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  1. o/s 06-09 headlight

    PM received and replied to Bob.
  2. Now sold out of Clutch and Fly combos, however new stock due Monday and prices held:
  3. Transmission bush/mount replacement

    Nah, with the power of your car the Whiteline are pish. OK for N/A but no good for FI. Get the solids in. I also bet that the Whiteline bushings on the diff ears are fitted the wrong way round.
  4. Transmission bush/mount replacement

    You really should consider going solid on the diff bushings as well as the hardened rubber gearbox mount. The majority of your wheel hop will be the soft diff bushings These solid diff bushings will totally transform your car from"hop-hop-hop-hook" to just a squat and hook.
  5. Transmission bush/mount replacement

    Just in the process of doing SPL solid diff bushings on mine and decided that the hardened rubber Hardrace would work well with them.
  6. Soon to be 350Z owner -

    You really should be prepared to travel the length and the breadth of the UK to source a proper car. Other forum members are usually always happy to carry out an initial inspection on potential cars in various parts of the UK before you jump on that £29.99 Easy Jet flight.
  7. Soon to be 350Z owner -

    First thing to do is check out Junction 17 as there are many adverse reviews and not a popular choice with forum members.
  8. Soon to be 350Z owner -

    to the forum There are many 2007 350Z with the DE engine. The HR engine has 2 air intakes and is the easiest way of identification.
  9. All front suspension parts are in stock and good to go same/next day. Just drop me a PM if I can help further. Alex.
  10. Help...Bonnet is jammed open!

    Then bonnet can't be locked if it is open a couple of inches at the front. It will probably only be the safety catch, so press the bonnet down and release the safety catch.
  11. HR Auxiliary Belt

    Dave, Plenty good HR ribbed idler pulleys in stock. Just drop me a PM if I can help further. Alex.
  12. HR Auxiliary Belt

    Gates belts have a lifetime guarantee. The HR has a self-adjusting mechanism so it is imperative that the correct length of belt is fitted. I can't remember the exact length of belt, so best to go with genuine Nissan and once fitted the tension notches will fall into alignment. However, you may have an underlying fault which has caused the belt to shred, so best to get this fixed first. If you want to go Gates 2053, CMS have them in stock: http://www.clarkmotorsport.net/parts/Alternator-Drive-Belt/7PK2053
  13. Flashing Engine Managment Light

    Probably show up as a multi cyl misfire, (P0300) however best to get the code reader on it to be sure.