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  1. Great day for it, kudos to the Torqen team for a decent set up!
  2. Paid for a ticket just incase I'll be able to confirm closer to the time. Would be cool to properly meet up again. Japfest was the last/first time I met a good number of people from the club!
  3. I'm about 90% sure I'll go but It's dependant on a work trip so don't really want to chuck in my name only to cancel and **** people off 😳
  4. TommZ

    Fly1 AMS spoiler

    Thanks Adrian, chatting with Cos as I type!
  5. TommZ

    Fly1 AMS spoiler

    @Adrian@TORQEN Well it'll be the Amuse or a Veilside one tbh, just love the look. It was @Steve1 Nismo that convinced me!
  6. TommZ

    Fly1 AMS spoiler

    I agree that it would be boring if we all shared the same taste..
  7. TommZ

    Fly1 AMS spoiler

    Thanks @Adrian@TORQEN and @Coz@TORQEN I personally think it looks decent and can't see a VeilSide one I like, as that would be the preference. I'll dm one of you, as I have a couple of questions about it if that's ok?
  8. TommZ

    Fly1 AMS spoiler

    Nice and helpful, cheers guys.
  9. TommZ

    Fly1 AMS spoiler

    Does anyone have one of these laying around (haha!) or know someone who wants to part with one for less than Fly1 do? ☺️ https://www.fly1motorsports.com/nissan370z/ams-rear-trunk-spoiler (scroll down a little when on the page) 🤙T
  10. TommZ


    Appreciate it Payco, will shoot you a pm now, Steve!
  11. TommZ


    Evening all Odd request for info here but if anyone knows a decent artist or up and coming wrap designer, could you kindly dm me their details? I'm after a custom wrap for the Z. Many Thanks T
  12. Welcome welcome! Love the red, enjoy!
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