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  1. how fast did the Nankangs warm up? supposed to take a lap or so which is no good for sprnts/hillclimbs which i do But they are supposed to last much longer than the AO52s which is interesting.
  2. My Local Harewood Hillclimb at the weekend, mixed fortunes but pushing as always!
  3. Next Installment of Zed Track life. Back to Curborough for a full weekend.
  4. Mallory Park Sprint from Yesterday Video below:
  5. Just done the Curborough Sprint Course Figure 8 layout.
  6. 255 are biggest i would go on rear rays wheels, 235 should be ok for fronts, going to 40 profile will mean car will sit a little lower so will alter the geo/toe The A052 are a mega tyre but if you are not competing the car against the clock/racing then your better with another option as they wear quicker than just about any other tyre, the new nankang crs are similar price but supposed to wear much better then there are all manner of semi slicks that are cheaper and better wearing albeit with not the outright grip of an A052 if you have the money your as well buying another set of wheels for the track, then you can get wider wheels and tyres for more grip.
  7. Yep, he is always right up there as one of the fastest tin tops at any given event, serious car.
  8. Video below from Coventry Motofest at the weekend. Lots to see walking around, can you guess the car below?:
  9. 20psi seems too low if its a 350/370 your driving. I have never gone that low but that doesn’t mean i’m right your wrong. Just try a few combinations and see how the car feels, ultimately its what works for you, i have had no end of people tell me what pressures to run on the 350 at sprints/hillclimbs, they didn't work and do my own bum cheek testing now. I know the AR1s have a relatively stiff sidewall so you can get away with lower pressures but i would be very surprised if your didnt feel better turn in and sharper steering with pressure up near 30 at the front. I run usually 5psi less at rear for traction and due to car being lighter at the rear. From my experience the pressures only go up 1 or 2 psi on a sprint run where as on a track day they may well go up 10psi over numerous laps if pushing. I would try 30 front 25 rear and see how that feels, just for comparison my last sprint day with the 350 i was running 34 front 27 rear with yoko AD09. Last year with A052 it was 34 front 31 rear. I have run Ar1s in past but was 5 years ago so cant remember what pressures were but certainly no where as low as 20, dont think i have ever gone below 25 on any tyre, maybe should try it lol.
  10. Latest Video from Blyton. Next up is Coventry Motofest 1st and 2nd June, if your heading there, keep an eye out for me!
  11. Took a family trip to Newby Hall Sports cars in the park event last Sunday, seems to get bigger every year. A 2 hour long tailback just to get in is testament to how many people go now. decent weather as well. Only took a few pics but gives you a sense of what's on show. Did spot a few Zeds together just as we were leaving but unfortunately was being pestered to get out by the family...
  12. The oem tubes are plastic and have been known to crack/split at some point so upgrading to silicone is a good idea for me plus silicone must be more free flowing than the oem intake tubes, again, just how much real world difference would never be noticable.
  13. I did my airboxes in gold tape, i have silicone intake hoses. Made same performance gains as a go faster sticker. Ie: 10hp in your head, zero in real world. not gonna do any harm though so feel free to do it, looks more race car if nothing else.
  14. Horsham Developments did the strip down and rebuild. Think It was £1000 then whatever replacement parts needed on top. So you will save a lot doing it yourself if you can, what i will add is i can easily tell that 3rd and 6th synchro have been done as goes into those gears so easily now, just wish i would have maybe had the whole lot replaced as others are noticeably a little bit worn (but still ok) they did say its getting harder and harder to get gearbox parts now as the car gets older and i think they may have stopped producing any new synchros.
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