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  1. 3D Printed Cup Holders

    I have a couple in stock again still offering these at £12.50 to forum members including postage. Think of the beverage carrying capabilities your Zed will have for the summmer
  2. Japfest 2018 Silverstone Sunday 6th May

    1. Andy James + Kat 2. Shezza 3. Valy - Paid 4. Keyser +1 - Paid 5. Paul k + Dawn - PAID 6. Nso93- paid 7. Humpy 8. G1en 9. Rickdon 10. VeilsideZ 11. Beb + Colombia 12. Bob94 13. Buster - PAID 14. Lumpy101 15. Teejay+1 16. Flashback 17. Modo +1 18. TT350 (try) 19. Papa 20. Olly350z 21. Louis350z (not on here) 22. alexclabbs 23. Jay84 paid 24. jackf + 1 25. Dillydot82 +1 26. retro_al 27. 350z South West 28. EzeePzee 29. cs2000 - PAID + Tracktime @ 13:40 30. chippychip123 +1 31. Mark123 32. DrMurderDeath +1 33.cloud1440 34. Nismoandy +1 35. Conlonl 36. Apoc124 37. LewisH 38. pintopete58 PAID 39. AmyZed 40. SUPRAWOOKIE +1 41. LMStaples + 1 42. BenHz33 + 1 PAID 43. ShortPaul +1 44. Zero:One 45. wvSTUwv +1 46. Mr.szarvas +1 47. Kingsley + 1 48. V1H 49. Cob1980 (+1?) 50. Mattrwebb +1 51. Jake.Lowther (if my cars rebuilt in time whats the latest payment date?)
  3. Engine bay progress update

    Cheers man, you got any pics of your bay all done up?
  4. Engine bay progress update

    Cheers buddy
  5. Engine bay progress update

    Been awhile since I posted, I've almost forgotten what my original engine bay looked like until I found an old pic. View these images first https://imgur.com/gallery/0agPe then these images second https://imgur.com/gallery/Kb951 Overall I think it's coming along nicely can't wait to get it all done now and drive it again
  6. DAS-6 PRO - Autofinesse Revitalise

    Don't these kits sell for £150 new?
  7. Custom 3D Printer Cut Vinyl Decals

    Only issue I can see is colour matching, since I don't think you can get colour matched vinyl fairly easily. Simple colours like black and white will be fine.
  8. Custom 3D Printer Cut Vinyl Decals

    So I've been toying with a vinyl cutting head on my modified 3D printer. Here's some of the results. Still needs a little work but I'm impressed with the results so far I've got so many ideas for decals the Blue Turd Decal is a custom design I did for my daily clio it's a piece of sh*t thus the decal

    You got a rough price of what you want for it?
  10. Items found in House Move - 350z engine bay

    I pinched that one for my little project, snooze ya lose
  11. Twin turbo 350z build.

    Thanks for sharing I nearly just bought one, I'll avoid them from now on then. Hopefully you don't get any more issues
  12. What age do you think you should be allowed to drive a 350z?

    Yeah I get that and again we're talking about the better varient of the 2JZ as the other I don't believe can take 400bhp+
  13. What age do you think you should be allowed to drive a 350z?

    That's the thing though, the NA 2JZ sounds nasty as ass Ok maybe not that bad, but my point is it's the turbskis everyone likes.
  14. What age do you think you should be allowed to drive a 350z?

    I get the possibilities they have and I have to agree with Ekona I prefer the raspy roar of a V6 over a Flat 6 And then I prefer V8 over both of the above.
  15. What age do you think you should be allowed to drive a 350z?

    V6 on the other hand has a nice raspy noise (I like it anyways haters)