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  1. Great read Col and congrats. It's looking like a great, well maintained car but then yours always do from what I've seen.
  2. Excellent news @SuperStu and well done @andy james .
  3. @Payco Thank you Martin. Really appreciate that. As you can see I'm not going anywhere regardless of the car I own currently, ...anyway I would never rule out another Zed one day.
  4. Sorry but not really buddy. That's part of the reason for stepping down as I find myself with less free time for coming on here as a hobby of mine (RC car speed runs) that I love doing takes up more of my time now. Video below I made from one of the UK speed run events that I attended/entered last year.
  5. I just wanted that gold watch col. ...actually Stu said he was going to give me cash instead. *Just for clarification in case any members can't tell that was a joke we do not get paid as team members or any other benefits*
  6. Thank you one and all. Will always pop in on the site for sure but just felt it was the right time to step down from being a Mod. Still one of the best sites I've ever used with a fantastic bunch of members, Mods and Admin alike.





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