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  1. https://open.spotify.com/episode/63rrJQVK26FuyaMDnY7a3z?si=ddyUlAItRBCv-Cuk3P8GqA I had a listen to this the other day This chap is not convinced its going to be the best for younger people certainly ones who already have antibodies from fighting off the virus
  2. Yeah thats the plan if I build a engine Its not that I'm necessarily chasing the numbers because I'm not But it would be nice while running FI that the engine had been built to take it
  3. Thats my concern on chasing more than that. The problem is people see usa numbers and feel robbed in the UK I am starting to look for a spare engine to forge over time before I push for more than my 485 Its one thing making those numbers on the dyno And another having a reliable set up you can drive hard and feel confident its not going to let go six months later
  4. You can probably pick up a bit more boost from filter/pulley set ups Theres a new kit coming soon that will make 17/18 psi out the box no upgrades needed Details will come once others have hit the market tho Jezz tunes yours doesn't he ? He'll have some ideas Out of interest what are you trying to hit 490 is a pretty quick car on uk roads
  5. I disagree ive seen a couple around the 16/17k Mark granted they are not gt prices but they have halved in value The mk2 is not common in the grand scheme of cars in general but a fair bit more so than the mk1 Out of 58 370zs on the trader at the moment 17 of them.are mk2 nismo there's a lot in the midlands
  6. The mk1 has come down a fair bit now and there's loads more mk2 about so I hope you're right but not so sure
  7. I'd imagine for the cost to change you could make yours quite individual to you or even have something different alongside the zed Like the others have said logic doesn't come into it if you have the cash and realy want one and plan to keep it especially then go for it I've thought of having one to put my bits on and keep but I've done so much to mine theres no point
  8. Wednesday bugger id have popped along if it was a weekend At this rate we'll still be on lock down
  9. Ha ha good one Whats your Donnington date im only 30 mins from donny
  10. Hows the coolerworx feel have you had chance to road test it ? Keen for your review on it
  11. Just thought it may help a few out ive seen a few people wanting to do it And it costing a lot with the boxes I got half way there before but didn't do the bypass I know how now





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