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  1. Bang on. Same on my HR 350 with sorted gallery gaskets.
  2. 1. Stutopia x2 2. andy James x1 3. Willsy x1 4. HEADPHONES x1 5. Rodgeevans x1 6. KevT x1 7. Harrison140 x1 8. Loadmaster x1 9. Matay20 10. Woodzman x1 11. PlanGT x1 12. Daveo132 x1 13. Lyndzzz x1 14. Ben350 x1.
  3. The Zed was doing its best in the snow this morning-
  4. 1.andy James. 1x club ticket Tracktime 09.40 2. Andy_Muxlow. 1 x club ticket. 3. Neil mcnab (cosmic73), 1 X club ticket, 1x passenger, Tracktime 15.40 4. Tauvp, 1 x club ticket 5. Defacake (Owen), 1 x club ticket 6. Blacklist_Nismo, 1 x club ticket 7. Clacksonator, 1 x club ticket 8. Buptaboy (Rob), 1 x Club Ticket 9. H44KRS 1x club ticket Tracktime 15.40 10. Tori370z x1 club ticket 11. HEADPHONES 1x club ticket 12. Berkcan 1x club ticket Tracktime 15.40 13. daveo132 (Dave) 1x Club ticket 14. nismoandy,1 x club ticket 15. Johnathan Leverton 1x Club ticket 16. SmithRC (Russell Smith) 1x Club Ticket + 1x Passenger 17.Plan370z 1x club ticket passenger ticket x1 Tracktime 9.20 18. andymac183 1 x club ticket 19. davey_83 1 x club ticket 20. Monkey1983 ( Sam ) 1x club ticket 21. Harry2601 - 1x club ticket and Tracktime 09:00 22. Ledfut 1x club ticket 23. Chris141084 1x club ticket +1 passenger 24. Lukey 1x Club Ticket 1x Passenger 25. JustTheJedi 1x club ticket 26. Dez 1x club ticket + 1x passenger ticket 27. Stevenholtmufc 1x Club Ticket + 1x Child Passenger 28.Ben350 1x Club Ticket and Tracktime 09:00
  5. Hello, Last November I had my OEM cats taken off at Horsham Developments in favour of some new sports cats along with a tune and now no longer need them. They were taken off when the car was on about 60,000 miles. They work fine and come without gaskets. The price is £700 ono and I'm looking for collection from Nottingham ideally. Pictures are below-
  6. The official thread isn't up yet but probably will be soon. About 60 cars went this year so probably similar next year.
  7. I was 21 last year when I got my Zed and went with Admiral at 1200, I always found them to provide the lowest quotes. With mods and an increase since last year, it's more like 1300 now, but they're still the cheapest.
  8. From the the Great British Car Journey meet yesterday
  9. Couple of photos from down at Japshow yesterday. My best time was a 14 dead @101.5, should have really made 13's but hard to nail the launch.
  10. It was a great day thanks for organising Payco 👍. Good speaking to a few of you, I had to get going about half one because my mate needed to get home for 5 and we wanted to go to Caffeine and Machine for the Diakoku jap weekend on the way and it's a good three hours or so back to Nottingham, so I'm sorry to those I didn't talk to.
  11. Ah right, hopefully you'll find one.
  12. Maybe it was these? https://www.tarmacsportz.co.uk/nissan-370z-350z-badge-black-z-logo.html https://www.tarmacsportz.co.uk/nissan-350z-black-lettering-badge.html
  13. There was a thread about something similar recently - could be helpful?
  14. My car is down at H-dev waiting on a couple of new synchros to arrive, but assuming it's done in the next couple of weeks I'll come down to this 👍. I'll add my name when I've got tickets.
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