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  1. Not driven it since October lol just had so much on this year, need to get it back on the road
  2. Doing good thanks. Imported a g35 from Japan but rarely get to drive it. Just got a 640d as a daily
  3. Hi Paulie welcome back, nice upgrade!
  4. Stunning, more pics please Wrap or paint?
  5. It helps that they have roads where you can actually drive a slammed car I’ll need to raise my front end a touch if I want to keep the bumper in one piece Here’s another G37
  6. There’s a handful that are being modified here but like you say across the pond there’s loads. Here’s some I follow on the gram
  7. Thanks for the comments guys. Need to get my finger out and back on track with the mods
  8. Hi mate. Not driven it much lately, had a lot going on but that will change in the coming weeks Rear headroom and legroom is a lot better than you would expect, would make a good family wagon
  9. I don’t think anyone can wait Starting to take shape now. Amazing work so far
  10. The z32/33/34 all looked like they were in motion while at standstill, that’s where this is lacking for me. The rear is usually sloped but with it being flat it loses the appeal
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