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  1. Please keep any organised meets until after 21st June (or whatever that date becomes, if it changes).
  2. I did what he did, it was dead easy. A little trim tool can be handy for working a gap to poke wire in too.
  3. Got any links to the threads your get errors on?
  4. I've never found an easy, convenient way of capturing decent sound on the move. The dashcam is set to video only, the audio isn't worth it. Anything I've ever mounted outside the car, even with a dead cat on, sounds too windy. However, it occurred that I could film me in the car with my phone mounted in it's holder and sync the sound to the dashcam footage, I only had a short play - but the effect is rather pleasing. Doesn't sound too bad for an OEM zorst...
  5. Turns out that every car you drive needs at least some mods... I've never really been that happy with the huge gaping recesses in the front bumper. Whilst they look mean, they hoover up leaves and road debris for fun - this just leads to rotten radiators and big bills from Stuttgart, so I took the plunge and got a full front end set from Zunsport. They're very subtle and fit nicely. If I wasn't so lazy I could have got some sheets, cut it to fit and mounted it behind the gaps, rather than in front. It probably would've looked better but I'm not t
  6. It's been a minute since I put some time, love and money into the BRZ - I must admit the more time I spend in the Cayman, the less tempted I am to grab the keys to the Subaru when I need to nip out. Hopefully with the easing of lockdown and putting two cancelled Spa trips behind me, I might turn the tide and get her out on track. Speaking of which, she's a bit on the noisy side from some track limits and with that in mind I popped her into JBM Performance in Sheffield to have a large silencer welded in. Whilst she was in the rusty sump was replaced with a nice ne
  7. Looks good, might even make a contribution to keep noise down.
  8. I did have them refurbished, but I was never tempted to change the rims on the Zed. Lightweight, strong, gorgeous and actual RAYS - what's not to like! Turbo twists are sexy AF too.
  9. A very warm welcome to @Carlie - A Plan who has joined up as pro-trader to bring us the services on offer from a A-Plan specialist motor insurance, a service for enthusiasts, delivered by experts. I expect Carlie will be along shortly to say Hi, but until then this is what will be on offer to Members... Access to club insurance schemes with bespoke premiums. Cover for modified vehicles, UK Track Day Cover, Limited mileage policies, multi-policy discounts & more. With over 50 years’ experience, the specialist team in Thatcham will get you the right cover at the right price, whatever
  10. Sorry this took a while to approve, I didn't see a notification for it. Thanks for sharing it
  11. Obvs hard to be certain from a vid but this is not dissimilar to the sound mine made for banana bar. Upon inspection with a pry bar, I was also advised everything was ok, but that a pry can’t always simulate the weight and movement of a heavy car on that kind of surface. I changed them because I knew they would need doing eventually and it cured it. If you can budget for them now and the drop links are definitely fine, I’d just do them.
  12. Plastic???? Think of the whales!
  13. https://twitter.com/LesDennis/status/1365774052384768009?s=20 Helluva scoop this.
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