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  1. What age do you think you should be allowed to drive a 350z?

    I was civil haha Or was "oldies" too far?
  2. What age do you think you should be allowed to drive a 350z?

    Because we're immature and stupid All you oldies have a bit more experience
  3. Cheap 350z on Ebay £2999 85k

    Haha something similar happened to me I went to test drive an Astra VXR, there was an EML on and the turbo kept cutting out when I put my foot down. It then went into limp mode and started miss firing, and the guy said the reason why it was doing that was because it just had a new turbo fitted and had oil in the exhaust manifold cuasing it to miss fire and to go into limp mode. I couldn't stop laughing.
  4. What age do you think you should be allowed to drive a 350z?

    To the others, yes I'd agree it depends a lot on the mind set of the person. I think I'm fairly mature for a 20 year old. I definitely wouldn't trust some of my mates to drive my car.
  5. What age do you think you should be allowed to drive a 350z?

    The guy I bought my Zed from funnily enough lectured me about driving it. Haha
  6. Just a little discussion topic since I don't know the average age of forum members but I gather the majority are 25+ onwards. I've been told numerous times that the car is too powerful for me, what do you think is an "appropriate" age. I'm 20 for those wondering and have owned my DE for 9 months
  7. 20 with 3 years nc insurance

    I'm probably one of the youngest owners on here at 20 I've owned my DE for 9 months now, It cost me £1750 with Admiral without mods and with only 2 years no claims, with all mods declared (full exhaust system, splitter/other body mods, induction kit/ few other bits) was £1900 with admiral at still only 2 years no claims. Little late to the party but hopefully this will help others looking. I found that insurance was a hit and miss kinda, one day I would get quotes around £3500 the next around £2000.
  8. Hi, I'm new to the Forum!

    Hi Dani, welcome to the cool forum here we all run V6 engines and drink beer from a barrel, sick picture btw
  9. 350z Louvers

    After some Louvers for my 2004 350z, will end up buying Zack's louvers from the U.S. but thought I'd test the waters on here to see if anyone has any used Zack louvers / other brands for sale. Thanks Jake
  10. Cheap 350z on Ebay £2999 85k

    Cheap 350z from flea bay what could go wrong
  11. 3D Printed Cup Holders

    2 left at £12.50 get once they're gone they're gone peeps
  12. Cheap 350z on Ebay £2999 85k

    You should probably link to the UK eBay not the US version https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/162756715362
  13. wanted 350z cats

    Just find a guy who knows a guy, or buy the MOT tester a meal deal and ask for him to place the sensor a little further back
  14. POST YOUR ZED PIC OF THE DAY.............

    Cheers buddy, unless you're talking about someone else's car which would be a bit awkward
  15. POST YOUR ZED PIC OF THE DAY.............

    Spotted in my garage