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  1. POLISHEDBLISS DAS6 PRO PLUS DAS900 Used only a couple of times and never polished a complete car. Selling because I hardly use it and can put the money to better use. Contents of carrying case...as displayed DA900-L15/L21 polishing machine Menzerna Power Finish (203S) (250ml) part used 1 off Menzerna Super Finish (85RE) (250ml) part used 1 off Lake Country 140mm Hydro-Tech Polishing Pads (Tangerine) 2off (one part usd) Lake Country 140mm Hydro-Tech Polishing Pads (Crimson) 2off (one part usd) Lake Country 75mm Hydro-Tech Polishing Pad (Tangerine) 1 off Lake Country 75mm Hydro-Tech Polishing Pads (Crimson) 1 off Lake Country Dual Action Backing Plate (70mm) 1 off 3M High Performance Masking Tape 1 off PB Utility Brush £150 delivered
  2. Did a service today and removed the spark plugs to clean and check gaps. I noticed that cylinder 4 plug looked quite dirty and the outside electrode was partially burnt away (see pic) although all other plugs looked fine (clean and fawn coloured). Then I recalled I had the same issue in 2017 when I did the plugs, although the outside electrode, while worn, wasn’t quite as burnt away. Has anyone got any ideas what could cause this, injector, coil pack, other.
  3. Dicky

    Oil Catch Cans

    Your a star Davey !! Many thanks for sharing your expertise I will take your advice. Over and out!
  4. Dicky

    Oil Catch Cans

    Thanks so much for your efforts Davey, now I get it and the diagram really helps. I’ve had my car for 15yrs now and it’s probably to late but thought I might fit one just to help the old gal along a bit n her old age. Luv that car!! ps: just had a thought you may be able to advise on. im thinking of running a tube from the PCV and one from the tube which currently connects to the air intake pipe just before the Throttle valve, th t ”teeing” them together into the in port of the catch can, then a tube from the out of the catch can to the plenum vacuum pipe. Do you see any problems with this?
  5. Dicky

    Oil Catch Cans

    Thanks Davey but I thought the pcv outlet was at pressure and so needs to be vented?? Bern looking at You Tube vids which seem to using a vented catch can...I’m confused now!
  6. Are there different types of catch can or are they all the same. Watched a YouTube video who referred to it as “vented” ?? Also what’s the difference between 2 port and 3 port cans (please don’t say 1 port :))
  7. Dicky

    Tarmac Sportz.

    Their Motul oil is the cheapest I’ve seen but being a canny Geordie ( and a retired one) where always looking additional for discounts. But yeah I’ll email them. Thanks for your reply
  8. Anyone know if they offer discount to members and if so do they use a discount code?
  9. How does it attach, is it threaded and screws on or does it have a grub screw?
  10. In Newcastle I was quoted at different times by the same guy *Back wheel arch rust repair (cut out, treat with wax oil,weld in new metal and spray £400 *Respray bonnet £300
  11. Been looking for a cat construction pic or diagram but your pic tells it all. Thanks for that, it’s very encouraging to see a working cat looking worse than mine. In that case I may well remove the rot on mine all together along with the bit of wire holding it on. Many Thanks
  12. Don’t see why not so long as you pay postage!
  13. Thanks for the replies. Not due it’s MOT yet so unsure about emissions, but your right, my heat shield did rattle over a year ago and I secured it with copper wire, but it’s deteriorated far more now although no rattles yet. My main concern was , given the internals are being exposed , would the cat get damaged and you both seem to think not. Might make tentative enquiry to Alex. Don’t think it’s worth replacing them with new ones if their not failing (the cars 15 yr old now) and when they do give up I’m hoping Alex or someone may have some for sale.
  14. Just finished my service and noticed the poor state of one of the converters. The outer metal housing is badly corroded but not sure if this is a heat shield, or if not does it compromise the converter and do I need replacements?? Are used converters available anywhere and has anyone fitted them successfully ? Any advice (on the topic of course, I get enough from the wife on every thing else) would be appreciated.
  15. Would rather sell the full set. You could sell the spare set in your own good time if that would work for you ?





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