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  1. Hi Alex do you still have the gear lever surround, you were asking £50 if this includes postage I’ll have it. 2005 350z 



  2. If it is sold, then I have a new one for sale.
  3. This is how I fit them: https://www.google.co.uk/search?source=hp&ei=7RUCXrXTCMLkgweY176ABw&q=how+to+fit+a+rubber+well+nut&btnK=Google+Search#btnK=Google Search&kpvalbx=_Mm_7Xsi3FK2j1fAPuq-jcA32
  4. Fully working 350z preowned front and rear wiper motors complete with mechanism are in stock and good to go same/next day. Only £65.00 delivered.
  5. Yes, fit dry mate. Remind me off your address by PM and I will get a couple of these in the post to you.
  6. They are reusable, however Nissan only if you prefer new. I have them in stock but you will be cheaper from Nissan as I would have to charge you shipping.
  7. Use a spacer if you have a recess.
  8. They work for me, perhaps you used the wrong size? I will have a look in the shop tomorrow and confirm the correct size if I have any left.
  9. These work; https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/361830776095
  10. to the forum Rich from another 350Z convertible owner.
  11. Yes, HR in stock Glen. You are correct the HR and the rev up DE has VVT for both intake and exhaust.
  12. Plenty fully working VVT units in stock and only £100.00 each. As Glen has said, these are over £1000.00 each from Nissan
  13. Okay in that case get it on a diagnostic machine preferably with a 350Z specialist who has Consult. It could be a cam sensor, crank sensor, timing chain, VVT sprocket: etc etc atc. Have you tried any of the resets? Where are you based? Plenty fully working preowned engine parts in stock if required: https://www.350z-uk.com/topic/125665-loadsa-parts-for-sale-picture-heavy-now-with-prices-and-detail/
  14. They are circa £50.00 each depending on model and colour. Also best to check that they have not damaged the pump that they fit into, hopefully not, as it could get very expensive. Pumps and covers are in stock depending on model and colour.





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