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  1. I'm not sure I want to follow this project anymore it just makes me feel inadequate Brilliant work keep it up
  2. So it's been a sad week for me I've sold both my 350z and my 370z the 370z was going to be my new project car but anything that I might of wanted to do to it I'd already done to the 350 and I didn't want to do the same old thing also I plan on retiring next year so wanted a fresh new project to keep me occupied well other than the long list of jobs the missus has lined up for me. so I've bought myself an old Cooper S to run around in and am on the lookout for the new project car which is going to be a Boxster EV conversion just got to find the right car just missed one low mileage knackered engine. I will still keep an eye on this forum to stay in touch and see what everyone is up to
  3. andybp

    What Ramps

    take a look here but don't blame me if you spend loads of money https://cjautosheywood.co.uk/product-category/car-ramps/
  4. Nice build very cool, I know what you are saying about the GPU I was looking to upgrade from my dual RX590's but there's just nothing available but I'll survive as long as nothing new comes out that I'm desperate to play
  5. Hold up a minute Sasha's hybrid Z ? why don't I know about this and where do i find it ?
  6. I know what you mean totally in awe and don't feel competent enough to comment
  7. I only have 2 problems with independence day 1. will smith 2. aMericans in general
  8. Absolutely awesome work makes me want to give up and call it a day
  9. now we're talking this is the first time in a while that i've been interested an any projects on here so get to it fella
  10. Great to have you back I've missed your madness
  11. my wife went shopping at morrisons earlier she said that all of the toilet roll is gone again you'd think that with the amount they bought first time around that they'd still have some left
  12. This is as low as my air ride goes but i'm old
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