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  1. ATTAK Z

    DIY-uk.com How Do I Remove These?

    A small amount of DIY Semtex will probably do the trick
  2. ATTAK Z

    Just too funny not to post...

    never liked SLs ... girlie car, although could be tempted by the 'new Sam module' and 'absbreaks'
  3. ATTAK Z

    Kaze wheels only set in europe

    Will you need a largish torque wrench to fit these ?
  4. ATTAK Z

    'STANG thread

    Exige S 3.5 V6 Supercharged ... son's car in Oz ... 0-60 in 3.7 I understand
  5. ATTAK Z

    350Z making wor noise when taking foot off accelerator

    My wife's a geordie if translation's required ... she doesn't do txtspk tho'
  6. ATTAK Z

    'STANG thread

    Mustang replacement arrives
  7. ATTAK Z

    G1en's 80% race car 20% show car build

    Fantastic and a good write up too ... oh and by the way, there are 60 minutes in 1 degree FYI
  8. ATTAK Z

    New here!

    Welcome to our club
  9. ATTAK Z

    Bye bye Matt

    I'd love to see JK balls it up
  10. ATTAK Z

    Bye bye Matt

    Slot for VBH ???
  11. ATTAK Z

    Back from Honeymoon

    Many congratulations ... our 50th anniversary on Friday ... hope you make it there too
  12. ATTAK Z

    Guess the car part

    @ilogikal1 Wifey says hello
  13. ATTAK Z

    Guess the car part

    @ilogikal1 Yep
  14. ATTAK Z

    Watching the Sandbanks Sunset

    Lovely pics
  15. ATTAK Z

    Guess the car part

    Well that's my wife a couple of years ago so I guess it's the car