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  1. I'm not sure where to start with this so here goes Just as the weathers getting reasonable and I can carry on with this project someone on here (Reeco) decides to sell a set of new Jenvey ITB's at not much more than I paid for my knock off OBX ones so just out of curiosity I had to have them At first glance they are identical but looking closer the Jenvey ones are far superior. The castings are better and of better quality aluminium with no impurities unlike the OBX ones The machining is more accurate, I haven't had to finish tapping holes or countersinking and everything lines up without me re-drilling holes The throttle bodies themselves open and close more smoothly The supplied fuel rails will also fit unlike the OBX ones After the initial fitting issues of the OBX ones were sorted the only thing they still occasionally do wrong is not closing fully causing it to idle a couple of hundred rpm faster than it should; on a track car this wouldn't get noticed on a road car it's a little irritating but not a big deal it's also doing it less with use So without a doubt the Jenvey ones are better but are they worth £1400 more than I paid for the OBX ones an extra £600-700 on a road car I'd say yes but not £1400 but that's just my opinion But now I do have a set of Jenvey ones for near OBX money I'm already preparing to swap them over I've already drilled and tapped the manifolds for the vacuum system and also made some insulating spacers to go between the manifolds and the throttle bodies to help overcome some of the temperature issues with the current setup
  2. It's taken you long enough to make your mind up But seriously good luck with this It's been a pleasure
  3. are you just trying to get rid of the evidence of your blurry photo's
  4. doing an awesome job Jake keep it up
  5. If it's a TOP SECRET project do we get to call it project Elrond, And if we do I want to be called Legolas from now on cos he was a pretty boy like me
  6. Hey did you just throw me under the bus ? Using my name along with words like slowing the project down. And after I offered you humanitarian aid as well
  7. and good luck to your neighbours
  8. How the other half live actually after eating all that the other 3/4
  9. yea come on pull your finger out or did you have too many mince pies and just can't move yet
  10. I ran mine like that for a while, just put a cone filter on the end of the intercooler, meant I didn't have to keep putting the car back together to use it
  11. If it's any consolation this is only the third Christmas day I've had off in 17 yrs since I started my current job I'm back at work tomorrow at 7:30 am straight into standby until 7:30 next morning then at work for the rest of the week off sat then standby sun to mon It's a 24 hr a day industry if you stop flushing I can stop working
  12. I'm glad you're so good, I know who to come to now now get back to work
  13. look pretty much identical to my japspeed ones



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