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  1. Sounds like a blocked A4 valve
  2. I'd love to attend with @TOOTY but it's just a bit too far - have a great day y"all !
  3. Gove ? Thank God he has been voted out. I hope he now becomes a political insignificance. Still a weasel. Hunt ? Hope he gives a good show even though he has no chance. Javid ? He will probably continue in his present job. Stewart ? Bit of a shame about him but he's young enough to have another go when Brexit has died down. Raab ? Well I don't think you'll hear much more from him. Very poor show !
  4. CV joints on rear ? https://www.350z-uk.com/topic/93439-fast-clicking-noise-from-rear/ ETA this thread relates to 350Z but probably equally relevant to a 370
  5. Mine is Midnight Blue, so it's a yes from me !
  6. Please listen to @Ekona, he knows his Porsches - my view FWIW is this: If you bought a cheap Porsche you'd want to spend money on it to make it better, so that money will not be available to go towards the Mazza. The Porsche would never be the stepping stone, it would be the car preventing you getting the car you dreamt about. And you'd hate it.
  7. Gave the Abarth a bit of a clean today, she went out in the rain over the weekend so needed it
  8. 2nd one is the better car IMO - less "messed about with"and manual box - however, red leather is not well received in the Porsche community - but as @rabbitstew says, you'd probably be better off waiting for the Mazza if you've set your heart on one
  9. Having watched the debate last night, I came away with the following opinions Gove - still a weasel Hunt - eyes too close together Javid - too short and too nice in an "uncle Sajid" sort of way Stewart - too many teeth but his attitude, if not his thinking, is growing on me Raab - like a rabbit in the headlights
  10. I'm just wondering where David Davis has gone
  11. Thanks for the advice @DoogyRev Go to your Library folder > Preferences and find this file: com.apple.SoftwareUpdate.plist Delete it. (Did this) Locate and delete the same file in your user Library folder. (Couldn't find this file) Restart your Mac and OS X should generate new files that point the software update service back to Apple's servers. (Did this) Still have the problem
  12. Whilst we have the Mac experts in, I wonder if @veeg33 would mind me asking an unrelated question: My MacBook Pro keeps trying to update to macOS 10.14.5 but sticks with a dialogue box saying "Downloading new updates - 138KB of 2.59 GB". I later get another dialogue box saying "Didn't get a response from the Apple Software Update server I recently downloaded Google Earth which brought Yahoo with it which I didn't like, so I deleted it. It appears I have done something which has compromised my automatic updates - there's an iTunes update which won't install too but I'm not bothered about that. Any advice would be very welcome please



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