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  1. Looks clean Will hopefully see it at th next meet
  2. Scottish meets 2018

    Welcome along Gary. Get some pics up in the introductions thread
  3. Scottish meets 2018

    Hi benny. We will be going to crail on March 11th where Stevie should be drifting. I’ll start a thread soon. Looking to get club stands at knockhill and driftland through the year
  4. Scottish 500

    I’ve been to many places around the world but one of my most memorable trips was this one We did it in 4 days which was great for a long weekend but it was more of a driving holiday. Do it over a week to take it in
  5. New Supra leaked ahead of revealing

    CTR then Griffith
  6. New Supra leaked ahead of revealing

    *cough 6 series cough cough* We’ll all be spending more time at the supra stand at shows in 5 years once they start modding
  7. New Supra leaked ahead of revealing

    Front numbers plate will cover the tall vent at the front, I think it will look great in the flesh
  8. Scottish meets 2018

  9. Ok folks let’s kick start the Scottish meets this Sunday We will meet at lunchtime this Sunday either at the quay for Nando’s or the showcase for Frankie & Bennies, depending where members are coming from 1. Irfan, Glasgow 2. 3. 4. 5. 6.
  10. Scottish meets 2018

    Our winters hanging on longer than I expected We should have more meets lined up for the rest of the year
  11. Power to weight**

    Fair points. Don’t worry I wasn’t saying stick in cement bags to make cars handle better
  12. Power to weight**

    A lot of people stress weight loss for better handling but I remember watching a short documentary on the GTR and the engineer was saying extra weight for cornering stability was priority over performance
  13. Scottish meets 2018

    Nice one Gary. Be good to see your car complete I’ll start another thread for next week to get numbers
  14. Scottish meets 2018

    I don’t mate. PM me I’ll add you in