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  1. to the forum.
  2. to the forum I think that you are a bit light with the costings of the SC upgrades.
  3. Plenty in stock, just drop me a PM if I can help further. Alex.
  4. Cameron Plenty in stock, just drop me a pm if I can help further. Alex.
  5. All sorted, sourced locally and fitting tomorrow afternoon and Knockhill tomorrow evening. Happy days: Thank you for all replies. Alex.
  6. Yes, tried them but no luck.
  7. Wednesday Bump
  8. Plenty OEM screens in stock and FREE, however you will have to arrange removal and collection from PH2 6EZ.
  9. A lot can happen in two weeks.
  10. I require a CD009 gearbox for my 350DE as mines went "BOOM" today. Just drop me a PM if anyone has one available. Cheers, Alex.
  11. What Jez has said. I run Syvecs S6+ on my 350. Link will also do a good job, but less traction options
  12. Done:
  13. Yes, I will get a quote over to you shortly.
  14. In stock, just drop me a PM if I can help further
  15. New and pre owned in stock.