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  1. Hmm tempted for the 370 I already have the whitline Bush in the diff and cant say I noticed to much difference....would lukento hear peoples thoughts on the 370 once fitted Like with any of these things you stiffen one thing and it moves the energy further down the line in this case to the tyres Have you driven the car in the wet since fitting this @RobPhoboS one of the things I took from my day at milbrook was a stiffer chassis is definitely a more nervous one
  2. Why dont you just replace the silencers in your current exhaust
  3. @Sim runs miltek and cobra hfc
  4. Got the zed out for the first time in 3 weeks for a nice little run up to caffine machine and bumped in to mr jww the YouTube chap in the fezza he put that in a trailer then jumped in a 18 plate Bentley
  5. I dont need the exhaust But could you do me a favour and measure the size of those silencers the small ones..mine are shot and I need to replace them Thanks in advance glwts
  6. The invidia with art pipes HFCS or stock cats would be spot on I think it's just a touch harsh and drones under load around 2/3k mark with de cats
  7. I have invidia with de cats and currently looking for options to make it quieter its drones and is loud My pal runs the same set up with art pipes and drone is way less but volume is on par But he has extensive sound deadening in the cabin also I'm looking at getting a pair of vibrant ultra quiet resonators welded in
  8. Good luck have fun stay safe
  9. Very keen to see how these perform I really want to knock the drone out of my system
  10. Ahhh ok cheers for the video
  11. Why do you think they cause knock back over other pads ?
  12. We need some video of this beast



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