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  1. I've done some research on this topic. To put it simply: Wayoxl is crap and a bit of an antique. Go with an approved Dinitrol provider. Undersealing can make a problem worse especially if serious rust has already started to take hold. It'll be hidden but still be eating away at your car. Saying this, most approved Dinitrol specialists do their best to remove existing rust before lathering on the coating.
  2. I've got a DE Rev Up so that should work?
  3. Hi, looking for that little insert/divider which slots in between the two cup holders. My bottle keeps sliding around, very annoying
  4. Hi, just had a local audio specialist replace the aging Bose cassette system with a Sony head unit (steering wheel controls through loom). Now I'm having an issue where the outside air temperature sensor is blank (not working) and it constantly has "ICY" at the bottom regardless of the mode selected. Obviously I'll be chasing them tomorrow to sort the issue but any ideas on what could cause this? Thanks in advance.
  5. Not an import. I was surprised as well. I've seen several that look pretty horrific.
  6. Had my 2007 350Z up on a lift today so I took a few photos. Exhaust is a Miltek cat-back system which was added back in 2017. 57,000 miles on the clock. In my opinion, it looks good considering everything is original. Should I replace the w brace?
  7. Couldn't rotate for some reason... I blame the forum. Got a detailer in to do it.
  8. Fresh clean, paint correction and ceramic coat. Can I claim the title of cleanest Z for this week? Removed.
  9. Not really relevant but I'm looking to do the same. Had my eye on this. Just going to get a local car audio garage to install it for me as it can be quite a hassle apparently.
  10. If you're on here then crisp car mate! I was in a black 350Z.
  11. I believe it's 16557-EH000.
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