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  1. Very long time! Am grand thanks. Hope you and yours are good x
  2. This is good news Irfan - good to see some zeds coming together again
  3. SuperStu - one of each Grumpyoldjanner - one of each Veeg33 - one of each Kev T - wall calender Paul K - one of each E11TUf - wall calendar Rob350 - one of each pintopete58 - wall calendar andy james - wall Calendar Andy_Muxlow - wall Calendar Cob1980 - wall Calender MBS - Two wall and one desk Humpy - 1 x wall calendar wvSTUwv - wall calendar eatonm90 - 1 x wall calendar silkygun - Wall calendar jay84 - one of each Lyndzz - 1 x wall calendar Mark123 - 1 x wall calendar Woodzman - 1 wall calendar Mikeyazure - 1x wall calendar please. Rothers2901 - 2 x wall calendars AW11mike - 1x wall slipstream -1 x wall calendar Ebized - 1 x desk calendar please Paddy78 - 1 of each please P15UL T- 1 of each please ColinP - 1 wall KyleR - 2 wall and 1 desk please Will370z - one of each please Vik54 - one desk please
  4. SuperStu (2 wall and 1 desk) GMballistic (1 desk top) Veeg33 (1 wall and 1 desk) Andy_Muxlow (1 Wall and 1 Desktop) rothers2901 (2 wall) Kev T ( 1 wall ) Mattross1313 (1 wall) Vik54 (1 Desk)
  5. Now Dan that's just antagonistic there's no need sweetie. Each to their own!
  6. ������������ perfect end to a hoon! I doubt I could handle pax laps with Mr T anymore! I'd probably vom ������ f*ck I need tapatalk don't I?!
  7. í ½í¸‚í ½í¸‚ perfect end to a hoon! I doubt I could handle pax laps with Mr T anymore! I'd probably vom í ½í¸·
  8. Vik54

    350z Night Blue

    I take it you've seen this? If you can forgive the wheels looks ok http://www.pistonheads.com/classifieds/used-cars/nissan/350z/nissan-350-z-v6-gt------------------2008/5905296
  9. Pete - thinking about you both - hope the op goes smoothly and Caroline has a good recovery x
  10. Vik54

    350z Night Blue

    Rocking...Horse...Poop! That one at Smiths looks good but they will be trading on the fact they're a Nissan dealership - although you could remind them that they aren't a Nissan HPC . I'd take a closer look at the higher mileage one - if it has had a good specialist/HPC service history it will be grand! It may just be me though but have always found that Night Blues are more likely to have been owned by someone not necessarily an enthusiast - more likely to have been Joe Blogs who fancied a powerful two seat posing pouch and they will just have used their local Nissan for servicing - yet most enthusiasts would kill for a night blue with frost leather! Good Luck with your search - what is for you won't go by you
  11. Vik54


    she does apart from the bruised bum
  12. Vik54


    He's having a giraffe at £7k
  13. Vik54


    She for sale AGAIN!!! http://www.pistonhea...004/6091435?v=c With a bruised bum and mixed tyres and I'm intrigued how this person knows what the mods cost - only Mr T and I know that



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