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  1. Was not aware alex sold them! thanks
  2. Dose anyone have one for sale or know a good place to get one ?
  3. I have invidia gemini with de cats and extra silencers in the back It's perfect no drone now with extra silencers in even with decats
  4. Not massively i wouldn't think Choice of tyres and adjustable coilovers would be the best bet if you want to soften the car off
  5. I tend to find if you arrive a touch later you miss the early birds that get out before the roads get busy so you should be fine at that time I'll be fashionably late going to meet up with a couple of lads first elsewhere
  6. Cool my mates sponsored by them for his race car I'll lean on him to see if he can get discount
  7. Which do you use theres a few variations?
  8. I'm looking at trying this it's as good as they say then
  9. Auto trader isn't a bad place to sell You tend to find if you advertise on a decent paid website you have a bit more of a serious buyer I had a pal trying to sell a car recently and he couldnt sell it for proper money on the free sites ...just kept getting low balled all the time When he put it on the trader he sold it for a little more and could of sold it 3 times over the calls he had
  10. Abbey motorsport Or horsham developments are you friends mate both well respected tuners on here. With a drive to either of these guys if you want the job done properly Litchfield also map these but not in your area
  11. I'm back from holiday early hours Saturday and at a party Saturday night If I'm fit I'll come join you at c&m
  12. Ha ha yeah really need to finish that drive off But worked well for fitting that Not sure I really dig the side steps Just going to go small steps and see what works I'm not to big on visual upgrades as you know but the old man grey is just a bit to meh



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