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  1. ATTAK Z

    Unbelievable insurance quote

    On the subject of insurance, it would be interesting to hear people's opinions on legal cover and protected NCB
  2. ATTAK Z

    Stunning Black 350Z with Many Extras

    ‘cellent ad ... that will sell like hot cakes
  3. ATTAK Z

    Unbelievable insurance quote

    Just done one for Wifey's Fiat 500 - £145 - again with LV and that's less than last year too ! Happy days
  4. ATTAK Z

    Unbelievable insurance quote

    Just got a quote for my insurance renewal ... £209.01 from LV ... that's for a 911 Carrera S ... UNBELIEVABLE ... Mods, please move this post if you want it in another section ... I've put it here for max exposure as I think people will want to get a quote for their Zeds
  5. ATTAK Z

    POST YOUR ZED PIC OF THE DAY.............

    Nice shoes !!!
  6. ATTAK Z

    Nothing surprises me any more

    She should sue ... people could have been killed !
  7. ATTAK Z

    Custom Purple 370z

    love that
  8. ATTAK Z

    What does flyered mean?

    We had one ... we let him go to Portugal couple of years ago
  9. Shirley that Lilt is not as good as Mobil 1 for the moving parts ?
  10. and over 100,000,000 have been produced ... yes that's over 100 million !!! ... first produced in 1955 in the tri-Chevys
  11. ATTAK Z

    *** TORQEN *** New website in development - Feedback please :)

    Please get the spelling sorted before you go "live" Ready to help if you want - drop me a PM
  12. ATTAK Z

    How did that happen?

    H'mmmmmm ... I've got just the registration for a road legal time attack special ..............
  13. ATTAK Z

    How did that happen?

    Yes please !!! ... may even commission you to build it for me
  14. ATTAK Z

    How did that happen?

    Oh yesssssss ...... this'll be gooooooooood