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  1. Project Garage

    Bit of a hiatus ATM due to weather P.S. I use the tennis ball method for the Porsche
  2. Twin turbo 350z build.

    Convention is that you view the car from the rear ... no confusion there
  3. Twin turbo 350z build.

    Yea the Yanks call Bank 1 the one on the passenger side ... which it is if you're in errrrrr ... the USA Whereas in the UK Bank 1 is on the driver's side ... which it is if you're in errrrrr ... the UK
  4. and lots of other stuff !
  5. Project Garage

    Loads of room
  6. Mars next stop :)

    @davey_83 What's your job ? ... serious question
  7. Project Garage

    End of Day 4 ... Brickwork started
  8. Project Garage

    No work today ... too much rain !
  9. Project Garage

  10. Project Garage

    Yea it's 4m x 2.4m and will house all the bits and pieces that have accumulated in the main garage leaving it clear for the recent acquisition ... there will be a 2.4m long opening between the new and the old which will allow me to get out of the car once it's in the old garage
  11. Project Garage

    End of Day 3 ... Slab cast
  12. Project Garage

    End of Day 2 ... DPM and Mesh added
  13. Project Garage

    Porsche is back in the garage/Fiat is parked on the front drive ... concrete is ready mix so no dust
  14. Project Garage

    End of Day 1 ... ready for concrete
  15. Project Garage