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  1. ATTAK Z


    and you've not gone bush yet ???
  2. ATTAK Z


    @GranTourismoEra Interesting ... the Babangida era ... Abuja was just starting to be built when I was there ... are you Yoruba ?
  3. ATTAK Z


    Just looking at the news about Nigerian elections on BBC. I lived there for 4 years late seventies/early eighties. The news reporter was in Maiduguri where Boko Haram are terrorising the population. I worked on the airport construction there for two years and previously for two years on the airport construction in Yola ... good times back then but I'm very glad I'm not there now ...
  4. ATTAK Z

    Shemima Begum?

    The Kurds are nice people (our local car wash is run by them) ... I'm sure they would welcome her to their place ... northern Iraq has quite a pleasant climate too ... they'd be able to indulge in enjoyable recollection of past events in Syria
  5. ATTAK Z

    Rattle noise

    probably the latter
  6. ATTAK Z

    Rattle noise

    Drop links or banana bar ...
  7. ATTAK Z

    Move over Type R theres Mini coming through

    For the hard of discerning here's ugly
  8. ATTAK Z

    350z in north east

    Nice photo Welcome
  9. ATTAK Z

    Ace is Ace

    Just got to share this ... I haven't laughed so much since RTBiscuit and Husky were on here
  10. ATTAK Z


    Wifey got hers today - signed her up for another year
  11. ATTAK Z

    'STANG thread

    That's certainly one mahoosive BGW https://www.supercars.com/videos/championship/ford-drivers-react-to-uncovered-mustang/
  12. ATTAK Z

    *For Sale* 350Z V6 Engine coffee table

    PM'd @mattross1313
  13. ATTAK Z

    Brexit again

    Was referring to the petrol (2 litre turbo) model
  14. ATTAK Z

    Brexit again

    I think you're correct on this point ... the "small" Volvo SUV seems to be selling like hot cakes despite th £40K price tag