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  1. Cross Point Meet - Sunday 18th February

    Thanks for today Dave sorry I arrived late (To many beers watching the boxing) and couldn't stop for lunch but was great to catch up breifly. let me know if you need any help with future Midlands stuff See you all soon
  2. 350z gtm Twinturbo kit

    I need to up my engine bay game
  3. Cross Point Meet - Sunday 18th February

    Looks like the weather's on our side as well I still don't know if I'm stopping for lunch but will defo come for a brew and a catch up
  4. 350z Greddy Twin Turbo Croatia

    I love those seats! Spoiler looks awesome to
  5. Bargain Supercharged 370 Nismo

    So you didn't find anything to be wrong with the car then .....nothing at all ? You are obviously someone with a good eye
  6. 2015 370z for sale (modified)

    Blimey 4/5 k mark up easy on that
  7. Lowering springs

  8. Lowering springs

    No i saw some others I'll go find the add
  9. Lowering springs

    I'm sure i saw a set of springs for sale on here earlier check out the for sale section
  10. Bargain Supercharged 370 Nismo

    I supercharged A z rolled it then built another either the z is that good or im just a idiot I'm not after anyone tho answer that buy the way
  11. Bargain Supercharged 370 Nismo

    Oh wow that kit is bad
  12. Bargain Supercharged 370 Nismo

    Colin good job you didn't bother with a viewing as you would have had a wasted journey The lad lives 10 mins from me so I decided to have a look and he did nothing but mess me around....no skin off my nose as I didn't have to travel far but can confirm he's a Messer and somthing dosnt ring true with him at all ...
  13. Bargain Supercharged 370 Nismo

  14. Full 370z Nismo exhaust for sale - £550

    Did you run it with De cat or hfc ?
  15. Oil query if I may...

    Great informative post