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  1. Desperate need of a drivers side brembo caliper

    Lol no failed on emissions it had a massive oil leak on the way and it pi**ed all over the headers. It also cut out twice while on the motorway and then again on the MOT ramp took 10 hours to find the electrical fault we're 95% certain we've fixed it but until it goes for a long run theres no telling it ran for over 2 hours after and didn't stall so i presume its fine. New plugs are being installed now. After it was running again we got it on the ramp and Carbon dioxide wouldn't go in the green. Everything else was. It's got a test later with a friendly tester who I'm sure will get it to pass the emissions test it was only off by 0.3 on carbon dioxide
  2. Desperate need of a drivers side brembo caliper

    Got a pair sourced all sorted ready for its MOT tomorrow morning wish me luck
  3. Desperate need of a drivers side brembo caliper

    Might have sourced some for collection tomorrow wish me luck 200 mile drive and MOT 8:30am monday morning
  4. Desperate need of a drivers side brembo caliper

    Sorry way too far and I know my MOTs just booked Monday and I can't have no car otherwise
  5. Desperate need of a drivers side brembo caliper

    Anyone can even buy a pair I'm desperate and need them by the end of tomorrow Jake
  6. Willing to drive tonight or tomorrow anywhere within 150 miles of sg18 snapped my bleed nipple need it asap please anyone. MOT is Monday Regards Jake
  7. Japfest 2018 Silverstone Sunday 6th May

    Awesome I should have my car ready by then, it's still got to be wrapped and put back together The bay needs a good clean and everything needs polishing back up to a mirror finish, also some parts need spraying and sanding/polishing still, lots of work todo Also got these bad boys fitted with tyres
  8. Japfest 2018 Silverstone Sunday 6th May

    Bloody hard work sanding in all the nooks and crannies
  9. Japfest 2018 Silverstone Sunday 6th May

    104 350zs dang I better get my arse in gear and put my car back together She still has no front end no rear end, no brakes, no seats, no bonnet. The list goes on. Started polishing up my brembo calipers surprised @Mopedmark hasn't polished his brakes yet
  10. POST YOUR ZED PIC OF THE DAY.............

    Awesome pics can't wait to get mine on the road
  11. 3D Printed Cup Holders

    Still selling these at £12.50 delivered
  12. 3D Printed Cup Holders

    I have sent you a PM still doing these for £12.50, summer times coming and theres nothing better than have a cold one in the Zed while cruising around
  13. JapShop

    Anyone used japshop.co.uk are they legit their site looks a bit dodgy
  14. 2nd hand true coilover setup

    According to a trader on this forum they cost the exact same, true and OEM style.
  15. Headlight washer cap

    Which side do you need?