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  1. That's about it Dave just need to swap the water pump they sent pattern one instead of oe by mistake and then bearings once we get all measured up
  2. The main box arrived today the heads are stripped so it's time for the machine shop these rods should take some bending 😊
  3. In a bid to keep the z cool with the new motor I thought a nice rad upgrade wouldn't go a miss. I had previously ordered a mishimoto rad as it keeps the AC but the quality didn't look the best so I opted for koyo and will have the stock AC condenser mated to the koyo The welds on the koyo are much tidier than the mishimoto for a start so that a good sign some care was taken in the making of it There will be a little trimming involved here and there but at this stage we are far from stock configuration so it's all about what works from here on in Heres some koyo porn
  4. Bit more work done this weekend and we're almost ready for the machine shop I was hoping in a way to see a obvious failure but nothing was really apparent apart from little inconsistencies on the gasket as if the coolant and washed it a bit but that's clawing at straws. Hopefully It was just a case of what the yanks call head lift due to the massive cylinder pressures experienced when adding boost to a high compression motor. Once the parts are cleaned up a bit and the heads are stripped down it will go off for machine work and I'll have the block checked for any cracks etc but on visual inspection it all in realy good order. But as for the rest of the engine it's all in realy nice condition which is testament to a good calibration from Litchfield and excessive oil changes and maintenance. so if you're thinking of boosting and if it ruins your engine the answer is no just don't ad to much boost 😂 So enough waffle here's some pictures
  5. A little more progress today it's to the point of opening up now. Exhaust manifolds off Intake manifold off Remaining coolant hoses off Fuel rail off injectors out Coils and plugs out I'll be sending the injectors for flow testing and cleaning before they go back in last thing we want is a injector ruining the new engine.
  6. I don't fully understand it all mate I was led by Bennett on the initial set up for boosted application The one thing I would like to do this time is have the ones that had filters on into cans that would be ideal I think. If I remember rightly it came down to packaging last time and the very limited space to put anything Theres no rush this time around and the engine bay might even receive some dress up 🤣
  7. To be honest Dave I can't really remember how it all was Bennet set this up about 6 years and 40k miles ago when we installed the kit on this motor he did it as per his lengthy write up I believe 😜 I had 2 catch cans running which collected a fair bit of @*!# from the pcv within reason but the future plan is for something like this setup https://sohomotorsports.com/products/soho-motorsports-hr-vhr-catch-can-combo What is it you're suggesting plumb it into the intake ? If so I don't like that idea it would gum the charger up a treat
  8. It will be more car than I am driver that's for sure 🤣
  9. Hoping I only do it once mate 😅 With Martin working his magic and me staying out the way it should be sweet I'm not chasing numbers to badly but very high 5s with a nice linear power band would be a bit exciting for me personally Usable reliable power is the brief
  10. Busy day today with massive thanks to @350Butcher The engine is out and ready to be stripped at some point soon Seeing it like this feels like it will never go again 🤣 but I'm looking forward to it going back together solid as an ox and ready to take the boost thrown at it watch this space
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