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  1. Either dates good for me but 22nd preferred I'll let George know as he told me he was keen
  2. I'm in for that as well October's good it's my birthday
  3. Let's do it I think George would be up for it as well.
  4. Cheers dude I was creasing when you went of for your last run so funny And massive respect for sticking with that project it is truly mad lol
  5. Right guys and girls time for my 2 pennys worth on the day.. You absolutely have to go and do this day, you will 100% learn something new and come out of the day shocked at the simple changes that can be made to your driving, that not only get you going quicker but you will be doing more speed in a much safer manner. I have been at a bit of a loss with driving quickly sinceI I had my accident last year and didn't realise just how much it had affected my confidence, behind the wheel which in turn, was actually making my driving even worse. I explained this to colin and imediatly felt that he uderstood where my head was at and that he would help me get past it. After the breifing and getting to know each other if we didnt already, it was out onto the mile straight for the breaking part of the course,they want to see you can stop before they trust you at 130mph on the high speed bowl,very wise Of course thats not the only reason, you a taught to threshold brake, and use your a,b,s to brake and avoid etc Then if i remember rightly it was out onto the high speed bowl then the handling circuit, already some much info if flowing threw your head the little breaks give you chance to digest it all. At lunchtime it absaloutly throws it down with rain,somthing i was both dreading but also hoping for because the 370 in the wet is where my deamons lie. After lunch its out onto the wet alpine course, i explain to colin i feel like im either carying to much speed into corners or i am to high in the rev range and indanger of spining (heres the devil on my shoulder) colin tells me im not carying to much speed and he thinks i am within grip limits of the car,just as i take a left hander at 25mph and the back end overtakes the front lol colin pulls me over straight away and praises my instinct and says that was 100% the car and not my driving,this is very reasuring as i just felt it was my incompatance beheind the wheel. colin asks me what changes have i made to the cars set up as he says the window between grip and overstear is almost non exsistant, he explins that in his 350 he would of taken the same corner at another 10 mph and the car would not have oversteerd like mine did. after having a litlle play in the car himself on the skid pan he explains that the car lets go in a way that the best of drivers couldnt handle so i had no chance what so ever he feels its is the ebaich roll bars are way to stiff and advises me to get the rear onto full soft and have a play but thinks that may not be enough even at that. Colin tells me he knows the guys at centre gravity who set the geo up lovley but says he will talk with them and tell them what he thinks to help me get the dampers and roll bars set up a bit more forgiving . Anyway now we have established its not all my fault i get sideways easliy Now comes the time to relish in geting totaly sidways on the skid pan, i have never got the drifting bug it just isnt me but wow what a laugh it is to just go for it and let the car slide with no fear of hitting anything I have learnt so much about myself and the car on this one day i cant wait to got back for some more learnig i wouldnt hesitate to go back again i have almost no doubt if i had done this prior to my crash it posibly would never of happend! THANK YOU CAT D ive got my mojo back and i will see you soon with out a doubt the best value mod ive done and i can take into every car i drive
  6. A 370 can be had now for 12k I'd get one at lower end and spend some cash getting it handling well and stoping well Keep the engine side of things simple if your on a bit of a budget
  7. Glad you all had fun I can't wait now
  8. Nice bit of early lung disease for the new wife
  9. No one could fault you for that move Enjoy that Stick around and let us know what we are all missing please
  10. No that's fine just thought I'd ask what the set up was Thanks for the reply
  11. Realy looking forward to this now Where do we stand on bringing a freind or partner as a spectator is that allowed?
  12. I know a guy who's done 3 gtr engines In short he has no mechanical sympathy he will spank it cold and generally thrash the life out of it ..built right and treated right a forged engine should last well I would of thought
  13. Myself and a couple of lads are thinking of heading up to ten of the best at the end of the month. It's a event I have always fancied going to ....has anyone been ? What we're your thoughts ?
  14. Wow dude that was a long post If the car feels good then happy days numbers are just that
  15. Sorry if this is a repost I love this z