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  1. Quick q on removing the wheel to access the arch liner etc, is it relatively safe on a flat surface to use the spare wheel jack? As long as I don't go under the car (not that there is a need to) it 'should' be fine right Where is the best place to jack the car if doing one side at a time?
  2. Mines the same, I have the aircon running everytime I use the Z. Always a little damp patch after I've parked up for a while
  3. Something for me to check certainly. I had an issue in the summer where the battery drained so it could possible be that. I've ordered some bulbs online to test this first before I go into ballast and igniters etc but will get the charger out and top the battery up as another check Cheers @marzman
  4. Cheers for the Info Alex, appreciated
  5. Bar using the film as mentioned above, is using C4 the easiest way to get clear headlights for a 4-6 month period? May invest in a bottle if so
  6. Received replacement Relays from @ZMANALEX this morning, tested them and the lights are still dead. Looks like it's off to the garage for the bumper off.
  7. The bulbs seem to work, well at least they came on intermittently although today it's just side lights working. I've googled the location of the relays but don't have my tools so will need to wait until the weekend to take the battery out and try a different relay, if it's not that then it's likely to be bumper off and investigate the ballast and igniters Removing the bumper was something I really wanted to steer clear of
  8. Small update Discussed with a mechanic pal, there is still power going to the units as when you go to flash the high beam you can hear the click from behind the headlights. He said it could potentially be a relay issue. Does anyone have any thoughts on this issue at all? Or failing that can someone point me in the direction of the relays that could be causing an issue? When it comes to car electrics i'm a complete novice. I've searched the forum but can't find any suitable feedback
  9. Hi all 350 rev up 06. Head lights have suddenly stopped working, side lights fine but no main beam. Car was sat for a week while I was away. Started fine, battery volt gauge is normal. On first drive I noticed they would come On intermittently while driving in the dark which was a right nightmare for the 15 min drive home. This morning only one was on and now this evening both are out. Any thoughts?
  10. Wow, state of that! Definitely vermin by the 'bits' in the white insulation. May be worth leaving the gaiter off for a few days and putting a trap in the car
  11. Have a look at the video in the link above, pretty simple to do
  12. Cheers for the response, bar the stands I have nowt so I'll either ask for a price to install via Torqen or get a local garage to install Either way I'm excited
  13. Howdy folks Looking into exhaust options and think I'm likely to press the button on an invidia Gemini system from Torqen. Running an 06 rev-up, no mods bar a pop charger. Are these systems easy to install? Could a novice do it after watching a few videos and reading instructions etc? I don't think I'll go HFC but I imagine many of you would you recommend an up-rev to go with it... I've browsed the topics and think the system as standard will give me the noise I want. Also after any other pieces of advice you may have.
  14. Love the aggressive look on the target picture, could look even better with the mesh you mention also. Are you looking at adding wide arches as in the picture also? (at least I think they are there in the pic)





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