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  1. I've got a DE one in the garage with the velocity stack mod fitted from one of the traders on here, with an HKS super hybrid filter fitted, that any good?
  2. Same here, although working on my own in an empty house (plasterer). Managed to get a delivery to site tomorrow to keep me going (although multifinish has disappeared from every single supplier!) for a couple of weeks but after that then it's working on the zed for a while!
  3. Just read some more and seen that you can reset the sensor which is great
  4. Thanks for the reply, do you know if the Windows version would be able to reset the sensor? I've got an old laptop I can use and I've been reading up on the USB to OBD cable you need. Will take a look at the forum too
  5. Evening all, has anyone tried the Android version of Datascan 2? Just wondering if it will reset my steering angle sensor, I was changing the steering rack bushes and managed to mess up getting the column back in the right position on the rack somehow, Cheers
  6. I've been looking at R8's, v8 models, recently when ebay trawling whilst bored as a possible zed replacement but like you say much higher running costs and only bit more power than a S/C zed of which I have all the parts ready to fit to mine, I love my 350z but an R8 would be a very worthy replacement!
  7. Also, worth thinking about that if you do use a credit card in the meantime then the payments on that could affect your affordability for the mortgage if the provider was to check
  8. There was a guy on ebay a while back selling their own version of one of these that they had made, looked exactly the same but without the RareJDM badge on. Might be worth a look if you aren't fussed about having a genuine one?
  9. No longer available, gone for scrap
  10. Still for sale if anyone wants them this week, otherwise they'll get put in the scrap pile next weekend due to packing up to move house
  11. Sold subject to collection/payment
  12. Hi Neil, yes that's right for the set Ok great, I'll PM you in a sec
  13. Got for sale my spare set of 4 wheels, they came on my car when I bought it and had been refurbed and resprayed in a nice dark grey by the seller just before I bought it, so 3 years ago-ish. I've replaced them with Rays so these have sat in the shed for a while and unfortunately have got scratched so will need a respray to make them tidy again. £50 collected from Bristol, wrapping up for a courier might be an option if really needed but I'm working away a fair bit at the moment so wouldn't be able to sort that out very quickly
  14. My plans are to get my supercharger kit and other mods I've been collecting up fitted at last and make good use of the car on some trackdays again!





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