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  1. Wow, starting to get a real feel for the shape now.
  2. Sold to a very friendly non-tyre kicker from Auto trader ad - thread locked
  3. I’m not Blackpool based anymore but when I was I always used Grinspeed in Leyland. Did my clutch and flywheel. https://grinspeed.co.uk
  4. Looking at what Shell are currently saying, V Power remains unaffected. https://www.shell.co.uk/motorist/e10-petrol.html In September 2021, the standard petrol/unleaded/Shell FuelSave grade ( or main grade) in the UK will become E10, in line with government mandate. E10 petrol contains up to 10% renewable ethanol, compared to 5% currently, which is added to help reduce CO2 emissions1 , according to the Department for Transport. E10 petrol is compatible with almost all (95%)1 petrol-powered vehicles on the road today, including all cars built since 2011. If your veh
  5. One of our lads, who'd never been up there before, was pretty blown away that this kind of beautiful scenery is right on our doorstep, "Lord of the Rings" was a phrase I heard more than once. Aside from a few places in the world like New Zealand, the Alps, the Andes, probably parts of Canada and the Himalayas - it's as good a set of mountains as you'll see anywhere. The roads themselves are glorious and quiet. If you can avoid a weekend and school holidays, it is nirvana.
  6. Don't plan to fill up north of the Fort William to Inverness diagonal on a Sunday, there was one just onto Skye that was open. Don't expect Shell anywhere past there either. I had to put some Gulf 95 in at one point. I see between 24 and 34 mpg in the Cayman depending on enthusiasm, with a 64L tank. In a Zed you might be seeing quite a bit less mpg than that, but with the 80L tank it probably evens up. Always pack a bottle of octane booster, maybe two.
  7. The hotels were hit and miss, but they had the virtue of being, cheapish, available and in the right places!
  8. Approved for now, but as per the other ad, please include your username on a bit of paper
  9. Please can you add a photo with your username on a the traditional bit of paper
  10. If you want a starter for 10 route, this isn't too shabby - https://www.google.com/maps/d/u/0/edit?mid=1v8t5qjqbFSnlZI5udbLv9TRpBfLsqjeG&usp=sharing
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