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  1. Thanks all Hoping to get them built up next few days
  2. But there's another potential hold up in getting them built up The early arrival of my first child A baby girl So ill be grabing time on them when I can
  3. An unexpected treat today as these turned up
  4. Yeah its all good There's life and death going on so minor issue this
  5. The seat project has stalled for now due to me awaiting new foams Heres why Hello from Capital SeatingMany thanks for your continued patience on delivery of your order from us for the RECARO parts. We are contacting you to provide an update on the status of your order.As you may well be aware, we have had great difficult recently in obtaining stock of many of the RECARO spare parts that we offer on our website. Normally these products are available from stock and can be supplied right away, however in this current climate, sourcing the parts from production is taking much lo
  6. What bits you after I have one in bits
  7. https://www.ortizcustompods.com/index.html This guy also dose them
  8. I have had both I'd go with invidia for sure Much nicer and if you ever run hfc or de cats it won't rattle like the cobra
  9. Brilliant isn't it. I think for those that like to realy drive the car this little mod should be up there with the likes of the anti roll bars and exhaust suggestions as first mods
  10. Next part of the puzzle arrived for the seats this week New leather/alcantara covers from recaro ready for the retrim I'm just waiting on the new back foam and seat base foams that I may be waiting a while for unfortunately
  11. Save yourself the hassle buy a good one There's plenty out there
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