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  1. The G35 and G37/Q60 were same engine and chassis as the equivalent zeds with extra rear seats. If there was a new zed it would’ve came with the current Q60? With the 3.0 V6 .....or 3.0 V8 as the Infiniti salesman believed it was
  2. Wonder what @Ekona thinks of these? Getting the winter tyres put on the family wagon and spotted these bad boys up for grabs
  3. LRF4N

    2x Falken 452 tyres, 245/35/19

    Bump, open to offers. Can deliver locally
  4. Yea mine did that too but I got a confirmation email after they received it
  5. Was the ncb emailed or posted to them?
  6. Might be a silly question but was it a new policy 2 months ago or your previous policy brought onto a new car?
  7. LRF4N

    dodgy car sale

  8. LRF4N

    dodgy car sale

    @Ekona is pretty good with this kind of thing Hope it gets sorted easily
  9. LRF4N

    WARNING sad post!

    Sorry to hear that, such a young age too
  10. LRF4N

    It's new 911 time!

    Brown leather suits black cars- but tan leather not skid mark brown
  11. LRF4N

    Front plate fitting

    I used the 3M removable sticky tab things. Made for hanging frames etc on walls
  12. LRF4N

    It's new 911 time!

    Hmmm, looks just like all the previous models, you would think beetles would try to refreshing the look by now, and price them more competitively than a GTR... and we all know what Dan would want to do to those exhaust pipes when no ones looking.... 5 points- all 4 ticked off plus a bonus point for getting it in one breath
  13. LRF4N

    Infiniti Glasgow - 350z rates?

    I think that stopped a while back but can’t say for sure. AMT on here used them a lot before he sold his zed
  14. The back flows as well as a fiat multipla The front actually isn’t bad- a smooth bonnet and blended arches, or lose the arches, far too much going on there 10/10 for effort.... But with what was spent on it why not just buy a Maserati?
  15. LRF4N

    Red 350GT- update: new wheels

    Mine was only 315 to tax for the year. We had the diesel as a family wagon before and didn’t rate it, noisy engine with poor economy compared to other diesels