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  1. Midlands Meet II - Sunday 17th June

    Hi mate Yes sorry put me down I'll try and make it I won't get the oil up to temp on that one tho
  2. 350z to E46 M3, what do you think?

    Really nice looking motor I like that a lot My pal runs one as a race car and loves it
  3. Take 2 let's try again :)

    So late last Friday night ....very late like 2am late If fitted my fuel serge tank from protec. Ignore the rough install! now I'm happy it cured the problem and I can run it down to fuel light without any fuel serge issues I have a nice alloy box being fabricated to house it all in. And it will be powder coated black So its all coming back out once the box is done as obviously being fuel I want it protected from anything flying around the boot but will also contain any leaks should the worst happen. But for now I can take right handers as fast as I like down to fuel light instead of filling up every half tank and no more worries of running lean on full chat Side note this protec stuff is realy Nice stuff should anyone want somthing similar and the pumps are whisper quiet And if you are lucky Rob will let you have a sit in his gt2 Check them out here https://www.protecfuelpumps.com/
  4. Invidia gemini exhaust

    In my experience with selling parts on here you just need to wait . it will go for that price when the right person comes along
  5. CAT Driver Training Days 2018 - Member Offers

    I had the same question when I did my day Honestly don't worry about it I don't think there could be a safer track based experience Go along don't worry and most of all have fun
  6. Take 2 let's try again :)

    Just a 2 tonne trolley jack I have to park on wood to get it under tho
  7. Take 2 let's try again :)

    Took the wheel off to check the pads and got carried away Winter made a right mess under there so had a bit of a clean up and greased up the bushes and coilover threds etc It needs another visit but will do for now
  8. Wanted - Pearl White Mk2 Nismo

    @Adrian@TORQEN is selling
  9. Headlight modification diy -black + halos

    Mine are misted up and havnt been split
  10. Headlight modification diy -black + halos

    Watched a few of your video's thanks for sharing
  11. Project: WeaponiZed

    Great work mate Enjoy your summer with it
  12. Where can I get a Kaaz LSD installed?

    Did you ask this a few months back? I pmd somone a number of the guy that fitted mine Little independent guy in Dudley but did a great job had no issues
  13. I wouldn't go to cheep mate just hold out untill somone wants it that's a fair price
  14. Where can I get a Kaaz LSD installed?

    Where are you based