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  1. My daughter has the same Bluetooth audio connectivity problem from her iPhone 5s. It keeps skipping and dropping out, useless. The Apple tech guy said to create at least 500 Mb space on the phone to help with the problem but still the same. Has anyone taken issue with Nissan over this obvious fault?
  2. Well all done now. The arm cost £143 and the whole job £277 and I now have a brand new MOT to file. Panic now over and into the blue yonder for me!
  3. Bloody hell that must have been a close shave if the engine began to make noises for the lack of oil. i couldn't download the recording either to my iPad.
  4. Not aware of any guide. I had a bit of rust on my rear wheel arches and had it cut out. The guy that did the work flooded the arches with wax oil during th work. The only way I could imagine it being possible would be to drill a hole on the inside of the boot to allow access to the wheel arches and spray the wax oil in then plug up the hole.
  5. As it happens the car seems to drive fine Alex, unless I've just got used to it. I recall getting an advisory on this some years ago, around 5 yr I think and when I looked at the workshop manual and saw that its drawn bent I just assumed it was right, apparently not. Wheel alignment & tracking WOW, I'm a pensioner now you know!! Suppose I can't complain though the only other non rust related expense I've had in all this time was to replace a coil pack. It's been a bloody good car and I still love it an want to have its babies ha ha
  6. Buggar just booked the car in Alex to have it done. Attempted to loosen the securing bolts with my breaker bar but not much space under the ramps. The bolts are well rusted and frightened I might round the nut so thought I'd take the hit and have it done. To old to be crawling under cars these days especially on potentialy nightmare jobs. couple of pics below, the offending off side link and the near side link
  7. Anyone have a photo of this part because the stealers wants £143 for it, none of them have it in stock and if bought it can't be returned and I don't know if the bend in mine is as it should be or distorted?? a photo would really help
  8. The front edge of the bonnet under the rubber sealing strip is prone to rusting. I have smeared Vaseline on mine for some years now and it's still ok but wax oil would be better
  9. The near side rear does have a slight bend in it while the offside (fail side) one appears to be bent more. Can't think how it can have happened other than careless garage mechanics because I know I would never jack the car up there. Given the bar is quite thick (poss 15mm dia or so) I can't imagine I could have ran over anything either without hearing it. Must have been a mentally challenged mechanic then? Tryed a breaker bar on the badly rusted bolts but chickened out when it wouldn't give , so will let the garage have this one to do me thinks! Does Tarmac/ other supply these ?
  10. Apparently the offside rear suspension component "Front Lower Link" item 22 in attached diagram is apparently "severely bent" The attached diagram seems to indicate that its supposed to be bent. Can anyone confirm if it does have a bend in it and if any of the forum traders can supply one?
  11. Very impressed with your Dec16 post and the installation of your oil pressure gauge.

    Could you tell me if your oil pressure sender unit and your Glowshift Guage are a calibrated matched pair or would any sender unit work with the gauge and provide accurate pressure readings

    Cheers, Dicky

    1. Jonnymonno


      Hi Dicky

      The sender came with the gauge as a kit but i would think any pressure sender should work but the wiring colours might be an issue


    2. Dicky


      Many thanks Young man!

  12. Looking to install an oil pressure gauge somewhere in the car so anyone know the spec and/or supplier of a suitable 'T' piece adaptor to fit an oil pressure sensor. Thinking of removing the oil press switch from the oil filter/pump assembly, screwing in the 'T' piece adaptor, re fitting the pressure switch to one of the adaptor ports then screwing in the new pressure sensor to another port. Any advice from those who supply or have done this mod would be most appreciated. OR is there a better way?
  13. Thanks lads
  14. Anyone know what the reading should be from a hot engine at idle, mine is about 96 degC How does this compare?
  15. Sorry for the delay. Yep my 350 net appears to be to big in the 370 with lots of slack.