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  1. I quite like that, well the red and white one at least
  2. Took TOOTY out for a bit of a drive to see the Ferraris at the Water Wheel Howden today - it's a fast little baby and surprised a few "tryers" on the road today - she prefers smooth roads though
  3. This is true. Most Yanks are blue collar finish, even Cadillacs, always have been. The Germans up'd the ante years ago and the only ones to try to emulate were the Japs. This is leaving out Bentley, Rolls Royce etc. of course.
  4. Love the bike colour - very cool !
  5. Today's jaunt down by the canal
  6. Not a Zed but I made all my cars lighter by 30kg last year by counting calories ... and another 16kg if you count my passenger (wifey)
  7. ATTAK Z

    Forum wear

    Oh bad news, hope he gets back to full health soon
  8. Bit of polishing done today
  9. Me too - bright red to replace the biscuit would be my choice
  10. Oh come on, we're all friends here ...
  11. Hope you remembered your apostrophes on that occasion Colin ???



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