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    Boot Lid

    Here you go, Totally mint with no rust or scratches.
  2. If you do not have the equipment or required skills to check out the electrics, i would firstly just try another switch. Is the VDC locked on or off? Switches and any other required parts to fix your issues are in stock if required.

    Boot Lid

    I have a silver Roadster boot lid finished in silver in stock at the minute. Just drop me a PM if I can help further. I will grab some pictures when over at the shop later today.
  4. I can help you with this, and I know exactly what you want as I have supplied a few of these. Cutting out and shipping to you is not a problem.
  5. I can do this for you and shipping to Spain is not a problem. Just drop me a PM if you wish to -proceed.
  6. Since the recent update I have found that when posting pictures, if I resize them, they periodically randomly automatically rotate. If I leave them full size this issue does not happen.
  7. ** NOW SOLD** Here I have a preowned Mishimoto Performance Fan assembly for sale. Fully working when removed earlier today. £100.00 This is what Mishimoto have to say: https://www.mishimoto.co.uk/mishimoto-nissan-350z-aluminium-fan-shroud-03.html?utm_source=facebookUK&utm_campaign=DPA&gclid=EAIaIQobChMIg7PSwMSA7wIVTbDtCh1C0wRmEAYYAiABEgJhqvD_BwE
  8. PM received and just about to reply to your message. Shortening the shaft is not a good idea I am afraid. Best to fit an original OEM short shaft everytime. Shafts are in stock if you wish to follow my advice.
  9. Looking really good Ram, keep up the good work mate.
  10. Calipers are in stock for your application. Pm sent with pictures.
  11. Brake discs are in stock for your application. PM on its way.
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