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  1. No major changes recently. Bought and painted some fiberglass eyelids some months back. I couldn't make my mind up if i wanted to fit them or not, but they turned out nice so thought i would fit em and see how they look. Pretty happy with it, very aggressive. Some pics of how it stands currently Some other plans for the near future. An additional APS component + remap. And some other bits n bobs.
  2. Had a good time on Friday night. Couple of Zeds turned up and we met another meet (Throttle ctrl). Hopefully we can up the numbers for the next one! Took a couple pics:
  3. thanks for the confirmation. I will head down for 7:30 - 8. Coming from Woodford area.
  4. Im gonna try join you. Hopefully its still going on, if not we can resurrect it
  5. Looking good. I have the same thoughts about the rear on my Z, thinking bumper tuck. Btw what front splitter is that?
  6. Is this back up and running? If so whens the next one?
  7. Looking good It looks like you went back and tidied up around the heater surrounds. Suede seems like one of those things that looks better in person too. Planning on doing the door cards too i guess?
  8. How difficult was wrapping the material? What kind of adhesive did you use? I havnt done it before so its a bit daunting
  9. @Ian With you on the plastics, im tempted to do a similar thing but with leather skins and brushed metal finish wrap as im not a fan of carbon fibre. In the process of checking it out. Looks good, interested in the finished product.
  10. If you have or intend to have other mods and gloss black bits, then gloss black is fine. If not, white i reckon
  11. That second pic makes it look like shelves around a bed, u sleepin in there davey boy?
  12. Ive seen mine (WV2 code) listed as 'silverstone' among other names, fancy i know But its basically gun metal grey, always use the code if you need touch up
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