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  1. GTR Nismo and Note Nismo are still produced for Japan market and GTR nismo for US/Japan. Ive seen the GTR Nismo 3 times in the flesh in White and Satin Black. Might not be worth what theyre asking. It is what it is.
  2. No one moaned when M division, AMG/Brabus and RS put badges on A1, Smart cars, A3 and C classes as well X3. Calling their models S lines, M Sport, AMG line with a million trims. Seems to be an issue when Japanese automakers do the same. Toyota not so much....Why is that? Such bad cars theres hardly any Nismo GTR for sale...Only a few 370 Nismos on autotrader with not many SORN....The harshest critics have never driven any of the aforementioned Nismo cars. Yet seem to hate the most....
  3. Funny enough the new M2 is using a standard Torque Converter auto and is heavier than the Z but still very quick with power advantage. The 9 speed is not the best but its been tuned. It might be a better Nismo upgrade than the 370Z Nismo upgrade. Time will tell. It would be good to get both the Performance and Nismo versions and compare them on the track. Also the Nismo version can be tuned further by Z1 to get more power out of it as well improve the Auto. Confident that a stage 1 remap of say 475 -500hp, 400+ ft lbs and stickier tyres would be a problem for the M2 around the track being lighter by around 60kg. Despite the 370Z being a bulky dog it had no issue keeping up with its rivals driver dependant.
  4. Lol Some balance. Who knows maybe ill take a trip and test drive one. Either way theres not long left for these types of cars in Europe. So best to make the most of it.
  5. €85,000 Euros. Lol. Some have said M4 CS or Mustang for the money. Its nice itll be in Europe. Only a few millionaire kids will be able to afford it though.
  6. Looks like German Autohaus Dealer got hold of a Boulder Grey Z and was unveiled to their customers. Commenters are saying way to expensive even if they wanted to order one. First one in EU as far as social media is concerned.
  7. Are you sure you didn't write that review? Lol
  8. https://www.topgear.com/car-reviews/nissan-z-nismo/usa/2023 100KG heavier, $66,000, Auto only, Less sound insulation. More Tyre noise. But its a Nismo.
  9. Hmmm, id change that plus its less oil. Ive usually done it on my other cars every 30,000-40,000 miles. I still think Honda and VW both do the best feel manual boxes. So smooth...
  10. American gallon is less than UK gallon i think. UK gallon is 4.5 L and US is 3.78 L Over here would probably be 22mpg?!
  11. And turn up they will. Ill join you guys next year for sure
  12. I really want a V8. I wonder how that would go down around there!
  13. https://www.topgear.com/car-news/electric/2030-petrol-and-diesel-passenger-car-ban-has-been-put-ice-five-years
  14. Ohhh so he can have his fun but you cant. Its sounds personal lol....Motorbike....cant imagine its an electric one and quiet. The Ferrari might have triggered him. Some people are happy when they think theyre doing better than others. Then as you said their tone changes when they see you changed car or youre related to a guy that has a Supercar. Not saying its not noise related but it could partly be other things as well Do you drive off immediately i did with the Z didn't stop someone calling parking enforcement though
  15. If he hits you he,ll never work outside a minimum wage job again. He needs to do what his fellow pilots did during covid. Get a job in retail or delivery that requires being up early. Idle hands brings out the devil in people. Im getting another car soon....Neighbours made noise for 7 months not caring and their enablers were all in. They even bought out the parking attendants for a few seconds parking so theres a lot of haters around. Theyre the biggest motivation going. How is he able to live there without working.... England seems to be one of the countries you can live in a nice place without a job......to the point ppl who work are wondering why they're killing themselves.....He needs to get a job, sign up to a course and mind his business. He should move out if he doesn't like the noise. If he's renting should be easy enough. On the flip side these cars werent made for terraced housing or the block. More detached house within its own land It is what it is. Neighbours make noise my snitch neighbour has a loud quad bike and im ready to report him if i get reported on. We can all report each other till the cabinet bursts
  16. Just wondering why this feature was limited to a few minutes. I think this should be bought back. It reduces the need to open up new threads related to similar topics. Also less need to contact mods to correct schoolboy errors. Worth considering. Thanks
  17. I aint going anywhere put the kettle on. @Stutopia please lock
  18. Ill take the exhaust off you for little over what you paid for it. Not full price.
  19. Taken off working 370Z and ordered from Lithuania breakers not China. Useful to getting out of a breakdown so you can remove the fuse. £100. Save £800 at the dealers. Wasnt required as I just had a flat battery
  20. Hi @Stutopia can you move this thread to "for sale" please.
  21. Yeah with so many accidents, a small tv station is not willing to take those risks anymore. Flintoff has been warned many times by producers and health and safety but he always pushes the boundaries. Like going beyond the speed limit within certain vehicles. So the bosses have had enough i reckon.
  22. On Ebay for £120 but can do £100 on this. May need new seals when fitting as the ones on there are old. Pick up only.
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