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  1. Hi... Did he say that he never mentioned that to me,I think as a member said he smells a bit of a rat with it,I found an old chat regarding that car from the previous owner and it was up for 19k I'm going to keep looking for now,how's your search going
  2. So if ,when I finally find a car to look at what's the common things I should look for so I look like I know what I'm doing lol....and Sheffield United won that bet might look more appealing now lol....
  3. Lol....well I'm a west brom fan so can't say to much,yea going back to the nismo I'm thinking you guys are right and this is why I joined the forum for this,I'd love to go for a 17 reg but I'm already at my limit at 20s but I'm sure one will pop up that makes all the right noises and let's be honest can't go for a good spin any way I'll put a 10a WBA to stay up that'll get me a new car....pmsl
  4. The one I've enquired about is 24,250 white nismo 17 plate from place called marshalls I think it's on autotrader
  5. Hi.. Yea seen this one would like white but looks nice and warranty with it I've just enquired about a different 1 but it's that bit out my reach I think money wise but it's cheaper tax so over time would be cheaper but try explaining that to the wife lol
  6. Mmmm yea, I missed one before Christmas well 2 actually cheaper as well,yea saw the drivers bolster was creased looking bit warn,heard the clutches (slave cylinder)are one of the problems with rear wheel click ,fuel gauge,and rear bushes but all can be done with a bit of knowledge and some spanners and time lol part of me thinks your right really appreciate your help and advise I'll be leaning on you guys to guide me cheers pal
  7. Hi.. Yea that's the one,like I mentioned I was messaging the guy think his name was vin (reg of car??VIN15)I think and he said he was a mechanic who did the work himself been offered a p.x on mine of 7,500 which seems fair enough but like I said not sure guy seemed young but that's only a assumption so could very possibly be wrong,also what's the crack with going to get it it's not far but going through other lockdown areas and test driving it again don't fancy sitting next to a stranger with this going on,but plusses are it's only 14 mile from where I live
  8. Hi. . Yea they do it's just I want the nismo version but yes it looks nice but not the one I want,what's your thoughts on the white nismo
  9. Hi. . Yea they do it's just I want the nismo version but yes it looks nice but not the one I want
  10. Hi.... Not sure on how to put the listing in the conversation yet(derrr I'm only a welder fabby)Lol,if you've got access to ebay autotrader etc it's on there it's a white nismo being sold in Dudley(sedgley near dudley)think it's being sold by a company called midwest I think don't know too much about them,it's had.. Clutch slave flywheel etc(bonus) Air intakes Exhaust And some kind of tuning (pops n bangs)was what I remember on the previous seller It looks genuinely nice but I know that's not always the case I'm not a great mechanic but I kind of know my way roun
  11. Rob74

    VW Scirocco

    Hi ive got a 2010 scirocco R blue its been a great car for me im only getting rid of it to p.x on a nismo but all sai n done been a great car really enjoyed the drive
  12. Hi.. I'm just reading the buying my 1st z's story and I'm in the same boat and any advice/help would be appreciated I've been looking for a while and I've seen one in Dudley it's a white nismo 15 reg I enquired to the original seller and he was interested in a of px with my rokko R but I backed away as wasn't sure but it's popped up more expensive but comes with warranty etc....I'm just a but unsure as it's got modifications which I quite like but my concern is has it been driven hard by a boy racer etc I've got no problem in the mods as I also have done some but I drive pipe n slippers(m
  13. Ok pal.... Well hopefully some members could advise or even help with search in the new year,have fun when you get to put some miles in I'm sure you'll love it,I do like a v6 sound as had three 2,8 capris over the years Stay safe
  14. Hi.... I guess it's gonna be a long 4 weeks lol,I'm also new but unfortunately I don't own a Z yet but will be hopefully I'm looking out for a 370 nismo pearl white so feel free to advise me what to look out for as your experience will be greatly appreciated Cheers
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