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  1. If it's a TOP SECRET project do we get to call it project Elrond, And if we do I want to be called Legolas from now on cos he was a pretty boy like me
  2. Hey did you just throw me under the bus ? Using my name along with words like slowing the project down. And after I offered you humanitarian aid as well
  3. andybp

    Drum Breaks

    and good luck to your neighbours
  4. How the other half live actually after eating all that the other 3/4
  5. yea come on pull your finger out or did you have too many mince pies and just can't move yet
  6. andybp

    Rear Mount Turbo (DIY)

    I ran mine like that for a while, just put a cone filter on the end of the intercooler, meant I didn't have to keep putting the car back together to use it
  7. andybp

    A Happy Christmas to one and all

    If it's any consolation this is only the third Christmas day I've had off in 17 yrs since I started my current job I'm back at work tomorrow at 7:30 am straight into standby until 7:30 next morning then at work for the rest of the week off sat then standby sun to mon It's a 24 hr a day industry if you stop flushing I can stop working
  8. andybp

    A Happy Christmas to one and all

    Happy Xmas everyone
  9. andybp

    Rear Mount Turbo (DIY)

    I'm glad you're so good, I know who to come to now now get back to work
  10. andybp

    SPORTS CAT -What make

    look pretty much identical to my japspeed ones
  11. andybp

    happy birthday Keyser

    Happy Birthday Chris Now get back to work
  12. andybp

    DIY Air Ride Suspension

    Ok I'm a bit behind with this project it is progressing but other stuff keeps getting in the way I've been working my way through changing all of the standard bushes for poly bushes this was not a choice as all the standard bonded rubber bushes are failing they are all original and I'm guessing the additional travel of the air ride setup was just too much for them something to bear in mind if anyone is considering this @cs2000 I have been media blasting the suspension arms before refitting, so doing a proper job. still haven't got the front sensors fitted but I have fitted an additional small battery near the compressor as I was having some issues as it turns out the main battery was knackered which I have now changed but will leave the smaller one in because why not it's there now
  13. come on can't you multitask I know that mill can't