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  1. Well someone might get a Bargain.... Highest bidder will get them 😆 Hope it's someone off here! https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/122389059042
  2. So got a set of Goodridge Braided Lines, Brand new never opened Front and Rears.. These make a massive difference and are a easy mod! Really wish I would of got round to fitting them but the Z has now been sold 😕 £85 Posted!! Can collect from Warrington
  3. Bump - Taking offers if anyone is interested.....
  4. Haha just because you asked I need to put up a set of Goodridge Braided likes and o Ye when I pull my finger out, and get my 370z alloys with decent tyres all round and everything anyone would need to fit them!
  5. Hi pal yes that's fine with me, I'll send you a PM
  6. So my Z has now gone so got a few parts for sale.... Rear Boot Divider - makes a massive difference, makes the car feel so much quieter with road noise and keeps things from rolling around. Has straps to make sure it doesn't move. *Sold* Rear Nismo Spats - Brand new never fitted, never got round to putting them on before the car went 😕 Very good quality and fit up to the car really well. *Sold* Front Genuine Front Spats - Very Difficult to get hold of and find, really do stop a lot of dirt and water from going onto the side of the car and look really nice when fitted. Spray up in Silver but I'd say they need a respray! *Sold* Genuine 350z locking wheel nuts with Key £15 posted Poly Bush kit - Brand new never opened, bought this to upgrade mine but never got round to it. Cost £100+ off the top of my head. £80 posted Can be collected from Warrington
  7. Lmfao tit haha ������������ Good comment ������ Thought you may appreciate it. Genuinely though, I may have to snatch this off you. I'll PM you about it. I'll send you my number over pal. I can tell you dam near everything about here 😠And ye was sat in training at work when I read it.... was in stitches haha
  8. Just yesterday picked up a set of Rays for her and soon as I'm off work the 370z alloys will be being sold complete with spacers and wheel nuts ðŸ‘
  9. I love this car and there is no other reason to have to sell it other then I need the cash for an extension on the back of the house! Grow up decisions...... 😩 For sale a Nissan 350z in Azure Blue! This is in my opinion the Best colour for the Z and is getting more and more difficult to find.... Always gets compliments and looks off people who pass! She is a 2004 which means she benefits from the Low Road Tax, think it's half the price of the later years. 3.5l V6 with about 310+ bhp Always only Ran on High Octane Tesco or Shell fuel. Full service history with 58k. 11 months MOT so nothing to worry about! Full service, belts changed, gearbox oil done approx 2k miles ago. New Dimpled and Grooved Discs and pads all round about 3/4k ago Genuine Nismo Spoiler Fitted! Custom Stainless True duel exhaust fitted about 2 years ago at a cost of £800 sounds beautiful without being too noisy! Berk High Flow Cat recently fitted, (passed MOT with them on easy) Kinetix High Volume Plenum chamber K&N panel filter fitted 5k ago (if that) Custom painted Centre console. Custom painted under Bonnet. Slightly Tinted Rear Lights (passed MOT fine with them) She is the GT model so has Full leather electric Heated Seats, Air Con, Cruise Control, heated and folding door mirrors, Traction Control, Rear parking sensors. There is a few marks as you would expect from a 13 year old car, lacquer is lifted and peeled a little bit on the front bumper (was planning on changing to a rocket bunny one, so it never bothered me) There is a small rust bubble on the rear arch something iv not had chance to get sorted and a few stone chips as you would expect. Common fault with the bush on the lower control arm is going have the replacement bush which is included in the sale, just need fitting. Alloys not included in sale and will be going back to standards unless we can come to an arrangement and extra cash. Part ex possible, cheap diesel plus cash my way. Bit of the cars history - the previous 3 owners before me all knew each other, the car was owned by the guy I got it from, his girlfriend and his best mate before that..... Again no expense spared!! Also have lots of extra parts available for her. Rear roof spoiler Nismo Rear Spats Front Spats Front Cold Air intake Goodridge Braided Brake Lines Front and Rear (New not fitted) £6500 Sure we could work something out if your interested.... Located in Warrington





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