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  1. I'm unsure where to post question

    Welcome along If you browse all forums theres a 350/370 technical section, with sub forums if it’s more specific What’s the issue?
  2. Snow and more snow

    Sorry misread that I thought ppod said there was snow here
  3. Scream if you want to go faster!

    I like it. Red accents on black always work. Mine will be the opposite
  4. Snow and more snow

    Where in Glasgow was the snow? Im in the south side where we usually get it worse than the rest of the city but nothing here today
  5. Scream if you want to go faster!

    Looks much better mate Is the red paint or vinyl?
  6. Hi all

    Welcome along from Glasgow I’ve had an r33 and 350Z, now got something in between (skyline 350gt) Post up pics of your skyline
  7. F type is a good shout, gorgeous cars
  8. Gutted about my Z

    Never take the first payout offer- always fight your corner and give examples of cars for sale at similar age/spec/mileage
  9. Caliper colour for red? Photoshop help

    Definitely mate With black you can go with any accent colour and it will look good. Red is a bit harder
  10. Caliper colour for red? Photoshop help

    Been kindly sent these by a member on here Not used the best photo to start with and think it needs the new wheels on before deciding but unsure of the original idea
  11. Should have the car on the road by next week so starting to plan the mods. The current brembos are yellow but I think that combo is best suited to Ferrari’s and it’s the wrong yellow so will change it. New wheels will most likely be dark grey of some sort Red on red works well and most other colours will clash Im thinking blue-purple, works in my head but need someone to photoshop it so I can visualise it Any other suggestions?
  12. Ripped off

    Why did you not sell privately?
  13. So what’s the replacement then?