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  1. Daisyduke


    Will give it a proper spray job when I do the whole car.
  2. Daisyduke


    Will have to get you a picture later.
  3. Daisyduke


    I do have it on mine now
  4. They look tidy compared to mine. What's the price on them?
  5. Morning all. Have finally put the 350 back together and managed to take it for a little drive last night. This mod is really good. Burnouts. Took a little getting used to as there is just a fraction of a seconds worth of throttle cut. Just means if you are doing a burnout you need to ensure you broke traction well first and not smash on the brakes. I dont think my clutch massively enjoyed my first attempt. Lol Brake boosting. (I dont have a turbo but it's easy to simulate the idea) is really easy. Can maintain a speed with the brakes while creating load and bringing up the throttle very easily. I didn't feel any of the throttle cut while doing this but the momentum of the already rolling car probably negated it. Installation. The instructions are very well put together and easy to follow. It is a little more worrying than the Tcs/vdc switch mod as you go after the ecu also. So it's a little more involved. I also removed the whole panel in the passenger dash so I didn't have to flip upside down which made it a easier. I cant recommend this to anyone that has a worry about all electrical items and has never crimped a wire before. It would be pretty easy for an auto electrician to fit though if you so require. Overall if you are looking at the tcs/vdc switch anyway then this is a great addition and would be very useful for drag events, if you like to roll race, and I cant comment on drifting but if you require to accelerate with a touch of brakes at any point this will be very useful. Any questions about anything specific that I can test or help with, let me know. Regards Daisy
  6. Are the hooks for the battery tie down available?
  7. Daisyduke

    350z exhaust

    Think that's a bigger question than you realise. Do you want it loud? Subtle? True dual? For forced induction? Single exit? High flow cats? Decats?
  8. Depends what sort of look you want and your budget really. Let us know those and we can help further.
  9. Dont know if 06 is majorly different. But my 05 was easy. Pull gear shift surround out and get at all the screws from there. I'm just over the bridge if you need anything.
  10. You haven't got odd size exhaust hangers (rubber ones) or knackered ones have you? Does the exhaust have the hanger in the centre section as that would pull it that way.
  11. Garages do not seem to like anything outside of their remove and replace job now.



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