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  1. evilscorp

    Tiny wheels with brembos

    Cheers guys, one less thing to worry about.
  2. evilscorp

    Tiny wheels with brembos

    Brilliant, thought my stock wheels were 18s same as the rays and it was only the basic jdm cars that had 17s. Cheers for clearing that up.
  3. evilscorp

    Tiny wheels with brembos

    Not been able to see an answer in the service manual (its a big book so i might have missed it.) What is the smallest diameter wheels you can run with brembos (probably none of you have tried, as its a step backwards!) I was planning to fit my old front brembos onto my s14a 200sx but the wheels I want Rota RKR (watanabe reps) only come in 17" max diameter (-10 offset and could throw a spacer on probably to give some distance outwards due to running fender flares). Do the brembo discs and calipers fit in side a 17" wheel? Cheers.
  4. evilscorp

    Stillen supercharged Nismo 370z with Air 2 Air kit

    wait... what...?? lol
  5. evilscorp

    Scotland's NC500 MAY 2019 road trip.

    Gutted, just booked that weekend off for my sisters mans staggdo. Really want to do this! Fingers crossed they split up so I can then go lol. 24-27th?
  6. evilscorp

    Moly Slip - Stock LSD

    whats the condition of the oil filled bush on the rear of the diff? They tend to split and leak oil which could cause unwanted vibration.
  7. evilscorp

    Moly Slip - Stock LSD

    I don't think I would add anything to the standard viscous diff as its designed for a certain viscosity liquid so you will throw it out, it may lock up earlier or later, as you say it could be the wheel bearing or the diff shims/ run-out on the ring gear might be slightly worn down and out of spec. Someone else might tell you otherwise in a minute but thats the best thing about forums lol.
  8. evilscorp

    Scream if you want to go faster!

    Yeah I think the first time you cut up a car you are too scared and end up causing yourself more issues, better to just say f it! What do I want and let’s do that! I live in rural Scotland so stance = broken car and 10mph everywhere lol. I prefer fast and functional but without being a 4x4
  9. evilscorp

    Koukicuda S14A, 350z handmedowns.

    More rust. Dodgey dan work, patch over rust, basically going to have to cut the whole rear passenger boot pocket out and redo. Not looking forward to fabbing metal up for that area ^^ more bits need cutting out but thought I would primer it so it doesn't get any worse. MY first UGADUGA! Wish i had one of these in my life a long time ago! abs and aircon gone(aircon may come back if I can find a new radiator for it otherwise bye bye.) Big hole, same happening to otherside and wheel tubs will replace. The end is so long away I don't even think I can see it!
  10. evilscorp

    Scream if you want to go faster!

    I have been working on both cars and taking photos. . . . just forgetting to upload or remember what I have done. 2nd hand cosworth intake has had new rubber gaskets and the metal shavings removed =/ The rear arches have been cut for a second time... but I took too much off the bottom as i cut along the rivet join. So big spaces to learn how to fill with weld.. took some time. not nice to look at. bit of rust remover over the top. and some primer. one side done! Now the other will be 10x easier as I wont cut the bottom layer, just need to drill out the rivets and cut the top layer and bash it up some more, lack of suspension travel was really annoying and dangerous as fast dips in the road would cause minor tyre rubbing/noise. Most of my time has been spent on the other car. I did make a boost leak tester then realized the vortech bypass valve is always open DOH! so need to blank that off and try again somehow, but I will wait till I switch to the cosworth manifold, just waiting on a new lower intake gasket to arrive before fitting.
  11. evilscorp

    Wide rear arch, how to do it

    Ideal way to do the job if you don't have a welder.
  12. evilscorp

    [SOLD]tarmac sports gt lip 03

  13. evilscorp

    ? hockey puck ? - engine mounts

    They are cured/made at 150C so should be good as they would probably only deal with half that.
  14. evilscorp

    New MOT Rules - Anyone faced any issues?

    Yes you are correct longsh07, i should have stated that. As you say though you would need to legally get the car towed from and back to an mot station = more than the cost of them doing the repair probably.
  15. evilscorp

    [SOLD]tarmac sports gt lip 03

    item on ebay now. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/350z-gt-style-tarmac-sports-Polyurethane-lip/222998698539?hash=item33ebc21a2b:g:iN8AAOSwm8NbDu7u happy bidding.