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  1. Been searching the forum for more info but everyone seems unsure of how to fix their Bluetooth problems. Anyone got answers to these questions. 1) is the problem just due to the type of phone being used 2) is it due tomthe phone software upgrades IE: as the phone software moves to higher rev numbers then the fixed head unit software looses connectivity/compatibility. 3) Anyone aware of any software upgrades available for the head unit. There seems little help available from Nissan other than to pay big bucks by having them check it out then probable tell you it's a problem with your phone. i see a kind of costly vicious circle beginning to form!!
  2. My daughters 2010 car has issues playing her music. When playing the music the sound track appears to skip whereas my iPhone 4 (old I know) works fine. The other problem is when receiving a phone call, if she answers from the steering wheel button she connects and can take the call. However if she try's to use the "Answer" display on the sat Nav screen she's cut off straight away. Anyone offer and advice?
  3. Clutch judder

    I hadn't realised it was a common problem, having tried the search facility with little in the way of results. Thanks for your input and I'll try the search again.
  4. Clutch judder

    Bought a 2010 with 36,000 recorded miles and was wondering if anyone had this problem when moving off from stand still, it's only slight but annoying. Anyone know of possible cause/repair (short of a new clutch)'or is it something to do with the type of oem clutch fitted. Like always I suppose it could be caused by many things or is there a favourite?
  5. Digital Speed Indication

    Yep, my daughters 2010, 370 doesn't appear to provide a digital indication. I have it on my 350 and use it all of the time. Much more convenient than the speedo. The signal is derived from the ABS system on the 350 but the electrical info in the workshop manual doesn't provide enough detail to figure out how to use it
  6. Any bright sparks figured a way of achieving this, if so do tell !!
  7. Digital Speed Indication

    Apologies Scoobie and everyone Ive mistakingly posted this on the wrong forum, it should be on the 370 side.....I'm getting old you see ha ha
  8. Any bright sparks figured a way of achieving this, if so do tell !!
  9. Bluetooth Phone Quality?

    My daughter has the same Bluetooth audio connectivity problem from her iPhone 5s. It keeps skipping and dropping out, useless. The Apple tech guy said to create at least 500 Mb space on the phone to help with the problem but still the same. Has anyone taken issue with Nissan over this obvious fault?
  10. First MOT failure in 14yrs

    Well all done now. The arm cost £143 and the whole job £277 and I now have a brand new MOT to file. Panic now over and into the blue yonder for me!
  11. Any ideas on what this noise could be?

    Bloody hell that must have been a close shave if the engine began to make noises for the lack of oil. i couldn't download the recording either to my iPad.
  12. Cavity Wax

    Not aware of any guide. I had a bit of rust on my rear wheel arches and had it cut out. The guy that did the work flooded the arches with wax oil during th work. The only way I could imagine it being possible would be to drill a hole on the inside of the boot to allow access to the wheel arches and spray the wax oil in then plug up the hole.
  13. First MOT failure in 14yrs

    As it happens the car seems to drive fine Alex, unless I've just got used to it. I recall getting an advisory on this some years ago, around 5 yr I think and when I looked at the workshop manual and saw that its drawn bent I just assumed it was right, apparently not. Wheel alignment & tracking WOW, I'm a pensioner now you know!! Suppose I can't complain though the only other non rust related expense I've had in all this time was to replace a coil pack. It's been a bloody good car and I still love it an want to have its babies ha ha
  14. First MOT failure in 14yrs

    Buggar just booked the car in Alex to have it done. Attempted to loosen the securing bolts with my breaker bar but not much space under the ramps. The bolts are well rusted and frightened I might round the nut so thought I'd take the hit and have it done. To old to be crawling under cars these days especially on potentialy nightmare jobs. couple of pics below, the offending off side link and the near side link
  15. First MOT failure in 14yrs

    Anyone have a photo of this part because the stealers wants £143 for it, none of them have it in stock and if bought it can't be returned and I don't know if the bend in mine is as it should be or distorted?? a photo would really help