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  2. You say it randomly stops running. Does that mean that the car stops running whilst you are driving along the road? Or does it mean that it intermittently does not start? If the latter, when hot or cold or both?
  3. Not enough detail/information in your post. However as a DIY process of elimination you should start by fitting a new battery.
  4. I have had no problems bleeding with an RJM clutch pedal. Try bleeding following the procedure below: if this still does not work, I have OEM clutch pedal assemblies in stock and are good to go same/next day. CAUTION: Monitor fluid level in the reservoir tank to make sure it does not empty. Do not spill clutch fluid onto painted surfaces. If it spills, wipe up immediately and wash the affected area with water. Bleed the operating cylinder. 1. Fill the master cylinder reservoir tank with new clutch fluid. 2. Connect a transparent vinyl hose to the air bleeder. 3. Depress the clutch pedal quickly and fully a few times and hold it. 4. With clutch pedal depressed, open air bleeder. 5. Close air bleeder. 6. Release clutch pedal and wait for 5 seconds. 7. Repeat steps 3 to 6 until no bubbles can be observed in the brake fluid. Air bleeder: : 5.9 - 9.8 N·m (0.61 - 0.99 kg-m, 53 - 86 in-lb)
  5. The issue certainly sounds like a hydraulic problem and not mechanical. Are you still running a CSC or have you the CSC delete kit fitted? Are you running the RJM pedal system? Not sure what you mean by this: "What also makes diagnoses slightly harder is that I have the RJM Clutch Assembly Kit fitted to the car (and I stupidly threw away the OEM pedal kit) so bleeding it can be even more difficult than usual."
  6. Best to buy an exhaust that fits straight out the box, however no drama in heating and bending to solve the interference issue.
  7. Just your standard front bumper fixing. 100s in stock.
  8. Well done, looks like a factory fit.
  9. Very easy install, probably a 3. However bleeding the coolant system can be a bit tricky and could be a challenge for you, so that could be an 8 for you, best to follow the factory manual for the bleeding and you will eventually get there.
  10. For sale are 4 x heavy duty preowned hydraulic wheel skates. I used these for moving cars that I was dismantling around the shop Just slip the skate into position and pump the foot pedal. Very easy to use and very easy to move the car about. More pictures available if required. 12 months old: Cost £485.39. Bargain price £200.00
  11. Impossible to give an informed diagnosis from afar Andy, best to take it to your local 350Z indy
  12. 1st step is to recheck the oil level when cold on a level surface.
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