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  1. andybp


    Hey Dan nice to see your still on form feisty as ever, sorry did I call you Dan I meant to say Bruv.
  2. I think you should do it so he stops encouraging me to put it in mine he's like the devil putting temptation in my way
  3. Congratulations Dan Now the hard work begins
  4. Strange you should mention that I already have another 3 in the pipeline 2 are just because I have enough stuff sitting around and the third is the one i shall be keeping
  5. Very nice but a little quiet mainly due to the fact that the Ruark Templars they're driving are infinite baffle sealed units so need to be driven a little harder not a big issue still loud enough to annoy the neighbors as to the sound and the argument between solid state and valve amps it's very subjective personally I like that valve amp sound and the looks but each to his own
  6. The Russians let me down so the volume display will have to be done at a later date just need to stain the oak to match my speakers
  7. If my Nixie tube bases show up from Russia i may get this finished this weekend
  8. yea it's not actually bakelite but one of the modern alternatives
  9. well since there is little progress on the Z lately I thought I'd up date this thread at least I decided I didn't like the look of my valve amp so it's now a big pile of bits but after a few hours in cad I set my CNC router to work on some perspex,oak and black Bakelite it's looking like this might even get it finished this weekend
  10. A full head of hair doesn't get you off the hook do you wear sunglasses when driving in the dark ? like the other angry baldy M3 drivers
  11. I agree about wanting a V8 just not an M3 common as muck around here all driven by angry looking blokes with shaved heads
  12. I love them but would have to have a real car to go with it
  13. in 2011 I killed the engine in my Z a year after I bought it and I was torn between replacing with another VQ an lS V8 or going electric but an ev conversion with enough power to do the Z justice was more than an LS V8 conversion faced with that decision now with current technology I would defiantly go electric
  14. well if you get inspiration keep me up to date I like your thinking so far I may even steal, I mean borrow some of your ideas



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