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  1. Me and @Adrian@TORQEN will be at the Bowl for this if anyone down south is going 🤝 The Hill is a bit of a trek for us unfortunately.
  2. What are you looking to have done? If it's just odd jobs, any mechanic would be able to work on it, they're pretty simple. For anything more complex, you can check out: https://www.torqen.uk/content/11-recommended-garages Horsham Developments for anything mapping wise.
  3. To be honest, that's a huge long shot, especially in your colour code (bearing in mind it won't match anyway) and near London. We have the V2 style bumpers listed with the carbon fiber lip (we can get it without as well if you prefer): https://www.torqen.uk/nissan/350z/body-styling/body-kits/77285-350z-torqen-nsm-style-v2-front-bumper-with-carbon-lip.html If you ever do decide to go for a brand new one, do feel free to drop me a message.
  4. Hi Guys, Little forum exclusive discount, we have a ARC Brazing combo tank in stock for the 370z, happy to offer you guys 10% off in anyone is interested. If you know about ARC, their parts are very rare and desirable. Discount code: UKFORUM10 https://www.torqen.uk/nissan/370z/cooling/tanks/18932-370z-arc-brazing-coolant-and-oil-catch-can-combo-tank.html
  5. Not sure on the brand, it was on the car when I bought it, I'd assume it's the Tarmac one. Looks to be just some 3M tape.
  6. Hey Guys, Removing this roof spoiler from my personal car. Looking for £80 delivered to anywhere in the UK.
  7. Personally, I wouldn't care too much about the number of owners, it's a sports car and most change hands pretty fast (people not affording to run them, get bored and other factors). My main concern would be how well it's been looked after, just make sure it's got good service history, check for rust. A 3 year gap is a bit much in my opinion, even if the cars been sat there and not driven, I would be looking for something that's been serviced yearly at minimum, more if it's actually driven. Whatever you do, do not pay £11495 for a 350z DE, especially a roadster which tend to be slightly cheaper unless it's supercharged or turbo'd which is a different story. In my opinion £5,000-£8,000 is a good price range to get a decent 350z DE. It's a buyers market at the moment so you might grab yourself a bargain as I suspect not many are selling.
  8. Buy cheap, buy twice in our experience. DW, Injector Dynamics or ASNU are what we usually recommend, all are fairly similarly priced.
  9. Hello Guys, We've got a brand new product released for the 350z. For those of you with aftermarket steering wheels, as you know, the cruise control and other steering wheel functions are wiped out. To combat this Frogdrive Japan (our very close friends) have designed a sleek looking carbon fiber switch case which allows you to retain all of the steering wheel functions. PREORDERS - 10% discount for orders before 01/03/2024 - Products will be arriving in UK in April 2024. Once ordered, no discounts, no cancellations as these are special order. https://www.torqen.uk/brands/frogdrive/256747-350z-z33-frogdrive-steering-carbon-fibre-switch-case.html
  10. Thanks for your order! Yeah, unfortunately on certain parts Nissan just use a random number generator To give you an idea, even on the 370z NISMO which is much newer, the little small red vinyl strips on the mirror are around £90 per side.... for a small strip of vinyl!
  11. Hi Mark, Is this what you're after? https://www.torqen.uk/nissan/350z/body-styling/accessories/21059-350z-nissan-oem-door-molding-coupe-rh.html
  12. If you want something cheap and cheerful, go for the MX5. The 350z and BMW are going to get expensive in the sense of running costs. Fuel and yearly tax are expensive and parts are wayyyyy easier to get for an MX5 for pretty much peanuts. For a cheap daily, the MX5 is your best bet. If you're willing to spend £££ on running costs, the 350z and BMW are good contenders. You could compromise and get a cheap MX5 to run about in, then a project 350z or bimmer to fix up over a year or two as a little weekend car
  13. If you're looking to replace all of them in one go, you'd be better off going for one of our pack deals as you're saving money compared to adding everything to cart seperately. Pricing on brakes for 350z and 370z for some reason has shot up in the last 1-2 years, more so than other parts. Pack deals listed here: https://www.torqen.uk/877-pack-deals If you go over to the second page, there's some DBA discs mixed with either Ferodo or Hawk pads as others have suggested, they're great quality and becoming more affordable than the likes of Stoptech. We've also started developing our own brake discs, really good quality and slightly cheaper as we have more control over the pricing. Front Discs: https://www.torqen.uk/nissan/370z/brakes/discs/246118-370z-z34-torqen-anchorz-street-high-performance-brake-discs-front.html Rear Discs: https://www.torqen.uk/nissan/370z/brakes/discs/246119-370z-z34-torqen-anchorz-street-high-performance-brake-discs-rear.html Which you could pair with any of the pads we sell: https://www.torqen.uk/98-pads
  14. @ZMANALEX Might be able to help. That being said, I think you mean a 350z HR if it's a 2007 reg. 370z didn't start until 2009. If not, you can try some of the breakers on Facebook, Tom Jeffries being one.
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