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  1. SOLD! Thanks all. admin please feel free to close
  2. Headlights taken today - Rears still for sale.
  3. For sale as title describes. Red w/Chrome Almost brand new condition, purchase from Tarmac - used for around 150 miles. £400 Collection from Northampton Area preferred.
  4. As title says: Also have the rear for sale too. Both are used but in great condition/swapped off the car at low mileage. £300 - Rear £370 - Headlights. Ideally to be collected from Northampton Area.
  5. Great day for it, kudos to the Torqen team for a decent set up!
  6. Paid for a ticket just incase I'll be able to confirm closer to the time. Would be cool to properly meet up again. Japfest was the last/first time I met a good number of people from the club!
  7. I'm about 90% sure I'll go but It's dependant on a work trip so don't really want to chuck in my name only to cancel and **** people off 😳
  8. TommZ

    Fly1 AMS spoiler

    Thanks Adrian, chatting with Cos as I type!
  9. TommZ

    Fly1 AMS spoiler

    @Adrian@TORQEN Well it'll be the Amuse or a Veilside one tbh, just love the look. It was @Steve1 Nismo that convinced me!
  10. TommZ

    Fly1 AMS spoiler

    I agree that it would be boring if we all shared the same taste..
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