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  1. Bluetooth Module

    I have one in my car I don't use, just no idea how to remove it
  2. Bluetooth Module

    How do you get this out
  3. 350z drivers side wing mirror

    As above, the mirror can be broken or smashed, just need the plastic section that the main part of mirror sits/connects onto.
  4. Best sump for track? stillen ?

    I want to upgrade my sump but not sure which one is best and will they fit with my zspeed under tray ?
  5. Shorter final drive 4.08

    Does anyone know which Nissan navara model it comes from ? Thanks Alistair
  6. What pressure washer?? Never had 1 before

    Nilfisks are the best budget pw
  7. Weekend at the Nordschleife!

    I want to go next year
  8. Immaculate White 350z DE

    UK Nissan 350z 2004 DE I bought this 20/03/2016,i was looking for a white one and this was just resprayed in ford frozen white. The plan was to build a car to take to the ring in Germany ( every petrolheads dream? ) I then bought Full super pro bush kit Adjustable camber arms Uprated traction links Uprated toe links Goodridge braided brake hose kit Eibach uprated anti rollbar kit + uprated drop links HD plenum spacer Mishimoto alloy raditator Mishimoto Fan Kit Mishimoto black silicon hose kit Mishimoto Catch can kit Mishimoto Oil cooler kit with thermostatic plate. All parts (apart from the mishimoto items) where fitted by Richard Henry motorsport in Bradford ( well know in the Subaru community ) They also flushed the brake fluid out and the power steering and clutch fluid and put Dot 5.1 fluid in, and also changed the gearbox oil. The car has only done just over 4k miles since these parts have being fitted. I then bought a Kazz 1.5 way super Q lsd and that was fitted at Richard henry motorsports along with a Ultra racing W brace and a braided clutch line and new slave cylinder on the 29th march 2017 The LSD has only done 2k miles since being fitted, now when I looked at the box after the LSD was fitted, the code said its a 2 way Kazz not a 1.5 way, the 2 way is used more by drifters but its been fine on the road. If you don't know much about these LSDs they are noisy, they click and bang when turning and moving slow I bought some second had Sparco evo 2 bucket seats ( good condition but do have a odd mark or small hole from fag burn I think) they are on buddy club runners but they don't move they are fixed. I also bought a momo drift steering wheel and NRG hub ( genuine parts from demon tweeks) Also has a pillar pod with a stack oil temp and a stack water temp, the water temp does not work atm as the adaptor I fitted into a hose kept leaking so I bought a new hose and didn't bother with it. I then bought some HKS momo pro coilovers I fitted them then got a full alinement at Bram racing leeds The car also has a Zspeed alloy undertray. Remapped at RS Tuning in leeds to take advantage of the bolt on mods. The car had a new clutch exedy 3 pc organic clutch fitted before I bought the car receipt says 21/05/2015 It also had the dual mass flywheel removed and a single lightweight flywheel fitted. Full stainless exhaust system including D cats Wheels are Japan Racing 19x10.5 rears 19x9.5 fronts with Yokohama AD08R 295/30/19 255/30/19 Tyres Mintex DS2500 pads all round, these do squeak when cold. I have always changed the oil myself using Titan Pro s The car does have service history up to 86k To summarise, this would be suited to a car enthusiast for weekend/show/track use as its pretty loud and harsh for a everyday car I also removed the AC pump and condenser as I just don't use it enough and I thought a bit of weight reduction would be a good idea. The car needs for nothing, oil pressure it great, it does not burn oil, gearbox and clutch are great. I will put a fresh 12 months MOT if required. Buying this car then buying all the parts and getting them fitted I think I have spent at least 11k I can make the car cheaper by removing some items if needed. The Y pipe has a slight blow on the flexing( from getting it off my steep drive I think) just bought a new one so will get it fitted before car sells. I'm not in a rush to sell I'm just looking to go back to something more retro £8,400. Video from when I went to Mallory park https://www.youtube.com/watch?time_continue=9&v=yNGiYz5Reo8
  9. 350z Y Pipe

    Mine is blowing from the flexy section, what you got ? Thanks Al
  10. I don't work sundays so that should be okay for me
  11. I'm up for it if I can get my ass out of bed this time
  12. Trackday for £99 anyone ?

    Theres always lots at brands but they are never cheap, I think your looking at £150 for a evening session or £250 + for a full track day
  13. [SOLD]Nismo v3 replica front bumper

    I will take it, pm your paypal