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  1. Cheers all, mines a 370 so dont think you kit will fit, thanks anyway. Also I want it mounted on the windscreen. WiFi it is then, assuming it built into the device...
  2. Morning Does anyone run a ODBC2 connector to their phone ? I don't actually need one to clear EML's but I think it looks cool when you have the software on the phone with all the dials shown etc. So, if you do have one...... Which model of ODBC reader, little plug in unit not the hand held. Which app (IOS) Which phone holder do you use. Many thanks
  3. daz8235

    Headlight Tint

    Ok thanks all
  4. daz8235

    Headlight Tint

    Had a quick search n the forum but can't find anything. Is it illegal or MOT failure to tint/colour the headlights ? Thinking of a chameleon one, or purple (match the wrap) I had on a car many years ago (MOT's are stricter now)
  5. Hi Noticed when I washed my car at the weekend that it appears to have a stain on the wrap, don't remember seeing any bird shite there but it's been raining heavy ooop North so that may have washed away. Any tips on how to get a mark off a wrap please ? Its the bit in yellow not the clouds.
  6. daz8235

    New Wrap

    Not quite, its tucked upto the sills but not up where the tyre pressure info is.
  7. daz8235

    New Wrap

    Mine is staying as is for now as I am now skint
  8. daz8235

    New Wrap

    It's 3M's Deep Space
  9. daz8235

    New Wrap

    cheers, i'm well pleased with it.
  10. daz8235

    New Wrap

    Few pics yesterday lunch time outside the office on my mates phone, wasn't sunny so you don't get the bronze.
  11. daz8235

    Wrap !

    Thanks, is TBM two Bucket Method ?
  12. daz8235

    Wrap !

    Another question on wraps (cars booked in), until I can get my garage cleared out the car will be outside, as it is now, how do you look after a wrap ? Snowfoam, wax, polish ??? Any tips would help, thanks.
  13. daz8235

    Wrap !

    Cheers peeps that lavender is lush !
  14. daz8235

    Wrap !

    **** dint think it was that much !
  15. daz8235

    Wrap !

    Hi peeps thinking of a wrap for my 370, like the idea of the cadburdys type purple, but open to change. can any wraps throw up some pics please. Also rough price ? going for a quote next weekend so just to make sure i'm not ripped off.. Cheers.



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