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  1. Aghhh fair enough Yeah some people refuse to touch there cars But it isn't stupid if it works
  2. If they were new speak to cobra and see if they will sort it out They should last longer than that I would think
  3. Didn't you point him in the direction of the tried and tested solution
  4. I have the greedy sump and that looks almost identical on the face of it And let's be honest the greedy one is probably knocked up in China like most these home branded parts supplied these days
  5. The zed dose need quite a lot of mods to sharpen up the handling and get it feeling nailed down but when you do its great You need to be committed to the platform to start spending on that though
  6. One of the reasons I've stayed away from getting the mk1 I'd love one but I definitely would bolt my blower straight on it 😅
  7. Looks like the engineers went for coffee and let the work experience and mabel put this one together
  8. All of them im afraid same parts fails
  9. The slave cylinder fails its a well know fault
  10. Yeah exactly that its definitely worth keeping a little gauge to hand if you're out for a play
  11. Cheers stu For the most part we were all starting the day off a little to high and then we just kept nipping a bit out of them to keep them on point. Just need to remember to check them each morning when they are cold But even when its raining and you don't think they would generate much heat or presure they do. Possibly nothing new to most but I was surprised how much you could keep nipping a bit out of them to keep them on point
  12. Not much to report mods wise I had the geo set up at string theory prior to our Scotland trip I've added a few photos of the trip and the amazing roads we got to drive with minimal traffic The zed performed pretty dam well with bags of grip even in the wet on the mps4s . Even more grip was found when one of the guys with us who races played with everyone's tyre pressure constantly so that was eye opening I also got to spend the day driving my pals gt3 rs which ofcourse is on another level in performance but also in cost I have a plans for
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