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  1. LRF4N

    DIY-uk.com How Do I Remove These?

    Just roll the bin down a bit, job done
  2. LRF4N


    You just wish you were cool enough to use that word Welcome along, nice zed
  3. LRF4N

    Water Overheat

    I’ve lost count of how many times I’ve heard this lately
  4. Welcome back. In exactly the same boat as me, recently imported mine from Japan. You’ve even got the same front lip
  5. LRF4N

    Chargespeed Bumper and spoiler

    Browse the for sale section. There’s a charge speed rear bumper for sale in azure
  6. LRF4N

    350z Bare Shell

    Pm zmanalex
  7. LRF4N

    Product tester

    Pm ilogikal on here- he reviews/tests detailing products
  8. LRF4N

    New member

    Welcome along Here’s a link for some inspiration. Quite an old page, not sure if it’s been updated with the newer stuff http://nissan350zbodykit.com/
  9. LRF4N

    Guess the car part

    55 pages- can’t argue with that lol
  10. LRF4N

    Nice z

    Welcome along. Was it this one? Saw it at a meet in East Kilbride
  11. LRF4N

    370Z rays on a 350Z

    Loads on google images. A couple on here have done it
  12. LRF4N

    Meets with Zcotland

    Long time no see Vik hope you’re well
  13. Really like how this zed has come together. Just browsed through the whole thread, shame the first pics don’t load so couldn’t see the befores Usually I’m not a fan of grey and silver cars but with these mods it’s just pieced together perfectly