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  1. closest I've come is one of the guys at work his father in law just died of it other than that nothing
  2. When I started this Thread it was out of simple curiosity but it's been quite an eye opener the people being sent home and worrying about how they will cope with either no money coming in or being confined with the wife and kids, people like myself having to work but with no substantial increase in risk to all of the health workers putting themselves at risk every day no doubt in some cases S**tting themselves but still showing up for work every day like I said an eye opener Stay safe
  3. Hmm bread and butter Doesn't sound right though I have had the odd accidental taste over the last 19 YRS
  4. It may be a s**t job @Keyser but that makes us a tight knit lot don't make me speak to some of my fellow poo workers in your neck of the woods and have them deliver an artic load through your letterbox Wait hang on I withdraw that threat I forgot about the wrath of mrs Keyser
  5. Well said, I feel the same way I'm still going to work doing the same old job, my risks aren't massively higher than a couple of weeks ago @gangzoom and @HEADPHONES are putting it on the line and I have the utmost respect for all of you and I will do my best not to make it worse by following the guidelines and going to work everyday and processing your SH*T well somebody's got to do it
  6. So just your normal self then Dan
  7. Hey Lexx stop bragging about all your sanitiser
  8. good to know and also the most complete answer i've heard everything we've had so far has been vague and non committal
  9. Cant argue with them can't kill em well not unless you do it quietly and know where to dispose of the body (I can help you with the second one)
  10. I know what you mean about the banter our work whatsapp group has been bing-ing away all day and half of us are off today but we never turn our phones off and always support each other as much as this pandemic has highlighted some of the worst of our society it has also highlighted a lot of good the way some people are looking out for each other and the camaraderie (something this site is well known for) and the very public appreciation for NHS Staff saying that my wife now has to put her NHS ID in her pocket instead of wearing it now as NHS staff have been targeted by people stealing their ID's
  11. Its amazing how many people are essential workers many you wouldn't think of until it's pointed out to you Stay safe Dan
  12. can't get the Captain Pugwash theme out of my head now
  13. sadly because of our somewhat overactive immune systems some of the guys thing that they are indestructible but it won't stop them spreading it to other people who don't have this advantage also it's something of a double edged sword if the missus gets a cold she'll have it for a week or two be a bit miserable but be able to function if I get it I'll be out for the count completely out of it but next day I'll be fine
  14. So who's still working ? what do you do ? do you think you should be ? what are your risks ? I am I'm a process technician (Sewage Worker) we absolutely need to be in it's a 24/7 job if we told everyone to stop flushing the health implications would be huge we have had no definitive answer as to weather the virus can survive in sewage but our PPE is pretty comprehensive and we are more careful than usual in high risk areas pretty much all office staff now work from home and the rest of us avoid each other like the plague where possible





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