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  1. She's gone , thread can be closed now, thanks.. Pete
  2. No, nothing wrong with them, just needed 4 seats really. This was my wife's car, we had it for 7 years. Pete
  3. 84 in a 70 limit and you should be offered an awareness course, provided you haven't been on one during the past 3 years. The upper limit is 86. Pete
  4. After 13 years ownership I feel I've done my bit . Yes, the Zed is for sale and I'm replacing it with.....nothing at least for a trial period. We're going to just have the one car, a Nissan Juke and as Caroline only works 3 days a week with careful planning we should manage. I went for the Zed because its uncommon, I could have gone for a Z4 or an Audi TT but felt that these were 10 a penny. Same reason I bought a Triumph GT6 rather than an MGB or my Celica T-Sport rather than an anonymous Ford Focus. I've enjoyed my time with the Zed even though I never used its full potential or even drove it that often. I'm pretty gutted at letting her go though but I feel the time is right, I'm almost 71 and starting to have some slight vision problems especially at night. It'll be sad day when I see someone driving off in her but I'll still have the photos.....and the memories. Pete
  5. Speeding tickets in North Wales are always sent out on a Monday (in bulk) and will arrive well within 14 days of the offence. This applies to fixed cameras and mobile camera vans. My wife used to work for the department that handled the tickets for fixed cameras at Flintshire County Council
  6. No rush to sell it really. Only gets used 2 days a week and I can't really justify keeping it indefinitely.. Cheers, Pete
  7. Yeah, I've been quiet lately, still have The Zed but its up for sale now. Pete
  8. Thought I'd be one of the top ones but not so. Registered 01-01-2006 now on 30950. Pete
  9. Its a very reluctant sale, I'll be heartbroken to see it go. Pete
  10. Wow, that's great, I'll take you up on that offer. Thanks, Pete
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