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  1. ATTAK Z


    I bought MPS4S for my old 911 and they were fantastic ... luckily my new(er) 911 came fitted with the same tyres so I'm a happy bunny They're great tyres !
  2. @rabbitstew Is 911uk.com down for you ? H
  3. There's a member on here whose signature contains the phrase "You don't have to blow my candle out to make yours burn brighter" That's very relevant to the 80:20 argument.
  4. @glrnet Where have you been for the last 2 years Graham ?
  5. @Kieran O'Quick Why not look at this situation as 'glass 80% full' rather than 'glass 20% empty' Just askin' ETA Maths error corrected
  6. Our neighbours over the road have both had it ... wife late 50s early 60s, all the symptoms but now recovered, husband early 70s, very mild symptoms and also back to normal after 2 weeks self isolating. Glad I live in a rural area where it's quiet but people can still get out within the new rules.
  7. Welcome from a really old member
  8. My niece is one of the doctors on duty at one of the major hospitals in Sydney Australia. They're all trying to keep upbeat about the current workload. She sent her mum, my sister, a retired doctor who lives in UK, a message recently about some of the jokes going about in Oz. Here's the best one: Elderly patient in a hospital bed asks the nurse through his surgical mask "Hope you can help me please, are my bo11ocks black" ... so the nurse puts her head under the bedsheets, checks him out and then replies "no you're all OK down below Mr Smith"The patient then removes his mask and says "Well that's great thanks nurse but I only asked "Are my results Back"
  9. "I see no ships" said the captain ... "it's very unlikely that you will" said Chris with a wry smile to the cameraman "don't you know we're in Afghanistan, a land locked country, you daft bugger"
  10. Welcome, you have the fastest colour
  11. Yea hope all goes well for you and thanks
  12. That'll be the compression rod ball joint ... only fixable by fitting a new arm I'm afraid ... £250.00 each





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