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  1. Lots of rain this month after a cold dry April so everything in the garden is growing
  2. @ZMANALEX The deafening silence indicates you were right again I guess Alex
  3. I live up north so my house isn't worth half a million
  4. One of my dream cars is up for auction - Porsche 997 Sport Classic - currently at £210,000.00 (Not this one but similar on Collecting Cars) I'd put a bid in if I had half a million spare
  5. And they now have Cinch to sell used cars !
  6. Welcome to our club ... just to point out you'll be lucky to find a white one as not many entered this country.
  7. A lovely wheel spoilt for a ha'porth of tyre jel
  8. Yep there are 2 reds on the UK 350Z. Brickyard red on the USA models is nice too ...
  9. https://jalopnik.com/ford-gives-100-stores-the-go-ahead-to-build-standalone-1846660828/amp?__twitter_impression=true
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