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  1. Well I've decided to wait until next year when its a bit warmer to get under and possibly do it myself depending on how bad it is. Companies I found were Thompsons of Morpeth, Darlington Vehicle Welding, Pristine Autos Gateshead, The Garage Bishop Auckland and JR Classics Ltd Doncaster. Haven't narrowed it down yet by visiting them but also would like to speak with someone who has used any of them. Problem is I've head a couple of poor workmanship stories and lets face it once the underseal is on how you going to tell if its a good job? Word of mouth is the best way forward.
  2. Had a similar problem earlier this year.. see my post thankfully your problem seems to be sorted but mine turned out to be just over £3K problem to resolve (Buggar) anyway it was. worth it as I couldn't have bought another car for the price of repairs. It might be of interest..
  3. Dicky

    “W” brace

    Cheers Davey_83👍
  4. Dicky

    “W” brace

    Thanks young man your a gem! You must have a PhD in 350z motors😂
  5. Anyone know off hand what size bolts are used to fix the brace in place, and for an extra bonus point the bolt size holding the plastic protection covers on? Also when working on the car which type of socket is best, 6point or 12 point, especially for rusted bolts
  6. Yep, I’ve got one if your interested. Small scratch on the base at one side and slight sign of use on the top of the knob ( see pics) but stil in good shape. PS: not sure what happened with the pics but couldn’t sort it. Anyway you get the idea.
  7. Many thanks young man for responding, I’ll give them a call. I’ve found one in Morpeth and one in Darlington but the worry is who can you trust to do a good job. When I decide on one I’m going to insist I watch the work being done. Thanks again
  8. These companies are very hard to find up north and finding a decent one even harder! Anyone used a company called Autospray located in Darlington who apparently use a Dinitrol process??
  9. The final chapter. Got the car back from Vic Youngs garage in South Shields who have saved my old car Betsy’s life (I recommend them). She’s sitting in my garage now with blankets and a hot water bottle to recuperate after 4months of waiting hindered by Covid staff shortages, Holidays and sourcing parts. The final bill £3200 which seems fair considering the parts cost circa £1200. Shes had new timing chain and tensioner, water pump, a low milage cylinder head and injectors from ZmanAlex and gaskets etc etc. All this because of a faulty injector on cylinder 4. How on earth ca
  10. Just had an advisory on my 2004 car regarding underbody corrosion. Had a bit of a look (as best I could with near side wheels up on the kerb) and it doesn't look to bad but needs some attention. Can anyone recommend a decent underbody rust treatment company anywhere in Tyne & Wear?? Thanks
  11. Still waiting for the finished product. Lost a week due to the service manager going on holiday and gaskets etc not being ordered. The mechanic had a little work to do to tidy and check the replacement cylinder head but I’ve been told this would not incur labour costs. Anyway all the parts came in last week so onward and upward. It’s a bugger though all this hassle and expense over something I could have spotted had I been more aware. Also, as I mentioned earlier, the timing chain had jumped a link because tensioner was at its fullest wear position. I can’t seem to find any Nissan in
  12. Anyone done this? Did you use a fuel additive and was it any good or did you take them out and clean them manually. Is there a procedure available anywhere ?
  13. The continuing story ..... Well I visited the garage to see how Betsie my sick 350 was doing and nearly fell over when I saw her in the corner of the garage, all forlorn and abused with the front of the car removed, wire looms all over the place disconnected plugs and sockets and air con radiators tied up out of the way etc etc. To be fair they did explain they wouldn’t normally do this but due to the age of the car and the potential for seized connections and rusted bolts it was the safest option to leave as much connected as possible and tie it out the way, fair enough I thought!
  14. Apparently the exhaust valve is the culprit here. Garage carried out a leak down test and found air was pouring out the exhaust pipe. Cylinder head coming off on Monday but up to now it’s costing circa £3k 😭 Anyway I’ll post exactly what’s been done for future reference
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