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  1. Hello, sounds like an interesting car history, hope you enjoy the Z!
  2. Ended up buying a set of 300zx manifolds to see how they fit up against the VQ35 for future fun and if I get bored with SR20DET power. Going to splash some more cash on a GTX2867 gen2 .63A/R soon as two of them should fix on the 300zx manifolds and the SR20 with more than enough power to kill me.
  3. Don’t tend to read the WhatsApp, too much to to through between checking. Never knew the R33 could share body panels with the s14! Or this must have had a lot of custom work to the chassis. Looks neat.
  4. should be 66% lock up? certainly less than before. new bolts are a must. took some time to get the plates lined up so it would crush together, tried in the press but didn't like the lack of control so used two clamps instead.
  5. Kaaz 350z diff setup and dismantle, Always one bolt causing issues (knew it was rounded but didn't think I would have to drill and bash in a torx to get it out,)
  6. So after the thread about whiteline diff bushes I finally decided I better swap them round and sort the lock up on the KAAZ diff to make it more streetable. quite a lot of stuff on the magnetic sump plug but its very fine paste and not big chunks so hopefully its ok. need some exhaust gaskets and other bits so this might take a few days now and wont be rushed as I know the heads for the kaaz hex bolts are rounded and may need drilled out, which I am not looking forward to. bungees probably need to be tighter for the driveshafts but not hanging at too much of an angle. Stupidly doing this with the wheels on the floor and had to roll the car forward to get to the top bolts on the driveshafts. The prop shaft is stuck on so hopefully some strong wd40 will loosen the rust or whatever is holding it on the diff flange, tried a rubber mallet but not budging.
  7. Thanks for the tip, so far I have only looked at garrett turbos; g25-550 I think may be too big for my power goals and I like the look of the gtx2860 .60AR as its small for quick spool and will still give 400hp (safe for a stock block). Thinking about engine managment aswell but not sure if I like Apexi hand commander look which is a bit big and bulky.
  8. Took the diffuser off as it was hitting the exhaust and thought it might wear through the metal, also thought it was rattling but it was the heat shield that just needed ripped off (thought i had done that long ago). Decided to do the bumper tuck and now think I prefer it to the shi#'* gramms diffuser that was so hacked up anyway wasn't doing much except adding weight.
  9. SR20DET getting the exhaust gas recic valve removed (even though its been accidentally blocked from the factory it seems lol). Removing the turbo and exhaust manifold for new gaskets..... and maybe other stuff. Good time to replace the oil feed and drain pipes with braided stuff.
  10. removing the oil squirters and dowel pins from the spare block. Wont be doing the pathfinder mod as I have HR headgaskets.
  11. A bit to wild on the graphics but a nice build. So the car has been away for 18 days at the motorsport / welders shop... and I don't think hes touched it yet due to being so busy and behind on other jobs. (Same guy that done Paul's 350z cage so I know hes worth waiting on). Meanwhile I bought some spare rear brakes.... sadly I got done and the guy never gave me the carriers so no dual caliper setup yet, but they are better than my old ones. Bought a big old press from a old guy who restores them and sells them on ebay, just need to bolt it to my workbench which I decided to use my spare sheet metal on. As for the clutch and gearbox, I split them so I could measure the air gap and fit the new release bearing. old 350z on right new s15 on left. Should have an air gap of 11mm when the fork is fully back. 92mm from gearbox adapter plate to clutch fingers, 103mm from fully disengaged release bearing to bellhousing end. 73mm engaged release bearing to bellhousing end.
  12. Hello, looks like a nice toy you have there.
  13. So the oem 16" wheels no longer fit. The rod for the ball joint on the new driftworks black edition arms foul on the wheel. So I will have to make do with the oem 18" 350z wheels for rolling the car about and winter work. Hopefully the 17" japan racing wantanabe copys fit.
  14. Also need to grease the front suspension bearings so they dont rust and buy more copper slip for the shocks so they dont either..... all things I should have done on the 350Z.
  15. Need to contact nissan for new bolts and nuts as some just wont go back on even after cleaning. Car is nearly ready to go. So the guy doesn't get confused how much he can remove, for the rear tubs and rust removal. Need to wait for new tie rods as the OEM ones are now too short (only a few threads holding the tie rod ends on)?? might have the height set to high or my guess work suspension arm length is wrong (Kept the old arms for 1.5 years then tossed them just before installing the new ones lol).



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