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  1. @Umster @ilogikal1 Yea the box says leave for 30 mins rather than 15 mins when below 15 Celsius Ive read it can be difficult to remove, more worried about that or will I be ok with decent prep?
  2. I ordered the G1/G2/G4 kit. First time venturing into the coating game Easy enough to use in this cold weather?
  3. Congrats mate hope her and mum are well. That’s a long name, good luck filling out all her forms
  4. Quite enjoyed that. He gets a fair bit of stick from some but nice to hear his story
  5. Met scobie and saw the car last year. Immaculate example
  6. Stunning zed. Seen it in the flesh (a while ago cos you’ve missed so many meets) and can definitely vouch for it
  7. Who knew cows loved all things jdm
  8. LRF4N

    350GT engine cover.

    Maybe someone’s retrofitted it to a 2003 car?
  9. Was just talking about this last night, probably the hay day for jap sports cars. Too hard to choose one but the 3 above were on my list. For me they need to be heavily modified (nfs underground generation) But apart from the heavyweights the others were also great. From stuff like integras and mr2s to run of the mill cars with coupe bodies. Still like the civic coupes and celicas
  10. LRF4N

    350GT engine cover.

    Yea noticed the recess. Would’ve had it off you if I hadn’t painted mine
  11. LRF4N

    350GT engine cover.

    Every day’s a school day. Never heard of the 2 piece one
  12. LRF4N

    350GT engine cover.

    Is that from a facelift model Alex? Looks totally different to mine and the ones I’ve seen online
  13. Quality looks spot on. Not keen on the colour myself, never liked blue seats so nothing personal lol
  14. LRF4N

    350GT engine cover.

    V6 badge is red, and from what I remember it doesn’t fit under a strut for a Z, the struts for 350GTs are different



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