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  1. andybp

    Ebay Ark Grip replica?

    I've got one fitment not as good as the real thing but not a major problem and in my opinion too loud with de-cats but quality wise bloody good for the money mine has sat in my back garden for the last year still absolutely fine
  2. andybp

    PopZ - My First Rod Build

    I was going to suggest something similar but your way is much better
  3. andybp

    Rear Mount Turbo (DIY)

    About time you got on with this
  4. andybp

    350Z Fuel/MAF/Running Problem

    Where are you in essex ? I may have one knocking about as you do don't want to get rid of it but you could try it if it helps
  5. andybp

    PopZ - My First Rod Build

    from scratch ,no plan no idea that sums me up
  6. andybp

    Air Ride Suspension

    I'm liking it even though mine is a work in progress I can't comment on reliability as mine has hardly been on the road yet and it's a diy setup as for changing back to standard it depends on the setup you buy theoretically you can just remove the bags and fit coil springs at least i can
  7. andybp

    PopZ - My First Rod Build

    The car doesn't appeal to me but but your skills and can do attitude are awesome
  8. andybp

    Anyone Turbo/supercharge using oem bits?

    I'm pretty sure the older jag/range rover were Eaton M112 but I don't know about later ones
  9. andybp

    diy rear mount

    I fed mine from the oil pressure sensor takeoff through an inline filter not sure what you mean by "I thought feed to the turbo would need to be constant and variable? " Turbowerx pumps are good not cheap but good
  10. andybp

    diy rear mount

    yes but bear in mind the scavenge pumps are the weak point in these setups and have a tendency to fail the final setup I did before I removed mine controlled the pump speed based on the oil pressure feeding the turbo most people just run them full speed
  11. andybp

    diy rear mount

    All gone sorry, another member on here is playing with it
  12. andybp

    DIY Air Ride Suspension

    Sorry I'm a bit behind Sunday's been and gone several times and in all honesty I'm not much further forward You know what it's like life and work get in the way of playing with the Z. The rear level sensors are all connected and working and I've been optimising the software also thought I was having a lot of trouble getting the front level until I realised the passenger side wing has been damaged in the past and the top of the arch is a centimeter higher than the other side just going to ignore that for the time being also the suspension seemed a bit rattly turns out the rose jointed drop links I made up the other year have worn not sure if they were poor quality or just because they were open but I've re-done them with good quality german sealed units also dropped the anti roll bar while I had them off and fitted the poly bushes I've had laying around for ages also I've changed where I work, same company just closer to home but more importantly I now have access to a triple garage with an air compressor and a pit
  13. I can't believe how quick you are going I am truly in awe of your progress not bad for an old boy.
  14. andybp

    How did that happen?

    Yea all accidental working on cars except the thumb which I owe to the grip on an SLR and an idiot officer falling over me in the dark