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  1. Usually in Glasgow but there’s a few members in Edinburgh and we usually do shows in knockhill etc Send me your number if you want added into the whatsapp group
  2. Hi mate. There’s a few of us in the central belt. Unfortunately very few come on here now, it’s mainly on whatsapp and facebook Well start having monthly meets again this year Where are you from?
  3. Have a look at their ads for fortify. It’s apparently a waterless wash that’s more effective than wax and ceramic coatings. They do no prep, not even a wash before applying
  4. Have you had any experience with shine armor? I see it on instagram every few days
  5. I’d be happy with a tenner for sticking a strawberry down with some blutac
  6. A lot go for the lip in black but I think it looks more balanced when colour coded. Black grille on the v2 looks good
  7. @HEADPHONES I watched that video you posted with the guy reviewing 8 products, this rated very highly in his tests and for a fiver I took a punt. Would do for the family wagon Gave mine a quick once over to test it out, quite impressive results
  8. LRF4N


    At this rate we could have a 400z sub forum
  9. LRF4N


    Well at least it’s posted in the right part of the forum
  10. @Umster @ilogikal1 Yea the box says leave for 30 mins rather than 15 mins when below 15 Celsius Ive read it can be difficult to remove, more worried about that or will I be ok with decent prep?





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