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  1. Sold - thread locked
  2. GMballistic

    [SOLD]Japspeed K1 Exhaust

    Sold - thread locked
  3. GMballistic

    Hope to be owning one soon

    Very nice Dave and glad you finally got one.
  4. GMballistic

    JEEP Wrangler

    Thanks for sharing those pics Adrian. Honestly what an experience that must have been for you and made even better I'm sure by the fact that the Jeep was faultless all the way.
  5. GMballistic

    Wheel nuts

    I've moved your thread to a more appropriate sub section for it. Welcome aboard Tom and hopefully one of our traders will be able to sort you out.
  6. GMballistic

    Possible new (third time) owner

    Welcome aboard Chris. More info as Alex asks above would be good. Also are you planning on doing the work yourself?
  7. Sold - thread locked
  8. GMballistic

    Simply Jap Today

    Video I came across this evening of some of the cars leaving the show.
  9. GMballistic

    Back in the Nissan family

    Well he did say "Tidy looking R33, Snap..." so I thought his was an R33 as well just from a brief look at the picture. Never mind.
  10. GMballistic

    Back in the Nissan family

    @Irn Bru as I said to you the other day love the R33 and should be a lot of fun being RWD still. @Sargara great looking R33 you have as well. Did you get a GTR or is it a GTS variant?
  11. GMballistic

    New 370z owner

    Welcome aboard Ben.