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  1. I dont mind going to Bluewater around summer. Just need to be wary as the staff and police hate car meets. Youre not allowed to hang in the parking lots either.
  2. Modified mine with an exhaust. Nissan werent fussed as it was only the exhaust. Obviously anything exhaust related wasnt covered by warranty. Both times they were sold to trade. So was ok. If i was handing it back then yeah that could be an issue.
  3. Yeah you can need to apply since the euro version meets the requirements. ULEZ is being expanded to M25. Eventually Euro4 and 5 will be on that list maybe 10 years from now.... For now they're exempt. Genghis Khan strikes again. Classic cars pre 1982 are exempt.
  4. Short term big maybe...Long term No....Used cars will go up due to continued delays in manufacturing of new cars. I dont even think Toyota the number 1 manufacturer are hitting their usual 10.5 million cars per annum atm...its reduced by 1 million. Increased demand for used cars equals higher costs. That trend will continue up to and beyond 2030. So you're probably in the wrong camp. Prices will be at their peak in the next 5-10 years. To the point of unattainable. There are collectors, sunday drivers and people out there that would still want them. It only takes Car Wow or someone to review it again for the sheep to start buying. Driving prices back up. Just because Genghis Khan is going to expand ULEZ, increase VED, add noise cameras and toll roads rendering driving expensive along with other city mayors doesn't mean these cars wont be sort after. Keep that in mind. Only takes a day for a few to come off sale. EV are going to be hit by road tax VED or road tolls. Eventually congestion charge post 2025.
  5. These clowns didnt pick up the lock from customs so was returned to me. I got a Nissan Steering lock for sale if anyone ends up with this issue. Pulled from a Nissan 370 GT not Chinese. At least it will give you a second chance to pull the fuse. Just PM.
  6. I got a Z already. I havent seen the bumper before thas why i asked about it.
  7. Im guessing u want the Gemini sound with a tiny bit more decibels at higher RPM 4-7500. No drone or as little drone as possible on slight acceleration 2-3k. Cruising you barely want to hear it just a tinge especially between 50-80mph 😉. No crazy vibrations or noise from the trunk area. You might need a more hollowed backbox and/or a couple of resonators along the way. Could consider an X pipe to replace the H which is deeper. Basically an X pipe with a different backbox or your backbox modified maybe?! Get rid of some of the meshes inside. OEM plus
  8. PS5 are around £834 all round on 370. Roughly.
  9. So whats a supercar in 2022/2023?!
  10. Whats in 1 for words fail? Id be interested in 3. Happy to forward it on at the next meet if im done 😅
  11. Had the one before the facelift. Brakes would be in line with Supercar possibly around £2500. More expensive than GTR brakes. Id expect service to be around £1000-£1600. Tires well it is what it is. Im assuming this has mag ride and pre s tronic gearbox or gated manual. I would if i had expendable income just for the experience. I would budget £6000-£8000 per 10,000 miles. Thats if nothing major goes wrong. Service, Tires, Brakes and some fuel maybe. Maybe can take out a warranty that covers the common and major issues instead of being left out on small print. Then again is it worth the paper.
  12. Yes the bulb is what you need as the projector lens all Z from 2006. The 370 does take HID. 6000k is perfect and doesnt give off that irritating to others blue light. In terms of lumens i cant see the brightness being brighter with all that blue than a pure white light. 6000k may have a hint of blue to make the light cooler instead of warmer like the yellowish ones.
  13. my mate lives in Quedgeley... If we do a rally near there maybe you could join us at the final few stops?
  14. if you took the A12 to M25 after 7:00 it would probably be 40 mins. For me it used to take a solid hour from Northolt. Very far, racking up 130 miles on a return trip. I stopped going but went once or twice in the summer after 2020. Much closer for East London.
  15. For me in the city it is. I have a very famous saying. "Each to their own". Manual in Track toys, weekend cars, driven every few days sure. Daily hell nah. Hard pass. Ive been "engaged" for a decade. The left foot now rests on top of the foot rest CEO style. When a manual driver tailgates you, its not because theyre annoyed at you taking your time. Its the literal pain in their left ankle and cramp on the shin from downshifting for the 100th time like a Hollywood movie. Manuals are fun at 9am on a sundays drive in Windsor country, when Daisy is at home.
  16. Just a glimpse or different point of view. I think there's more videos coming soon. Losing the group as usual and I wasnt the only one lol I didnt manage to capture Texaco and the layby stops. I missed an idea to stand in the rain and watch everyone leave the 2nd to last stop. The pub owner was very welcoming telling us about his VAG days working for Audi..The cheapest coffee and free drinks.....Im sure we,ll stop there next time Peak District is on the menu. Sorry @Willsy1980might be 2024 😅. Jk...Got stuck behind a Cazoo but nice elevation there. See you on the next one!
  17. Lol...Autos faster my next car will probably be DSG by the time you're doing gear 1 to 2 clutch in and out....my slushbox has me at 70mph. In auto mode it shifts smooth. In manual mode its aggressive, jerky and laggy depending. If you want to keep pace with average hot hatches and coupes. Auto no matter what ppl say is faster than manual. Sure your about 0.7 second off real performance ZF and DSG boxes compared with manual theres no chance lol Even the dct in the E92 is not as smooth as they make out despite being DCT. Its an aggressive box made for a sporty drive. Funny thing about the 9 speed slushbox its in the new Z and the Nissan Frontier in US. Its more of a GT than a performance box I love manual had it a decade...they tend to be more engaging and weight saving but having the auto is nice in London also the 7th gear makes a difference in economy for long distance drives. I dont have to worry about having to downshift again because the guy in front cant do 30mph. Each to their own. I had the manual nismo it was ok until you came up behind Daisy...Or hit traffic. Manual was amazing during Lockdown on empty roads in the country. Depends on use tbh...i tried drifting the nismo that was easy...with the auto in manual mode plus the camber on the GT being different i think it was more of a challenge.
  18. Nice pics. Hope you're already looking forward to the next one! 4 months till warmer weather. Better get in a service and an exhaust 😅
  19. Was good back then. Then the fun police turned up and theyre now fining people apparently. Oh well 🤣.
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