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  1. Too cheap I think Chris considering the spec of the mods, ...hopefully though will sell for what you want quickly. I know it's for a good reason with Oz calling you.
  2. Welcome aboard @Harrm . Don't have my 350Z anymore but I'm in Wales and there are definitely a few Zeds knocking around here.
  3. If Alex can't help then I wonder if it is worth measuring the "Z" from the badge on the boot of the 350 comparing its size to the "Z" on the rear strut cover. Reason I suggest that is as you can get the "350 Z" stick on badges on eBay really cheaply so it might be an alternative.
  4. Moved to a more appropriate sub section, ...also I've signed the petition and will post it on a few other forums I'm affiliated too. Long, long way to go before anyone takes any notice of it though. Definitely going to need a lot more "social media" type hyping to get over the 100K signatures mark.
  5. That Cresta is a very cool looking classic imo. Would love to get something like that, put some modern upgrade brakes on it, nice V6 or V8 under the bonnet (if it would fit) and use it as a show car.
  6. That's great and fantastic that another member could give you a taste of what the Zed has to offer. Well done @Kryptek49 .
  7. Yes is the short answer you'll be fine to drive without these pieces in place. Try @ZMANALEX for good quality used parts. Might not have what you need but worth asking him first before you start forking out for new OEM parts. Oh and some of the black plastic parts behind the front bumper I wouldn't necessarily even bother replacing if it's the parts I'm thinking of.
  8. Welcome aboard. If you're looking at the TT then it is either going to be front wheel drive or four wheel drive, ...both of which will handle differently to the rear wheel drive Zed. I feel the rwd layout is more of a drivers car and as such more enjoyable as a daily driver/fast road car. I think you need to drive one for yourself so I'd start looking at garages nearby to see if there is one available that you can at least test drive yourself.
  9. Wow Chris I am honestly a little jealous, ...this country isn't what it once was and is only getting worse. Australia I'm sure is going to be a great place for you all to live. Love the Nissan Pathfinder too. Looks a very cool off-roader, ...just needs a rifle rack, snorkel, some jerry cans, spare tyre on the roof and it is all set.
  10. Not true at all imho. The standard Vortech filter isn't very big so I would say has a limited amount of air it can draw through its surface area whereas fitting one of the larger filters allows for a larger surface area and more airflow, again imho. I did the "DIY" CAI on my own 350Z when I had it supercharged, ...not the best picture but you can see part of it in the picture below. I followed @Sam Mcgoo excellent guide for the most part. Link: Thread also here: https://my350z.com/forum/engine-drivetrain-and-forced-induction-diy/557039-diy-cold-air-intake-cai.html



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