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  1. Fabric hood replacement

  2. 5zigen and Crawford HFC?

    Crawford is a very good brand: I personally prefer them to Berks.
  3. Both windows stuck down - help

    Hate to state the obvious mate, but you haven't accidentally knocked the window lock switch?
  4. To buy a Bluetooth for 350 z model 2006

    PM received and replied to: In stock and good to go same/next day.
  5. HR long tube header to DE

    Will fit straight on to the engine with no fitment issues, however, they will not marry up to the DE cats. Plenty in stock if required with matching HR decats or HR hi flow cats. Just drop me a PM if I can help further.
  6. Cam Shaft Sensors

    What Rob has said: ^^^

    In stock, just drop me a pm if I can help you further. Facelift or prefacelift. ? What colour?
  8. Hi all!

    to the forum Scott. Plenty engine parts in stock if required and just up the road in Perth..
  9. Sorry guys but I beg to differ. On stock setups and even with a spacer, I have seen oil pressure drop momentarily on track under severe driving conditions due to oil not being picked up because sucking air instead of oil. So my opinion is that a decent baffle set up can only help this issue to guarantee that you have a constant supply of oil to the engine. Similar to baffles in your fuel tank which are designed to stop the fuel from moving around causing poor performance, fuel starvation and detonation. Even then this can be improved on by fitting an external swirl tank and fuel pump. Just my opinion based on my real life experiences and not information gleaned from the internet. Your choice of proposed spacer/sump upgrade will predominantly depend on which type of tracks you are proposing to use as some are more demanding than others due to more or less corners etc.
  10. I quite like this baffle design. RHD Japan do one similar.
  11. They appear to work okay and not expensive but unsure of the quality. My HKS baffled large sump cost me double that 8 years ago.
  12. Yes, your engine will have that baffle fitted.
  13. A spacer will only allow more oil in the engine. What you require for track use is a baffled sump to help reduce oil surge. They are 2 completely different items and serve different purposes. This is the sort of pan you are looking for:
  14. Best to fit a large baffled sump, to stop any potential oil surge.
  15. 350z

    A picture of the car would perhaps help get the information that you want.