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  1. I'd say do the master as well mate! They are inexpensive in the grand scheme of the job your doing ive just done mine and the clutch bled up a dream with a new master ...it was a right **** before
  2. Nice little run over to Worcester this morning for breakfast to the wheels on Wednesday meet that was on Saturday The want for a r35 is realy strong now love this one in blue today
  3. They are just a recaro Cs seat so I would think so
  4. Yeah i know you was doing your own I'm looking forward to it
  5. Love the new wrap If you want bigger bhp numbers on a built engine then you will want to sell that gtm kit and go with the new kid on the block that will be here in winter 2020 Capable of 20 psi out of the box
  6. Beautiful seats i nearly had the ones of John but was never really keen on the rails set up I contacted GSM regarding what rails would work and they suggested this https://www.sportseats4u.co.uk/shop/racing-seat-harness-roll-cages-brands/planted-technology-seat-frames/planted-nissan-350z-bracket https://www.sportseats4u.co.uk/shop/racing-seat-harness-roll-cages-brands/recaro-road-and-race-seats/recaro-side-mount-fitting-frames/recaro-seats-double-locking-sliding-runners Hope that helps
  7. Super marmite on the looks but I had spin in a fk8 type r the other day and its super capable car with 4 seats and a massive boot F80 m3 is also close to that price and that is a capable motor for the money
  8. Worth developing your own od say pal Then get it avaible to buy
  9. Pretty sure someone there is linked to them so that would explain that. Z1 are good ive had a few bits off them and have been great ...apart from my last order which I had some issues with and they refuse to except the issue Which I've herd from someone else also That been said they are quick sometimes quicker than UK traders and usually spot on sominwould use them again
  10. Had exactly that Ill report back how long my stock ones last I was going to buy whitline but no one had them in stock Pm Chris at tarmac sportz When we spoke a while ago he was doing his own branded ones
  11. What sort of noise ? I'm lowerd about that and run stock ones As long as the cars not to low you don't need flashy ones





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