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  1. Yep American Pro - got it just in time - they've gone up £150 today due to the low pound - looking for an SG now to fill my AC/DC urge
  2. Ayup Ayub ... buy on condition rather than mileage ... have a look at the cars for sale on here or put up a link to the ones you're interested in
  3. ATTAK Z

    Forum speed

    Better than ever for me but maybe that's more to do with my new ISP
  4. Some do use oil, a litre every 1000 miles is not unusual but something I couldn't tolerate, so I traded mine.
  5. Agreed; but wait, my Abarth 695 Biposto (997 Kilo's - 187 bhp) drives exactly like one, including the torque steer
  6. I've reported your post Dan with the rider "Dan's being sensible again"
  7. Yorkshire Dales is a good shout. Over the last few years I've followed the routes of the Yorkshire rivers, Swale, Ure, Nidd and Wharfe from their source to the Ouse. The road alongside the upper reaches of the Wharfe is particularly nice and an overnight stay somewhere around Grassington, Bolton Abbey or Burnsall is very relaxing. If you've never been, and depending on which side of the Scottish borders you are, you could also include a drive through the lake district which is lovely. You could then continue to Goodwood via the M6 or M1.
  8. Does the digital speedo still work OK ?
  9. Well this is goodbye so I guess I must be Boris
  10. [controversial] I wouldn't bring back any car ! I've owned and driven cars from the 50s, 60s, 70s, 80s, and 90s - some I wish I'd kept (don't we all ?) and some I wish I'd never seen. All were crap compared to modern cars. Some of you will know that I recently bought a 1972 Chevelle. That was crap too and reminded me just how crap cars were in the 70s. [/controversial] Just my two penneth
  11. That combination would kill you !



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