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  1. They sell primarily to collectors at 4star, have a look at some of their sold cars https://www.4starclassics.com There have some very special cars there. But yeah your right, no one would spend £17k on a 350z they actually want to drive; it'll end up in a sealed garage somewhere I imagine.
  2. Difference is the supermarkets don't charge some old lady £100 extra for her weekly shop because she is vulnerable or naive. Just because it's legal doesn't mean its right.
  3. RickyZ


    Sounds like a battery issue to me, how old is the battery? Has is been left un-used for a while? Mine did something similar after i went to Australia for 5 weeks and i tried to use it again. Had to leave it overnight on a trickle charger then go on a long drive the next day to cure it.
  4. Only ever had positive comments from strangers about mine; maybe you've just been unlucky?
  5. Great day out to view the latest and greatest cars available + a few classics. The hill climb is more for show rather than a proper competition but its still good to see all the cars in motion. One of those events that you've got to go do at least once
  6. Could be wrong but i believe the Z has a learning ECU and you wont actually get an increase in power without a remap... That's what i told my insurance when i got a cobra exhaust anyway as mine was rusted too. They only charged me an admin fee to list the mod.
  7. On most cars at road speed you wouldn't notice but for me it really was night and day on the Z. I'm sure someone technically minded can explain why. Are you able to get P zero for the rear too and sell yours as part worn?
  8. Have you got different tread patterns front to rear? When i bought my Z it had Toyo Proxy on the front and Goodyear Eagle F1s on the back and was all over the place. You need the same tyre front to back ideally.
  9. Love F1 but wish the racing was closer between more of the teams. I do think it would be better if tyres could last and they brought back re-fueling so they could actually push for 2 hours in stead of managing temps and having enough fuel to cross the line.
  10. Sounds like this should be a heart over head purchase... Go drive them all and buy the one that makes you feel the best
  11. How much does a re-build cost? A new engine will be a few thousand at least with installation unless you can do yourself i would have thought.
  12. All that money and they don't bother getting performance driving tuition... I always have a bit of laugh at these when they can't drive in a straight line without crashing. As long as no one gets hurt mind. Why people think they need to do it on a public road amazes me too.
  13. I ran my 350 for 5 1/2 years on mainly Tesco Momentum and never had any problems. Filled up with V-power and the only difference i could notice was the price. I would only use just one type of fuel if i had a highly tuned boosted engine that was mapped to it. All fuel sold in the UK meets the standards set so use whatever you like; just as long as its higher octane.
  14. Technically she should be able to come back if she wants as she is British; the sad thing is that she actually wants to come back as it shows just how soft our country is.
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