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  1. Lovely thing that ... please put more photos in here
  2. @stanski Stan ! Stan ! Pick up thi musket and get thi sig photo sorted pleeeeezze
  3. Hi Lexx, I'm still here, nice to hear from you again
  4. The legendary MPS4S
  5. Could this be the next GTR ?
  6. Gave the 911 a bit of a clean yesterday and took it out to the canal this afternoon before the sun disappears for 6 months
  7. Like I said, 405 bhp is plenty for me, any more, and you'll have to lift off every 3 seconds to stay within the law; so let's agree on that then.
  8. Did someone advocate DIESEL ?
  9. A bit more from the same article: 'As for a more potent Nismo-tuned version, Mr Tamura would not be drawn on the possibility, but said the market will decide whether a new version comes to market. “This answer is why not … for me, if customers strongly request for the Nismo grade, why not?” he said. “I cannot say yes or no (right now), it’s not clear.” Timing on the production version of the next Z sports car also remains unclear, but Nissan has a track record of releasing near-production ready concepts like the Ariya, putting the 400Z on track for a 2021 launch.'
  10. Not sure if we've already had this info so I'll quote it: Speaking to journalists after the reveal of the Z Proto, Nissan Z, GT-R and Nismo product specialist Hiroshi Tamura confirmed a two-pedal option will be made available when the sports car makes it to production. “Of course, we are going to have a two-pedal (version) and some appropriate performance,” he said. Nissan has revealed the new Z car will be powered by a twin-turbo V6, though has not confirmed exact outputs or specifications. If rumours prove to be true, and Nissan slots in the 298kW/475Nm 3.0-litre VR30DETT from the Q60 Red Sport, the automatic transmission will likely sport seven gears as it did in the Infiniti. That's 405 bhp ! That'll do for me !
  11. These arrived today to bling up my Suzuki Just checking if they'll fit on the back seats of the Porsche (for transport) ... a bit too long don't you think ?
  12. I've had a couple of missed calls from Tunisia today - 00 216 39 174 541 - anyone know anything about this scam ? eta i've just had another from +216 39 159 208
  13. Nobody's mentioned the gloss black roof ... we were doing that to our 350s 15 years ago
  14. ATTAK Z

    Leaving the fold

    Please post pics here





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