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  1. Welcome back lexx Stunning example, plate will be a nice tribute to Martin
  2. I hate this whole shooting break trend! Every time a sports car is released you get folk adding on an ugly roof and the whole world thinking it looks better...
  3. Glad I’m not the only one. Thought you were a huge fan, you’ve mentioned it more than the new zed in this thread
  4. It does sit high. Maybe that’s from when the Z was due to become a crossover
  5. https://www.motor1.com/news/444192/nissan-z-proto-concept-official/ If they weren’t going retro
  6. Renders of the front looked better than the actual thing We knew the back was gonna be a throwback to the 300zx, shame they chose the wrong one...
  7. I think that looks crap
  8. You must have very good roads at your bit, I struggle with slight dips in the tarmac Nice duo. What wheels are they on the 86?
  9. I think the front is nice but a bit tame, could’ve been more aggressive. Don’t mind the nod to the 240z with the round headlights but looks like they got the inspiration from these DRLs....
  10. I still can’t make my mind up on the concept. I quite like the modern retro logic with throwbacks to previous models The rear will make or break it. The orange photo doesn’t flow well at all but the white sketch with more obvious Z32 tails looks great
  11. Not a fan of the boomerang headlights either, they still look awkward. The tails look fine. 370 has never been a looker for me
  12. Is the blitz spoiler available for the roadster?





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