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  1. How does it attach, is it threaded and screws on or does it have a grub screw?
  2. In Newcastle I was quoted at different times by the same guy *Back wheel arch rust repair (cut out, treat with wax oil,weld in new metal and spray £400 *Respray bonnet £300
  3. Been looking for a cat construction pic or diagram but your pic tells it all. Thanks for that, it’s very encouraging to see a working cat looking worse than mine. In that case I may well remove the rot on mine all together along with the bit of wire holding it on. Many Thanks
  4. Don’t see why not so long as you pay postage!
  5. Thanks for the replies. Not due it’s MOT yet so unsure about emissions, but your right, my heat shield did rattle over a year ago and I secured it with copper wire, but it’s deteriorated far more now although no rattles yet. My main concern was , given the internals are being exposed , would the cat get damaged and you both seem to think not. Might make tentative enquiry to Alex. Don’t think it’s worth replacing them with new ones if their not failing (the cars 15 yr old now) and when they do give up I’m hoping Alex or someone may have some for sale.
  6. Just finished my service and noticed the poor state of one of the converters. The outer metal housing is badly corroded but not sure if this is a heat shield, or if not does it compromise the converter and do I need replacements?? Are used converters available anywhere and has anyone fitted them successfully ? Any advice (on the topic of course, I get enough from the wife on every thing else) would be appreciated.
  7. Would rather sell the full set. You could sell the spare set in your own good time if that would work for you ?
  8. No probs Davy, the cash has been received and the covers yours. Will post when you send your details.
  9. Sorry for the late response, been busy. Yes it’s made to fit the 350. Not sure if it would fit anything else.
  10. In good condition, below is the Stormforce information. £95 collect or buyer pays postage. * Breathable 4 layer fabric to allow moisture & damp to escape. * Welded seams & double stitched hems for strength & long life * Detachable underbody securing straps with soft silicone fastener covers * Elasticated front & rear hems for snug fit * 100% ultra violet resistant fabric to prevent paint fade * Special waterproof / breathable membrane layer * Side panel eyelets included for optional locking kit * Separate sturdy zipped storage bag
  11. Nothing ‘s straight forward is it!!
  12. Me to! Your paying for a professional job.





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