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  1. Duckbill is perfection on a modded 370dont change it. And definitely don’t change it for a mk1 nismo
  2. Welcome along, where are you from? I’ve had a zed and an R33, now I’m in a 350gt. Not many around
  3. As if you didn’t have enough projects on the go.... Make sure you bring this one to a meet
  4. Welcome along mate. Quite a few of us in the central belt but very few are on here now Ive set up a whatsapp group for old and new owners. If you want added pm me your number, we meet regularly. Most members are on the Zcotland facebook page Which part are you from?
  5. Your photos make it look good davey In standard guise it’s not all that but I think once they’re modded that would change
  6. Nothing wrong with putting a nismo bodykit on a car, hundreds of zeds do. Just don’t put the badges on or tell people it’s a nismo
  7. Have to agree with stan. Saw it at japfest, definitely underwhelming
  8. If there’s a significant difference with standard springs and the nismo is it worth modifying a standard car with nismo bodykit?
  9. Im sitting in mine, no isofix
  10. That reminds me of this thing I had when I was young- it was a fabric pouch with a small slot in it. You put a balloon inside it, blew the balloon up and tied it. The fabric gave it more shape and weight so you could kick it about like a ball Pretty cool and aptly named.... “ballsack” Edit- was about to google it to see if I could get pictures of it but decided not to
  11. @Bigjimg has this colour. I think it came in facelift models only?
  12. 20mm eibach spacers fitted, will get better pics



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