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  1. Absolutely awesome work makes me want to give up and call it a day
  2. now we're talking this is the first time in a while that i've been interested an any projects on here so get to it fella
  3. Great to have you back I've missed your madness
  4. my wife went shopping at morrisons earlier she said that all of the toilet roll is gone again you'd think that with the amount they bought first time around that they'd still have some left
  5. This is as low as my air ride goes but i'm old
  6. i had trouble once with this myself but you really need to know what the fault code is first
  7. yea i feel the same way about green but the itb's are gone almost stockish
  8. how about in gunmetal looking for a good home
  9. got to do mine this year oh joy
  10. all those near death experiences let you know you're alive though it's a thin line between risk taking and reckless i'm not sure he's on the right side
  11. G4+ 350Z link ECU Part no.N350+ Removed from my Z prior to sale has been great fun very flexible this is what I used with my Individual Throttle Bodies just swap for standard ecu and run a tube from the manifold to connect to the on board sensor and you should be up and running this has been 100% reliable this is a link to the manufacturers site and their online support is excellent https://dealers.linkecu.com The ECU wont use the rear O2 sensors and doesn't work with the factory wideband fronts if you have them. I had separate Spartan wideband sensors connected to mine I also have an expansion loom connected as shown in photo giving an extra analog in,digital in and auxiliary output I'm really not keen on posting this so would prefer local collection but will consider if no other option I'm looking for £600 ovno these are still nearly £1250 new and the expansion looms cost £50 I will also be putting my 2 Spartan wideband controllers and sensors up for sale but will give anyone wanting the ECU first refusal
  12. seems like reasonable and harmless question to me personally I've blown all my pocket money on a new Z and some shiny bits for it
  13. So I decided to put more of the Z back to stock before selling it the link G4+ ecu is coming back off and the 2 spartan wideband sensors and controllers, seems people are happy to modify cars but wary of buying them and if I stop to think about it I'd be the same In other news The invidia Exhaust on the Z sounds Awesome excellent quality https://www.tarmacsportz.co.uk/invidia-nissan-370z-09-n1-gt-cat-back-exhaust-stainless-steel-tips.html Thanks to Chris @Tarmac@TarmacSportz





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