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  1. Paul use the tab below to add images. Much easier than photo bucket. Click to choose files then choose from your phone
  2. Mixed reports for me, heard of 4,2,1,0 from different reports
  3. Definitely avoidable, tragic news, the report I read didn’t mention fatalities just injuries The 86 pulled out wrongly but what you can’t see is how view blocked by the crowd wanting the videos like dan mentioned. When I was leaving donington it was the same, large crowd getting videos but I couldn’t see if there was oncoming traffic or not cos there were too many people in the way. Big part of the problem not just the speeding cars
  4. New s body would be great. If the new zed (big if) does turn out to be a 4 pot turbo they should make it an s body instead
  5. Also speaking of the supra it was at donington, still undecided on it. Roofline is too high and with that it’s lost the proportions of the concept. Wheels aren’t great. Front is my aggressive enough but quite like the back. Would love to see it modified properly
  6. Capri is a good shout. Opel manta for me
  7. Welcome along. We had a small stand at the far corner, not sure if you saw us
  8. Ahh ok that’s pretty cool. I thought it was some limited edition was looking for it in google
  9. Not sure if you saw this in the whatsapp group but saw this r33 at donington, looked amazing
  10. Still so confused.... most feeble stand in the history of this forum and we won
  11. Pm me your number mate I’ll arrange the ticket
  12. Ah it’s you who we couldn’t get a hold of PM me your number and I’ll add you into the whatsapp group
  13. Perfect. I think there’s 2 stands, @wvSTUwv booked one and apparently the facebook group has booked a stand but they haven’t replied



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