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  1. Bloody deserters the lot of you To be honest I've considered getting rid of my 350 several times and recently I seriously considered a 5Ltr Mustang but I don't actually drive my Z it does a thousand miles per year and i spend more time under it than in it but as you say if I went into a Nissan showroom I'd definitely go away empty handed and head straight over to fords and get a V8 mustang
  2. I think Keyser should banned for posting up such petrol head pornography and trying to tempt the innocent such as myself
  3. cars and sexy ladies it's what I imagine heaven to be
  4. I really like it but most people do say I'm a bit odd
  5. Where are you in essex ?
  6. I'll have a look when I get in from work tomorrow I may have a spare if i can find it
  7. I think the bolt is the same as the camshaft sensors can't be sure though it was about 5 or 6 yrs ago I had mine out
  8. unless it's a fiat in which case you'd probably get a bigger battery in a torch
  9. should be diesels have higher compression
  10. have you got a good battery you can try just to check
  11. had a lot of random codes and issues with mine the other year cranking but wouldn't start I'm guessing that the voltage was too low for the electronics during cranking not had an issue since changing battery
  12. did you change the battery in the end ?
  13. andybp


    Hey Dan nice to see your still on form feisty as ever, sorry did I call you Dan I meant to say Bruv.
  14. I think you should do it so he stops encouraging me to put it in mine he's like the devil putting temptation in my way
  15. Congratulations Dan Now the hard work begins





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