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  1. Sold mine in March. Bought it for £4400, sold it for £7k. First time I ever made money on purchase cost of a car
  2. Welcome to the forum It depends what you class as a low mileage example For a 350Z, I classed low miles in between 60-80K considering their age (I managed to get one on 65K in 2019) and you are right, for clean and well looked after examples in this range- prices are going up If you are looking for a Z lower than 50K miles then prices are getting a bit silly and i dont think ive seen one recently for less than £10K Good luck in your search, keep checking this forum as there are often cracking examples listed here.
  3. Welcome! Can't beat having a car that you can be confident it's been well looked after! As an FYI I have an Exedy / Luk package for sale on here also if interested. See the 350 parts for sale part of the forum for more info
  4. Other half's step dad just bought one also. Not my cup of tea but I will have a go. He's bought it purely to sell on and make some money
  5. Bastards. Guessing you didn't get the van reg. I'd be raging so I emphasise with you! Hopefully you can find a genuine bumper
  6. Hey @prodrive11 if sent via Hermes then you'd be looking at £66 all in Cheers Mike
  7. All I could think of when I read this
  8. No worries, missed the uprated part
  9. Hey, I've got a clutch flywheel and service kit up for sale, check my listing. Would prefer to sell as a bundle of interested
  10. Some terrible 'mods' Snake skin gear gaiter anyone? I can't even process those mats
  11. Looks like a bargain. Engine bay is spotless too, not sure if it's the photo or if the drivers wing has some scratches. Go see it.
  12. Hi @sheikhhh10 Exedy UK website confirms its suitable for a DE LUK manufacturer (Schhaeffler) also confirms suitability with a DE
  13. Hey @sheikhhh10 just to follow up, the clutch and flywheel are suitable for a DE. (Part numbers below? Exedy Clutch Kit (Plate, cover, release bearing and 8x OEM replacement bolts) Part no: NSK2168 LUK Dual Mass Flywheel Part no: 415 0213 11 The clutch salve cylinder though I'm not so sure. Tarmac have two options on their website (03-04) and (05-07) The one I have is (05-07). Not sure what the difference is, perhaps someone on here may be able to elaborate Thanks Mike
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