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  1. Hi @Olly350z I have unhidden the post for now, please add the additional image. Thanks.
  2. Looks ok at that price, but suspicious it has no V5 and I don’t know how anyone can claim in an ad that something is “well maintained” if the service history is also missing. That’s a pretty big amount of trust you’d need to have. You’d need a proper look underneath and at the arches for rust though. If you’re right up to budget, with no rainy day fund, be careful, even cared for ones can generate some decent sized bills. Personally I’d pass and be patient for something with paperwork.
  3. Run one in winter and one in summer? Both pretty cool.
  4. Nice one, glad they are landing - thanks
  5. Hi, I always have one spare, in case RM lose one - if everyone has their order by next week, I'll let you have this spare one Olly.
  6. Hi, 2024 calendars went out this morning, second class, so should be with you in the next few days. I've got tracking details if anyone doesn't get theirs by early next week - sadly Royal Mail don't consider things lost until there's an ITV documentary about it 20 years later, so I can't do anything immediately, but do let me know.
  7. Thanks everyone who has paid already. Order is made and I hope to get them out over the weekend.
  8. Congratulations on the redundancy mate, played a blinder there!
  9. Anyone else before I make the order?
  10. Hi Stu here are a couple i have found if they are of any use.


    zed photo.jpg


  11. Thanks to those guys who have sent in photos the last week or so, that's really helped. We're nearly there There are still two months left to fill up, at this rate this will be the last one we can pull together - so get in now before the Calendar is replace by the Bebo and MySpace that all the kids are using these days.
  12. Still missing three months, at this rate the moderator team will have to do a Women’s Institute style saucy photoshoot, and no one needs to see us naked except for strategically placed fruit. The waxing bill alone would consume any profits to pay for event insurance!
  13. Still need photos please gang, if you’re being shy, please don’t be. Send your shots in.
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