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  1. Still in work I drive heavy plant on demolition sites with only a couple of guys on site We are keeping our distance at break times but I'm mostly isolated in my cab for most of the day This been said we might be shutting next week
  2. I dont know if this is a re post as I've just quickly skim read this post but I found it quite interesting
  3. So on full chat I've been missing a gear now and again and it was suggested with the extra power etc there may be a bit of movement on the gearbox mount So the vibratechnics gearbox mount was suggested as a good mount that dosnt transmit noise to much by @350Butcher he runs it and like it and after seeing his recent work I trust what he says So after a bit of confusion with deemontweeks ebay ad I ended up grabbing a bargain from them I picked the vibratechnics mount up in there ebay store in new/used condition! Ie a few scratches at half price So here it is. i will report back on our findings
  4. Blimey quick work Congratulations
  5. Hi guys as you may have seen I've changed my wheels so I have my oem wheels for sale They are in good condition very minor curbing to a couple of the wheels but they are good condition for 10 years old They look great on a 350 They are a straight set of wheels and a genuine reason for sale Price to fourum members is £650 collected from CV7 The price is firm I'm not interested in giving them away if rather hang onto them for a track or winter set Thanks for looking
  6. Thanks andy I wasn't sure but I'm realy pleased with them
  7. Got the nismo wheels on today I'm so pleased with how they look Also had a little ride upto caffine machine with my pal in his m3 and got a sit in this beautiful 50th anniversary gtr
  8. Yeah undecided on those at moment Hopefully get the tyres swapped over next week and see how they look on the car Then get mine cleaned up ready for sale
  9. I've been after a set of these for a while so when a set poped up on Facebook at a bargain price and no damage I had to grab them
  10. Shame to see it go mate What's next





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