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  1. The z32/33/34 all looked like they were in motion while at standstill, that’s where this is lacking for me. The rear is usually sloped but with it being flat it loses the appeal
  2. Really enjoying watching this come together. What stage are you at at present and when will it be complete?
  3. The front has an alfa giulia vibe about it. What are the tail lights from? I thought corvette when I first saw them
  4. https://www.google.co.uk/amp/s/amp.reddit.com/r/Shitty_Car_Mods/comments/2bgq0m/rolls_royce_made_to_look_like_a_nissan_350z/
  5. Amazing project, look forward to seeing it done last time a saw a 350z get this treatment it came out looking like a poor mans Rolls Royce, and not in a good way Are there sketches you’re working to or are you winging it
  6. Why not just get the bodykit if you like the look? And some aftermarket wheels, you’ve already lowered it
  7. I’m pretty sure autos weren’t an option in the uk. Also they look like 17” wheels, the ad says 18s, might give you some haggle room
  8. Welcome along @evilscorp has started a VQ swap into his S14 https://www.350z-uk.com/topic/118415-koukicuda-s14a-350z-handmedowns/
  9. Welcome along mate, loads of us in and around Glasgow. Unfortunately not many use this forum anymore If you’re on facebook join the Zcotland page, there’s also a whatsapp group Which part are you from?
  10. Both owned from new, would be interesting to see how much you sell them for. Do you think you’ll make a profit?
  11. Looks stunning Alex. Do you still have the XJS?
  12. Brings back memories of going through the passenger door in mine Common problem in winter. With mine the mechanism had seized. Had the door card removed, mechanism lubricated, never had the issue after that Opening the door needed the door hanger trick
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