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  1. There’s an exercise you can do now to prevent spreading contagious diseases? Do weak and worthless people have to do it as well or is it just their problem?
  2. Just a quick run through of the shots that made it.
  3. I can’t believe you’re bonkers enough to try this, big respect for being in that cold for minutes on end. If I do it for 5 seconds in the shower I’m a wreck.
  4. Just seen this thread for the first time, WHAT A PROJECT! Thanks for sharing it.
  5. You'd think with all the elaborate excuses that have been thrown up in the last year, to desperately try and muddy the water, that masks have not been common place in a whole range of industrial to waste management to medical jobs for decades. All of which seem to operate with a mixture of staff who suffer from asthma, get blocked noses, wear glasses and myriad other rubbish, to pathetically attempt to justify not having to make a tiny lifestyle change in consideration of others. It's ironic that in age where we have greater access to information than ever before, it's largely used to proliferate misinformation and outright lies (see Trump, see Farage, see 'do your own research') simply to attract views and clicks for adverts. The hilarious part is that is usually dressed up as big Pharma, big sugar, big automakers, big whatever, putting profit ahead of welfare - by people who make money buy putting personal profit ahead of welfare.
  6. Don’t forget the Bluetooth connectivity you get from the chip.
  7. Thanks, I’d love to take credit but it’s just a list of dates without the photos members send in. Hopefully 2021 might see more opportunities for everyone to get out a take more gorgeous shots.
  8. It’s only a personal choice for non-contagious conditions. For anything else the word ‘personal’ can be replaced with ‘selfish’. They’re not synonyms, it’s just the misappropriation of meaning to make evidence based decision making into something about rights or beliefs. On the flip side, I’ve not seen the data on relationship between nasal spray and Covid vaccination complications. Fortunately, so long as the bulk of the population can see past YouTube evidence there should be enough uptake that the selfish get to enjoy the benefits of the choices made by others. No one should be forced to take anything, but it’s hard to imagine all the people who enjoy the personal choice also drop out of other mass health initiatives like water fluoridation. Maybe that will be something that cycles round when anti-vaccine is less en vogue and a new internet based peril is ready to attract ad spends. What I can’t reconcile though is that someone would call a paramedic, presumably equipped with the knowledge and tools of pharmaceuticals and medicine, in an emergency? Why would they be of use?
  9. Any specific reasons or just the usual anti-vaccine stuff?
  10. Fortunately (I realise how wrong that word is but can’t think of another), it’s not been my family but that of friends, it’s certainly reinvigorated my vigilance and I’ve developed a real hatred for the kind of people who said this wasn’t real and can’t be arsed to put on ask for 10 minutes in a shop.
  11. Having had 4 deaths very close to home recently, I’ll be getting it as soon as I’m allowed.
  12. Nice one, thanks for letting me know, I'll give it a week or so and then post up some pics/vid of them for the whole gang to have a look
  13. These have arrived and I've packed them for shipping today. There are none left, no spares.
  14. Big shout out of thanks for everyone who's paid already
  15. Time Gentlemen (and Ladies) please... 1. Stutopia x2 2. Kev T 3. Jack94 4. Harrison140 5. davey83 6. StormtrooperZ 7. andy James x1 8. Andy_Muxlow x1 9. zzIncubus x1 10. ILikeDolphins 11. NeeZ 12. Ricochet 13. Grumpyoldjanner 14. Flashback x1 15 glrnet 16. Paul K 17. Woodzman 18. MBS x2 19. Lyndzzz 20. da.murf





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