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  1. Can always count on me for half the info๐Ÿ˜‚
  2. Another nice little mod added and a couple of maintenance bits courtesy of Mr butcher @350Butcher So feeling 2nd to 3rd being a little bit awkward now and then @350Butcher suggested I try these https://us.gktech.com/z33-350z-z34-370z-solid-transmission-tripod-mounts-set-of-4 so he very kindly fitted them for me at the weekend along with the stiffer shift springs these guys do the result is a much sharper and more positive shift! a real nice little mod We also replaced the radio control panel as my volume had packed up. and swapped out the AC module as my AC has stopped working so thought it could be that. unfortunately that doesn't seem to be the problem so the AC fix needs further investigation. the clutch on the compressor isn't engaging but can only find a fuse and no relay for it. Next thing will be to check the power or lack of possibly to the AC compressor to be continued
  3. I nearly had had that but he said no offers and said it was going on eBay for 900 ๐Ÿ˜… Fair play mate lovely condition
  4. Oooooo what are these new things I'm out the loop on this stuff lately
  5. Aghhh gotcha No no spacers or any thing needed mate These calipers will fit under a 18 wheels yes As it's the Motorsport caliper it's very slim and not bulky at all for a caliper so big if that makes sense
  6. How do you mean mate No shims had the bells made specifically for the car
  7. Cheers Dave Yeah I'm well happy with them Unsure on if to keep my akebono calipers incase I ever sell up But if someone wants them I suppose they can go Hope you're well buddy
  8. All fitted up big thanks to @350Butcher for his expertise once again He got to test them out first ofcourse. We weighed pads calipers and discs to find just shy of 6kg weight saving per side over stock set up . and with the anti rattle springs fitted along with pad retention clips they have perfect road manners for a Motorsport set up With the added stopping power and ability to perform over and over without getting to hot I'd say that's a win win situation of anyone fancys a set let me know I'm going to put a few kits together. ๐Ÿ˜
  9. Brackets and bells arrived along with some PFC Z rated pads for the road so it's time to get them fitted up Fitted pictures to follow
  10. I tagged a guy on your Facebook post who was very helpful with this and what parts he's used Give him a shout
  11. I have a set I would sell Drop me a message
  12. Nice to see these standing up to your uses I also have these and they have been great
  13. Looks fantastic kev I saw a nice pillar pod from a company called Ortiz custom's for the right price if anyone's looking The guys also happy to help with the shipping and duty side
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