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  1. Sorry mate, photos of your own car only.... this is mine
  2. The main change in sound will be from the cats and the backbox, most Y-Pipes on the market are exactly the same design as standard and will not have much effect on the sound.
  3. Good to see you Davey, thank you for hosting ❤️
  4. Hi Guys, We have these two sets of BRAUM seats in stock and ready to ship. Might be able to sort out a little forum discount if anyone is genuinely interested 350z Planted mounting brackets in stock, 370z would need ordering in. Full Leatherette: https://www.torqen.uk/brands/braum/sport-seats/elite-series/18979-braum-elite-series-racing-seats-black-stitching-pair-brr1-bkbs.html Partial leatherette: https://www.torqen.uk/brands/braum/sport-seats/elite-s-series/56903-braum-elite-s-series-racing-seats-black-pair-brr1s-bkbs.html
  5. Suns out guns out. Due a little detail before National Z on Sunday.
  6. Not today but a little one from Japfest.
  7. Thanks for your order ❤️
  8. Japan special order so 3-4 weeks or so. These aren't on order since we don't sell many, it would be ordered in specially for you once an order is placed.
  9. Just listed it here for you: https://www.torqen.uk/nissan/370z/exhausts/exhaust-systems/236383-370z-nissan-oem-mid-pipe-2009-2019-non-nismo-20300-6gb0a.html Feel free to pop the order in with this code (if you're collecting so you don't pay shipping costs too): BBZ2NJ47 I'll drop you a message once it arrives so you can arrange a day to come and get it.
  10. +1 For Ali @ AB Autoworks, he's done plenty of our customers gallery gaskets with genuine parts supplied by us.
  11. That's brand new by the way.
  12. Showing as £344 - most likely Japan order so a couple of weeks ETA.
  13. Hi, We have them listed here: https://www.torqen.uk/nissan/350z/powertrain/axles-steering/10864-350z-nissan-oem-differential-output-shaft-stub-axle-lhrh-base-38220-ar000.html Few weeks ETA from USA.
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