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  1. nissanman312

    Nathan's 370

    It's a yes from me Makes me want to get my sibon bonnet back on
  2. nissanman312

    got me a nismo

    Very nice
  3. nissanman312

    Recommend a Mechanical LSD

    I can pass you the number for the lad who built my quaife up for me if you would like ..He's in dudley
  4. nissanman312

    Recommend a Mechanical LSD

    I think they work on the same princable as quaife don't they?
  5. nissanman312

    Write off or Not?

    Black wheels Red brakes Red seats That's about it
  6. nissanman312

    Write off or Not?

    Be patient send lots of examples and hold out for a little more I'd say based on what you say it's avaible on line I havnt personally looked at prices of the 370 since I bought my latest one nearly 3 years ago so only going on what you say above I got 17k for my 2010 gt with around 40k miles 3 year ago They offerd me 12k for it initially
  7. nissanman312

    Spotted a 370z, too cheap?

    7k on a cat d isn't to cheep I'd say if he wants it sold there's straight examples out there for 10k ish now
  8. nissanman312

    Geo help

    Thanks Alex Well I'm not entirely sure what the min drop if any is with the kwv3 on the 370 Centre gravity lifted the car up a lot to get plenty of travel in the dampers as the car was fairly low when I took it to them I was thinking about the kinetix arms the quality of them and wondering if they are actually needed for that geo
  9. nissanman312

    Kinetix Camber control arm

    I've just been under mine and they are rusting up already Time to whip them off and clean them up untill I can afford spl....Or a gtr
  10. nissanman312

    Geo help

    Can anyone help ? What part of this set up is not achievable with stock camber arms etc Front and rear when lowerd the minimum amount on kwv3 coilovers
  11. nissanman312

    Kinetix Camber control arm

    https://www.torqen.uk/nissan/370z/suspension/arms-links/12-370z-spl-front-adjustable-upper-control-arms-spl-fua-z34.html Take It back they do them Stunning bits of kit but that price and rose joints on our filthy grime filled roads wouldn't last long I fear
  12. nissanman312

    Kinetix Camber control arm

    is spc the same as ebaich? I don't think spl do front arms on the 370 unless that's changed now I remember looking at the kinetix when fitting them thinking hmmm Chinese looking things these are
  13. nissanman312

    Kinetix Camber control arm

    I run there front and rear kit no issues so far but as you say not the best. looking into an upgrade soon What would you recommend other than spl which cost the earth
  14. nissanman312

    *For Sale* 350Z V6 Engine coffee table

    If you're after a divorce I'm sure this would help it along
  15. nissanman312

    Write off or Not?

    That's good to hear Where would one find such a kit Alex