivals. Bigger question is whos still buying jap sports cars. See what happens with the supra. It might force Nissan to strike up a collaboration with Mercedes?
  14. GranTurismoEra

    Chris Harris TG Lap: 370z Nismo

    hmmm shocker..... interested to know what its being compared to on the video reviews.....maybe a car costing £20,000 more cayman base or one with 160-170bhp like the mx5
  15. GranTurismoEra

    Toyota taking orders for 300.....

    lighter 4 pot engine. Sounds good, 260bhp?