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  1. I would like to hear from anyone with long term experiences with meister r suspension, mainly gt1. i know a few of you gave detailed great reviews but how are they holding up after a years abuse? my BC shocks on the rear are starting to be noisy and slow to respond when set to maximum stiffness. Still visually fine and ok when set to soft but I want better road manners and think a change is needed. The car is only a road car so not bothered about track handling more rough B road compliance.
  2. Made the mounts but need more as the thing likes to shake bolts loose lol. The exhaust might need to be re routed as it might get in the way lol. But what a difference it makes, much quieter, now all I need to do is figure out how to set the idle speed. I am undecided if I should make a middle jack shaft to keep the oem sprocket location on the back and use two shorter chains for less issues with tension or if I should just use an extra long one and try welding a plate on the rear driveshaft for the sprocket to be side mounted.
  3. Thanks for the tip rabbitstew, my spring compressors dont fit so I will try that method. Took the old sprocket off so I can gauge how I am going to mount it. It's going to be tricky to mount it central if i weld a plate to the rear drive bar. This is a rough mock up of how i might have it all setup. Not a fan of the exhaust pointing at me but hopefully i can heat and bend the exhaust that I was given to point down the side of the car where the chain drive is so I know which way to exit in case of emergency lol.
  4. Not sure if my spring compressors will fit in the gap otherwise i would use them and just turn by hand. Needs some small c spanner or something.
  5. Anyone with bike experience know if the preload on these springs can be adjusted? Looks like they are at the lowest setting and it seems I am too fat for kids quad bike shocks (when mounted incorrectly). It should only need tightening up a small bit as it nearly takes my weight, otherwise its solid mounted rear suspension. I might need to make guards or somewhere for my feet lol. The drive chain will dictate how high I can have them positioned.
  6. Thought I was gonna be super lucky today but only half came through. The extra long bolts I need for the gearbox were the same size as my spare cosworth plenum bolts but sadly just a bit too long. But the main good news is that it was only needing a new spark plug to get the engine to work again (new carb went on anyway but is a smaller inlet so I might swap the old one back.) I used the spare spark plug from the box of parts I was given with the quad and it runs fine, just need to adjust the idle .
  7. I think it is a motorbike chain, probably 2 or 3x as big as a push bike. Cut the chassis today and decided to change my mind on rear suspension. Going to use the shock (if I can) so I needed to move the tie in point further back so I can have space for a seat. Just need to weld it into place once I am happy. Obviously it will be going on straight just rough mock up.
  8. Made some brackets to hold the 350z coilpacks down in the tubes and allows me to keep the rubber seal so dirt won't get in, unfortunately the white/grey cover has to go. I am not a style queen so nothing was measured or cut well lol. Just need to get some more coils out the attic or buy new fresh ones.
  9. Red will be welded and blue will be a length of pipe welded in place. White will be removed. Never really dealt with chains before so not sure how easy this will be to get a larger section installed, it came apart ok. Might end up using push bike chain and sprockets.
  10. Looks fine, just need to pressure test it somehow.... probably with a running engine lol. Also bought a Apexi power FC and hand commander as it was cheap on a marketplace. Saves having to wire in a board that might not have a great tune, also should let me have a play about with mapping, just might take a while as the resolution isn't great for fuel maps. Next step is to figure out how to wire and run a 350z maf (my old one as my car uses the uprated uprev one) this should be loads cheaper than the usual 300zx maf's which go for £100, and should allow power to rise from 280 to 380ish, not quite sure as I have only just started researching them.
  11. If you have a slide hammer you might want to try pulling the flange with the wheel studs if you need it to be transferred over to the new bearing.
  12. Remove the handbrake completely then try chapping the bearing clockwise and anti-clockwise to free off the rust, its in the hub a good 1/2" and a bugger to get off. I ended up getting a punch and tapping all around the edge to get the thing to budge, if the bearing if fooked anyway it wont matter if you miss and mash up the race.
  13. New front main seal. and new water pump. but best of all... new turbo. Started to make a bung for the EGR. Cut the old pipe off to use the nut then made a plate to weld on top, Need to grind it down to see how well good the welds are and if there are any pin holes. But as normal had too many other jobs to do around the house and helping out my parents.
  14. Waiting on some materials coming but might get the angle grinder out and start cutting if I get time today.
  15. So I watch donut media on youtube which then gets you into other weird places then next minute you end up driving 50miles to buy a broken kids quad and decide your strimmer no longer needs a place in your shed. Kids quad minus an engine as it broke, fortunately I got some parts of it like the gearbox and exhaust and they fit my strimmer... hopefully. The quad had a 40cc engine and the ebay strimmer is 50cc? So no replacement for displacement? lol (no doubt this will increase to a motorbike engine after trials). So if you have youtubed barbie car you might see where this is going and why the frame is getting stripped. The engine will be going here at the front, the brackets that are already there will help for mounting points. The rear is the problem. The drive sprocket is in the middle and the chain will be where my ass is going so I need to shift it to the right. Hopefully I can weld a flange onto the shiny driveshaft and simply unbolt the sprocket and move it over so the chain runs down the side. Next issue is the rear suspension needs to go so the chain stays taught and drifts happen =) Not sure what way I will do this yet and I will have to reinforce the chassis front to back as the old seating location (everything behind the steering column is getting cut off to make way for a kart seat.) The feet rests will be unbolted and I might try to use that steel pipe for adding width to the chassis. I just missed out on a kids two seater pink porsche on ebay that would have been ideal so I will need to wait for something else to come up. (don't want to spend money, needs to be pink and big enough for me and the chassis to fit in, probably 1m long but need to measure.) Love this sh@*t



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