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  1. GranTurismoEra

    General car prices

  2. GranTurismoEra

    General car prices

    just saw a 370Z for £7500 on autotrader with 125,000 miles.......deal of the century or issues galore
  3. GranTurismoEra

    BMW 335i?

    the bmw 335 is, my brother has it. Very torquey comes 320 bhp and m performance exhaust. Only available in u.s problem is hes out of warranty and currently spending $9000 on repairs not sure what happened but older siblings tell you stuff on a need to know basis. he says he,ll run it to the ground. Liked his car though. A bit of lag, but nice and tuneable Funny story, he once put it in sport mode sounded amazing...going through the intersection in LA, steps on it as crossing, turbo doesn't kick in till we reach other side of intersection. "I asked ages ago god dammit "
  4. GranTurismoEra

    20 with 3 years nc insurance

    pays to live in the sticks...on the nismo 17...£1245 with commuting and exhaust 8 years no claims clean license on 350z was £800 my first 6 years driving civics, puma and a3 £1500, £1300, £1000, £980, £700, £800, £900, £1245 started driving at 23...zone 5 london high accidents, lots of scam claims, average to high crime rate popular cars - bmw, audi, mercedes
  5. GranTurismoEra

    Getting my first car soon and need help!

    haha what grip, i saw final destination 2 times driving at normal speeds...op get the stickiest tires you can for the wet.....cant scrimp on those. the back kicks out like mad...
  6. GranTurismoEra

    Getting my first car soon and need help!

    £2500 it cost me over 18 months rocker cover both sides pads + discs p2 service really needed timing chain + diff which i skipped banana arms starter motor drop links insurance accident repair £400 rear quarter i got away with not changing tires or banana arms again clutch needed doing..... gearbox linkage was dodgy....driving around town center cant get into second, cures itself after few minutes God knows what would have needed doing next traded for nismo 370z thats gone now tho
  7. GranTurismoEra

    Nismo Leather Wearing

    mine were good to 10000 miles but i did hop in and spring out
  8. GranTurismoEra

    Nissan Officially Confirms New Z Car - 07.09.18

    IDX the classic looking car? Its a nice design,
  9. GranTurismoEra

    I like mince pies.....BUT SEPTEMBER!

    sounds like England. Street deco up soon
  10. GranTurismoEra

    Driving like an idiot, azure blue. M5 south.

    Cool, each to their own though. I wouldnt do it without checking for a traffic cop on the overtaking or middle lane. He might be having a bad day! Live and learn.
  11. GranTurismoEra

    Driving like an idiot, azure blue. M5 south.

    did that before and ended up being told off because everyone backed off and i didnt. Also threatened to stick something on me for answering back...Good old days lol....when i used to get followed for ages...intimidation tactics dont work anymore though... I remember my old man being waved on.. But that was in a different country!
  12. GranTurismoEra

    Getting my first car soon and need help!

    pays off when you try something different. maybe they all wanted to drive the usual
  13. GranTurismoEra

    Insurance renewal.

    I had £1245 with exhaust and commuting on the 370 nismo with 8 years NCB living in zone 5 London...Admiral
  14. GranTurismoEra

    Black convertible 350z Bexley Village

    I always took the mini humps on two wheels at an angle.
  15. GranTurismoEra

    Driving like an idiot, azure blue. M5 south.

    According to PC Perkins it is. If someone is in lane 3 the overtaking lane, you cannot go past him. He needs to move over if traffic is starting to creep up on him. By then someones already up his behind flashing him or tailgaiting. Put it this way if a cop was in lane 3 you wouldnt undertake him would you