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  1. Jake.Lowther

    Rear Mount Turbo (DIY)

    Haha it's been a while, it was always planned as a winter project
  2. Jake.Lowther

    Rear Mount Turbo (DIY)

    Hi All, Let this be the official start of my DIY rear mount turbo thread. Firstly I would like to thank @andybp (who previously has made a DIY rear mount) for helping me out with parts and knowledge. This is not going to be a quick project I'll try to keep this updated but we'll see This project has been set back by a month or so after I injured my hand cutting exhaust pipe for a friend. I ended up severing the main radial artery, 10% of the muscle round my thumb and a couple of nerves. Had plastic surgery on it for an hour. Moral of the story wear protective gloves when working around metal. (Slightly gruesome pics of stitches no blood) So to get the ball rolling I've installed a piggy back UTEC ECU. Along with that I had to do a tad of welding to get an AFR sensor in the decat pipes (Images below) Following on I got my hands on some C section mild steel and some mild plate so I've welded those up to make a resorvoir which can hold roughly 1.8L of oil. I also bought a cheap sight glass and threaded bung as a filler cap. I'm not the best at welding I've only recently got into it with no experience I just bought a Hawk 160 TIG and haven't even gone through my first bottle of gas yet
  3. Jake.Lowther

    2x bare cylinder heads vq35de

    Would be interested in these and the block but you're all the way up north I'm from near London
  4. Jake.Lowther

    How Dangerous is the Zed's Cup Holder?

  5. Jake.Lowther

    Show off your custom coloured or wrapped Z.

    Wrapped by me and my mates first time we ever tried it cost me £180 was silver in a previous life
  6. Jake.Lowther

    DE Centre Console

    Any condition going to be fiberglassing and smoothing it over so not fussed even if its cracked. From Bedfordshire
  7. Jake.Lowther

    OBX Individual Throttle Bodies

    Not a bad start I'd try something coming from either side where the headlight braces are if you can cram it in lol
  8. Jake.Lowther

    OBX Individual Throttle Bodies

    Could be worth it in the long run, would have to do some research in heat reduction from the wrap. Also you can get heat resistant/insulating paint which if you put in the side of the block where the exhaust ports are I imagine would make a massive difference to bay temps.
  9. Jake.Lowther

    OBX Individual Throttle Bodies

    Glad to hear, again maybe be stupid but have you tried heat wrapping the headers and down pipes?
  10. Jake.Lowther

    OBX Individual Throttle Bodies

    Ah fair enough it stopped most of your heating issues then?
  11. Jake.Lowther

    OBX Individual Throttle Bodies

    May be a stupid suggestion but what about small mini ducted fans with some ducting pipe bringing cold air from outside into the bay, could be discreetly installed wouldn't have to go right to the intake trumpets. Would lower the temps a small amount, anything creating air flow in the bay will bring the air temps down. Like the old BMWs had belt powered cooling fans.
  12. I still think the levels of maturity and overall forum atmosphere is better than most car forums. You go on some of the Facebook pages and you'll get a new guy ask a question and get roasted for it. But it's not perfect and it'll be nice to see the activity perk up again, I've noticed the activity has dropped in recent months.
  13. Jake.Lowther

    Y pipe

    Preferably after market but if the price and distance is right on an oem one I'm also interested. Willing to travel upto around 150 miles of biggleswade in bedfordshire.
  14. Got any pics of what the lower indicator lights look like lit up? I know the jdmtoy ones also add braking with a red outer ring do these do this? If so I call first dibs
  15. Jake.Lowther

    350z front and rear bumper

    Hi all After preferably a import rear bumper can be in any condition and colour if not post what you've got. Also after any condition front bumper post what you've got, willing to travel a fair distance. Jake