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  1. That's not that bad They are a business after all I'd want a couple of grand profit of a car if I had to pay someone 21k then try and sell it again
  2. I'm sure the hardware etc will be available to the US guys especially being cjm Wont be cheap tho
  3. I spotted this on the US fourum This is Charles from cjm the chap who builds the fuel systems and other stuff Good little thred to keep an eye for updates https://r.tapatalk.com/shareLink/topic?url=http%3A%2F%2Fwww.the370z.com%2Fshowthread.php%3Ft%3D132815&share_tid=132815&share_fid=26131&share_type=t&link_source=app
  4. Good to hear the results I want to put one on my 370. Any extra nvh with it fitted
  5. I'm trialing this kit in a few weeks Once tested it will be available to uk customers and there will be a thred up here Until then have a little browse it's a nice simple effective kit Which is better than the stillen kit in a lot of ways and should hopefully be a tad cheaper https://r.tapatalk.com/shareLink/topic?url=http%3A%2F%2Fwww.the370z.com%2Fshowthread.php%3Ft%3D132393&share_tid=132393&share_fid=26131&share_type=t&link_source=app
  6. He's ok I speak to him quite regularly Hes keeping his head down working hard
  7. Was there any cars I just saw lots off lovely ladies
  8. Ha ha anytime mate We'll get it on a track day and let you realy let it go And show me a few track tips
  9. Gave the car a bit more love today 5k oil change and I do the charger at the same time Treated her to a wash aswell
  10. He sure did I think it's possible that it came off during clutch installation But I literally moved it 3/4 mm not much but makes all the difference Car needs a @davey_83 spit and polish soon lol
  11. Massive thanks to @350Butcher who helped me bleed out my clutch and brakes today I wasnt happy with the way the clutch felt after fitting and martin has the same clutch and knows his way around the tools extremely we all know So we got a bit more feel in the clutch and bled the brakes while we was at it The clutch felt loads better after bleeding but still felt notchy while going for 5/6 So after reading a thred on here about a similar problem i decided to try what it suggested. so I dived into the gear stick area and to check to see if the gate was restricting things and I think it was a tad So I loosened the bolts around the gate and dropped it into 6th and tightened the bottom bolt the put it into 5th and did the same Its spot on now slips into gear lovely Massive thanks to @350Butcher and a big thanks to @coldel because I think it was your thred I found Oh and martain got to have a good old blast in the charged z which he seemed to enjoy
  12. Nice one I love the adjustable traction It works great on mine even with the extra power it just feeds it in smooth
  13. Cool I'll have to pop along and check it out if you don't mind Im only in meriden so not far





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