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  1. This is the oem replacement clutch and flywheel. What have Nissan quoted you for. Just clutch or flywheel as well. https://www.tarmacsportz.co.uk/r35-gtr-clutch-and-drivetrain/350z-03-05-vq35de-exedy-luk-oem-replacement-clutch-and-flywheel-kit.html
  2. Nice one, just don’t lead the convoy mate, we don’t want to miss the turn again ! I know it was six years ago but I’ll never forget !
  3. Most of the traders on here will be able to sort you out. TarmacSportz to name one. https://www.tarmacsportz.co.uk/genuine-nissan-350z-03-09-rear-stay-assembly-kidney-braces-pair.html
  4. Haha yeah I know where that is. What time shall I get there, ready to set off to the show. ?
  5. I could meet you in Worcester at your hotel @andy james @Andy_Muxlow and then convoy in together ? Just let me know the place and time.
  6. Hi @davey_83 sorry I won’t be attending this due to being double booked for Shelsley Walsh.

    New 280z found

    Enjoyed that Paul. thanks for sharing.
  8. Welcome along love this zed slacky and as I’ve already said on FB get that bent Ariel changed.
  9. Sorry Dave I’m unable to make this also. Catch up soon though pal
  10. 100% improvement with the wheels IMO.
  11. Why not just PM @ZMANALEX bet he’ll have one surprised you missed out on that one @ShortPaul sorry mate.
  12. Glad to see that nismo V1 bumper has been saved.
  13. Give kaleb a shout from clarksons farm he’s got one. Though it might have a few scratches and dents from it being ridden on being dragged around a field. !
  14. Maybe the car has high flo cats or has de cats some pics of the cats might help
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