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  1. Dicky

    Write off or Not?

    Very good info, thanks. It boils my blood that they quote offer figures from data the public aren’t privy to, so you can only used current sal/forcourt prices. Admirals Policy docs state they will replace like for like (in so many words) they also quote “Market Value” will be offered. That’s defined as the price a buyer is prepared to pay and a seller is prepared to accept. If a car is offere for sale at £15000 I believe it’s reasonable to agree that a final agreed sale price might be £14000-£14500, so why they quote unrealistic prices from Glasses guide angers me!
  2. Dicky

    Write off or Not?

  3. Dicky

    Coil pack

    Anyone know where to buy used Coil packs?
  4. Dicky

    Write off or Not?

    Well I’ve already done those things. They’re aware it’s a low milage Black Edition and I’ve quoted the sale price of those on Auto Trader. Your right in your assumption that they are offering trade/part ex prices and not market value as their Insurance document states they would do. Im not threatening court action as yet simply that I want to esculate matters to an independent arbitrator. They suggested the Motoring Ombudsman but their customers reviews are appalling in fact Trust Pilot reviewers rate them 2% good, 98 % useless, so I won’t be using them! A Nissan dealership I have my 350 serviced at, using a Glasses guide, suggested they would put it on their forcourt at £13750 while trade in prices would be £10.2k-£11k
  5. Dicky

    Write off or Not?

    The only low milage Black editions I can see are on offer for £15k & £16k? Just read Admirals definition of terms and Market Value is defined as “The cost of replacing your car , with one of similar make, model, year, milage and condition based on market prices at the time of the loss” Google defines market value as “The highest estimated price that a buyer would pay and a seller would accept”. I would interperate this as...if someone asks £16000 for his car and I turn up and offer an acceptable price of £15500 then that’s the market value?? What do you think?
  6. Dicky

    Write off or Not?

    Does anyone have any good rule of thumb as to what difference 1000 miles would make to a cars value. Also has anyone taken an insurance company to court over such a matter.
  7. Dicky

    Write off or Not?

    Just had Admiral call regarding their offer. By the way I was miles off on the milage I quoted earlier, the car had 60600mls on the clock. They said they could only offer Glasse’s guide valuations and started at £10600 based upon the fact that the car had been bought privately rather than from a dealer. After some negotiating he finally increased his offer to £11500 saying he had increased the valuation as if it had been bought from a dealer. What are your thoughts, do you think there’s more scope for improvement or is it a fair offer.?
  8. Dicky

    Write off or Not?

    Thanks everyone for your valuable input, I really appreciate it. Admiral rang today to take details, condition, mileage, extras etc. I will be contacted later with their offer price. Ive also looked at current replacement costs and advised them I’m expecting an offer around £15k, so we will see what happens. I wouldn’t care but the car was in excellent condition. About 6 moths ago I paid over £800 to get Falcon Performance to upgrade the oil gallery gasket to prevent engine damage if the original failed, and just before Xmas I paid over £800 to have a failed steering lock replaced. Sods law she decides to write it off after all that. Buggar !!
  9. Dicky

    Write off or Not?

    Thanks all. Any further Insurance company negotiating advice would be welcome
  10. Dicky

    Write off or Not?

    Buggar!! Thought it might be. does anyone know if the pop up bonnet cylinders can be reset (ie pushed back in) or do you have to replace them ?
  11. Dicky

    Write off or Not?

    My daughter had a a slow speed accident in traffic in her 2010 Black Edition (46K ish miles) a couple of days ago with all of the damage being at the front ( see attached pic). The Nissan repairers have just quoted a repair cost of £13,300, they said their labour costs were only £800 but the Nissan parts cost were high. As far as I remember it needs a new bonnet and hinges (although the hinges are fine) new front bumper, headlight (possibly 2 although I think ones ok), 2 headlight washer jets and a near side wing Do you think they might write the car it off ? The car has been well maintained and the engine, chassis and all the rest is undamaged. This repair cost seem extremely high to me. What do you think. If it is written off how does that work.Do they offer the market value and if so where do they get that value from. Can you buy the car back in some way because used parts are quite reasonably priced an I think the car is repairable for a lot less than this. Any advice welcome
  12. Dicky

    All Season Tyres

    Many thanks young man, will do,
  13. Dicky

    All Season Tyres

    Thanks for the reply. I live in the North a East and to be fair, up here, winters ain’t what they used to be but the car belongs to my dentist daughter and getting to work is essential. The best winter tyre option appears to be buying another set of alloys to fit them to, then there’s the storage requirements. I tend to agree with your reasoning but if those who have fitted all season tyres find them adequate then their an easier option. Lets see if anyone can provided a user review.
  14. Dicky

    All Season Tyres

    Anyone used these for driving in snow? Do they perform well or are winter tyres a better option
  15. Dicky

    370 Steering Lock

    Unfortunately I know what a brick wall looks like. You just can’t get through to them, there a huge lump of talking marshmallow that soaks up your complaints and when your finished repeats it’s pre recorded message time & time again. If you ask for a line manager name to escultae your complaint they refer you to the Motoring Ombudsman then revert to marshmallow mode again. Im thinking of raiseing it as an interest article in the Which magazine and will write to the ombudsman.