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  1. What’s with the angle of the sticker?
  2. I’ve heard of putting foam/rubber between panels to stop rattling noises but that’s more for the interior not there. Have you tried removing it?
  3. Amazing skills and dedication to get it perfect
  4. Ah makes sense. Look forward to more updates
  5. Really starting to take shape now, looking forward to seeing paint on it At risk of having the first negative sounding comment on this thread so far, I wonder if the exhaust would’ve looked better lower down in the bumper. Look forward to seeing seeing it complete and proven wrong
  6. Can see it taking shape now, a real work of art 👌🏼
  7. Is that a Dodge Charger?
  8. You’ll be at least 2k for the kit inc fitting, maybe less if you find a uk supplier but most will need to be imported 2-3k for bags Then other mods like wheels etc The prices of these didn’t really drop that low even with low demand, and recently they’re creeping up again Great cars though and look amazing when done right
  9. Amuse rear and sides, nismo v1 front bumper
  10. Looks a bad one hope everyone involved is ok... @Stutopia owned a brz I’m sure
  11. Minevis now full of rust underneath and different sized tyres on the same axle...
  12. I looked for mine a few times but never found it with the new private reg I checked again after seeing that ad and it’s had a pretty hard life since And that under glow....
  13. Yea I’m pretty gutted seeing it like that
  14. Sold my Z nearly 10 years ago and never saw it until today. It was listen on eBay with a knackered engine, rebuilt with around 35k more miles than when I sold it. Paint looks rough, front lip is chipped, a few more mods on it but not in a good way.. I never thought I’d see it like this. If I had the space I would buy it back and return it to its former glory And definitely lower it 😂 https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/265431028504#vi__app-cvip-panel
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