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  1. ATTAK Z

    'STANG thread

    Ahem ! Now attained -
  2. I'll just leave this here for anyone who's interested - About 100 cars there last year including a couple of Zeds
  3. Well done Colin - well deserved
  4. I know the cars from 2006 onwards are charged higher road tax. Are there any changes to later model 350z's that make it worth getting a newer example, or would it be best to stick with an earlier model to save £240 or so a year on tax? You'll struggle to get an early car with less than 60K. Go for an HR (2007 onwards with bonnet bulge). You should get a nice one for your £7500 budget. For a car with less than 60k miles on the clock - what should I ensure has been done on the car before considering buying? Clutch, water pump, brakes etc. Clutches last over 60K if the car has been treated properly. Spark plugs should be changed at 54K. Car should have been run on premium fuel and serviced every 9K or 12 months. Compression rods (suspension) start knocking around 50k and should have been replaced with genuine Nissan items. Make sure the car doesn't use oil. (ask owner and check pressure at idle when hot etc.). Nissan service costs - are they worth the extra money, or is a reputable garage just as good to go for? In terms of costs for major services, parts etc - is this quite high? I've had a lot of cars over the years, but for the most part they've been European hatchbacks and nothing too sporty, so I'm not sure if I'll be paying a premium for servicing or repairing a Japanese sports car. How long do tyres last, and what sort of cost are they for good brand tyres? Forget Nissan service, use a trusted independent - costs are just over £200.00. Tyres last quite a while dependant on how you drive of course. 20K per set is not unheard of. Go for MPS tyres. MPG - I imagine it'll be mid-teens to mid-20's depending how I drive? For the most part I drive sensibly and don't have a heavy foot. What's the higher MPG people have seen on motorways out of interest? Does the car have a MPG feature so I can regularly check the figures? How does the car behave when driven sensibly? How is the clutch on this car? How long does the clutch last when driven sensibly (most of the time). Most average 24 mpg, you may see 30 on a long motorway journey. Entertainment - I'm looking to get one with the Bose speaker upgrade. I wanted to know how many speakers this comes with? Are they good quality? Can the car fit a double DIN head unit if I wished to upgrade? Bose is adequate but there is a common problem with the player - it skips Handling and comfort - This will be my first RWD car. Is it unruly to drive or does it feel user friendly with fast road driving? I'm 6'4 - how is it for taller drivers in terms of space and visibility or blind spots? I've heard good things about the comfort of the car. Is this both the seats and ride smoothness? Does the car have a happy medium between comfort and handling? If I wanted to sharpen up the handling, would getting full poly bushings ruin ride comfort? Drive it sensibly and you will be rewarded. You have to be stupid to override the electronics. I'm 6' 8" and I had no problem fitting into the car. (That last sentence is a lie ) Modifications - I'm a fan of the sleeper car, and all modifications will be engine and handling related - no gaudy body kits, stickers or stancing. Similar to my last project car, I'd be wanting a custom inlet manifold, cold air induction, sports cams, larger throttle body, sports exhaust manifold and high flow cat (with standard back boxes). With these sorts of modifications and a remap what sort of figures could I hope to achieve? Can't comment except more performance on a 350Z is expensive for small gains. If you want a faster car buy a 911 Shortfalls - are there any gremlins I may encounter which are common issues? Any problems with corrosion or electrical shortcomings? Is the road noise bad? Is the cabin prone to interior rattles? Are the headlights decent or is it worth investing in better quality bulbs? As previously stated check for suspension knocks, oil consumption and corrosion around rear wheel arches. As I'm currently saving, I'll be buying this car in late summer. With this in mind, how is the car in autumn/winter? Is it tail happy but controllable? Or a little unruly if you give it some beans and the roads are wet? Winter driving is good fun ! Welcome to our club and good luck finding the right car
  5. Have a look here and tell us what you think
  6. Oh that's lovely - well done
  7. I'd love a GT4 but I wouldn't go anywhere near that thing
  8. Bit of goodish weather on the way so I cleaned a couple of cars today ... I'll post pics tomorrow Anyone else want to show their hard work ready for the new year ?





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