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  1. I’m very sorry to read this @Lauren_Davinaz I did get one PM reported for Jukiol908 by a member, that matches the pattern you and others have posted in this thread. I banned the account on the 31st. Just now I had a look at the profile and message mailbox, but there’s nothing in there you don’t already know, that would be of help. Did you use PayPal to pay the scammer and have protection from them?
  2. Tidied this thread up a little bit. @Payco and @Jay zee probably easiest if you two just give one another a bit of a wide berth
  3. Gorgeous Z this, shame it was all the way down in Kent mind - long trip down, but well worth it. It's really tidy and I must admit I got a bit misty eyed for my old Z when I was following you back up North. Wish I had had the budget for a white HR when I was looking back then, absolutely stunning. Naughty exhaust and some spacers and a wheel refurb from bloody black and you're all set! Don' worry about a few little mods, it's not at all addictive Can't wait to get this out for a proper photo shoot somewhere when the sun pops out and get the proper camera out.
  4. Seems like they are all landing, which is great. A huge thank you for everyone who has submitted photos. The last 3 years it's been touch and go whether we even get 12 months together, it literally cannot happen without your images - so I am very grateful for everyone who sends them in.
  5. Nice one, if anyone is expecting one and it does not land in the next day or two, please drop me a PM and I'll find your track and trace details.
  6. Nah, it’s an old fashioned surprise game this one.
  7. Calendars landed with me, I will try and ship tomorrow. Thanks to everyone who has paid so far, you should have yours early next week - subject to Royal Fail.
  8. Locked the thread for now, sending out PMs for payment shortly.
  9. Sounds rubbish, I’d rather stay in Yorkshire
  10. It's good but it's a shame there won't be one in Subaru WR Mica Blue
  11. Thanks to all our awesome members who have sent in photos, we now officially have a calendar for 2023. Please add your name to the list here if you'd like to order one. Now that I have a rough idea on numbers, prices will be £24 for one or £38 for two, shipped to your address of choice.
  12. Thanks to all our awesome members who have sent in photos, we now officially have a calendar for 2023. Now I know numbers, price will be £23.50 for one £36.00 a pair
  13. Thanks to everyone who has sent in photos so far, particularly in the last week or so. I've got one month left to fill and I am desperately hoping someone will send something, in the next day or two. If not, there won't be time to get the order in and get it shipped to me and then get it shipped to you, before the "first" month in Feb. If you're sitting on a few shots and not sure, please please please jump in now.
  14. This is defo a thing in Sheffield, there’s 5 shells within a few miles of me and the last few times I’ve been to fill up I’ve had to visit 2 or 3 to get V Power. Super annoying and the best response I’ve had yet is that, “it runs out around the weekend before the next delivery”.
  15. 3 months are empty, can't put one out as it stands and it's getting close to being too late.
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