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  1. Hello and nice Zed. As for a specialist near you, I'd recommend AB Autoworks. They sorted the oil gallery gaskets on my car and I went back to have some springs put on too. They work on loads of these cars and are a good bunch. https://www.facebook.com/abautoworkshalifax
  2. Ah right thought you meant you installed it yourself. Good luck with it.
  3. Hello, What happened to my car was that the garage that did the initial installation was somewhat lazy and decided not to do the proper job of cleaning out the bell housing with brake cleaner etc and just stuck the new parts in. I can only assume some of the muck in the bell housing - 14 years of just crap that was in there - made its way onto the clutch plate or flywheel and basically caused the juddering issue we both have. The guy at the second garage explained to me that any oil, grease, dirt etc on the clutch dust could cause this issue and just got it up in the air and blasted some of the rubbish out. Nothing was taken off, was like a 10 minute job and the guy didn't even charge me and the car was back to normal afterwards. So definitely doable without dropping the gearbox or anything. Hopefully it work the same way for you, but if it's grease or something it may not just come off with some compressed air. When you installed the clutch and flywheel did you wash or wipe it down? I'm fairly sure that most come with a protective layer of grease, sort of like a brake disc, that needs to be cleaned off. That could also cause the issue? Good luck with fixing it.
  4. Went down to Horsham today for an UpRev tune. Managed 325 at the flywheel which is decent.
  5. As far as I know the clutches in these cars tend to sit quite high, so if it's at the bottom 20% there might be an issue, or it could just do with some adjustment. I had a new clutch quite recently and the engagement point is high. As for the sound you're hearing, is it a ticking or more like a rattle? Does it sound like this video at about 30 seconds in? - If so it's nothing to worry about, just flywheel chatter. Look at the YouTube comments and they explain it in more depth. Since I upgraded to a lightened flywheel mine makes the same noise, its' quite possible the previous owner did the same thing when replacing the clutch? It's especially noticeable when surrounded by walls in a garage etc.
  6. Just an update to anyone looking at this post with any similar issues in the future- The juddering was caused by muck dust etc in the bell housing and on the clutch plate itself which was not cleaned out when the new clutch was put in. The garage I went to simply blasted some compressed air through it and got a lot of it out, it's been back to normal ever since.
  7. Hello, A bit over a month ago my stock slave cylinder on my zed failed. I took this opportunity to upgrade to a lightened flywheel, new clutch and heavy duty CSC. Unfortunately, today I've started having issues again. The engagement point suddenly became very low, basically on the floor, and when trying to set off there is a lot of vibration, shaking and noise from the clutch. It also required a good bit of force to change between gears, but the pedal itself became very light and easy to depress. I assume the clutch isn't engaging and disengaging fully? I had this issue very briefly a few days ago but after pumping the pedal and turning the car off and on it stopped, and the engagement point went back to its normal high position. I'm under the impression it may be an issue with air in the system as as far as i know, the clutch system is hard to bleed and the job was done by a local garage, not a specialist. If anyone has any experience with this and knows what might be up i'd be grateful for some advice. Cheers.
  8. I've got no idea how to install an oil cooler but nice Zed 👍.
  9. Cheers. Had a look through your website the other day but must of missed it. Just ordered one 👍.
  10. Hello everyone, I'm on the hunt for a Nismo V2 spoiler. I've seen these spoilers on zeds before and really liked the look of them, but never really knew what they were called until recently, Anyway, I've been looking around for them and am struggling to get a hold of one. The only place I've seen that actually sells them is a company called Meduza, but I've seen a fair few negative reviews and heard the quality is not the best. I've also had a look at old forums posts, but some of the suppliers mentioned no longer exist it seems. If anyone happens to be selling a replica or authentic Nismo, or knows where I might find one I'd be grateful. Cheers.
  11. Couple of photos from the other day- Didn't mean to post them sideways but there we are 😅
  12. Well its good to hear it should be alright, thank you. I would of course happily visit somewhere like Tarmac but I wouldn't want to put the car through the abuse of driving about without a clutch and since its already outside a garage I wouldn't get it towed/transported unless I had to. Thanks for the kind offer but I couldn't really make it down there anyway. I think it'd be best to just go for some brand new stuff anyway for a bit of peace of mind, but thanks.
  13. Hello everyone, Yesterday on my HR my clutch slave cylinder failed, with the pedal sticking to the floor and the reservoir emptying itself under the car. I know this is a known issue with these later cars but didn't really expect it to just conk out like that. Anyway, since its a gearbox out job to replace the CSC, its a good excuse to get a lightened flywheel and clutch as the cars on 58k and I expect it'll need doing soon enough. My question here is: does the job really need a 350 specialist in order to carry it out? The cars currently outside my local garage who I know do do clutches etc, but I've been told its recommended to see a specialist. It says this too on the kit I plan on getting (linked below). Cheers, https://www.tarmacsportz.co.uk/nissan-370z-350z-hr-07-stage-1-competition-clutch-kit-with-tarmac-sportz-lightweight-flywheel-heavy-duty-csc.html?___store=default
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