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  1. New member

    to the forum.
  2. wanted

    You have PM.
  3. You are welcome. Happy to help
  4. wanted

    In stock and good to go same/next day. Just drop me a PM if I can help further. Alex.
  5. Parking Brake cable for a 2005

    PM received and replied to
  6. Front Suspension knocking

    In stock and good to go same/next day, just drop me a PM if I can help further.
  7. 2005 350z Headlight assembly drivers side wanted

    PM received and replied to: Thanks for the referrals guys.
  8. You should be able to get the old spacers off without damage so just send the new spacers back.
  9. Then just go easy with one of these:
  10. Don't get angry with me but have you been a clown? Are the spacers fused to the hub as you say, or have you rounded the spacer nuts?
  11. Getting 350z vert next week

    to the forum. At least a grand mark down, perhaps more, to be on the safe side and even then you will have to keep your fingers crossed.
  12. Soon to be Z owner

    to the forum.
  13. Replacing wing mirror: what a nightmare

    Plenty clips in stock and I will even supply and fit for FREE. Patience is key when dealing with Nissan trim panels. Great effort and thanks for sharing.
  14. XL and non XL tyres

    Then you are not trying: Mich. non XL and Mich XL are like night and day on a 350 when pushing on, and I would go as far to say unsafe/dangerous on an R35 GT-R The heavier the car the more noticeable the roll.
  15. Plenty uprated kits in stock, with SMF or DMF if preferred. Just drop me a PM with your requirements and the year and model of your car. Alex.