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  1. 3rd and final set of these very desirable wheels and tyres.
  2. Only 1 x set left in stock. When they are gone they are gone.
  3. Due to slight delay, these are now up for sale. Just drop me a PM if I can help further:
  4. Sold items list updated see page 1 Still plenty of parts available. Dismantling/breaking 4 x 350Zs at the minute.
  5. Okay, the easy things first. Have you tried your spare immobiliser key fob? Are the batteries good in the immobiliser key fob? Is your car battery in good condition?
  6. Probably just needing a clean out, however springs in stock if required

    2004 navi parts

    All parts are in stock. and good to go same/next day. just drop me a PM if I can help further.
  8. Strange one: Not a big job to remove the gear stick for an inspection, but you will have to get under the car to remove the one bolt that connects the stick to the gearbox shifter rod. The rest of the stuff is accessed from inside the car. There is a large coil spring in there which provides the resistance when pressing the stick down. Remember and adjust the top shifter plate correctly on reassembly otherwise you will have selection issues.
  9. Possibly faulty cheap after market cam sensor? Faulty crank sensor? Faulty front O2 sensor?



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