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  1. It’s always advised to replace the flywheel when replacing the clutch as you’ll be only paying for the flywheel it self basically as part of the clutch change. If your sticking with the OEM set up it’s best to use fhe OEM Exedy clutch and LUK dual mass flywheel. For After market the extreme clutch kit is a good step up. Also if your Zeds a HR you’ll definitely want to be getting the slave cylinder replaced too. https://www.cougarstore.co.uk/nissan-350z-clutches-12-c.asp
  2. Cracking result mate. I really must get mine done !
  3. Loved the meet today mate and wouldn’t hesitate in going again. Next time though I’m thinking pub and a meal where were all together would be best, end of season get together if you will
  4. Cracking day today we really enjoyed it, thanks for organising @davey_83 Great seeing and chatting to all the usual suspects and meeting others. Sorry if we didn’t get chance to say good bye to you all. Till next time.
  5. Yes it would of had to come off to replace the banana arms.
  6. @ZMANALEX is doing/was doing a cracking deal on this clutch kit and dual mass flywheel
  7. Looking great ! Have you thought about getting some black nuts ? a set of these would finish them of well https://www.nengun.com/nismo/wheel-nut-set @ZMANALEX might even have some oem ones kicking about
  8. 1. davey_83 2. 14N 3. Andy_Muxlow +1 maybe 4. SHEZZA +1 maybe 5.
  9. The main gain is the smile you’ll get from the noise.
  10. Hr zeds did not come in azure so you’ll be lucky to find one I’m afraid. A new ready to paint one from Nissan is your best bet and cheaper than you’d think.
  11. You should know better Headphones !



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