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  1. I shouldn't have driven this!

    Ha ha yeah well posh init
  2. I shouldn't have driven this!

    No mate balsall common

    Rsv graphics have done a few members cars They are in Dudley west mids tho
  4. Evo 2017 Tyre Test

  5. Tein Flex Z Coilovers with EDFC Active Pro

    My kw are rebound on the top and bump on bottom it's a pain in the ass Ohlins have it right with one wheel dose both that is easy
  6. I shouldn't have driven this!

    Oh no far from it My z with the charger on is the faster car in a straight line but in the twisty stuff you would with take the 911 all day. It just feels natural and fluid even though it's down on power it uses what it has got more to it's advantage low down The z still needs winding up by then the 911 is well ughh gone lol But the new I suppose the 911 is 3 times the zeds price so it should be better
  7. I shouldn't have driven this!

    I'm not going to lie I think a gen 2 997 with pdk could be on my future radar .........im talking a few years away tho I'm on a mortgage overpayment mission for the next few years
  8. I shouldn't have driven this!

    Changed for you.
  9. I shouldn't have driven this!

    cool story
  10. I shouldn't have driven this!

    I don't want to say yes ......but yes pretty dam nice Oh one thing in didnt like but would most likely get used to was when I went for the brake I was hiting the throttle Blame the size 12s
  11. I shouldn't have driven this!

    My pal poped round earlier in his porker and i had a little go It feels so light a nimble compared the z and the engine is so responsive. The z feels like a tractor now
  12. Nice black 370 in meriden doctors last week Black lights,side steps,exhaust. Zbu at end of reg
  13. Blue z on side of a45

    350 on side of a45 by wing wah looks like you was in a spot of bother hope all was ok
  14. Track

    Yeah may well be best option
  15. Track

    I really want to do Bedford But there's no way I'd pass that ..i need to do somthing I want to do a few track days What's your set up kev I have invidia with De cats ..to be fair I think my bov is probly 87 db