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  1. Where is this Cars look great
  2. These were the ones on ebay from the gt academy series ? I very nearly had those but I thought it was a mixed set Good buy they were Glwts
  3. I realy need to put mine up Glwts
  4. Evening guys and girls This is a long shot but can anyone put a code to this locking nut before I get bent over by a replacement service ?
  5. I managed to get my local tyre place to meet tyreleader price but fitted You can always try that angle
  6. I wanted to burn the place down mate No need for them to be so tight
  7. Yeah and the gearbox dosnt feel like it's floating about under you Did you go for a heavier knob
  8. That dose look a lot not sure I payed that much a few months ago possibly current situations pushing price up
  9. Realy ? That's a bugger.... edit tyre leader have them https://www.tyreleader.co.uk/car-tyres/michelin/pilot-sport-4s/285-35-zr19-103y-806787
  10. I suppose so The 370z manual box is a agracutral old thing isn't it Nice and strong though
  11. Vibratechnics mount is what you want It changes the drive dramaticly for the better
  12. I went with 255/35/19 285/35/19 I'm mps4s
  13. Making the Most of the weather with a pal and then I go and badly curb my nismo alloys hopefully it can be re cut
  14. Awsome little run out tonight and a great little battle with a vx who followed me most the way home





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