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  1. Welcome along mate. Quite a few of us around Glasgow
  2. Hi folks. Had the EML light come on yesterday. Tried an obd reader but it didn’t connect. Done the pedal dance, looks like code 0345 which is the CMP sensor A few questions 1. Just want to confirm the code. It flashed 10 times slowly, then a gap, then 3,4,5 times, then back to 10 slow flashes . Can’t see it being any other code but can anyone confirm that’s definitely p0345? 2. When doing some reading online there can be a few causes, not just the sensor. I know the sensor failing is common, seen it loads on here and on my zed as well so I’m most likely replacing the sensor. But this link suggests it could be other issues: https://www.autocodes.com/p0345.html I have had the car cut out a few times but not for a while, was worse in summer. More commonly it cuts out on start up, turn the key and revs big down, sometimes twice, then drives fine. Had the maf and throttle body cleaned in the summer which helped the stalling but startup issue remained. Yesterday when the EML light came in it was 4 degrees outside, if temperature plays a part? 3. @ZMANALEX good to go same day/next day?
  3. LRF4N

    new owner in Scotland 350

    We have monthly meets at the quay with Zcotland (facebook page), next year we will do more shows etc
  4. LRF4N

    new owner in Scotland 350

    Welcome along mate. Front end looks good Was the mr2 a turbo?
  5. LRF4N

    Another "what cars" question.... for £70k

    Zeds are GT cars, s2k is a sports car
  6. LRF4N

    Considering a 370 again chaps ;-)

    That’s what zeds are- GT cruisers capable of having fun But more importantly- what’s this Italian coupe you talk of?
  7. The 3 month old ones weren’t bad, the 18 month old ones were lol The s12 thread will have a lot of interest if you keep it going beyond the sale of your 370. Hope we all see it through if you continue to post here
  8. LRF4N

    Drifty Track S12 VQ build

    Used to love the s12 as a kid, rare sight these days
  9. I’d love to see keyser on scrap heap challenge lol Out if interest what’s your background? Are you an engineer of sorts or just have a knack for this stuff?
  10. So the 370 is your show car, mx5 will be your learner drift car, 350 will become your proper v8 drift car
  11. LRF4N

    Cheap 22 inch rim mod WITH COMFORT

    Still works for me? No point in explaining it, won’t be as funny lol
  12. Legend What engine is in your 370? I can’t keep up
  13. High quality images, clean theme, and seems easy to navigate around the site. That’s pretty much what you need for a good site and it’s what you have. When I first glanced at it I thought it would be confusing to navigate but when I zoomed in to see all the menu buttons it seems pretty good Just missing the fake nismo section that pesters you late at the weekends...
  14. LRF4N


    Thought you would’ve said fiddle by hand