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  1. I'm thinking about leaving sports cars. Considering a mark 9 Civic lol A GT86/BRZ is tempting though
  2. Might sell my Z this year, I love the car, only thing I don't like is paying that £570 tax every year. The insurance is only £300 fully comp but the tax just seems a rip off to me. I don't mind buying fuel since you just pay for what you use. Any advice? I might even end up doing a part ex eventually
  3. This makes sense. Some good points
  4. Mines all stock in gunmetal grey. stock exhaust too
  5. Anyone else find that the Z attracts unwanted negativity/hostility? I've owned mine for almost 3 years now and I've had a few bad incidents from bitter folk. Like a couple of days ago when I went to fill up at Tesco. I was approaching the pumps, there was a free space at the front. A lady in her BMW saw me coming and opened her door fully, pretending to get items out from the passenger floor. She completely blocked my path so I had to brake and stop. It was so obvious she did this deliberately. Another time while in a car park looking for a space an aggressive man came over claiming I nearly hit him. He started lecturing me saying I should slow down before I have an accident. Then proceeding to say "what car is that? 350z pffffft." I was doing about 5 mph. This is just a couple of things that has happened recently, there has been numerous over the 3 years of ownership. Even though I do get the odd compliment I've never had this much hostility caused by a car before. Its not as if its a £50k luxury car. It's an 11 year old Nissan and people still get all bitter about it! This is the 4th car I've owned and has been the worst for bad incidents like this. I used to get hardly any at all. Would be interesting to hear other Z owners experiences.
  6. I had this problem a while ago, now its come back again. Got the 'disc check' error with the bose cd changer. What's the easiest way to fix this? Thanks
  7. Hello, I'm looking for an OEM 350z resonator pipe. Had a patent part piece fitted to mine and it doesn't fit properly, made the backbox all twisted and it leaks at the join. I switched from a cobra back to OEM, someone sold me a backbox on here. Now its just as loud as my old cobra exhaust since it leaks! Its just the resonator part that is needed. Anyone know what Nissan charge for this? Thank you
  8. Dudey52

    350z Bose headunit

    Oh right. Is this hard to do?
  9. Dudey52

    350z Bose headunit

    Oh right, two months a bit too long. Thanks anyway
  10. My 2008 350z bose headunit won't read CD's anymore Anyone got a spare one that works? Thanks
  11. A member will be along to help shortly.
  12. Ok Thanks, I'll order an O ring
  13. Hi, I'm looking for the correct exhaust gasket to use on a OEM backbox and midpipe I've searched the codes and the backbox gasket (20691) is showing as an O ring gasket? That doesn't seem right to me, looks like it should be a flat type gasket. Anyone have experience on this? Thanks
  14. Hi, I'm currently running a cobra on my 350z. Looking to go back to OEM, I've found a member on here with a backbox but just looking for a mid pipe. I found this https://www.ebay.co.uk/i/121152157321?clk_rvr_id=1557581283855&vectorid=229508&lgeo=1&item=121152157321&rmvSB=true Would that produce the same sound as the OEM Nissan one?
  15. Dudey52

    OEM Exhaust

    Another offer for a backbox, how comes the mid pipe is always missing?





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