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  1. Yeah I would be interested to see how big of a job it is
  2. Dose it slot right in or is it a massive fab job
  3. No the nismo will be getting charged if I get one mate
  4. So since the euro trip the car hasn't moved And I'm seriously considering breaking it as i fancy a nismo Dose anyone know if my kwv3 would be compatible with a nismo as I love the way the car handles with these on and would like to transfer all my mods over to the nismo
  5. What do we buy any car say it's worth ?
  6. Looks rubbish Dont know why you would bother
  7. Looking sweet A link to those rails would be good
  8. Wasnt planned ? Did you actually make a bad choice of rubber dan Congratulations mate
  9. Alex do you know if that slave supplied with the kit is uprated or dose it suffer the same issues as the stock one
  10. Ouch that's nasty Lady luck was on your side regards your safety tho pal Glad you're ok Onwards and upwards
  11. I wonder if they will make it turn right with less than half a tank of fuel this time



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