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  1. All in stock mate. Just drop me a PM if I can help you further.
  2. Hey Alex, trying to get hold of you for a fuse link! Have you got any?

  3. Got one on my M Sport Beemer, but not on any of the Nissans that I have owned.
  4. I have no experience of the cheap Chinese impeller that you are referring to, however, it will cost more than 500 bucks for an engine rebuild if the impeller disintegrates. Do the maths.
  5. In stock, Brand New, Genuine Nissan.
  6. The correct way to fit the timing cover is to leave the dowels in place as they do serve a purpose. The problem that you are having is that the front cover should be fitted before the mid-sump. if you fit any other way then you run the risk of oil leaks from the front half moon packing immediately or in the near future.
  7. A very straightforward job, just follow the Nissan workshop manual step by step.
  8. In stock mate and good to go same/next day: PM received and replied to.
  9. Sorry, I did not know that you had a JDM car without the Brembos. These will have to be ordered from Nissan. Amsterdam is showing stock so 3 days from Nissan UK I have the shock bolt but not the caliper pins.
  10. I will have all the hardware in stock. Just let me know exactly what you require. Where in Scotland are you? I am in the Perth area.
  11. I will send you a pm shortly with prices, however, please note that you can just replace the ball joint however it has got to be compatible with the seating cone and the arm and that is where the issues arise.
  12. This is a common issue and you also have to make sure that you fit the correct size of seating cone as well. This is what you require, plenty in stock either as singles or as a pair. Just drop me a pm if I can help further.
  13. There are various 350Z models and the air con module is model specific. I should have fully working modules in stock so if you can PM me over the part # that you require I will check for you.
  14. Plug and play, no coding required.
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