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  1. Ive recently bought my 350z (06 revup) so want to give it a bit of a service, the previous owner gave me a 5l bottle of Motul Sport 5w50 oil so just need the Oil filter and maybe a new sump plug? if anyone can point me in the direction of what I need ill appreciate it ☺ Also will be replacing the sparkplugs, https://www.eurocarparts.com/p/ngk-spark-plug-408775200 will these ones be ok?
  2. Managed to find the 350z for sale i was looking for and finally bought it today. its a 06 Revup and one of the rarer ones in the lower tax bracket . Needs a few bits of body work doing but cant wait to get it sorted how I want it.
  3. Seen that one but trying to find the black coupe with L55 UST specifically
  4. Im Looking for a specific image from the 2006 revup promo cars that had the L55 UST reg plate. There was a black coupe but im really wanting to find a picture of it, the only ones ive found are a Yellow(GT4?) coupe and a silver convertible with the the plate but there was 100% a black one. any help is appreciated.
  5. Looking to buy a black 2006 350z revup under 100k miles and in the lower tax bracket edit: Found one for sale and ended up buying it today
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