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  1. wow I'm so jealous I could almost cry if I wasn't a man, god damn it
  2. Ok I've run out of excuses and other people to throw under the bus but the dog did eat my homework.
  3. Hold on your profile says kent how are you further than me ?
  4. That's it make me look bad
  5. Oh sorry that's all I had
  6. andybp

    OBX Individual Throttle Bodies

    yea I did consider this among many other options for now I'm going to move as much out of the way as possible then I've got some really thin sheet ally I can bend by hand to mock up whatever solution seems best basically I'm winging it
  7. one day i'll get there, why do I have to live in crappy southend.
  8. andybp

    OBX Individual Throttle Bodies

    Don't get me wrong I agree it's do-able but I'm not going to enclose it as I find it aesthetically pleasing for now I'm just going to continue to optimise space around the trumpets and then decide
  9. andybp

    OBX Individual Throttle Bodies

    It would that's a vq35 but that's not a 350z bay it's in and I just don't have the clearance even after moving the vacuum manifold but I'm getting there.
  10. andybp

    DIY Air Ride Suspension

    no pressure then
  11. andybp

    OBX Individual Throttle Bodies

    Trouble is it's only really a problem in traffic or when i'm not moving when there is no airflow, when i'm moving it's not too bad
  12. andybp

    OBX Individual Throttle Bodies

    I think that to extract the heat as opposed to just releasing it ie by venting the bonnet will use a lot of power if there was a simple way of getting rid of the heat then our aircon wouldn't use such a large amount of engine power but I like your thinking though as it happens I've been re-arranging things in the engine bay to try and allow room to duct cold air to the inlet in fact I was making progress until the missus got me putting up curtains
  13. andybp

    DIY Air Ride Suspension

    So here I am again with more DIY madness I live in Southend On Sea the roads are crap and there are speed humps everywhere including down my road shortly and I'm fed up with having to plan my route around town based on speed humps I can't get over but as some of you may know I'm partial to a project and some would also say tight. actually I'm not tight I just do a really crap job for a living (literally) so demand value for money when I part with it This is not going to be a shiny setup for show hopefully it will all be hidden and OEM looking and much of it will be, just not Nissan mostly Audi with range rover height sensors, aftermarket Bags and a custom built controller cost wise it should be coming in at £600-£700 just got to wait for stuff to arrive now
  14. andybp

    Rear arch rust repair

    Damn I hate bodywork
  15. andybp

    Rear arch rust repair

    Maybe I need to stop ignoring mine