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  1. Mine is basically the same minus the mods. I wouldn't expect to get over 16k at best for mine. So with mods even better deal. Id take off the headlights lol. Glws. Im sure thatll go by this summer! Wish I was looking now 😂
  2. Attend some shows with a huge for sale sign. Thatll definitely go.
  3. Unfortunately I was one of the no shows. I literally thought it was this weekend. Then again I hadnt checked the thread since April/May. Kinda gutted but thats life. End of the day I was even wanting to invite some people mark 1 Nismo and a Supra. and remembering you couldn't just turn up. Obviously got the dates mixed up thinking it was 24th June. Life happens, gutted to have missed it. Regarding weather, Id still turn up. I can understand its not everyone cup of tea though. Having a clean car at a meet in England is a bonus tbh. The whole Z driveby thing I dont know why anyones suprised seeing Zeds youd never see normally especially in that area drive by during a Z meet. I did the same with the 350 back in the day. There were 6 cars that day. Its a closed event and no guarantees youll make it. A lot of people watch the forums but have no plans to interact. I actually have no recollection of that day June 11th. Anyway I agree with davey about the list but thats the rules of Ace Cafe. Apologies for not showing up! @Payco No excuses. Can only apologize.
  4. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/294326621057?mkcid=16&mkevt=1&mkrid=711-127632-2357-0&ssspo=KNL4uB6rTGK&sssrc=2349624&ssuid=qLgmErXZSUu&var=&widget_ver=artemis&media=COPY Apparently mine is a dealer update because its 2012 GT Edition. No sat nav disk reader behind the seat. Will this aerial or equivalent fix the issue?
  5. Nope...Just general rounded number. While I cant argue there are more Teslas with Self Drive than others. Honda Toyota and Nissan have similar features but may not be equivalent but partial self drive until few years ago. Also Toyota sell 10 million cars per year. With only few million having any form of self drive. Assuming the hybrid electric and electric vehicles which may not be more than a million to two million which Tesla sell per year. Not all Teslas have Full Self drive as its an additional paid feature. full self drive with 90 - 360 degree turning and stopping at red lights and stop signs, roundabouts, traffic jam cruising, exit lane changes etc. The article critics itself by stating it doesn't take into account the level of autonomy and admits there are more Teslas. The point of the article is primarily to criticize the overrating of self drive technology as safe enough for road use. That includes Waymos type taxi services. It could have been anyone coming in at top of the list. If common sense was applied by Tesla Pilots the most sold autonomous vehicles didnt necessarily need to come out on top. Seems overreliance of self drive features is clear to see. But youve seen videos of people asleep for their full journeys to work on here. No technology is perfect sure, but why shouldn't this push for fully autonomous vehicles be criticized from a safety aspect?! If you wish to jump in a 4 seater facing each other driverless taxi in London in future. Nothing wrong there. Im all for technology if used with common sense and fail safe safety patched in
  6. Shame the Supra has tight cabin space for anyone over 6 feet. The Supra is what you get if a new platform was built. I guess Nissan are saving that for a hybrid petrol standard Z or EV 4 seater 2 door roadster. If thats going to be a thing for the future under Z branding. Either way the weight has already gone to way too heavy.
  7. Well mr officer promised me a big fine once. Ended up being 500 quid excluding court costs. In reality its according to your earnings up to a capped amount £2500 etc. Then again it could possibly exceed that under extreme circumstances....tax plus ni plus council tax plus road tax plus vat....not 20-45% anymore...
  8. Guess whose high on the list 392 car crashes in the US caused by driver-assistance technology https://mol.im/a/10920169 via https://dailym.ai/android
  9. Someone mentioned it being similar to Top Gun Academy type drama. So someone dying or nearly dying on race 1 and infighting (whose the best) is almost definite for added drama. One of the academy drivers actually crashed into spectators in the nurburgring so drama is guaranteed
  10. Sony have approved it. The plot is based on a true story centered around GT Academy. From armchair to race car driver. Seeing that the academy is heavily influenced by Nissan. I expect the usual suspects will make an appearance especially the 370Z Nismo and GTR race car. Cool or nah?! A marketing thing for Sony Gran Turismo series and Nissan. https://www.pushsquare.com/news/2022/06/neill-blomkamps-gran-turismo-movie-speeds-to-cinemas-on-11th-august-2023#comments
  11. Got it listed on Ebay. Other priorities.
  12. They already had a set they were selling but didn't look as good as this
  13. Have a search of the forums and look in here.
  14. "moved out of London" The smartest of us all. Well done lad...Not a London guy either. Hopefully ill be in the Cotswolds later in life. i had 2 370 Nismos and 350z. Now got 370Z GT. Speaking of classics, Id like to add one at somepoint. Maybe a TVR Tasmin or Griffith. Would if my numbers came through Hopefully better roads up there to drive the damn thing! 😂
  15. ULEZ exempt for now. I think Zeds are on a timeline. If we are lucky itll be till 2030 and beyond. Hopefully itll fly under the radar as not many people have them in London
  16. Would be cool, but this is Nissan
  17. Come on guys, Play nice. Thats just brake pads. Imagine Tires 😬
  18. Hawk are decent when used with motul or miller fluid changed. Solid bite less sponginess and fade. I cant say whether they are good for constant track use. Fast Road its good and better than OEM!
  19. Theres a movie with the Datsun Z 2 + 2 from the 80s. I saw a clip on YouTube. Didnt get the name though
  20. The Driver (1971) Willem Dafoe after search To Live and Die in LA on IMDB Will see vanity point and the driver this week probably. Ill have a look at Condorman and American Graffiti this eve. Thanks
  21. ill get the VPN on and add those to the list 👀. I guess im in the next few weekends with this wet weather 😂
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