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  1. Bushes in stock and good to go for both the above mentioned arms.
  2. I have aftermarket switches in stock 25070 CDOOA which I use in the shop and had no issues. £50.00 delivered. Just drop me a PM if I can help further.
  3. Not particularly that brand as they have had issues of late with the drive plate letting go. However, if you wish to go with Extreme then here you go: http://www.clarkmotorsport.co.uk/parts/Clutch-Kit--Single-Plate-Organic/KNI25688-1A
  4. You will still require an uprated CSC.
  5. I am afraid that you will have to up your budget considerably to get a decent kit. You will also require an uprated CSC. Expect to pay circa £1600.00 inclusive of fitting.

    P1166 Error

    You could try a reset and if the CEL reappears you could fit an O2 Lamda simulator. If the issue is still there then test the sensor and replace if faulty. If your car has had an uprev you can turn the rear sensors off so that they do not throw a CEL.
  7. A bit late for that question now I am afraid: just be content with what you bought and what you paid for it. Why spoil the moment. Why not open a new thread and introduce yourself properly.
  8. to the forum. New clutch braided line, slave cyl. and some high temperature fluid and a good bleed to get ALL the air out and you should be golden.

    Aircon rad

    In that case, pull off the compressor as well and save a few kg.



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