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  1. Autotrim in Plymouth will work on the 350z roof. They are really great guys who have years of experience. Worth giving them a call. https://www.google.co.uk/search?q=autotrim+plymouth&ie=UTF-8&oe=UTF-8&hl=en-gb&client=safari#
  2. Can you post a photo and a price please?
  3. Any traders stock front bumper reflectors for the HR? I’d like grey/clear ones.
  4. right. my garage took a photo of the wrong pump. This one photographed works fine. My windscreen washer pump doesn't.
  5. Are these headlight or screen pumps mate?
  6. Just thought. This is on the passenger side. This could be the headlight pump (which still works)
  7. I'm having a hell of a job here. Attached is the motor for my car. This doesnt look anything like any of the pumps that ive found on ebay.
  8. Unfortunately I took to long to get a screen wash motor from ZMANALEX. Is there anyone else selling these on here?
  9. I think my screen wash motor has gone, my garage only seem to be able to get a motor and bottle kit together at around £350 but I’ve seen screen wash motors on eBay for around a tenner, do any of the traders sell just the motor on here?
  10. There was me thinking that was a lot, not to little! Bodywork isn’t cheap by the looks of it!
  11. The guy at the garage said that its pointless doing a quick job as the rust will come back so he was planning on cutting out the rust and re-welding. Guarantee on all their work as well.
  12. I have been quoted £865.20 for the following work. Front bumper respray Passenger side underskirt respray (i scraped it on a curb) Drivers side wheel arch rust(cutting out and re-welding)+respray. Does this sound like a good quote?
  13. I had a good drive last night. The car is 100% back to normal. Unbelievable how much those tyres changed my car! I hope someone contemplating the same as me reads this first and saves themselves a few hundred quid! No onto all the other jobs that needs doing!



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