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  1. Definitely mate . What model have you got ? I've just sent an enquiry to west Midlands turbo to see if they fit turbos to 370Zs. I am interested in those seats though they are stunning. My car is still mint as you would expect
  2. Hi Nic Yes I'm still around, Just Lol Bad health Heart surgery 18 months ago Developed Polymyalgia Rheumatica on meds for that. Had a total knee replacement 5 weeks ago On the way back now mate What you driving now ?
  3. Hi I love the seats, and they would certainly set my Nismo off. Very interested !!! Unfortunately I am in the vulnerable category and cannot leave the house. Only live in Tamworth so not far away. I will keep a eye on the post because they are stunning. I bought a new 2014 Nismo with the standard seats. The following year they put those seats in I could have wept.
  4. I think mine is 224 can't check, on a train at the moment
  5. Hi Will it fit a 370 Nismo and can you price the delivery. My golf trolley hag put a hole in mine
  6. BIG-COL

    No Bluetooth

    Hi,My phone wont connect to my car 370 nismo When I went into settings I've noticed the Bluetooth is not on, but it won't allow me to switch it on, called into my Local dealers to see if I could get a bit advice what a waste of time, not interested,I thought they may get a guy from the workshops to have a quick look at it No chance I've spent 100k at this dealership over the last 6 years, so much for loyalty. so I've had to book my car in to get it sorted, bloody 2 weeks before I can get it in Can anybody help.
  7. Help My Bluetooth won't switch on I've booked my car in but they can't get it into the workshops for 2 weeks

  8. How do I post a new message

  9. Rearend of the mk1 front end of the mk2 oh and the seats perfect
  10. Hi George Black 2014 owner. Your car is stunning, love the arc system you shouldn't have any problems selling that beauty. Good luck with the Mustang
  11. That's nice to hear Jeff thanks Nissan said it was £400 per light for the 2015 model Just got a number off Nissanman to ring will see what he can do
  12. Just had the quote off Nissan, £954 thats for a new 2014 front end. The 2015 front end is £1210 before fitting The Bodyshop manager said if it was just the split where the bird went in, he could repair it, but where the lower spoiler is split he couldn't guarantee its strength. I'm going to have a look around for a good body repair place, its finding one.
  13. Hi had a bit of bad luck at the weekend ( not as much as the partridge ) I hit a bird on the M42 on my way to Newcastle in my 370z Nismo, when i got up there i noticed not only had i hit the bird, but it had gone straight through my front end & was still hanging from the car, i have been told by Nissan it will require a new front end, My Nismo is a 2014 which i adore, but the 2015 Nismo has a different front end with LED light which looks stunning, The question i am going to ask is, can i fit a 2015 front end to my 2014 car, the electrics is my concern, i think the front end will be the
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