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  1. It’s impossible to be certain just chatting on here, but it is very common and nearly always presents as clunks on rough surfaces, like cobbles, at modest speeds. If, upon inspection of droplinks / bushes / other obvious candidates in the area, they all seem fine, it’s likely to be a banana bar. If you wanna take a punt, without getting it in the air, hop on YouTube and listen to some clunking videos.
  2. Glad you’ve had a chance to hear how glorious it is before placing any exhaust orders!
  3. I cant quite stretch my definition to include rims and exhausts, but each to their own!
  4. Tyres are consumables, so don’t really count when I do my man maths. I had to drop similar right after purchase. Looks like you’re having fun and the car looks mint, which is what it’s all about. 👍
  5. It’s the GT4 scoops i want nut am yet to buy, been spending all my mod money on the MX5 recently.
  6. But I know what it looks like installed, it’s on my car
  7. I’ll work on you more when I come to sell her Best thing with the pop up wing is that it’s a bolt on, so it’s a doddle to go back to OEM.
  8. Well, if you insist… This isn’t a great showcase, I just really like it.
  9. Car looks great and nice rims! I've always fancied these, fill the GT4 text and paint match and I slipped one of these in my shopping bag too.
  10. Dropped into the Driver's Collection Show today, just down the road at Sheffield Aero Club, some cool stuff.
  11. I love the look and charm of these. How does she drive?
  12. Don’t wait for them to bed in, go out and do some progressively bigger stops and then let them cool off, repeat, and you’re all bedded in.
  13. Live with the PSE for a while - I think it sounds epic on full chat.
  14. The frunk liner is brilliant. Also you forgot GTS brake lights. If you do 7 grand on an exhaust you’re a crazy man!
  15. I bought mine in December, so it was cold and wet. I was very much surprised by loss of grip approaching corners on the brakes, not so much the back end coming out of bends. To be honest, I wouldn’t wait until they run out, just swap ‘em. I tried to give away two Pirellis, couldn’t get rid. It’s not that busy and it’s mainly about 987s, but pop over, there’s some helpful and friendly members. https://www.caymanoc.com/profile/2841-stutopia/
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