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  1. on what type of camera?
  2. I'm normally so careful in 30 zones too! so frustrating.
  3. I drove through a newly installed average speed camera zone last night. It was a 60 into a 30. i was going to quick initially but slowed right down. Half way through the village it dawned on my they might have finally installed the speed cameras (after years of people requesting it). As i drove up the hill i could see the second camera in the distance (facing away from me). I stopped and turned around straight away and went back to check the start of the village and i found the first camera. I think ill be fine this time as i didn't get caught on the second camera, but they have been there for two weeks and I've driven through there twice now and cant remember how fast i was going. one was 9 days ago and one was 5 days ago. How I've missed the big signs and bright yellow speed cameras is beyond me! Also, one set has two cameras and the second only has one, not sure it that means its only monitoring one way? The cameras were VECTOR's i think. now the waiting game!!
  4. I understand the 14 day rule, but in reality I think the penalty comes sooner. I’ve heard of it coming well within a week. just wanted to see if anyone has actually had one and how long it took?
  5. Not sure if this is the right place? If any of you have Been caught speeding (especially in an average speed camera), how long has it taken for the Penalty to drop on the doormat? It says two weeks but I’ve heard it’s normally within a few days to a week.
  6. It’s been a really wet day today in Cornwall and I’ve driven through some fairly wet roads. I’ve gone to turn my stereo on this evening and it doesn’t work. No power at all. Also my satnav isn’t behaving quite right. I haven’t driven into anything too deep, the car is driving perfectly fine and no water has been Taken into the engine. Do you think thIs could be related to the wet?
  7. I think £150 is a really fair price. They are basically brand new. 120 is to low for me.
  8. I live near st austell. No idea how much they weigh.
  9. Had them on the zed for a week but they didn’t go well with the Michelin pilot super sports. still on 8mm. I think I did about 30 miles in them. Can provide purchase invoice if wanted offers around 150? Buyer to arrange postage or pick up. I’m in Cornwall.
  10. Bought mine in 2014 with 22k on. It’s now sat on 85k. Loved every second of it. do these cars normally die at a certain mileage?
  11. Well I’ve had the wheel refurbished yesterday but I’m not very happy (again) with the finish. Do you think this is acceptable on a newly refurbished wheel?
  12. car checked. No damage but it’s knocked the alignment out. So it’s just a bumper and wheel repair!
  13. leebottrill


    I Drove into a very badly lit car park this evening and drove into a high central kerb. Took a chunk out of my newly sprayed bumper and messed my newly refurbished wheel up. My worry is what damage could be caused from this apart from the cosmetic damage? potentially an insurance claim?





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