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  1. Bump. Sub section now renamed to make it even clearer what it is there for. "Forum IT Issues & Bug Reporting"
  2. Terence please be mindful of where you post threads on the forum, ...you'll get more help as well if they're in the correct sub sections as well. Thread moved.
  3. Are these sold? @puffingbilly . Thanks.
  4. @Vik54 Do let us know if the boot net has sold as well won't you please.
  5. If you send the member a PM (private message) you might get a better response. He hasn't be on here since May though so I'm thinking he may of sold these so going to lock this thread for now to stop more asking about these until he confirms whether they're still for sale or not. @Mambofever if these are still available just send me a message to unlock the thread.
  6. Try sending the Op a PM if you're interested as of 8th August the car hadn't sold according to his for sale advert here;



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