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  1. Is it on retention already ? and would you consider £400
  2. MikeyM

    Rear diffuser

    This is a link to the guys profile on Facebook. Give him a shout https://www.facebook.com/piotr.grzelak.1806
  3. If your firm on £400 that's fair enough.
  4. Still for sale ? Open to an offer ?, im after a plate for a project car
  5. cool, no problem, glad you got it sold finally.
  6. Hi bud, this is what I want to achieve in my zed, hence the search for the red surround once I have the button itself. From what I've seen it's that red surround that costs the most money
  7. Hey bud, you still sitting on these scoops or sold them on elsewhere. Just wondered if you might take £35 for them and then I can have a look and decide if they would work for me or not on mine
  8. Would you take £20 ? Just leaves me the finisher ( red surround ) to find later
  9. I'm interested but just cant decide if they would look right or not on my zed. I know you said they never budged, but cant see how they dont just add a drag factor with no where for the air to go that they scoop as such ?
  10. Bummer.... if you do some more can you message me please
  11. Hi Bud, you got one left that will fit this 09 plate , I'll take it if you do
  12. Hi.. headlights still available ? If so would like to know a little about it's set up and more photos perhaps ?
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