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  1. Still working on it, moved into a larger unit. Bought a load more machinery including pillar drills and metal lathes. I will do an update soon only just got my car moved over last weekend. The kit itself is basically done just needs the wiring and other bits sorting now.
  2. 370 single rear mount for ease of construction and maintenance
  3. Unless you bought a R33 a few years ago and you'd be quids up.
  4. Just finished welding up the pipe from the IC which goes to the turbo, it misses the ARB, Lower arm, steering rack and max travel of the wheel now I'm on the home straight to the rear of the car. Nice easy long semi straight sections.
  5. Thanks again mate hope to see you at some of the shows
  6. Looking for a pair of Cats for an upcoming MOT let me know if you're willing to part with yours. For a DE
  7. First dibs on this where are you located mate? Massive thanks in advance.
  8. Cheers mate, will hopefully have some more time this weekend to crack on.
  9. Sorry mate just beat you to it You can follow my build process, I may also be able to provide help (No guarantee) it's all new to me.
  10. Fabricated a blanking plate out of aliminium for the stock cold air feed. Mirror polished it to fit in with the rest of the bay, all needs a good clean for show season but that's a job for another day.
  11. I couldn't help myself no gaskets or oil feed. Disclaimer: (it is full of oil and bunged off only run it for about 20 seconds) before someone comments that i damaged the turbo
  12. Test fitted the pipe all seems good need to slightly adjust the rotation of the 3" exhaust flange since I tacked it blindely. But not bad for a first attempt Test fitted the IC pipe everything seems to fit perfect so onwards with more piping I'm going to mount the pipework to part of the subframe just above the lower arm since I'm using smaller 2.25" pipe I've got plenty of room. ** excuse my DIY blanking plates for headlight washer deletes **
  13. Cheers mate many, many more bends to come



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