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  1. LRF4N

    Drifters - can you help?

    Drifting meets the z shed- this could get interesting....
  2. LRF4N

    Inspirational 350z's pictures only please guys

    For sale soon? Who would’ve guessed with all these posts today
  3. LRF4N

    Identifying rear spoiler and bumper help?

    http://web.archive.org/web/20101207042711/http://350zspoiler.com/ veilside v1
  4. LRF4N

    Identifying rear spoiler and bumper help?

    Looks like the ings rear
  5. LRF4N

    My new car mats

    Mine cost less than 20 quid on eBay, and that’s 5 mats lol
  6. LRF4N

    My new car mats

    Errr..... if you think that’s bad don’t click the link
  7. Better late than never
  8. LRF4N

    FS: Touring wheels and tyres

    350Z touring wheels. 18x8 et30Front tyres are 225/45/18, budget brand with around 5mm leftRears are 245/45/18, continental sport contact 3’s, around 3mm left£150Collection from Glasgow or can package for buyer to arrange courier
  9. LRF4N

    2x Falken 452 tyres, 245/35/19

    Around 5-6mm tread, collection from Glasgow or buyer pays for courier Can deliver locally £99
  10. LRF4N

    370Z Price Tanking?!

    4 pages of wierd and wonderful discussion but I’m still confused at this. Earliest models were 2003, last time I checked we were in 2018 and you can’t start learning until your 17th birthday? You’re still old though
  11. LRF4N


    What was it?
  12. LRF4N


    I should make the journey down for this. Mine isn’t quite a Z but I’m sure I can blend in
  13. LRF4N

    Back once again..

    https://www.350z-uk.com/topic/119723-scottish-meets-2018/ https://www.350z-uk.com/topic/120953-meets-with-zcotland/
  14. LRF4N

    Back once again..

    Welcome back Max. Be good to see pics of all your Zs We have monthly meets with Zcotland (facebook group), just had a meet last night PM me your number I’ll add you into the whatsapp group with old and new members so it’s easy to organise meets
  15. LRF4N

    Z Badge

    @Asad should be able to sort you