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  1. Nothing ‘s straight forward is it!!
  2. Me to! Your paying for a professional job.
  3. Dicky

    Clutch Slipping

    I wouldn’t buy a car with a worn clutch even if the seller reduced the price by the replacement cost. I would see it as another hurdle following on from my having to search to find a suitable car before I can’t get in, drive it and enjoy myself. I would also think it better to leave to the owner any “unforeseen” issues that may raise their head when the work is being done. Much better to fix it and then sell it imo. I understand your grief though because that sort of sod’s law occurrence usually happens to me!!
  4. They fit he 350z as well and still available. Now £150 plus £12 postage
  5. Still available now £150 plus £12 postage
  6. Still for sale and fit the 350z as well. Had one time waster and currently have two others interested, however first come first served applies. By the way postage is £12
  7. No not sold yet. I’ve had one time waster and currently have two others interested, but first come first served applies. Also postage would be £12
  8. Plug n play. Wheel off, slide spacer on over the existing wheel studs, secore spacer to original studs with the nuts supplied. Put wheel back on over the studs on the spacer and secure with your original wheel and locking nuts. Easy Peasy !!
  9. I declared them to Admiral Ins but they didn’t appear to be interested in them and they didn’t affect my insurance premium.
  10. What’s all this about learning how to park! As the Bounty bar kid says parking isn’t always the reason for scuffing wheels. I also had to avoid a car which forced me into the curb damaging my wheels. Even the best drivers have accidents. The sensible car owner insures against the unforeseen.
  11. The PCD of mine is 5x114.3 as are all 370z including the 2018 car. See link below where I checked. https://www.wheel-size.com/size/nissan/370z/2018/ Im sure they fit but be assured I will return any money paid if there’s a problem.
  12. Just to let you know that number 52 has gone to that great garage in the sky and is no more.
  13. Your probably right. Just noticed it’s got a key secreted in the fob as well and that certainly won’t fit another car.
  14. Going on Gumtree and Ebay soon



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