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  1. I would scratch your track itch next year with what you have at the minute as one event at Bedford is not enough to make informed decisions. I would get a proper 4 wheel alignment done by a specialist who will talk through what you want to achieve and what your driving style is and see if that makes any difference. Without lowering, there will be enough adjustment on the OEM snail cams on the rear for Camber and Toe. There will also be enough adjustment on the front for Toe. You may get some benefit from adjustable fronttop arms depending on what you are trying to achieve. Decent adjustable sway bars would be a good move. If you are on a budget and not to serious then it will be a case of suck and see.
  2. You will get these from your local Nissan dealership:
  3. What spring washer are you referring to?
  4. PM received and replied to. The USA and UK part # is the same.

    Diff Bushes

    I run SPL Solid Diff Bushings for serious track use.

    Diff Bushes

    Okay for road use but not for hard track.
  7. Yes, the Eibach kit gives you the extra adjustment required when you require to dial the geometry back into spec after lowering etc. and a template is included in the kit for you to do this. If you simply require a kit to replace like for like with no cutting or drilling, then I have these in stock and good to go same/next day. Just drop me a PM if I can help further.
  8. New OEM "W" bracings and the end kidney brackets are all in stock including the required hardware . Good to go same/next day. Just drop me a PM if I can help further.
  9. to the forum. Where abouts are you mate? I am in the Perth area.
  10. Yes Irfan, still got the Jag: 1989 V12, had it from new and only 12,000 miles. No Rust. This one is next in line for a small recommission and a cosmetic respray.
  11. Always loved a T2
  12. Congratulations, and a GREAT choice Stu, enjoy. Get some track time booked for next year and really explore the cars capabilities.
  13. Almost there Stan, Just got the interior to finish off and the engine bay. Then a full detail which I will contract out as I do not have the required skills I am afraid. It has only done 29,000 miles and it has been mine since new, but it was getting a little bit tired so a freshen up was required as it had been in storage for the past 18 years Totally standard car except for a stainless steel exhaust and all original panels and never been tracked. It is the early model with the big turbo which was the homologation car and has the (unused) water bag in the boot and the pumps under the rear seat for the water injection I have decided to sell it and let someone else have the pleasure of driving and owning a Ford Escort Cosworth Lux. so it will probably go to auction next year. Do you recognise this one Stan? Fresh MOT very recently.





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