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  1. WOW…..do you eat breakfast off that, you leave me feeling very inadequate😂 It was the internal area i was interested in cleaning however. I cleaned the throttle valve yesterday and cleaned the entrance to the plenium behind and it looked minging, hence my post.
  2. Anyone cleaned out the plenum at any time? Just wondering if it produces any performance gains. Also can you re use the gaskets or is it best to fit new.
  3. Bought a Yasa batter with a 5 yr guarantee in Oct 22. Come Aug 23 it failed to hold charge. Bought a good quality CTEC charger and recharged it a couple of times, still wouldn't hold charge. Checked alternator, battery terminals, and current drain with every thing off on the car (80mA)..all OK. Returned it to Halfords who put a Yuasa tester on it and said the cells were ok so nothing they could do. Ran with the battery a few weeks longer and still the same. Took it back again, told them it wouldn't hold charge did the same test with same result. Contacted Halfords customer services explained it all but they stand by their test. Bought a new battery but continued pushing Customer Services with no luck. Contacted Yuasa who told me they sell my battery with a 1 yr guarantee. Contacted Halfords again who still wouldn’t budge. Got Yuasa operations manager to contact Halfords but they still won’t budge. DO NOT BUY BATTERIES FROM HALFORDS! They use sharp practice in their sales techniques. ILL NEVER BUY FROM THEM AGAIN.
  4. Logical to do both heads at the same time so was wondering if anyone has had this job done before and can provide an idea of cost to help me tell if I’m being ripped off when I get prices.
  5. Yeah I thought as much, but I’ll give it a go and start saving up to pay the bill 😂
  6. That sounds encouraging Alex👍,I’ll pass that on to the service manager. I’d have a go and do it myself but age has caught up with me now so it’s out the question, it’s a major effort just to change the oil these days😂
  7. Only at start up but not every time. Think the valve stem oil seals may be the issue. Looks like a big job so rang my garage service manager who suggested I try adding Wynns engine leak sealer to the oil. Apparently it conditions the oil seals over time making them more supple and more likely to seal the leak ( I hope) so will give it a try before pulling the trigger on the big job. Anyone had this issue and can add any advice?
  8. Yep it’s almost off now. Managed to secure it for now cos was concerned it’s their to protect fuel carrying items.
  9. Cheers Alex, always an asset for this forum.
  10. Got a 2004, 350z and noticed this cover hanging loose. Anyone know what it’s covering?
  11. Dicky

    Under sealing

    Nice job! the problem with me is AGE. Im 75 and my getting under car days are long gone now. I can still do it but then suffer aches and pains for days after. Nope the money I’ve saved doing my own work over the years is now being spent in old age. 😂
  12. Dicky

    Under sealing

    Yep been there done that 👍
  13. Ooops so Sorry! I’m not a very good spuller🤪
  14. Yep I noticed them but Tarmac are cheaper and then I noticed Nippon are cheaper again for the kidney braces. Looks like I’ll go for Tarmac to get everything in one go but solely because their about £50 cheaper for the kidney braces and hardware. UNLESS TORQUEN CAN DO BETTER (for a poor old pensioner with a bad back and sore leg)😂
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