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  1. All hail USA!! First the Q60 Engine swap now this much bigger project. Good luck to him. Has to be done because Nissan are useless. Imagine a DCT mated to the VR30DDTT. SMH
  2. My brother has his for sale on ebay with 37,000 miles 2004 at around £7500. Was garaged a lot so no rust. DE road tax should be around £325 and going up each year by £10 I think. Id be tempted if I didnt already have a 370Z. I definitely want a later HR after im done with the Nismo Yes they do draw attention from boy racers and police. Just dont rise to it. My Nismo got people breaking necks. Ive got tints so its okay.
  3. Any ideas, took a while to write that advert and it disappeared a few minutes later?
  4. I think you should look more into the M3. My mate had one, he had the usual rod bearing and a few other failures he never wanted to talk about. Maybe a more up to date V8 Mustang would be a better bet?
  5. Unfortunately the 3.0 T engine isnt the most efficient. I still think they should go hybrid petrol as that engine is quite thirsty for 2020.
  6. man o man, in the future for sure. Saw an Orange one on Friday
  7. No two door skyline for now. Nissan have been promoting older original 4 door skylines from the 80s on social media. I do wonder what will happen with the Q60. It makes sense to do something similar to Lexus LC 3.5 V6 Hybrid or go fully electric. Then bring out a fully electric q50 at a later date. Then youd have Skyline as the petrol or petrol/hybrid and Infiniti with the electric equivalent. But nooo A skyline 2 door I cant see it.
  8. https://www.motor1.com/news/387821/nissan-skyline-tokyo-auto-show-concepts/ Nissan will showcase their latest version of the infiniti Q50 which has been returned to the original Skyline branding (G35,G37) This is the 400R Skyline that may be released at a later date depending on which side of the bed Nissan wake up on. After being fined £22 million Im guessing theyll probably be looking to actually move forward with a new model or two within the next 12 to 24 months... Who knows, either way their slow refresh rate of many of their models is quite jarring and a loss of interest in their brand is more than they deserve. They cant now complain about financial losses. I still think they should focus on electrification and all Infiniti models should be made hybrid or electrified
  9. Clear the outstanding while the buyer is there. Keep the rest if its more than you owe or clear the rest if its negative. If selling to a dealer this is all done during the sale. I called Nissan Finance a few days later to make sure it was cleared and nothing was being owed.
  10. Does the loss of interest in F1 correlate directly with technological changes and new restrictions...Or is it just a case of less racing and more politics? Are there backhanders from climate change activists and government ministers to manufacturers to step away from the internal combustion engine in motorsports then slowly in production vehicles? Companies like Nissan seem to have taken a shine to Formula E. About as exciting as tumbleweed. That seems to be the future. While I would like to experience a formula 1 event it wont be long before they become Quad turbo hybrid 4 cylinders. I stopped watching years ago and havent looked back since. I like the idea and respect the technical nature of Formula 1. Well in terms of the Zeds. I drive mine once or twice a week. Then a hybrid the rest of the time. Either way the only real pollution happens once a week. Its not feasible to outright ban petrol engines until EV becomes very affordable and very widely available. Even then there isnt enough resources to regulate and enforce this ban.
  11. lol the sideskirting the bodyshop couldn't get right due to the small spacing. I think its more its too much hassle to get masking tape perfect to spray without ruining it. Might have to wrap it or replace it. Thats a lot of money to replace it...I doubt theyll fit for free if i was to replace ill ask They sorted my front grill were paint was coming off seems like i overpaid. They agreed to touch up the grey on the side skirt which was rough as well Looking again to be honest a good job overall. Not perfect alternative was to buy a new one. £200 all in im satisfied
  12. i bought AAMs because it was the thing before Tarmac and Torqen started doing them £300 cheaper. They make a good sound better than some full systems and they pop now and again when hot. Not in an asbo way. So you wont get coined





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