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  1. Still waiting for the finished product. Lost a week due to the service manager going on holiday and gaskets etc not being ordered. The mechanic had a little work to do to tidy and check the replacement cylinder head but I’ve been told this would not incur labour costs. Anyway all the parts came in last week so onward and upward. It’s a bugger though all this hassle and expense over something I could have spotted had I been more aware. Also, as I mentioned earlier, the timing chain had jumped a link because tensioner was at its fullest wear position. I can’t seem to find any Nissan in
  2. Anyone done this? Did you use a fuel additive and was it any good or did you take them out and clean them manually. Is there a procedure available anywhere ?
  3. The continuing story ..... Well I visited the garage to see how Betsie my sick 350 was doing and nearly fell over when I saw her in the corner of the garage, all forlorn and abused with the front of the car removed, wire looms all over the place disconnected plugs and sockets and air con radiators tied up out of the way etc etc. To be fair they did explain they wouldn’t normally do this but due to the age of the car and the potential for seized connections and rusted bolts it was the safest option to leave as much connected as possible and tie it out the way, fair enough I thought!
  4. Apparently the exhaust valve is the culprit here. Garage carried out a leak down test and found air was pouring out the exhaust pipe. Cylinder head coming off on Monday but up to now it’s costing circa £3k 😭 Anyway I’ll post exactly what’s been done for future reference
  5. Well poor old Betsey is seriously ill just now. The garage rang to say one of the cylinders is low on compression and the cause could be one of several things, valves, injector or a piston leak problem. Just waiting for repair estimates now but the service manager did say it will be costly. Think I’ll remind him I’m just a poor old pensioner with a bad back and a sore leg....it’s worked before😂
  6. just out of interest, if you pull off the long nose part of the coil pack to reveal the long spring assembly inside, there’s a 20mm ish long item which looks like a fuse inserted in series with the spring. Anyone know what that is and it’s function in life?? Might cut one open to see what else I’d involved insde.
  7. Hi Olly, I tried your suggestion but it seemed the engine note changed on all of them so I was unable to confidently say which one was duff. I then pull out each coil pack in turn, leaving its plug connected pushed a spare plug into the coil pack, grounded the plug body and turned the car over. Would you believe all 6 produced a spark???. I then bought and fitted a full set of Platinum NGK spark plugs, boxed it all up again and BUGGAR it’s still missing. Now thinking it may be an injector fault or something more obscure plus I’ve ran out of enthusiasm so it’s off to the garage
  8. Thanks Olly, to be able to get to the coil pack plugs and stand half a chance of removing/replacing them on 2,4&6 I had to remove the air intake pipework (maintaining the maf) the other side was better but not much. Then trying to listen to the engine note when it’s running lumpy and hunting all the time was bordering on impossible. I was going to order a full set from Alex as it happens but he was out of stock. Rang Euro car parts and they have a decent make for £30+vat so may follow your lead.
  9. Thanks Kieran👍
  10. Thanks Olly, it’s been a bit of a sod trying to listen to engine note when it’s running lumpy and hunting all the time. I was going to order a full set from Alex but he was out of stock. I’ve just rang Euroncar parts and ordered a full set of none budget packs for £30 ea + Vat. Hears hoping👍 Thanks again
  11. Following a run out the other day the engine suddenly started to run lumpy. Code reader showed “multiple misfires”. Contacted ZMANALEX who advised I pull each coil pack plug in turn and listen for a change in engine note. I found it difficult to notice a change on any cylinder but eventually thought it might be cylinder 6 (note sure though). I ordered two used coil packs from him just in case. While waiting delivery read this guide https://my.prostreetonline.com/2019/02/22/p0303-nissan-3-5l-how-to-test-vq35-ignition-coil/ explaining how to measure the resistance between the coil pack 3 p
  12. Next service due soon as the rain up here stops and I’ll post one
  13. Cheers young man 👍
  14. Hi anyone know if there is a current discount code for club members?
  15. You could be right because I’ve googled the problem and that was one of the possible causes. My only concern is that this has been noticed during several annual services and always No 4 cylinder. It would be strange if this was the only plug where my torque tench failed each time! Thanks for you input though
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