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  1. Do the Helmz pipes lower the db at all Coz, or are they more about altering the tone of the exhaust note?
  2. Filter sold, throttle controller still available
  3. Been looking at both of these gearshifters, is the CAE worth the (large) difference in price over the Coolerworx? Coolerworx seem to have good reviews from what I can see?
  4. Was a brilliant day, best show I've been to for a long time Thanks for organising the stand Andy
  5. Anyone got a pair of rear Rays 18" wheels they want to sell? For a track car so don't need to be mint, just straight with no cracks. I've asked Zmanalex but he's not got any in at the moment. Near Bristol or able to post, Thanks
  6. Had another go at this the other day, and it worked first time! Here's a good explanation of the method I found in the link that Stu posted above in case it helps anyone else out:
  7. Mines a UK one, that's the other method I printed out and tried before I found out it was for a JDM! Thanks for the reply though Think I know where I'm going wrong, I haven't left the key in the ignition after turning it on to cancel the alarm before I start the programming procedure. Got home late today so will give it try tomorrow if I'm home earlier.
  8. Forgot about these, I've still got them! Any offers?
  9. Thanks for the reply Yes that's one of the methods that I found online, I haven't managed to get it into programming mode yet where the indicators flash twice, so guess my speed on the key turning is at fault! I'll have another try tomorrow, and will double check the batteries in the fobs although I was very careful when replacing them.
  10. Evening all, I'm just sorting the last bits on my car after it's been off the road for a couple of years. As the battery was disconnected, both my keyfobs have lost their link with my car. I've put a new battery in each, and tried both the re-programming procedures that have been linked to on here, one is where you start off by putting the key in and out the ignition barrel 6 times, and the other starts where you turn from lock to on 6 times and I can't get either to work. Is there another method to try before I call in a mobile locksmith to re-program for me? I can use the key to lock the car, but when I unlock it and open the door, the alarm goes off, which then stops once the ignition is turned on. Car starts fine so immobiliser is still working, just can't lock and unlock with either fob. Thanks (55 plate DE)
  11. 1. andy James Paid 2. Andrew_Muxlow Paid. 3.martin harry Paid 4. Callum Stocker Paid 5. SHEZZA Paid 6. Azurez33 paid 7. Justthejedi paid 8. Monkey1983 - Paid 9. 350_Jer - Paid
  12. I'm up for this 1. andy james 2. Monkey1983 3. Azurez33 4. Humpy 5. ShortPaul 6. SHEZZA 7, Andy_Muxlow 8. JustTheJedi 9. Liam Hopson 10. 350_Jer
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