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  1. How about rota rt5? Best of both
  2. That time of the month again already...
  3. That reply was far more diplomatic than I was expecting
  4. Thanks, looking to get more mods in before trax
  5. LRF4N

    Cheap 370z NISMO

    I thought scam too. But usually that’s with a new profile and no rating?
  6. I think it might be just us 2
  7. Yea with you being able to carry the work out yourself you’re quids in Interesting with this though, a lot of buyers panic when a car his missed a service or 2 but you’ve showed even with the history of this it’s been rescued for not a lot of cash. Obviously it’s helped with you buying it for cheaper but definitely enjoyed reading this thread so far. Keep it coming
  8. Saw you on the m77 a few weeks back. Car looks spot on
  9. Going off roading sounds cool. I worked with a guy who was on a discovery owners club. They used to have meets and runs where all the tracks were off road with different challenges. We used to compare their meets to ours (z and skyline meets from when I had my r33)
  10. Most just go for something aftermarket especially nowadays. Best keeping it with the car if you sell in the future you’ll have the option to reinstall it
  11. Oem head units are coded to each car so won’t work
  12. Looking at the photo again it needs the aero kit to pull off orange wheels imo. Orange roof and orange S badges for me



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