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  1. I'm thinking of selling my one owner, low mileage (just 30k) 2006 Blade Silver 350Z GT Coupe. I'm only doing about 80 miles a month right now and I don't really need it any more. PM me if you are interested. Cheers, Pete
  2. Racing on the highway, seize cars, crush them, 3 years automatic ban. I'm sorry to say this but films like Fast an Furious encourage this sort of stupidity. Pete
  3. Quite right. Referendums have their place but you can't run a country on referendums. What next, abolish the Monarchy, Independence for England, bring back hanging, leave NATO, get my drift. Pete
  4. On a personal level I don't want her to come back and that goes for everyone who joined IS. If she were to come back then she would have to have a lifelong change of identity, much like the Bulger killers to protect her from retaliation and this would cost many millions of £'s. I don't think this is really acceptable. The problem she has is that I can't think of a single country that would take her, maybe Palestine but I'm not even sure of that. It was fairly obvious to me that at some stage IS would be defeated,and by the time she left in 2015 the Western powers were already committed to squashing the truly evil scourge of IS. The writing was on the wall when they started beheading journalists, aid workers and the ethnic cleansing of the Yazidis. She should, even at 15, thought this through properly and realized this so called Utopia would be very short lived. I don't know what's going to happen to her but quite frankly I don't really care and the sooner the press stop interviewing her the better. Pete
  5. I've no plans to sell at the moment but circumstances could always change. The Zed has been driven very carefully, most would say too carefully and has rarely been over 4k revs. Its a real shame that I don't get to use it much as we tend to use Caroline's workhorse Nissan Juke. However I still need a car and will do until Caroline decides to retire so i may as well hang onto The Zed/ It's not really costing me much and will probably hold its value quite well...and its still a great car to drive! Pete
  6. I've had mine for 12 years now. Bought from a Nissan dealer who for some strange reason registered the car in Jan 2006 then stuck it in their showroom for 12 months, so only delivery mileage and a 4k price reduction. Now its on 29,300 miles and passed its M.O.T today with flying colours. So far it has eaten its way through 4 batteries, banana arms on both sides and new brake disks and pads on the front. No accidents, no stone chips (believe it or not) and has never let me down. Not sure what the future holds, my mileage has dropped to an average of less than 2k a year over the last 4 years. Selling is one option but I'm pretty reluctant to let her go really! Pete
  7. I thought my Zed was dirty until I saw this one! Spotted parked up in a quarry while I was out for a walk in Pinfold Lane, Buckley. It was Silver, a prefacelift with touring wheels. No idea on the reg or if it was an import as the back number plate was completely obscured by mud. Firm working the quarry are from The Wirral so car probably originates from there. Also, got a wave from a Blue 370Z in Mold late this afternoon. Pete
  8. JetSet

    MOT History

    No, it can't be changed. We spotted an obvious mileage error on The M.O.T certificate when we picked up our Nissan Juke last year (The mileage was several thousand miles lower than when the last service was done 6 months before The M.O.T !!!). Once the details have been uploaded to VOSA they simply can't be changed. Pete
  9. Yes, I'll be attending together with Caroline. We won't be staying overnight but will be there for the museum and evening meal. Will sort out payment shortly. Pete
  10. O.K, I'm in (provisionally) 350Z , CW55EEF, Blade Silver, Museum and Evening meal. Will confirm in the next 24 hours. Pete Name Car Reg No Colour Museum Hotel Booked Evening Meal 1 andy james 350Z AJ07 ZZZ Silver Yes Paid 2 buster + 1 350Z V80BSV Blue Yes Booked 3 Nso93 370Z T9 NSO Grey Yes No No 4 Shezza 350Z B9 MAS Black Yes Booked Paid 5 Rickdon +1 370Z WF63 UKG White Yes Booked 6 Z370Z +1 370Z AJ04 MOR Blue Yes Booked 7 Humpy +1 370Z N12SRA Blue Yes Booked 8 Flashback 350Z HJ54 TBZ Blue Yes Booked Paid 9 N15GTE +1 370Z N15 GTE White Yes Booked Paid 10 Jay84 350Z PK06 TUU Yes No No 11 Mopedmark +1 350Z PF53 OUU Silver/Purple Yes No Yes 12 E11 TUf 350Z E11 TUF Blue Yes No No 13 veilsidez 350Z B800KES Black Paid No No 14 CLASSIX +1 350Z HX05 UMF Gunmetal Yes No 15 MattyBacon +1 350Z M8MDY Black Yes No 16 Wendy 350Z SV55 0FZ Blue Yes No 17 KG350z 350Z HX05 VAY Black Yes No No 18 Andy_Muxlow +1 350Z LG55 GKF Silver Yes Booked Paid 19 Cloud1440 350Z R23JSW Silver Yes No No 20 Brophy_3fiddy 350Z CX54 ETO Silver Yes No No 21 Dean.B 350Z SV04 KHZ Orange Yes No No 22 Munton87 +1 350Z B15RKM Gunmetal Yes No No 23 AndyG8ndy +1 Yes Yes Paid 24 davey_83 350z DV05 AZF Gunmetal Yes No No 25 Pintopete58 350z RH55ARY Blue Yes No No 26 Motley +1 350z N21 KKD Blue Yes No No 27 Justthejedi 370z L800 JUS Grey Yes No No 28 JetSet 350z CW55 EEF Blade Silver Yes TBC Yes 29 30 31 32 33 34 35 36 37
  11. O.K, It's up and running . At first it kept dropping the internet connection so the engineer added a wifi booster which cut down the number of disconnections. I then accessed the engineers hidden menu and turned off the 2.4ghz connection and that looks to have done the trick. I'm very impressed with the whole setup apart from the remote which is far too small and it's really difficult to make out the markings on it but I guess I'll get used to it. Overall rating, 9/10 . Engineer told me to cancel my Sky insurance so that saves me a tenner a month Next job is to strip out the 300gb hard disks and stick them in caddies (once I've got them formatted) Pete
  12. Yep, same thing happened to me a few weeks ago Pete
  13. O.K, just looked this up and it seems like it can be activated via the engineers menu. This is probably what the engineer was talking about. How does the Sky 2TB box access the internet, by wifi or ethernet cable? Pete
  14. Cheers, Hope it works with my main Netgear router which I've just spent a small fortune on! Talking to an engineer he says that they can as a last resort run a Powerline connection but I don't think that'll be needed. Pete
  15. Hi guys, I've bitten the bullet and ordered Sky Q now I have a decent internet connection. I'm getting the 2TB box and 2 mini boxes to replace the HD boxes (which I believe I can keep?) I've also recently purchased a 65" Panasonic 4K TV so I'm expecting wonderful things, especially as I've watched a few 4K videos on YouTube. Are there any known issues with these boxes? What sort of range do the mini boxes have? Also, should I cancel my insurance contract with Sky Protect as these new boxes will actually be owned by Sky and therefore they will have to maintain them, will they be covered by my home insurance should they be stolen or damaged? Cheers, Pete





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