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  1. Well I've just discovered they don't insure Ferraris either. Whilst I was on the phone asking if they'd quote me for swapping the 911 for a 360 (I've seen a nice red one I'm interested in :) ), I asked them why they wouldn't insure a 911 Turbo. The guy on the phone confirmed that they refuse some Porsches.
  2. For me, life has been so much better since the power of the unions was curbed in the Thatcher era. I was reminded of what it used to be like when I was out for a meal yesterday with my wife. I went to a local (four star) hotel and sat in the bar area waiting to order a drink and some food. There were about 6 oldish men sitting round a table discussing tactics in loud local accents. I thought I'd listen to what they were saying (cos I didn't have much else to do) to find out what they were up to. They were talking about some company about to put ten million on the table. I assumed it was about British Steel but don't know that for sure. It took me back to the days when the unions were powerful and doing everything in their power to prevent good companies from thriving. I hope to never see that again in my lifetime. I left the hotel and went to a local pub for the meal.
  3. I often wonder what it would be like if David Miliband had become leader. I met him once when he was something to do with education and he came across as a nice sensible guy.
  4. Good luck there Colin.I'm sorry to tell you I wasted 3 hours of my life about ten years ago answering questions and waiting in one of their local offices only to get a quote from them ( for a Merc 350 CLK convertible) that was three times what I was paying at the time !
  5. I tried them and they sounded interested in giving a good quotation. Unfortunately for me my cars are a little too new so they couldn't quote. Nice guy on the phone though and I was happy he didn't waste time getting to the point after a few questions.
  6. ATTAK Z


    Couple of mistakes in description - leather fabric seats - 0 to 60 is 5.9 6.4 - other than that it looks good @ 40K miles
  7. Not all doom and gloom then ?
  8. @rabbitstew We can swop for a year if you like
  9. Adrian Flux were the only ones I could find to insure the Abarth - it's a bit special with an agreed value
  10. Strange you should mention them - my Abarth insurance is with Adrian Flux and costs more than the Porsche and the Fiat combined !
  11. Strange, my policy is with LV= and has been fo the last 2 years. Not a Turbo though as you probably know.



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