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  1. have you tried adding a parent or relative to the policy? Sometimes it drives it down (i've not had to do this for a long time so things may have changed)
  2. Bristol bringing one in next year, two small sections on my commute which is annoying. Sold the Z and got a Scirocco TDI as a mile muncher but now gonna have to get rid or it will cost me a fortune. Z exempt so may buy another, plus I really really miss the Z
  3. Mikey_S

    VW alarms

    Just wanted to pick the forum brain on an issue I have with a VW Scirocco. Recently the alarm has started going off for unknown reasons. Started a few weeks ago, now and then the odd time but last night it was going off all night, I even left the car unlocked (underground secure car park) and it was still going off, eventually had to disconnect the battery. Reconnected it today and it's just started going off again. I've searched online and can't really find an answer, the Scirocco forums are awful. I've tried disabling the internal sensors to no ava
  4. Have you tried a service like forward.me or stackry (or something like that) They provide an American address to send it to and then ship to you at a more reasonable rate. Worth a quote. May have the name wrong but a quick Google will help
  5. Any relatives / friends to drive it 3rd party under their own insurance?
  6. As i don't live in London i may be wrong but i believe the introduction of the Ultra Low Emission Zones means that if your car is compliant, then no, you don't have to pay. Not sure if that replaces the congestion charge though or if it was on top of. I'm sure someone here can confirm WOW at the 370z insurance premiums!
  7. Looks decent in the pictures and Mileage a plus. Remember that this is the high tax bracket so will cost you ~£580 to tax for the year but these are also ULEZ compliant i believe For that kind of money, does a 370z interest you? Good luck if you do decide to go for it. Start low, you can always go higher but if you go in too high, you'll struggle to come down
  8. Asking price reduced to £350 for the Clutch and Flywheel
  9. Lovely example, good luck with the sale. That is a bargain price to be honest, maybe a little under value considering the mileage. Someone will bit your hand off for that!
  10. Sold mine in March. Bought it for £4400, sold it for £7k. First time I ever made money on purchase cost of a car
  11. Welcome to the forum It depends what you class as a low mileage example For a 350Z, I classed low miles in between 60-80K considering their age (I managed to get one on 65K in 2019) and you are right, for clean and well looked after examples in this range- prices are going up If you are looking for a Z lower than 50K miles then prices are getting a bit silly and i dont think ive seen one recently for less than £10K Good luck in your search, keep checking this forum as there are often cracking examples listed here.
  12. Welcome! Can't beat having a car that you can be confident it's been well looked after! As an FYI I have an Exedy / Luk package for sale on here also if interested. See the 350 parts for sale part of the forum for more info
  13. Other half's step dad just bought one also. Not my cup of tea but I will have a go. He's bought it purely to sell on and make some money
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