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  1. Next service due soon as the rain up here stops and I’ll post one
  2. Cheers young man 👍
  3. Hi anyone know if there is a current discount code for club members?
  4. You could be right because I’ve googled the problem and that was one of the possible causes. My only concern is that this has been noticed during several annual services and always No 4 cylinder. It would be strange if this was the only plug where my torque tench failed each time! Thanks for you input though
  5. I do my own annual service and for the last few years I’ve noticed that cyl 4 plug always seems black on the nose and with electrode wear, all other plugs as fine. Can anyone shed light on this ?
  6. By the way my clutch is still giving good service in 2021
  7. Dicky

    Battery Drain

    Well I’ve done all that and still drawing 80mA? My battery has been going flat recently and doesn’t last more than a couple of weeks after being fully charged. Battery must be duff as 80mA draw from a 65A/hr battery should last just over 4 wks. Bought a Yuasa replacement this morning, comes with a 5 yr guarantee, so let’s see how it stands up. Thanks for all input
  8. Dicky

    Battery Drain

    Yeah that sounds more like it, 0.3 mA sounds a bit low maybe should be 30mA Did you have anything on at all, typically the alarm? and did you allow it to stand a while before measuring? I assume the various computers will remain powered but other than that I can’t think what what else i think I’ll pull a couple of fuses to see why I’ve got 50mA more drain than you .
  9. Anyone measured the current taken from the battery with the engine off, and everything else turned off. Im getting 80 mA (0.08A). My battery is probably on its last legs but just interested to know what the norm is and what others are measuring.
  10. Hi Mikey_S I’m assuming your post dated March 3 was 2021. If so I apologies for the delay in responding, I don’t log on very often these days. The issue I posted about I’ve also experienced driving into my garage. The smell I’m certain is from the clutch and I’m fairly certain it’s due to over revving as I try to release the clutch pedal slowly so as not to go in to fast, same when reversing up my Fairley steep drive. if I reduce the rev’s I don’t get the smell. Don't get any noises from the clutch pedal nor experienced any sponginess, but if I did, I’d suspect the clutch r
  11. A pal of mine (let’s be kind and say he’s almost as tight as a fishes arse ) with a BMW 330 has had Delinte D7 tyres fitted at circa £50 ea and swears by them. You wonder how safe such cheap tyres would be so was wondering if anyone here has tried them?
  12. Cheers.....and now I really can call you YOUNG man!! ....58 ? Just a mere slip of a lad, just getting started
  13. Thanks Davey, Appreciated!
  14. Thanks young man, Appreciated!
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