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  1. 1. davey_83 2. Andy_Muxlow 3. HEADPHONES 4. Monkey1983 5. StormtrooperZ 6. SHEZZA
  2. Well done mate looking a lot better 👍
  3. Hello from the UK, you’ve certainly found the best place for all things Zed. Welcome along 👍
  4. Cheers @davey_83 for organising today mate. A pleasure as always and a good heads up on build your own breakfast, as I was worried for a moment 🤣😋
  5. 1. andy James x1 ticket PAID. track time TBA 2. Monkey1983 x1 ticket PAID no track 3. Coz@TORQEN - 1 x Ticket PAID, no track time 4. Jamah_Zed x1 ticket PAID, No track time 5. Harrm x1 PAID 6.Humpy - 1 X Ticket PAID and no track time 7. PhilT x1 ticket PAID, plus Julie 8. Harvers x 1 ticket PAID Track time 10:45 9. BiggieJDM x 1 ticket PAID No track time (yet) 10. Tiffy350z x1 ticket PAID no track time 11. steven.b x1 ticket PAID, track time 13.00 12. Monkey Nuts x1 ticket PAID, Track time 12.00 13. MicktZZZ x1 ticket PAID, no track this year 14. Olly350z + 1 ticket PAID, no track time 15. Killick.z x1 ticket PAID, no track time 16. Ben350 x1 ticket PAID, no track time (might noise test car and add later) 17. Lewis Schwier x1 PAID 18. ShortPaul x 1 PAID 19. SHEZZA x 1 PAID
  6. I’m absolutely shattered also ! must be getting old ! Can we ask the organisers to do it on a Saturday next year so I can have Sunday to recover ! 🤣
  7. Thanks again @andy james once again for organising this and getting the crew together. I’m glad I couldn’t resist cleaning my car even though I said I wouldn’t, because it obviously made the sun come out. As for being sun burnt I learnt my lesson years ago and always keep plenty in stock as @Andy_Muxlow refers to me as the sun cream dealer ! 🤣
  8. They fit using the existing brace 👍
  9. Ok not the only one then ! It’s usually about a week before anyway just thought it was getting a bit too close !
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