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  1. There was me thinking that was a lot, not to little! Bodywork isn’t cheap by the looks of it!
  2. The guy at the garage said that its pointless doing a quick job as the rust will come back so he was planning on cutting out the rust and re-welding. Guarantee on all their work as well.
  3. I have been quoted £865.20 for the following work. Front bumper respray Passenger side underskirt respray (i scraped it on a curb) Drivers side wheel arch rust(cutting out and re-welding)+respray. Does this sound like a good quote?
  4. I had a good drive last night. The car is 100% back to normal. Unbelievable how much those tyres changed my car! I hope someone contemplating the same as me reads this first and saves themselves a few hundred quid! No onto all the other jobs that needs doing!
  5. UPDATE. I had the car in last Friday and they couldn't see any problems with the suspension. I took the car back this morning and had Pilot sport 4's put on the back. I haven't had a proper drive yet but it already feels better than it did. I'm really surprised how much the mixing of tyres made to the feel of the car. Lesson learned!! I was thinking of keeping the Pzeros and put them back on with matching fronts when the Michelin's ware out. Sound like a plan? Thanks for all your advise, and sorry for doubting some of you to start with.
  6. They are just checking it today. I have a few bit to do on the car so it’s just to get a quote on the whole thing so I’m not spending anything extra just yet!
  7. I totally get what you’re saying. I’ll wait for the result of the suspension check and go from there.
  8. The PZero is meant to be a premium tyre for sports cars. I’d expect it to be good, but it’s shite. Is that really my fault? If I went into the supermarket and bought a product that was of a poor quality I’d be refunded. How is this any different? I feel the tyre fitters should have advised me on this before fitting the tyres. Shouldn’t they know mixing brands is a bad idea?
  9. Car booked in for Friday. I’ve decided if no problems are found with my suspension I’m going to push for a refund. If they don’t oblige I’m going to contact the citizens advice bureau and get their take on it. My last resort is to contact my credit card company and see if they will process a refund for me. I believe I have bought a product that is not fit for purpose and a refund is justified in this case. Let’s see eh?
  10. I’ve got the car booked in to the garage on Monday to have a check of the suspension (amongst other things). It could be my shocks are warn and the new tyres have accentuated the problem. I drove over home yesterday, another way to describe the problem would be to say that it feels like it’s almost tram lining. Anyway, whatever it is I can feel something isn’t right. I’ve had the year for over 5 years so know what it should feel like.
  11. Well, I’ll NEVER be making this mistake again. What was I thinking!!! 7 years I’ve been using mpss. Why did I do it!! :D
  12. It’s a shame I can’t send them back!
  13. I agree. They’re are going to do a me a good deal on the mps4’s now and I haven’t paid for the wheel alinement. I hope I can sell the tyres as I don’t want them kicking about forever more. I also have an mpss in my garage I need to sell. Im really shocked how @*!# my car is driving. It’s actually unsafe. LESSON LEARNED
  14. I’ve popped them on the forum too if anyone runs the PZero.



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