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  1. Exactly, but to be honest I bet it’s only been on a hand full of times since I’ve had the hfc’s in eight years !
  2. Zeds booked in for its up-rev ! So stay tuned !
  3. Holding up well considering there 17 years old !
  4. New brakes time ! Although the existing pads were only half worn and discs barely having a lip on them as they’d only covered around 20K since I fitted them back in 2014. I think due to the fact the zed is only a summer weekend toy and during winter sitting around had not done them any favours over the years. Even after trying to re-bed them in this spring I was getting slight vibrations through the brake pedal and steering wheel when braking, so thought it was time they was replaced. This time Ive opted for dba T3’s along with hawk performance ceramic pads, kindly supplied by @Tarmac@TarmacSportz Then this weekend set about replacing them. So off with the old, surprisingly worse for wear on the inner face of the discs. No little wonder why I was experiencing vibrations ! Then on with the new ! Now @davey_83 Did worn me once I’d changed the fronts I’d want to replace the rears ! As OCD would kick in well I must resist at least until next payday !
  5. Great meet and pics mate, thanks for organising as usual it was a blast.
  6. I’ve not washed the zed, been too busy
  7. Hi guys another year, another update ! Wow and what a year it’s been ! Since my last update the zeds had its yearly service and MOT. Then I’ve had the windows re-tinted as the original that’s been on since I’ve owned the car had gone all funky ! I went with a shade darker this time with Luna on the rears and the legally darkest on the sides, 30% I think. Then something I’ve been toying with for many awhile is a new head unit and as now funds allow thought I’d treat myself ! and after seeing @andy james at Japfest and the trip down last week constantly seeking for radio stations, thought it was about time ! So I got myself on the internet and got myself a pioneer SPH-DA160DAB unit with the correct fascia trim and appropriate wiring harness for the steering wheel controls and a DAB aerial. Then have spent a few hours over the weekend fitting it and so far I’m very impressed with it and wished I’d done it sooner ! Next up is some new brake discs and pads for the front and I’m finally going to get the zed an up-rev as it’s about time and being as I’ve got all the supporting mods I think.
  8. A big thanks from me to @andy james for once again organising this epic stand and remember kids wear sunscreen even though you don’t think you need it, it’s the next most important thing to apply after quick detailer of course !
  9. Tell me about it ! Though usually we have a bank holiday Monday to recover 🤣
  10. Haha nope , I’ll be tucked up in a near by hotel
  11. 1. Davey_83 *PM 2. Andy_Muxlow *PM 3. Monkey1983 *PM 4. Shibui Panda *PM 5. SHEZZA *PM
  12. Great meet @davey_83 thanks for organising I had a blast !
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