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  1. Yes mate, in stock and good to go same/next day.
  2. This guy is either winding us all up or he is genuinely clueless and wanting to learn. He has only been on the forum for 3 months and most the posts that he has started are in a similar vein. Check out @SeraTaru However, I do agree that if you can not get a handle on the simple things like tyre pressures then you should leave maintenance stuff to someone who does.
  3. Change the slave and fluid and fit a braided line and bleed all the air out the hydraulic system without letting the master reservoir run dry. Parts cost less than £80.00 and takes about 30 mins. Best with 3 peeps for the bleed, 1 on the pedal 1 on the slave and 1 on the reservoir. Adjusting the pedal may help however you are only glossing over the cracks.
  4. Fan motors are in stock and good to go same/next day Just drop me a Personal Message if I can help further.
  5. Hi I wonder if you can help me. My coolants fans are not working properly. I can see from old posts that you used to stock them. I have a 2005 350z do you have any advise or still have them in stock- Thanks Ants

  6. I will drop you a PM when back on my PC tonight.
  7. In stock and good to go same/next day. However this is not an mot failure item. If push comes to shove then Just remove it.
  8. The latest RJM pedal version for RHD UK cars should clear the ABS control unit, so I will let Adrian answer that one.
  9. Sorry mate, but I do not I am afraid. However, I may have a pedal assembly coming off a 350 that I am dismantling end of next week, so I will pay particular attention to this.
  10. Reposition back to OEM factory setting and go from there:
  11. All parts are in stock, however, I am a bit unsure what parts you really want/require and what route you prefer to go. Drop me a PM and we can discuss further. All fuel parts/pipes/fittings are in stock and good to go same/next day.



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