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  1. ATTAK Z

    400Z NISMO

    You are right to like it ... I particularly like the headlights with the slash - so aggressive
  2. I haven't used it yet but if my old Jeep is anything to go by, she'll go anywhere.
  3. Ha ha ! Yes, it had no problems at all with the trek onto the grass !
  4. Say Hola to Suzi, a new addition to the fleet
  5. We'll soon have to change the name of the forum if we get any more Porsche owners
  6. Have a look here if you're interested
  7. Went to Thoresby Hall today in the TR: Met a couple of my friends there in their motors:
  8. Good call ... MPS4S grip like hell, last forever and most importantly, they look good
  9. Sapphire Blue is certainly a lovely colour ... here's my mate's Turbo S
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