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  1. ATTAK Z


    Hi Lauren and welcome to our club. Please note all UK 350 Zeds are manual and you should get a really nice one within your budget.
  2. Same with mine, pxed for a Polo for wifey ... I got £7.5K
  3. All cars are costing more ... a freind of mine's just sold a 2019 Jimny with 6K miles on it for £32,975. That's almost double list !
  4. Sold for £20,025 +fees. I always thought the GT4 would be a bit of a 'ccollector car' but I think the low mileage helped too
  5. It's up to £18K so somebody's keen !
  6. There's a low mileage one here
  7. £2000 (refundable) deposit will secure your car
  8. We need to see the colour choice
  9. Yeah they've definitely bottomed out (good ones that is). Mind you, all cars have gone up recently.
  10. It's real: https://www.whichcar.com.au/features/the-story-of-holden-stunning-efijy-show-car
  11. Just had to put this up ... I love it ... built by a colleague of No.1 son
  12. I followed 3 GTRs up the A1 near Durham today, sunset, white and a lovely Kermit green ... lovely sensible driving !
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