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  1. Braved it well given the conditions. I absolutely hate it when its that wet, Nobody else on track either just to emphasise it. Looking forward to a good dry run
  2. Latest Vid from this weekend, final event of the season at Harewood.
  3. Couple of Pics from recent events: Hethel (Lotus factory) sprint day Harewood Hillclimb, early morning shot
  4. First time at Snetterton on Saturday, went very well overall.
  5. August 6th & 7th Hillclimb at Harewood.
  6. I have never actually heard my zed launch of the line from outside the car, someone was filming at harewood this weekend and posted up a vid. Have to say the combination of tarmac sportz cats, miltek y piece and cobra rear section sounds bloody awesome. also @Kieran O'Quick follows me so you can hear what a supercharged zed sounds like with the exhaust just about held together with paste. Skip to 12:45 for our zeds or enjoy the whole vid. my next vid with summery of the weekend will be done soon.
  7. Welcome. Same age and colour as mine and near as makes no difference same mileage. The 350 clutch does have a high bite point naturally, i have just replaced mine and its still high. You can mess with the clutch fork position right up behind the clutch pedal, there are several guides on this site, and i have done this but as i have aftermarket everything its still fairly high. With oem parts you can get it much more to your preference.
  8. Car now Fixed, although you sort one thing and another problem manifests..... Here she is after a wash, back to looking shiny and mean. Latest Video from this weekend back at Harewood Hillclimb.
  9. I have the full stereo, sat nav, speakers etc all removed from my HR in good condition but the stereos are coded to car and i dont know the code for mine, too much hassle for me to put back in as i have resoldered all the wires for new head unit and speakers. If your interested let me know.
  10. G1en

    Air Bag Light

    Gonna get a replacement on ebay for 50-60 quid, seems easy enough to replace, unit just held in with a few bolts under the head liner and re-attach connector, hopefully a “new” unit will make the light go away.
  11. I have currently got Yellowstuff pads. What i would say is very good value for money They are like a 6/10 in all aspects. I have had better and worse pads so these sit right in the "fast Road" category better than OEM, by no means a track pad but do actually get better when warm. Very progressive feel and no problem stopping the Zed. they do wear fairly fast ( more so when stomping down hard) which is prob why there are videos on youtube showing them disintegrated after a track day but if its just road use or sprinting / very light track use like i say excellent value for money. They are fairly low dust as well compared to most. Its EBC's most popular pad in the range
  12. G1en

    Air Bag Light

    I recently had an intimate moment with a crash barrier (video on my build post) and just getting it repaired now BUT the side airbag went off at the time, by side i mean the one stored in the headlining and when it went off covered the drivers door window area, now there is a permanent red warning light on dash (not blinking like lots of online videos) Does anyone know how to get rid of the light or any options to bypass it, fit a resistor in somewhere like i have done with seats and steering wheel (when swapped for aftermarket) or does the system need resetting? need new airbag? etc. I have tucked the airbag back into headlining for now so you can't actually tell its gone off and not bothered if it ever works in the future for what use it was, I will have a helmet on most of time anyway. Am i right in thinking its an MOT failure if on at time of test? Any help appreciated guys/gals
  13. Cheers guys, it actually drove back home ok, apart from the arch constantly trying to eat the tyre, just crawled back home at 50mph on inside lane as i was scared tyre would blowout, will take it down to my local bodyshop for an assessment, will take a hanky with me just in case.
  14. A very bad day for me and the Zed at Aintree yesterday. Feeling gutted at the minute.
  15. Thats because you have an A and D in your name, very high risk as they also appear in the word “accident”
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