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  1. Ahhhh.. im at usc at santa pod that weekend
  2. retro_al

    Forged Titanium Wheel Nuts

    How much do they weigh each ?
  3. retro_al

    06 rev up air box

    I'm still looking for one
  4. retro_al

    Black 350 bradford

    I was in the white one in front
  5. retro_al

    06 rev up air box

    £50 ?
  6. retro_al

    06 rev up air box

    I'm looking to ditch the cone filter and go for the rev up airbox Message me if you have one, Thanks Al
  7. retro_al

    Respray advice.

    Hes had quoted 8k because it doesn't want the job and if for some bizzare reason you go for it he will be doing backflips
  8. retro_al

    Head gasket for 54 plate right hand drive 350

    They can be tricky to get air out the system, easy enough when you know how
  9. retro_al

    350z 04 Rear Lights to 06+ LEDS

    I just got a sett of these and I also have to trim the plugs 2004 uk car
  10. Pulled my nismo spoiler off to fit a duckbill spoiler and ripped half the paint off my hatch so was too pi**ed off to come and the cars looks like a bag of @*!# so then put my new sump on, any pics from today rob ?
  11. ps on the Saturday there is rolling road day at adt motorsport in skipton
  12. Hi Chris, I could do it for you,i cover most of the north of England and live 20 miles from leeds. Nearly 10 years in the trade,i have done 100s of ceramic coatings as I was a Gtechniq accredited detailer for many years. https://www.facebook.com/Defined-Reflections-Vehicle-Detailing-242670942458589/