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  1. nissanman312

    370z Torqen HFC

    How come your selling so soon
  2. nissanman312

    370z in Berkshire

    Welcome along Plenty of traders on here can help you with US parts
  3. nissanman312

    Stillen supercharged Nismo 370z with Air 2 Air kit

    You grabbed that kit then
  4. nissanman312

    Euro Road Trip August 2018

    Fantastic pictures mate
  5. nissanman312

    Silverthorn's MB 370z GT

    I have a duckbill in my loft I may sell
  6. nissanman312

    Euro Road Trip August 2018

    Looks like a good trip We have been going for the last 4/5 years I want to go down and do the Pyrenees next year It's so refreshing to go out and see no traffic We try And avoid any main road Routes like the plague send always have fun
  7. nissanman312

    Back in the Nissan family

    I quite like it
  8. nissanman312

    Is this Exhaust Standard on the 2017 Nismo?

    What's the reason to change?
  9. nissanman312

    Is this Exhaust Standard on the 2017 Nismo?

    Any pictures of the tips could be invidia
  10. nissanman312

    Project: WeaponiZed

    Well done mate great to see a awsome zed in the mags
  11. nissanman312

    370Z Price Tanking?!

    Agreed better is better but in most cases that comes at a premium that people can't afford so chose what they can afford me included I didn't chose a 370 because I wanted one over a Porsche I chose one because I didn't want an older higher mileage Porsche/bmw/audi in my budget That's what I meant by relative you have what you can afford
  12. nissanman312

    370Z Price Tanking?!

    And a lot more money so it's all relative
  13. nissanman312

    370Z Price Tanking?!

    E46 m3s are getting rare now as well as there's a lot of amuture racers buying and tracking and crashing them The e46 was twice the price of the 350 anyway so I'd expect it to be better/worth more now I bought a 370 as I'd never owned a 350 but if I had a 350 I wouldn't see a 370 as a worthwhile jump I don't think
  14. Hi, you gave me some useful advice on tyres and for the rear and an option you suggested 285/35/19, is the 35 profile correct or did you mean 30? Cheers


    1. nissanman312


      Pretty sure I went with 35 :thumbs:

  15. nissanman312

    Back to 2 seats!

    Good choice Colin I do quite like these