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  1. retro_al

    350z abs pump relay

    A friend is after a abs pump relay, part number 47605-C9900. Thanks
  2. Ahhhh.. im at usc at santa pod that weekend
  3. retro_al

    Forged Titanium Wheel Nuts

    How much do they weigh each ?
  4. retro_al

    06 rev up air box

    I'm still looking for one
  5. retro_al

    Black 350 bradford

    I was in the white one in front
  6. retro_al

    06 rev up air box

    £50 ?
  7. retro_al

    06 rev up air box

    I'm looking to ditch the cone filter and go for the rev up airbox Message me if you have one, Thanks Al
  8. retro_al

    Respray advice.

    Hes had quoted 8k because it doesn't want the job and if for some bizzare reason you go for it he will be doing backflips
  9. retro_al

    Head gasket for 54 plate right hand drive 350

    They can be tricky to get air out the system, easy enough when you know how
  10. retro_al

    350z 04 Rear Lights to 06+ LEDS

    I just got a sett of these and I also have to trim the plugs 2004 uk car
  11. Pulled my nismo spoiler off to fit a duckbill spoiler and ripped half the paint off my hatch so was too pi**ed off to come and the cars looks like a bag of @*!# so then put my new sump on, any pics from today rob ?
  12. ps on the Saturday there is rolling road day at adt motorsport in skipton