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  1. No not yet, still in the to do list. Funny you should mention it though, as I was looking into it again this morning.

    Fan shroud

    Afraid not compared between the two the fixing points are different. @andy jameswas considering it when he looked at mine at Japfest. It might be possible if the fixing points were re welded in the correct location, but I couldn’t say for sure.

    Fan shroud

    If it’s for your HR you’ll be lucky as they only make them for the DE sorry.
  4. Had this common problem with mine a couple of years ago. New genuine slave, braided clutch line and high temp fluid supplied and fitted by the cougar store and it’s been all good since. I bet Tarmac Sportz could sort you out too if it’s closer for you veeg.
  5. Hi Ants welcome to the club. I’m not sure who you are trying to speak to as your topic is just posted in the servicing section. However I have just had this same issue and opted to replace mine with the mishimoto fan shroud kit as supposed to replacing or refurbishing the oem motors. https://www.tarmacsportz.co.uk/mishimoto-nissan-350z-03-06-fan-shroud.html
  6. Looking good Jay.
  7. Time for a little update. After the zed had been tucked up all winter it was time to blow the cobwebs off and go to a little local meet at melbricks organised by @davey_83 I say little, though over thirty zeds it was a great turn out. Now to get there involved going on the dreaded M6, which you’d think on a early Sunday morning would be traffic free. Yeah right ! Getting stuck in traffic I noticed that the temp gauge was higher than usual, not in the red but not looking good. I quickly turned the air con on and luckily that brought the temp down then I got off the first exit which I could. When getting to the meet I popped the bonnet and to my suprise both rad fans where running and cutting in and out as they should After the meet we went for a drive out, then after the drive home with no problem at all. How ever not getting stuck in traffic and opting for the twisty way home helped. Once home I decided to do a little investigating as regards to the fan motors. By unplugging the motors and applying 12volts direct from the battery to the motors, first to the speed one terminals, then the speed two terminals and low and behold neither of the motors worked on speed one. I decided that with Japfest fast approaching and not wanting to get caught out in the ques, the quickest option for me was to get a nice shiny mishimoto fan shroud kit. A couple of days later it was delivered. Then fitted. Once fitted having had to remove the top hose to get the old fans out and the new ones in, it was just a case of topping up with coolant about a litre and a half in this case. Now it’s know that the mishimoto fans are louder than stock as they are single speed and both run together, but to be honest it doesn’t bother myself at all, plus it’s a bit more bling in the bay.
  8. I’ve got the invidia Gemini with berk high flow cats with no drone what’s so ever. I’ve only ever had it as that set up so couldn’t comment between oem. I love it, just the right volume for me.
  9. Have to agree with Ian, love it. I was behind you the last few miles to Japfest and I swore I heard you catching on some cats eyes ! no wonder you took the bridge route in.
  10. Here’s some pics from the Japfest Facebook page and a few of my own.
  11. Thanks once again to Andy and everyone involved in making this show and club stand great once again. literally all of us that is. Well done guys, great effort by everyone. I had great pleasure in helping Andy out with the mamouth task of getting us all parked and hope I didn’t annoy too many people with the forward/back a bit antics I’ve been to my fare share of these shows now and have learnt the hard way that it pays to ware sun screen even on a cloudy day for all you guys that are a little red today ! Looking forward to the next one. Mark
  12. No problem buddy. I know what your saying I mostly drive a works van, so jumping in the zed is a special treat.
  13. Screw the spacers on to the bolts first, as you don’t want them falling in the engine. That’s what I’d did anyway.



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