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  1. Slightly above the max mark should not cause an issue. Perhaps your pas pump or steering rack is on its way out. Both in stock at the minute. You say that you have replaced both belts, is the pas pump belt tight enough? Have you recently broken into the pas hydraulic system? If so, you may just have an air lock.
  2. Petrol tank o rings are in stock and good to go same/next day. Regarding your judder from the steering, first thing to do is make sure that your PAS fluid is at the maximum.
  3. Went to Tesco today for the weekly shop and had no problem with social distancing.
  4. In stock and good to go same/next day. Just drop me a PM if I can help further.
  5. The virus will remain on solid items for up to 72 hours, however clothing or paper or similar items is considered not to be an issue as the virus can not be passed on by these items which includes shopping, mail, newspapers etc. according to the scientists. However, for peace of mind, perhaps wiping down may help reduce the worry.
  6. Just fix the "knocking" "ticking" and forget about all the other stuff that you have mentioned. Usually the ticking will be a fuel damper, but not unheard of for an injector to tick. Preowned good fuel dampers and OEM stock injectors are in stock at the minute if required.
  7. Just move the blade and arm away from the windscreen to release the pressure. Remove the cap and the nut and wiggle the arm, keeping it square until it comes lose. Very easy, but there is a knack to it.
  8. I have new anti squeal shims in stock for your application. Just drop me a PM if you wish to order. Most performance pads do not have shims fitted.
  9. PM received and replied to: Very straight forward replacing the L/H dash vent. The images below should help. Plenty in stock if required.
  10. The lower shim would have been bonded to the old pad, but that should work as it is held in place with the pins. Most who fit DS2500 pads just leave out the shims as they as not meant for highway use.
  11. As well as the pins, R clips and the spring plate, all that you require with the DS2500 pads are the anti squeal shims which you will have to purchase separately if you want to fit them.
  12. You are overthinking this. Why not just pull the in inline fuse on the purple wire and just drive the car and with the passage of time you may work out what possibly is not working.
  13. Common practice for a temporary fix to bridge a couple of fuse points if one of them is not getting a feed.
  14. Not the fuse boxes mate. The main fuse link is connected to the + side of the battery. Very common for this to blow if you have battery terminal issues.





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