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  1. ATTAK Z

    Computer modelling for bodywork changes

    Catia is the one that professionals use
  2. ATTAK Z

    Profile question

    Dan is right - he always is on tyres
  3. ATTAK Z

    350z insurance quote question

    How old are you and how many years NCB do you have ?
  4. ATTAK Z

    Are my window tints legal?

    Moi aussi re mirror stripe - liking it - Sorry @Payco
  5. ATTAK Z

    Back in the Nissan family

    Lovely looking motor !
  6. ATTAK Z

    MPS Question

    For the record OP, I put MPS4S on my 911 following Ekona's advice and I love them
  7. ATTAK Z

    MPS Question

    Good questions ... our tyre guru will be along in a moment
  8. ATTAK Z


    wait till you see the price !!!
  9. ATTAK Z

    Back to 2 seats!

    Car looks lovely ... enjoy
  10. ATTAK Z

    F type

    The thing that puts me off Jags is the atrocious service that's available at our local dealer and the thing that puts me of LR is the same plus the seemingly endless electrical problems associated with the mark.
  11. ATTAK Z

    I've done it!!!

  12. ATTAK Z

    New Jimny

    I'd love one of these ... they are very capable off-roaders ... we used them in Nigeria for going up dry river beds - great fun and would go further than a Land Rover
  13. ATTAK Z

    Back in an Azure

    back Dave
  14. ATTAK Z

    POST YOUR ZED PIC OF THE DAY.............

    Yeah my bad, it looked yellow when I posted that ... must have been inebriated
  15. ATTAK Z

    2017 Nismo £540 Tax?

    and you can bet your bottom dollar that this £140 will increase at an exponential rate in the years to come