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  1. Had my interior handle parts resprayed by a local plastic moulding company in a hard wearing, scuff resistant Matt black paint. Not a mark on them after a year or so use before I sold it. Worth seeing if there are any around who may do it for a cash in hand hobble. Also had a guy in who specialises in interior restoration to redo the inner cups of the door handles and the centre console, again, did a great job for small price. It's safe to say the guy who had the car before me was either Mr T in the ring department or had the touch of a rhino
  2. That's a lil bonus for you then . I would say fuel obviously, these things work best on the premium unleaded. Regular oil changes, servicing and tyres I would say are the main ones then anything that goes wrong like the clutch which then makes sense to change the flywheel and slave while it's out 🤣. The list goes on but hopefully you get one you like
  3. In terms of your budget, have you budgeted ongoing maintenance? These cars aren't cheap to run and maintain whatever state they are in.
  4. Hazards on. Possibly a Nismo... Hope you got it sorted!
  5. Mikey_S

    First Mods

    Non mechanical Stubby Ariel. Spacers? Good rubber New head unit? (If the cassette player is still in there)
  6. Ballasts or igniters? Maybe both? Happened with my 350, just died one day. I tried relays, new battery, bulbs. Last thing to try was the new ballasts / igniters and presto, working again
  7. He may be along to help at some point but incase he doesn't see this 😉
  8. 3rd pic..... The joy in your face is priceless
  9. The problem is now is not the best time to buy. Prices are over-inflated. If you are in a position to wait of assess the situation in a a few months. Saying that I've no idea when chip supply will get back on track
  10. I picked up a copy yesterday, didn't finish installing until this afternoon. (I'm so sick of that vroom vroom song 🤣) For whatever reason, every time the PS5 went into rest mode it just stopped downloading. Managed the jap compacts and the B licence so far, looking forward to putting some more time into it to pick up the Z's too. I'm using the controller though but it's doing the job
  11. Sorry for your pain, when it happened to me it's all I could see for weeks. I had a very Sharp ding in my door a while back, right in the middle, there a post on here somewhere. Took it to a local (at the time) dent guy (painless removal etc) he had to use an electric current to soften the metal to get it out. Luckily for me it somehow hadn't taken the paint off so it was salvageable. He did a great job but in certain lights I could still see a warped area as I was looking for it but to someone who was unaware, they wouldn't notice it
  12. There was a chap (can't remember the name of his company but his name is Mark) that 'specialises in selling zeds' and offers a commission service for the sale of it. Could be worth a look/chat, someone on here may be able to point out the name of his company. Problem with Autotrader is the amount of test pilots and of your immobile it means your wife having to put up with them!
  13. Mikey_S


    I took mine off, used a tube and syringe to blast water through, still had to go at it with a wire (bit the plastic off a sandwich bag tie) so I could get right in. Surprising how much dirt gets in there. Also helps giving it a blow (like a whistle....)
  14. Saw a red one in Paris over the weekend, it sounded and looked great. Congrats on the purchase!
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