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  1. "PS - I the first reply absolutely made my day so thanks for that " I try to please now get back to your crayons
  2. Sorry about that not sure where it all comes from
  3. yes i have lots of things better to do but i couldn't resist and no she doesn't vacuum it she just complains that she can't get through it due to all my crap because we don't all have a whopping great Z Shed do we, no we have teeny tiny little shed and garage with no personal cleaning staff do you have someone to wash your hands for you when you've finished playing for the day i bet you do don't you Hmmm
  4. I don't like to pick holes but aren't the hoses the wrong way around on the cyclone
  5. Ok so it's been a mad year work wise barely had time to scratch my .... but I've managed to get a bit done this weekend . Even though it was on rubber mounts and no different to the audi version the compressor was really noisy to the point where I was considering putting the springs back on so I took a look at what the big manufacturers (BMW/Audi) do and after some measuring I bought a complete second hand BMW X5 compressor and housing I wasn't worried about the state of the compressor as I have my one which is the same which I swapped with the standard BMW one as I didn't know it's condition with some modifications to the wiring and the exhaust valve setup I put it back in the acoustic housing the standard fixing for the spare wheel was removed and the new complete X5 housing fitted in it's place I don't have any pictures but the spare fits to the BMW housing with the standard Nissan fixing bur it sits 1/2" too high which is not an issueas I will have to alter stuff to hide the tank anyway so to the important bit I turned the ignition on and the compressor should have started as the tank was empty but absolutely nothing happened, I've done something stupid I thought to myself then the car started to go up, turns out I just couldn't hear it at all it's gone from death rattle to silent you've got to love those Germans also I'm still working my way through the suspension changing the standard bushes for poly as the extra suspension travel is knocking the standard bushes out these are the second hand upper rear arms I've just done media blasted old bushes out new bushes in
  6. i think they are 6kg rear 8kg front were they bc coilovers as they are 230mm rear
  7. I would love to to take the pi** but you have given me no ammunition so I will say well done good to see you back on track I know how hard it can be to stay motivated with these big projects and this is pretty damn big I think you've earned a crayon or 2 as a treat
  8. I'd apologize for being mean but you know I wouldn't mean it
  9. Yea but who's the really odd looking crayon eater on the lathe
  10. "That's over 500HP per ton by my calculations " are you taking your body weight into that calculation sorry couldn't help myself
  11. All input welcome here not sure about the injectors, but I've modified the rails now so not an issue any more
  12. These are the insulating spacers I made to try to help with the heat issues also treated it to new manifold to head gaskets unlike the OBX setup there was no additional work to be done before installation it seems Jenvey know how to drill and tap holes all the way through and countersink as required to the right depth ( OBX take note) here is the manifold installed with vacuum pipework and fittings and this is how it stands now I have had it running but I need to balance the Throttle Bodies and sort out the accelerator cable there were two things I had to do which I wasn't expecting one was shave a bit more off my filler cap nothing major the other I wasn't expecting, the fuel rails didn't fit as per the OBX supplied rails the fuel injectors would have to be 15-20 mm longer was there a VQ fitted with much longer injectors ? I have 3 sets original UK , JAP import and GTR all the same length look at the picture not even close had to cut the mounting brackets to make them fit all ok now and before I go here's a couple of pictures that showcases the difference between the Jenvey and OBX ones
  13. I'm not sure where to start with this so here goes Just as the weathers getting reasonable and I can carry on with this project someone on here (Reeco) decides to sell a set of new Jenvey ITB's at not much more than I paid for my knock off OBX ones so just out of curiosity I had to have them At first glance they are identical but looking closer the Jenvey ones are far superior. The castings are better and of better quality aluminium with no impurities unlike the OBX ones The machining is more accurate, I haven't had to finish tapping holes or countersinking and everything lines up without me re-drilling holes The throttle bodies themselves open and close more smoothly The supplied fuel rails will also fit unlike the OBX ones After the initial fitting issues of the OBX ones were sorted the only thing they still occasionally do wrong is not closing fully causing it to idle a couple of hundred rpm faster than it should; on a track car this wouldn't get noticed on a road car it's a little irritating but not a big deal it's also doing it less with use So without a doubt the Jenvey ones are better but are they worth £1400 more than I paid for the OBX ones an extra £600-700 on a road car I'd say yes but not £1400 but that's just my opinion But now I do have a set of Jenvey ones for near OBX money I'm already preparing to swap them over I've already drilled and tapped the manifolds for the vacuum system and also made some insulating spacers to go between the manifolds and the throttle bodies to help overcome some of the temperature issues with the current setup



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