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  1. Looking great mate @hmale4yu the headlights have been modded I’d say. De orange’d, black out and with halo’s by the looks of it.
  2. Hi David sorry for the slow ass reply, my heads in the shed at the moment ! you’ve answered your own question mate, sorry my explanation perhaps wasn’t too clear.
  3. Ditto. I Don’t even like using the windscreen washers if I can help it and if I have too, I’ll turn the lights off if possible so the headlamp washer jets don’t operate! I'm guessing that why the pump packed up, from lack of use and had seized.
  4. Cheers for the comments fellas. I’m Desperate to get out in the zed again for some meets and drive outs. It’s been sooooo! long. This community Is the main reason I’m hanging on to the zed. miss you guys
  5. Just take the transportation blocks out of the springs , that’ll lower it Paul though I bet you’ve checked that already.
  6. Well not updated this for a while ! The poor old zeds not seen much action having only covered around 500 miles in the last year due to having now brought the house we’ve been renting and working on that. Oh and of course COVID and not being able to attend any shows/meets. She’s had two services since I last updated this. Some new LED sequential side repeaters as one was split and letting water in. I’ve also had to replace the windscreen washer pump as that had failed prior to its last MOT back in September. You can get at the pump by removing the inner arch liner without removing the wheel, but I did as it is a lot easier, especially when fitting the new pump as it’s a two hand job really. There’s two washer bottles on the 350z one each side and I always thought that one was for the rear and one for the the front. But as every day is a school day and what I now no is. The one the passenger side is for the headlight washers with its own pump and the one on the drivers side has two separate pumps for front and rear. With the pump which I needed to replace on the right for the front windscreen Old pump versus new and some nice new MOTUL screen wash, just because. Cheers opieoils for supplying that.
  7. Best bet I reckon would be the cougar store In Leicester give @MITZ@CougarStore a PM.
  8. Feel exactly the same even after 12 years ! Last time I took mine out was probably a month ago I guess and I came across a tunnel. Needless to say, windows down 2nd gear at around 30/40
  9. Ay up mate long time no see ! Hope your keeping well ?
  10. SHEZZA

    Nismo wheels

    @Bry thought you lived in Australia? dust ain’t that corrosive as salt.
  11. Regards eat out to help out we booked in to a restaurant once. We walked in, the placed was packed so we walked straight out again. As for schools I won’t even go there, get enough ear ache from the other have about that !
  12. finished the build ! There always be something.
  13. Haha great minds think alike ! Just bought one myself for the garden and did the exact same thing to Louise’s Car wheels the other day.





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