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  1. Can’t wait for lockdown to end I need my curry mile fix...
  2. More renders. The rear is very F-Type to me, which isn’t a bad thing I see where you’re coming from Dan, I think minimalist with retro styling isn’t necessarily a bad thing, all depends on final proportions as the supra showed
  3. LRF4N

    Tyre Paint

    It’s a gtr-nismo don’t you know... Yea we had a good laugh at this on whatsapp. I should’ve blacked out the Scotland flag as well, we’re not too proud of this one
  4. LRF4N

    Tyre Paint

    On the right car with the right mods they look great. Keeping them white is an issue @HEADPHONES I’ll just leave this here
  5. It all depends on your situation. There’s a market for a cheaper zed for tinkering/restoration, track and drift toys Or if it is worth the extra time/effort/cash for you to keep it til it goes bang then go for it 110k miles is nothing for a zed if well maintained. What exactly needs done other than the wheels and bodywork?
  6. Never been a fan of carbon mirror caps, even dark mirrors in general. The section between the mirror and door has been painted red, would look better as black Will have some carbon wrapped side steps, rear corner splitters, front splitter and probably canards. Still undecided on black roof
  7. I heard of a guy up here who was doing 140. Tried taking a photo of the speedo and wrote his car off, lucky to be alive Saw that video on IG the other day. Seen loads of similar driving/drifting on public roads with running traffic and I was thinking it’s only a matter of time before we see that trend here
  8. Your oven reminded me of this beaut
  9. Looks better already





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