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  1. in 2011 I killed the engine in my Z a year after I bought it and I was torn between replacing with another VQ an lS V8 or going electric but an ev conversion with enough power to do the Z justice was more than an LS V8 conversion faced with that decision now with current technology I would defiantly go electric
  2. well if you get inspiration keep me up to date I like your thinking so far I may even steal, I mean borrow some of your ideas
  3. Hmm Cambridge Audio nice did you make the rack with the nuts and studding or buy it looks really cool
  4. well the thing with finished pictures is that I wasn't happy with the finish as i made them from softwood ply so I decided to re-do them in another material so I pulled the drivers and crossovers and threw them in a skip and to date haven't gotten around to it so many projects so little time it's not like i need them I have a really nice pair of Ruark Templar's
  5. 38 Hz I believe so port length came in at about 2 meters from memory
  6. did the speaker design myself took around 30 hrs per speaker on my cnc router
  7. I'm genuinely not sure if that's humor or you actually don't know as most people have never actually seen and even fewer owned a valve amplifier
  8. finished my new valve amp made the vol knob from some brass I had laying about not completely happy may have to lay my hands on some copper instead the transformer cover is in copper overall I'm pretty happy sounds great and looks really good in the dark (The wife says I also look better in the dark)
  9. Brilliant far too rare we see this type of work being done looks awesome
  10. depends how much time you spend under your car, I think they're great good quality, good price does what it say's on the tin no complaints here got mine from costco https://www.costco.co.uk/Tyres-Automotive/Automotive/Trolley-Jacks-Axle-Stands/QuickJack-Portable-Automatic-Car-Lift-System-Jack-2268kg-Capacity-Model-BL-5000SLX/p/1268102
  11. the amp design is lifted with a few mods then built the oak case and the copper valve guards just need to machine the copper transformer cover and a new volume knob which will be in copper or brass the speakers are my own transmission line design, to give you some idea of size the top driver is 8"
  12. some of the reason for my lack of progress on my air ride and throttle body projects is all the other stuff I play with like my diy valve amp and speakers I've been building (still not finished) so many things so little time
  13. I'd hoped to have finished with the air ride project this year but the loss of my father threw more than a few spanners in the works but without his Diy attitude that seems to have rubbed off on me I probably wouldn't be doing stuff like this so thanks Dad So this is the extent of what i had to do to fit the new air compressor and housing into the spare wheel well you can't even see it when the carpet is down I'm also still refurbishing the suspension and changing all the bushes to poly just did the front upper arms the old ones were on their last legs new ones blasted and fitted with new poly bushes are much better and the thing I bought to cheer me up made things a lot easier so much easier than sodding about with ramps and jacks still haven't fitted the level sensors to the front that's the next job on my list
  14. Ok I withdraw the Crayon threat, I'm not messing with your good lady I've been married plenty long enough to know better



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