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  1. Man your attention to detail is amazing. I think you could so wonders with my car
  2. this is awesome. Do you have a date in mind for completion?
  3. Thanks for the offer, I ordered a cheapy ebay one which should be here early this week so if that turns out to be crap I'll drop you a PM to purchase
  4. Good luck. I switched from fags to a vape around a a year and a half ago. Now I need to ween off the vape
  5. I don't think it was directed at you. The comment was edited by msitpro so probably something added was irrelevant
  6. Thanks Paul, just updated the original post
  7. Only from what I've read on here, type J17 into the search and there's a thread
  8. J17... Bad rep from what I've read Prices seem to have gone up recently, maybe due to lockdown etc but those examples seem high priced to me.
  9. was just about to say was that Humpy's car, beat me to it Paul (although 4 hours ahead haha)
  10. Hi all After a stubby for a 350z if anyone has one they no longer want. Failing that anyone have a LINK for one they know works, plenty on eBay but not sure of the quality. The ones on torqen and tarmaxc look too long Cheers Mike
  11. Mikey_S

    VW Scirocco

    My budget isn't that great a bigger house and a mini me is on the agenda for the end of the year. Was looking to spend 8k max (also dependant on what I could potentially get for the Z - 2006 rev up, FSH, 76k on the clock, clean and relatively unmolested model). Back to the point, I love the colour so it would have to be viper green if I did switch. Diesel for the mileage and the 2.0 TDI. I've read they can be mapped to mid 200's for relatively low cost including a new exhaust. Seems a 2011-2012 model is around my ball park but much prefer the looks of a Scirocco to a golf. As I say though, it's just me being bored in lockdown currently but it has tickled my interest. Thanks for your feedback and always welcome more and alternative suggestions
  12. Mikey_S

    VW Scirocco

    Afternoon all Just wanted to see if any forum members have owned / do own a VW Scirocco? I've not made any decision yet on the possibility of selling the Z but just enquiring out of interest. The Z hardly gets used and I don't have storage for it so toying with the idea of moving it on to someone who may get more use out of it. There's also the possibility of an additional 360 miles a week commute in the not so distant future. A VW Scirocco has caught my eye in Viper green, a 2.0 TDI (170) so just after some impressions of the car overall. Not going to be able to test drive it until March so it seems and I've found this forum to give excellent opinion *The pic is just one ive plucked off google search Cheers Mike
  13. There'll be plenty coming up for sale in spring/summer. Typically best time to sell a convertible. You'll get what you want I'm.in no doubt.





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