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  1. Only just seen this thread, what an epic tale. Hope you get a decent result in the end and they don't stiff you on the valuation, don't take any guff from them.
  2. But, as well you’re immune system, god also made the virus and the vaccine. He’s also omnipotent and infallible, so which is/are the mistake?
  3. You only needed to say this bit. It covers this whole thread and the psychology of conspiracy theory believers I posted about above. Case closed. Cuff ‘em boys.
  4. It doesn’t matter what the 10 words are on any conspiracy, all of them are about the same thing. It could be moon landings, JFK, shape shifting lizards, flat earth, hollow earth, Elvis was an alien, MMR gives you autism, aliens built the pyramids, you name it. People who believe in any one conspiracy are more likely to believe in any other conspiracy, even where they directly contradict one another; like people who believe conspiracies that Diana was murdered, but also believe Diana is still alive. Much of it comes down to not fitting in with other social norms and seeking out like
  5. Just seen Col's new Teg. It's mint. £28k is a lot of money, but hopefully they'll keep going up...
  6. Please can you post a price.
  7. As usual your guesses and assumptions are as ill informed as they are incorrect, about the impact on my family and my friends, the relatives lost in double digit numbers. It’s much harder to know things like this, when there isn’t a YouTube video to spoon feed you answers. What difference does it make? Do you think people come back to life it is proven to be from a lab? Do you think the Chinese government are going to compensate everyone? Tell me one thing that matters, that it will make any appreciable difference to.
  8. There’s some comedy gold in here, amongst the anecdotes and data. The most worrying thing I took away from the original post vid (which I did make it through in full) was that the whole point of it was arguing about where it came from. So what if it leaked from a lab, or came out of market, or a cave of guano, or a guy who touched a pangolin inappropriately. The effect is the same. May as well argue about why god keeps making it rain, when your ground floor is nearly underwater, instead of moving your stuff upstairs. The representatives of the US administra
  9. The Cayman is the first car I have had with TPMS up on the dash, I was amazed at how much it fluctuates depending on conditions and the way I am driving. On a recent track day I went out at the "performance" pressure of 33psi and was shocked to see them climb up to 40, relatively quickly. I always thought it would only be 2-3 psi changes.
  10. Nice shots 🆒 Love the nerdy stuff, what did you learn about pressures?
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