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  1. Welcome along, could be the first member with one of these
  2. Not a clue either mate ! Other than something the apprentices at work live on whilst supposedly working !
  3. Congratulations mate, it’s a stunning looking zed for sure. You’ve always said you wouldn’t mind a roadster to mod and this ones already done for you ! I take it the exhaust is an ark grip then, so that won’t want modding Glad your still in the fold and look forward to catching up sometime soon
  4. There’s a copy of this mag at the cougar store, I always have a flick though each time I go. I only managed to get to the last couple of Wales meets 2014/15 but loved every second of them and have very fond memories of the times. Plenty of familiar zeds and faces there for me @Beavis @veilside z @shire350Z @Gudzy @coldel @Ebized @glrnet
  5. Give @MITZ@CougarStore a PM he’ll sort you out. You’ll just need to replace the sump plug crush washer. https://www.cougarstore.co.uk/nissan-350z-genuine-oem-oil-filter--sump-crush-washer-60-p.asp https://www.cougarstore.co.uk/nissan-350z-ngk-x-6-spark-plugs---plfr5a-11-vq35de-65-p.asp
  6. Welcome along, as others have said I’d also get them refurbished to the original spec. Though I’m a little biased.
  7. Hey have you dusted the zed off fella, or is it still in storage. ?
  8. I’m with you on that one, although we may be a little biased.
  9. As Alex has said. Looks like the bonnet has just blown up damaging it, the roof and the wings too.
  10. Yes I thought you might be thinking of this, which is actually the sensor for the alarm. We’ve all got one P.S. I’ve had my car 12 years, still had to go out to the garage to have a look and double check
  11. Yeah I spotted that after posting.





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