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  1. Made some -6 An fuel lines and mounted my filter, might make a shield to protect it some more,(used my new heavy duty garden shears for this and only this lol) cleaned and torqued the flywheel and twin plate clutch, Tried to swap the heater hoses at the firewall and bought a hose kit which had every hose under the sun, (bar those ones) started to fit them and realized i would need to take off the inlet manifold... then clean it... and remove the old injectors after their screws rounded. Got nismo 555cc to go in. The oil and water line kit for the turbo is a bit long, wish I had made my own, but I think ive managed to route it of so it wont grind off stuff.
  2. Also I can now wire my stereo for hand controls which will be cool. air bags were plug and play, panic set in when american youtube video showed different connections.
  3. changed my steering wheel for a 370z one, as you can see it didn't like the cold/damp winter under the car cover then the really hot weather at the start of the month. Had to rip everything out for a clean. Might redo the headliner now I know how to remove it.
  4. Tried a test gravity run down a hill, brake works and locks the rear but the steering is awful. Track width was too close so wanted to tip. Had to cut and mount the suspension arms further out, also lowers the car which makes it look cooler lol. (however I will need to getto chop the spring in the rear to lower it.)
  5. extended the rear arm to try and get the chain not to hit anything and for the wheels to be in the right location of the body (most pictures are missing the final welds and only tacked in).
  6. Garrett don't make it easy to rotate the exhaust housing. neither is removing the old exhaust studs.
  7. wire wheeled the underside, worst job ever. Used hammerite anti rust, then zink primer x2 coats then waxoil.
  8. 350z brembos needed the geomasters drilled out to accept the larger bolt. Also braum seat will fit a 5'10" driver and no one else lol, my head is going to be below the roll cage and in a good position for me, however the missus might struggle as it wont go much further forward and it can't move back due to the roll over bar.
  9. Didn't want to use rubber grommet for the air con delete so welded the holes (near the downpipe so a bit hot for rubber) Mocking up a removable harness bar. Tried to put mounts under the rear seat arch but the fuel tank hits them so no go.
  10. Battery kill switch/added security under driver seat. Runs to the relocated fusebox in the dash.
  11. Couldn't get new fuel straps and 370z ones dont fit lol, probably going to run a old seatbelt as a precautionary 3rd back up in case the welds and back up tabs brake.
  12. 350z diff lined up well, by complete fluke I think.
  13. Been a while, trying to upload on the forum this time. Done a lot, made a lot. I will let the pictures tell the words.
  14. I own a 200sx s14a and 350z, unless I crash them or someone burns my garage down I won't sell either. Too much still to do to them and not enough time. Maybe when I am 80 they might be finished and I might get bored and want a swap. But I suppose I don't drive either so they could be pants for all I know.
  15. Putting the car together so gave the new floor panels a lick of eBay paint, quite happy with the colour match, just need to learn to paint=turn the air pressure up a bit next time.





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