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  1. 1. davey_83 2. tauvp 3. monkey1983 4. Andy_Muxy 5. ozzy_350zed 6. Defacake 7. PhilT_Zee plus Gimbal😁 8. SHEZZA
  2. Had a great time as usual catching up with everyone in our Zed famalam ❤️Thanks for organising again Andy.
  3. Hey glad you enjoyed it and it’s inspired you to hang on to the zed a little longer ! The black paint is holding up very well and looks as fresh as the day I did it. I used heat resistant primmer, black gloss enamel paint topped off with lacquer. It came as a kit of eBay I think. few pics of last weekends Drive R meet and one just because 😍
  4. Your not wrong mate ! Loving what you’ve done to yours ! 14 years for me and standing back today looking at it I’m still in love with mine 😍 defiantly a future classic fairlady !
  5. 1 - davey_83 2- Andy_Muxlow 3 - zzincubus 4. Pensioner Monkey1983 😂 5. Azurez33 (in either the z or the Beemer or somethingextra nice) 😂 6. SHEZZA
  6. Looking good mate , forgot that was this Sunday !
  7. Cheers buddy all ready to go 👍
  8. Well I’ve done another thing ! little trip down to Horsham developments yesterday to get the zed it’s long over due up-rev. I must say I was very impressed with the figures before the up-rev, being 285.9HP before remap ! That’s with the berk high flow cats, invidia Gemini exhaust, plenum spacer and a nismo induction kit fitted so very happy with that ! Then 297.1HP after and the throttle response is now 👌 Not bad for a 2005 DE so I think that’s the zed road trip ready just need to save the pennies for fuel now ! Oh other than the annual MOT and service
  9. Is he not just a regional event organiser though and not National
  10. Gutted I’m away for this guys, would’ve been nice to have a catch up. Enjoy 👍
  11. Hi Will 👋 Horsham developments too is about the same distance as the cougar store, still a trek though !
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