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  1. finished the build ! There always be something.
  2. Haha great minds think alike ! Just bought one myself for the garden and did the exact same thing to Louise’s Car wheels the other day.
  3. Always wanted one of these ! But now having an invidia gemini I cant justify swapping. Would go nice with my nismo kitted zed though ! GLWTS
  4. Great meet, looking forward to the drone footage !
  5. Well you did ask ! Welcome along anyhow to the best 350z car forum in the UK.
  6. Welcome along, Zeditus will soon take hold. I bought mine 12 years ago and its still stock, apparently !
  7. Been to watch The Fast and furious 5 this evening at a local drive in, so obviously had to take the Zed !
  8. That’s good to here. New this would be an epic meet, so was gutted when we couldn’t make it.
  9. Is Facebook still a thing then ? Not been on it for 11 years ! im with @ShortPaul on this one
  10. Gutted we won’t be able to make this now guys. Have a great time and hopefully see you all soon.
  11. Quite like this one from Japfest last year, with a couple of friends cars in the reflection.
  12. Yes all sorted last Sunday, which is a good thing considering the weather today. Just need to get some fuel, just need to remember how to open the flap.
  13. Honestly not been cleaned and only driven a hand full of times since August ! Literally done 500 miles in a year. I’ve been busy doing some house renovations, so the Zeds been just sat in the garage. Though I’ve now found, started and cleaned it and took it for a blast as well. Though will now need cleaning again and more than likely again once there. Damn black cars !
  14. I’ve considered selling mine a few times over the years but held on to them for that reason, just in case. As well as all the oem parts I’ve removed.
  15. If I can find the zed from under all the dust and It’ll start we’ll be there. 1) davey83 2) Andy_muxlow 3) tauvp 4) Buster and Mrs Buster 5) EnvoyZ33 6) 14N 7) Charlie Boy 8) Justthejedi 9) zzincubus 10) Sim 11) one-eyed-king maybe 12) Dani350 maybe 13) valy maybe 14) Phil T and Missus 15) AntelopeSam 16) SHEZZA and Louise





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