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  1. Welcome back. Remember seeing your zed at Japfest Nice idea on the z4 but doesn't have the same appeal as something jap
  2. Caspar Blackburn - RIP

    Rip Was he a member on here?
  3. Maybe it was a member on here who read this thread
  4. I don't think the teacher did anything wrong, the guy drove up to his knees and he just stood his ground. Don't know why the driver was so desperate to park in there lol
  5. Do you think he secretly enjoyed the first 2 seconds on the bonnet before he turned? "Wheeeeeeeee...... oh 5hit!"
  6. http://www.carbuzz.com/m/Article.aspx?Id=41222 Shrink wrap anyone?
  7. Koukicuda S14A, 350z handmedowns.

    So the daily went from being a shed to a barge to a full on project lol love it
  8. Scream if you want to go faster!

    Red accents on black can work well With mesh I'd go black personally, especially on a black car
  9. Good to be Back.

    Welcome back. I'm starting the countdown to my return as well- got a G35 on its way here from Japan
  10. On a more serious note would the police get involved? I'm sure a word from them would have more weight than asking them not to park himself Or is it easy enough to put a cheap gate up? Id probably start with a polite but firm note asking them not to park there or the police will be notified
  11. Northerners have a sense of humour and southerners are pansies
  12. Spotted Bizz

    On the back of a trailer going up the M74 Is there an event on at driftland or knockhill this weekend?
  13. Once a Zed owner always a Zed owner?

    I was asking about the weekend car not the company car