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  1. Little one from this year's trip to the frozen north.
  2. Yay, another MX5 friend. The FI thing is interesting, I’d love it for track but don’t really need it for road (occasional overtakes). On track I spent so much time hustling in the corners up to people only for them to nail it on the straight and then park on the next apex. One thing I’m defo doing is Ohlins coils and replacement bushes. It’s mainly for track and I’m hoping this will only improve things.
  3. I tired to read it but got defeated by the all the garbage. Is there a rate per mile quoted anywhere amongst the clickbait and comparison with non-assisted?
  4. Top down is terrible for aero and I can’t afford to give any speed away on the long straights! Drove home with it down 😎
  5. Little bit of in car. My Mx5 and my mate's Mini posting very similar times. Me finding out the brakes were a bit warm - about half way into the big braking zone
  6. Went to Cadwell yesterday with the MX5. What a track that is! Properly challenging elevation changes, double apex corners everywhere, jumps, the whole lot. Absolutely loved it. Hospitality tent for the babes to hang out in. All kinds of saucy metal out. I want tyre warmers! Plus some pro shots from the day too Fantastic day out, great facilities and such an amazing circuit - if you've not been, get it on your list.
  7. Sack the photographer and have you refurbished those wheels yet? I’ve been curious about the Hydropel, good to see used as god intended. I’d forgotten what it was for and been happily using it to wipe down door jambs after a wash. Seems to do that just fine.
  8. A mate was driving his incredible V6 Jag engined Peugeot ute... ...at Blyton today (this was a fallback vehicle as his track toy suffered a last minute hitch). I wasn't driving, just snapping, some cool stuff out. And a rather saucy MX5 in the parking area
  9. Paid 201p on the motorway the other day, up near Newcastle
  10. I hear ze German paint is hard AF.
  11. The long, but careful way, is to go into each one and hit options in the top right and delete conversation. The easier way to do it en masse, is to use the check box on the left and then at the bottom of the screen you should a little pop up with a bin in it, click that.
  12. Oh wow, that’s a swish setup, very jealous. Enjoy!
  13. Consumable engines on the 996, new one every 20k miles I think It's not been opened up yet, so not sure, just hoping it's nothing too expensive for him.
  14. It's becoming a bit of an annual pilgrimage this, had a few days running around Scotland with a few former Z owners. Here's some pics. Traditional starting point, breakfast by the bridge. Sadly Day 1 saw issues on the 996 in the group, fortunately a proper Porsche was on hand to take the owner and his luggage on the rest of the trip. Some nice metal on show, even let a 2 wheel nutter come along too. Now the proper stuff... And a furry friend.
  15. This is so close now I can smell fresh lacquer. Absolutely stunning build mate, thanks for detailing it on here, been a fascinating follow. I may have missed it (or forgotten), what colour will it be?
  16. Hardcore that bang mate, sorry to see it. Hope the bill isn't too big and you're back out soon enough.
  17. I have a question, why is it impossible to get a quote without a phone call? Every time I need to get new prices, particularly on something modified, I have to do a call - a webform would be sooooooo much more convenient.
  18. Only if you’re buying from Toyota, not trying to get hold of one nearly new, like the Yaris prices.
  19. I’d registered for updates ages ago. Never got a peep out of ‘em. I wouldn’t pay over the odds for one, it’s not gonna be night and day better than the BRZ was, if you spent £12k on one, you’d still have a hell of budget to modify compared to £30k+
  20. I was hitting refresh on my browser all morning, never got close to a potential buy. I’m not that disappointed because there’s plenty of used options for less money, but it was the first time I’ve ever been tempted by a brand new car.
  21. That's the whole point of the article and why the Mail froth over it, it's got nothing practical to it, other than stoking up emotions and generating ad-revenue. Keeps us away from the NHS privatisation, various criminal proceedings, rocketing inflation, the shambles of Brexit, tax statuses, fraud in the "fast track covid contracts", fraud in the furlough scheme, cuts to welfare, housing unaffordability, food and energy poverty and who knows what else. They did similar with the war in Ukraine the other day, which the Mail would have you believe Boris is fighting on his own, despite the best efforts of the BBC / woke people / metro liberal elite / Joe Biden / smashed avocados / trans people or whatever other fabricated "enemy" is hot this week. It would be funny, if it wasn't for the number of voters who get all worked up into a lather about noise and forget about matters of substance.
  22. I’ve used Sheffield to retrofit cruise and the recall and Stockport for paint. I’m due a service soon, not decided whether to go back to Porsche or a specialist. PO got the last one done at some specialist down south.
  23. She’s been in twice recently, rear axle carrier recall, which was fine, no difference. Then for front bumper paint after some idiot reversed into my bumper and drove off, despite TWO members of the public trying to stop them driving off. Both times the service has been great.
  24. The last one? Pitch black car park, tripod, 30 second exposure, walk back and forth in front of the car using your phone torch. I wish I’d done a better job painting the roof line.
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