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  1. I haven’t see that thread. Why wouldn’t my mechanic know this? They have both test driven the car! I can hear the noise when driving. But don’t know what components are causing the noise. I’ll check the thread.
  2. I totally trust my Mechanic. But I don’t trust the people who refurbished my wheels. The actual job they do is good but the quality checks afterwards are appalling. So much so that I’ve had three wheels refurbished for free because I was so unhappy. Now I’m wondering if they put the wheels back on as they should. I’m hoping I can have my brake discs pro cut and make sure back of my alloy wheel is clean and I should be good to go.
  3. Well, I’m not mechanic so I would never of thought to ask about it. You always assume that the people you’re paying know what they’re doing. My suggestion is this is down to the alloy wheel refurbish meant as it’s happened since then.
  4. Just had a good chat with a guy from EBC. he’s basically said everything you both said above. I’m going to talk to the garage that fitted them to check they did a run out. I have also had a refurb in January and he said that could be a problem if there is any excess paint or poorly fitted wheels. he said having them pro cut on the car is a good option.
  5. im not fully sure what that is but from a quick google i'm assuming this would fall under a warrenty?
  6. So the second problem with my car right now. My brakes have started juddering. Had new EBC disks and pads a few months ago. what could this be? My old disks lasted for 8 years. Could this be a warrenty thing from EBC perhaps?
  7. For a few weeks i've had some knocking from the front driver side. I've had the car into two garages. Both have road tested the car and can hear the knocking but on inspection they said everything looks good and tight. The second garage had a shaker plate but still couldn't replicate the noise. His conclusion was it was probably the shock causing the noise. Has anyone else had this or had shocks go? I'm still on the original 13 year old shocks. Also, is this a good excuse to upgrade the suspension? If so where do i even start with that?
  8. Over two weeks in and no fines yet! fingers crossed!!
  9. So you don’t want them for £120? If not I’ll pop them on eBay and fb now?
  10. No way am I going to 100. They are Basically brand new.
  11. Well I’ve had no interest so maybe I’ll take £120 for them?
  12. on what type of camera?
  13. I'm normally so careful in 30 zones too! so frustrating.
  14. I drove through a newly installed average speed camera zone last night. It was a 60 into a 30. i was going to quick initially but slowed right down. Half way through the village it dawned on my they might have finally installed the speed cameras (after years of people requesting it). As i drove up the hill i could see the second camera in the distance (facing away from me). I stopped and turned around straight away and went back to check the start of the village and i found the first camera. I think ill be fine this time as i didn't get caught on the second camera, but they have been there for two weeks and I've driven through there twice now and cant remember how fast i was going. one was 9 days ago and one was 5 days ago. How I've missed the big signs and bright yellow speed cameras is beyond me! Also, one set has two cameras and the second only has one, not sure it that means its only monitoring one way? The cameras were VECTOR's i think. now the waiting game!!





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