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  1. Could be the thrust bearing or the single mass (if you have one) does it rattle when stationary? If so does it disappear when you put the clutch in? If so it’s either of the above potentially.
  2. Had a chat with the guys at Abbey and they said its a common problem with the HR. I'll get it in for an Uprev to clear the issue.
  3. Initially had the usual knocking at low speed. I had the upper control arms replaced (they were knackered apparently) and a right banana arm. That Knocking was all sorted. The car now has a knock (single thud) sometimes when I turn left, so when pressure is on the right wheel. It is also knocking when I wiggle the steering wheel when the car is off and stationary. My mechanics have checked it over and cant locate the issue. They said everything is tight. My issues seem to be endless with this car at the moment. Anyone know of any specialists around Cornwall/Devon area? Any ideas what could be the issue?
  4. Anyone experienced a slight jerk / hesitation in first and sometime second gear? Only low in the rpms. my car has always slightly done it but it’s getting a bit worse.
  5. Thanks for that. ZMANALEX has been very helpful. do my symptoms sound like a rack problem to you?
  6. Hi Guys, Been a while since I've posted. In the past this forum has been a massive help. My issue is as follows. Had knocking from the front drivers side and almost over night the steering felt overly heavy and wasn't pulling back to centre when driving. Also started making a squeaking noise from behind the steering wheel. My mechanics replaced Uppers arms and right banana arm and a few other bits then Had the car aligned. Knocking gone. Unfortunately the steering issue is still there. My mechanics are going to try replacing another ball joint, but i had a discussion with a reputable garage on here who said it might be the steering rack / Pump failing. Had anyone else had this issue? I don't want to replace something without being sure. I've been weeks trying to sort this and hit a wall!
  7. It’s a HR. 57 plate. Roadster. it’s the rear wings that have started to rust around the rim.
  8. Hi mate. My air conditioning unit is apparently not working. How much for this part? also my wheel arches are starting to rust. Are these bonded to the car or can they be removed? (I’m a roadster)
  9. Looking for a used stainless exhaust. Cat back or Y pipe back is fine. A Cobra sport would be perfect. cheers. Lee
  10. Out of interest, Do you see any issue buying a used Cobra exhaust? Its stainless so i'm guessing rust shouldn't be an issue?
  11. Thank ZMANALEX. As always you've been a great help. Lee
  12. I Plan on keeping the cats that are on the car for now. Although one of them is making a bit of noise so will need to change them eventually. So if i keep the cats the exhaust should just bolt on?
  13. Quick question. Will a Cobra sport cat back system (Y+mid+back box) fitted to a DE bolt straight onto a HR? Lee
  14. I haven’t see that thread. Why wouldn’t my mechanic know this? They have both test driven the car! I can hear the noise when driving. But don’t know what components are causing the noise. I’ll check the thread.
  15. I totally trust my Mechanic. But I don’t trust the people who refurbished my wheels. The actual job they do is good but the quality checks afterwards are appalling. So much so that I’ve had three wheels refurbished for free because I was so unhappy. Now I’m wondering if they put the wheels back on as they should. I’m hoping I can have my brake discs pro cut and make sure back of my alloy wheel is clean and I should be good to go.
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