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  1. Trackday for £99 anyone ?

    Theres always lots at brands but they are never cheap, I think your looking at £150 for a evening session or £250 + for a full track day
  2. [SOLD]Nismo v3 replica front bumper

    I will take it, pm your paypal
  3. Trackday for £99 anyone ?

    Yeah that's the only risk that time of year
  4. Trackday for £99 anyone ?

    Anyone fancy a trackday at Mallory park? only £99 for the day which is a bargain, details here http://www.opentrack.co.uk/product/mallory-park-081217/ Nice easy track aswell nothing to complicated, would be nice to see some others Heres a video from the last one
  5. Carbon fibre front corner splitters

    How do they attach?
  6. Split rim refurb - Midlands

  7. Split rim refurb - Midlands

    The wheel specialist will do spits, they have franchise all over the country, cost me £500nfor a set of 13x10 and these were done on the side between jobs so not cheap
  8. Surley all them joins/welds are not as good as bends? or cant you bend titanium?
  9. Skipton, Morning Meet 19/20 Aug

    I'm up for it
  10. August Skipton am meet and drive 19th August

    I'm not far from skipton so I would be up for it
  11. Long Tube Headers/Manifold

    I found the ppe website
  12. Long Tube Headers/Manifold

    I have a DE , anyone have a link to where I can buy ?
  13. Long Tube Headers/Manifold

    Tbh I don't mind paying the going rate, just wondered what make to go for, I see a lot on ebay but I don't want to buy ones that wont last
  14. Hi, I will have the tow hook if they are still for sale, pm me your paypal, thanks Al

    1. Oversteer
    2. retro_al


      3rd time lucky, they fit ! :D

  15. [SOLD]Tow hooks

    I will take them, the thread looks different to the 2 that I have so I will risk it