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  1. How do they attach?
  3. The wheel specialist will do spits, they have franchise all over the country, cost me £500nfor a set of 13x10 and these were done on the side between jobs so not cheap
  4. Surley all them joins/welds are not as good as bends? or cant you bend titanium?
  5. I'm up for it
  6. I'm not far from skipton so I would be up for it
  7. I found the ppe website
  8. I have a DE , anyone have a link to where I can buy ?
  9. Tbh I don't mind paying the going rate, just wondered what make to go for, I see a lot on ebay but I don't want to buy ones that wont last
  10. Hi, I will have the tow hook if they are still for sale, pm me your paypal, thanks Al

    1. Oversteer
    2. retro_al


      3rd time lucky, they fit ! :D

  11. I will take them, the thread looks different to the 2 that I have so I will risk it
  12. Its this one
  13. To be honest you can clean it with a apc then use any fabric protection I normally use renovo products, I find putting the product into a container then brush it in is the best way I have used cheap spray cans like supagards fabric protector and that works ok ( think I got the can for a £1 ) Even gtechniqs fabric protecter is good, again spray on or brush it in.
  14. Sorry clearly says no p+p


    Add that to the price.


    Address would be:-

    16 , Elizabeth Gardens



    TW16 5LF




    1. retro_al


      I'm not even sure how much it will cost to post as its quite heavy, say £5 ? so £75 all in?


      paypal is


      Thanks Alistair

    2. Z-Boy


      Money sent.





    3. retro_al


      Okay thanks, I will send it today

  15. Hi retro


    I'll have the Billet avid racing mount bought from Torqen

    give me your payment details pref paypal and I'll send you the money asap.


    does it include P+P