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  1. GMballistic

    Stunning Black 350Z with Many Extras

    Hard to believe just shy of £8K will get someone that car, ...I think it's a very fair price considering. GLWTS.
  2. GMballistic

    New 350z Cheshire Owner

    Welcome aboard.
  3. That's fine and great news. It might be a better idea to do a new FS thread for the clutch & flywheel kit once the chargers gone so that it's easier to read or you could just amend this advert, ...up to you though. Hope all goes smoothly.
  4. GMballistic

    Rear bumper and exhaust

    Worst case scenario Finchy you could always try a scrap metal place to see what they'd give you for the exhaust system. Good luck.
  5. @Ogman Do let us know if this has sold so we can close this advert. Thanks.
  6. GMballistic

    [SOLD]Buddy Club Exhaust (sold)

    Sold - thread locked
  7. GMballistic

    [SOLD]Floor mats

    Sold - thread locked
  8. GMballistic

    [SOLD]Cobra Cat-Back FOR SALE - BARGAIN

    Sold - thread locked
  9. GMballistic

    [SOLD]Outdoor cover for Roadster - SOLD

    Sold - thread locked
  10. GMballistic


    Sold - thread locked