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  1. Dicky

    Under sealing

    Nice job! the problem with me is AGE. Im 75 and my getting under car days are long gone now. I can still do it but then suffer aches and pains for days after. Nope the money I’ve saved doing my own work over the years is now being spent in old age. 😂
  2. Dicky

    Under sealing

    Yep been there done that 👍
  3. Ooops so Sorry! I’m not a very good spuller🤪
  4. Yep I noticed them but Tarmac are cheaper and then I noticed Nippon are cheaper again for the kidney braces. Looks like I’ll go for Tarmac to get everything in one go but solely because their about £50 cheaper for the kidney braces and hardware. UNLESS TORQUEN CAN DO BETTER (for a poor old pensioner with a bad back and sore leg)😂
  5. Thanks Davey, Tried Alex but he doesn’t stock the W brace kidney brackets any longer. Never heard of Kate performance so will take a look👍
  6. Anyone got experience of buying parts from this company who can recommend/warn me Thanks
  7. Dicky

    Under sealing

    Been to Stagshaw this morning to firm up prices for the W brace, if I supply the parts he recons it’s will only be a couple of Hrs Labour at circa £80/hr so not bad. Now to find a decent price for the kidney joints and bolt set. can anyone confirm that all that’s required for the W Barack job is A W brace 2 kidney joints A bolt set ?? and if you know where to get a decent price for these I’d like to know if you don’t mind. Thanks
  8. Dicky

    Under sealing

    The guy’s name is Josh, nice guy. His ball park was £550. They keep the car for about a week while they fully steam clean (must be stem cleaned) the underside, then after drying time treat with a rust inhibitor, then apply the Dinitrol to the underside and box sections. There were several Landrovers on their forecourt and a six week waiting list. Had a look at one on the ramps in process and it all looked good. I got a good feeling about him, his guys and the place and felt they’d make a good job. I’m booked in for beginning of August. By the way they can replace the W brace and kidney joints if required, don’t have a price for that as yet.
  9. Dicky

    Under sealing

    Im in Newcastle. My W brace needs replacing as well so I’ll ask Stagshaw if they can do that while there on. The guy to contact is called Josh and at the moment they have a 6wk ish waiting list. I’ll let you know what his quote price is when I visit on Monday.
  10. Dicky

    Under sealing

    PS..just made contact with Autospray Darlington. The guy I spoke to said he did mainly Waxoyl but could do Dinitrol but was unsure of the Dinitrol costs. He gave a ballpark of £500 but was open to a discount if more cars involved. Having talked to the two companies mentioned, I got better vibes from Stagshaw.
  11. Dicky

    Under sealing

    I’ve been doing a little more searching and found “Stagshaw” (mainly Landrovers but do other cars as well)who are the main Dinitrol agents apparently. There based on Queensway South on TVTE. I’m calling in on Monday for a quote but the guy said a ballpark figure would be £400-£700 depending. By the way Thompson’s/Waxworks of Morpeth are out of the under sealing business. Rang Auto spray for ballpark cost but no contact yet. as
  12. Dicky

    Under sealing

    Thanks guy’s for your input. I’d love to do this myself but can’t buy sufficiently high ramps (at a reasonable price) to give decent space to work. Hiring a garage ramp is also prohibitive and I can’t find anyone with an inspection pit, so your then faced finding a dealer you can trust. It’s a bugger! Are there any other professionally provided treatments other than those mentioned? There is a Dinitrol company in the North East so I’ll check their reviews (but how trustworthy are they). As I say I’d love to get at it myself, that way you know how good a job you’ve made but given my garage is just wide enough to squeeze out the door and the street isn’t an option I’m going to have to take a chance on a dealer. UNLESS SOMEONE KNOWS BETTER😂
  13. Anyone had their car rust treated? I live in the North East and looking to find a recommended dealer. Which is the best treatment Waxoyl, Dinitrol or other? Don’t know much about the various treatments available but Waxoyl seems to me better for box sections rather than under body protection. Im willing to travel for a reliable and recommended dealer. Thanks in anticipation👍
  14. The brace still looks serviceable to me (better than my 2004 car) you may need to check the kidney joints though
  15. Excuse my ignorance, but how many are there in a box, I can count 6 from the picture? cheers Dicky
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