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  1. A pal of mine (let’s be kind and say he’s almost as tight as a fishes arse ) with a BMW 330 has had Delinte D7 tyres fitted at circa £50 ea and swears by them. You wonder how safe such cheap tyres would be so was wondering if anyone here has tried them?
  2. Dicky

    Corrosion Advice

    Cheers.....and now I really can call you YOUNG man!! ....58 ? Just a mere slip of a lad, just getting started
  3. Dicky

    Corrosion Advice

    Thanks Davey, Appreciated!
  4. Dicky

    Corrosion Advice

    Thanks young man, Appreciated!
  5. Dicky

    Corrosion Advice

    Oh I just assume at 73 I’m older than everybody
  6. Dicky

    Corrosion Advice

    Your a gem young man that looks very interesting and so close to me. Many thanks for your efforts in finding that for me!
  7. Dicky

    Corrosion Advice

    Thanks. Not sure how things are constructed under there but will investigate and if necessary get on to Alex for parts.
  8. Dicky

    Corrosion Advice

    Thanks young man. Well they didn’t specify other than subframe. Im taking it to a garage to take a look and will contact you if parts are needed.
  9. Dicky


    UGH. Much prefer the standard car. I’d feel like a complete prat driving that down the road. It’s trying way to hard. Less is obviously more here!
  10. Dicky

    Corrosion Advice

    I’m not sure if a repair and by that I mean cutting and welding is necessary, if so I know someone who could do that because I don’t think my go to garage does that sort of work (I’ll ask).I’m hopping it’s just surface and as such I could either clean it up and treat it myself if garages hire out car lifts given H&S these days. Better still find a place who can treat it for me if there available, would treat old cars and if the end result is worth the expense.
  11. I have a 2004 350Z which has passed its MOT every year of ownership (Best cat I’ve owned). This time there was an advisory comment pointing out “Corrosion on Sub Frame”. Has anyone had a similar comment and if so, how did you go about sorting it. Unfortunately a recent touring caravan purchase means I can no longer get the car up on ramps but then again access to the middle of the car is limited on ramps. Has anyone been able to hire a garage type lift, or used a service who can sand blast and treat the underside and if its very effective given the cars age ? All advice welcome
  12. POLISHEDBLISS DAS6 PRO PLUS DAS900 Used only a couple of times and never polished a complete car. Selling because I hardly use it and can put the money to better use. Contents of carrying case...as displayed DA900-L15/L21 polishing machine Menzerna Power Finish (203S) (250ml) part used 1 off Menzerna Super Finish (85RE) (250ml) part used 1 off Lake Country 140mm Hydro-Tech Polishing Pads (Tangerine) 2off (one part usd) Lake Country 140mm Hydro-Tech Polishing Pads (Crimson) 2off (one part usd) Lake Country 75mm Hydro-Tech Polishing Pad (Tangerine) 1 off Lake Country 75mm Hydro-Tech Polishing Pads (Crimson) 1 off Lake Country Dual Action Backing Plate (70mm) 1 off 3M High Performance Masking Tape 1 off PB Utility Brush £150 delivered
  13. Did a service today and removed the spark plugs to clean and check gaps. I noticed that cylinder 4 plug looked quite dirty and the outside electrode was partially burnt away (see pic) although all other plugs looked fine (clean and fawn coloured). Then I recalled I had the same issue in 2017 when I did the plugs, although the outside electrode, while worn, wasn’t quite as burnt away. Has anyone got any ideas what could cause this, injector, coil pack, other.
  14. Dicky

    Oil Catch Cans

    Your a star Davey !! Many thanks for sharing your expertise I will take your advice. Over and out!





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