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  1. Dont drive like a loon and you will be fine. Enjoy your trip Some really nice roads in all of those areas you have highlighted especially through the national parks.
  2. @V1H fitted some extra bracing cant remember if it was a replacement tho
  3. Didn't know if I could make this back when organised but I can now Coming up with a pal in his evo so I'll come and say hello to all
  4. Roll out the marching band the drone is dead finally! I had dyno torque the chaps who build driftworks cars weld me some silencers into the back end of the invidia and its spot on now even with de cats They have totally killed the drone around 2/3000rpm and knocked all the rasp out of the system since fitting de cats. I sounds less race car now tho which I'm kind of sad about but I think it will so much easier to live with on a whole.
  5. More than likely clicking axle Pop that in the search bar at the top and plenty of threads on it If it is that it's an easy fix worry not
  6. Welcome along Things to look for is the steering lock recall. and ask if gallery gaskets have been done on pre 2011 or at very least get the oil pressure checked a little search on here will turn up threads of these issues Enjoy whatever you get
  7. Surprised to see this What's next mate
  8. And all those uber jokes come home to roost
  9. Looks like a heat shield of your exhaust I really wouldn't worry about that to much Just have a look make sure no other bits are hanging off
  10. Nice car glwts I think I'll be moving on from my charged 370 at the end of this season as well Hopefully wont regret it
  11. If both your wages have been checked out and her new job is for certain I'd say nothing Sometimes in this life you have to know when to keep quiet
  12. I rent a shed just like that but will be losing it soon
  13. Its wore my crown wheel and pinion and the diff whined like a bitch
  14. Good work mate They cost me about 500 quid and a load of grief Hopefully it will save other people from the same issue



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