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  1. Just catching up this Best thing I ever did was get those extra silencers fitted the cars so much more enjoyable!! Good move Love the wing aswell mate looks stunning
  2. I'm not a fan of those braums there's better seats out there for the budget or close to it They are Chinese specials if you do a little research I went for the recaro cs on recaro rails
  3. Yeah this Hopefully do mine this winter with the help of a mate
  4. Little bit of maintenance today Diff oil and gearbox oil change Also took care of a couple of exhaust leaks Just trying to get on top of everything pre Scotland trip in September
  5. Yeah saw that today Can't wait to see one in the flesh and see if I've got sufficient leg room 😍
  6. Yup me to V6 manual please sign me up
  7. Cargo net received and as described Many thanks
  8. When I bought my 1000cc ids I had them cleaned at injector tune Quick turnaround and you a flow report etc
  9. Heading up there this year as cant risk going out to France etc Ill be sure to post up Thanks for sharing excited now
  10. I had some of these pagid for the front of my 370 and teamed with performance friction z rated pads they are fantastic for oem + stopping power
  11. Cheers chaps Over the moon with them worth all the effort Big thanks to @350Butcher for the fitting help
  12. Don't quote me but pretty sure he sold it via Facebook
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