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  1. Azure blue nissan 350z gt was cat c in 2008 and has had no problem since Great running car. I just dont get a chance to use it. Rota gtrd wheels 18 inch Bc racing coilovers Duck tail spoiler Plenum spacer fitted Berk high flow cats Scorpion exhaust K&n induction kit New brake pads all round Gt front lip Led rear turn signals and reverse light setup D1 spec pedal controller Xtrons head unit Tablet installed in dash Re trimmed and flat bottom steering wheel Cs2000 ecs vcd and brake cut out system in place. 380rs accel
  2. Daisyduke

    Rear diffuser

    The ducktail is the same one that I think tarmac do now I have fit that already
  3. Daisyduke


    Will give it a proper spray job when I do the whole car.
  4. Daisyduke


    Will have to get you a picture later.
  5. Daisyduke


    I do have it on mine now
  6. They look tidy compared to mine. What's the price on them?
  7. Morning all. Have finally put the 350 back together and managed to take it for a little drive last night. This mod is really good. Burnouts. Took a little getting used to as there is just a fraction of a seconds worth of throttle cut. Just means if you are doing a burnout you need to ensure you broke traction well first and not smash on the brakes. I dont think my clutch massively enjoyed my first attempt. Lol Brake boosting. (I dont have a turbo but it's easy to simulate the idea) is really easy. Can maintain a speed with
  8. Are the hooks for the battery tie down available?
  9. Daisyduke

    350z exhaust

    Think that's a bigger question than you realise. Do you want it loud? Subtle? True dual? For forced induction? Single exit? High flow cats? Decats?
  10. Depends what sort of look you want and your budget really. Let us know those and we can help further.
  11. Dont know if 06 is majorly different. But my 05 was easy. Pull gear shift surround out and get at all the screws from there. I'm just over the bridge if you need anything.
  12. You haven't got odd size exhaust hangers (rubber ones) or knackered ones have you? Does the exhaust have the hanger in the centre section as that would pull it that way.
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