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  1. What type of postage do you require? Registered, or just cheapest tracked?
  2. CG locks now sold. Boot net still available
  3. Appreciate that MrT I will let you know if they don’t shift
  4. Hiya Mr T Looks like naebody wants CG locks ...I remember when they went like hot potatoes! I can’t see them for sale in the uk at all at the moment ...those shoft thingummys don’t hold as securely!
  5. Having a clear out...as it’s been 7years since Saffy went so I figure someone else will benefit from these. Two CG locks £50 the pair or £30 & £20 respectively- you can see one is newer and has original fitments and instructions. *CG locks now sold* Boot net for 350z £5 you tell me what type of p&p you want and that will be over and above...or collect from Dundee/ north Fife
  6. Very long time! Am grand thanks. Hope you and yours are good x
  7. This is good news Irfan - good to see some zeds coming together again
  8. SuperStu - one of each Grumpyoldjanner - one of each Veeg33 - one of each Kev T - wall calender Paul K - one of each E11TUf - wall calendar Rob350 - one of each pintopete58 - wall calendar andy james - wall Calendar Andy_Muxlow - wall Calendar Cob1980 - wall Calender MBS - Two wall and one desk Humpy - 1 x wall calendar wvSTUwv - wall calendar eatonm90 - 1 x wall calendar silkygun - Wall calendar jay84 - one of each Lyndzz - 1 x wall calendar Mark123 - 1 x wall calendar Woodzman -
  9. SuperStu (2 wall and 1 desk) GMballistic (1 desk top) Veeg33 (1 wall and 1 desk) Andy_Muxlow (1 Wall and 1 Desktop) rothers2901 (2 wall) Kev T ( 1 wall ) Mattross1313 (1 wall) Vik54 (1 Desk)
  10. Now Dan that's just antagonistic there's no need sweetie. Each to their own!
  11. ������������ perfect end to a hoon! I doubt I could handle pax laps with Mr T anymore! I'd probably vom ������ f*ck I need tapatalk don't I?!
  12. í ½í¸‚í ½í¸‚ perfect end to a hoon! I doubt I could handle pax laps with Mr T anymore! I'd probably vom í ½í¸·
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