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  1. That's about 2.5 hours from us unfortunately
  2. Like i say. Im happy to be flexible for the meet. Just be nice to get it going if theres interested people
  3. Almost an hour. Im coming from near Wanstead.
  4. Wow, Not bad at all eh? I would be happy for us to resurrect this with something convenient with those interested. I have a few zeds in my group that would attend.
  5. As above. Fitted new belts last year without any subsequent problems, but about a month ago i noticed the AC belt missing, installed a new one and it snapped within a few days. Did the same again this weekend. I have this rubber deposit where the belt seems to be rubbing against the bracket that holds the tensioner pulley, But when inspecting the belt it does not seem to be touching at all? I inspected the tensioner pulley at is seems ok, but i will replace it if that's what causes the problem? They are installed and tensioned correctly. Any ideas what would cause this?
  6. i want these on my 350 but ofc that means i will have 2 indicators on each wing
  7. Bonnet reflection 😍 Been pretty active recently. Lots of shows and meets. Just LMK
  8. Thankyou. I didnt have any problem removing it no. I dont think that left side steering column bolt is coming out again without a fight though
  9. New steering wheel! Well custom retrim anyway Been wanting a new steering wheel for ages. After looking around decided to go with good ol trusty Royalsteeringwheels. Didnt want to lose the airbag so was the best option for me. I had mine done in: Premium leather top and Bottom Alcantara grips Orange stitching to go with my seats Contoured grips Flat bottom I love it. Looks perfect imho, just what i envisioned. It feels so premium and sporty in the hand. Very comfortable and seems to be finished to a high standard. More to come v soon
  10. Ive purchased a spoiler from Grams Styling and the service was excellent. They let me come down and fit it up to the car, gave me advise and plenty of time to think. The finish was OK, but not the best, so needed a little work. However it was much cheaper than alternatives so not unexpected. It wasn't too bad, just a bit wavy so needed filling and levelling out. Its a cosmetic part so 'quality' is gonna be down to how well the bodyshop finish and fit the spoiler. If it was a bumper or similar i would be more concerned as they can be too far out to make fit right. With aftermarket styling parts paying more doesn't guarantee better fit/finish, ive found that some 'branded' parts have pretty average fitment considering the premium. So unfortunately it can be a bit of trial and error Hope this helps
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