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  1. Its modern looking i and pretty balanced, not too extreme or too subtle. Gia Cuzzo it pretty nice too. Its like a more subtle version of the V2 https://www.ctd-germany.com/en/challenge-rear-spoiler
  2. Same, i have the N1 spats. Out of all the spoilers ive looked at (ive spent time on it lol) i like the N2 style the most. But like you say, its a matter of finding one that fits well too. Tarmac sportz to a Strosek Style one for about £250. You need to get the boot lip part in addition which is an easy used find on ebay. https://www.tarmacsportz.co.uk/tarmac-sportz-nissan-350z-03-09-frp-strosek-style-rear-spoiler.html
  3. That bumper really goes with the 'pointier' styling of the 370. ^
  4. Ive got some bits of the dash that i was thinking of wrapping in Alacantara anyway. If i go ahead with that it may tie in with the flocked A pillar. Not sure if i can do the headlining though. I would imagine its at least £300 or so to get it done. Really depends on the material too. Seems we've got more similar ideas as im also keeping an eye out for spoilers. Either V2. Although trying to find one with good fitment... or maybe the strosek style? If you've got other mods on the back then i like V2, if not then the duckbill
  5. Just re-read your post and realized you installed an oil cooler lol. Must pay attention. Yea thats the only ones i found that are made for a Zed. All the universal ones ive tried dont have a good fit for me. Still not sure if i will go for it. Maybe he will give a discount for a couple orders lol
  6. Nice! Mines on the other side. Im considering an A pillar pod too. Have you found one that fits nicely?
  7. yea that angle really shows off the front arch and the way it continues into the front bumper Do you happen to have a guide on those skirts? i have a plastic/double glazing shop near me. thinking of asking if they can cut me some stuff to a provided template
  8. Any pics? Look forward to reading about it mate!
  9. Looking lovely. Nice fitment. Im still loving mine too, its on axle stands at the moment while the bumpers away. Getting withdrawal symptoms. You made those skirts yourself right?
  10. @Ian Boost gauge used to be in the volt meter slot. But had a problem with the old triple cluster so replaced them recently and felt like moving in to the A pillar. @ZMANALEX Nice setup. Is it possible to splice the AEM AFR into the existing wideband sensors? What bank do you have it reading? Also, got a build thread? Got another pod on the way, hope this one works.
  11. Anything been going on over the summer @Ian. Still going for Skyline? or more mods on this?
  12. Had wubwubwub noise that sped up with vehicle speed. I diagnosed it as passenger wheel bearing by jacking the car and spinning the wheels. Fitted new one courtesy of Zman of course. Just tie the caliper out of the way. 2 caliper bolts and 4 hub bolts. The bottom one is tricky, but unwinding a little lock allows you to get a socket on it Not a particularly difficult job. No more horrible noise
  13. Fair enough @ZMANALEX So far ive been sent a LHD one (advertised as rhd), a horrible Farbon finished one. Had to send em back Hope for better luck on the next one. Might get a twin pod as they seem easier to get and an additional gauge, any recommendations?
  14. just ordered a generic one. Found this guy though https://www.southcoastflocking.com/product-page/nissan-350z-pillar-pod
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