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  1. Koukicuda S14A, 350z handmedowns.

    Ebay also throws a few wonders your way! Would have cost 3x as much new (without shipping) and has barely been used, it may be a tad over kill though but might as well try a twin carbon clutch once. Came out an s15 so has a thicker flywheel and pilot bushing ideal for my 350z gearbox swap. Last of the grinding around the windscreen, some rust remover applied then a coat of primer on sunday. This is where the windscreen crack started so i thought it may have been the three different panels moving (dead spot welds maybe?) so I stuck a few tack welds to hold them together, IF ANYONE THINKS THIS IS A BAD IDEA FOR CRASH SAFETY OR OTHER WISE PLEASE TELL ME! (I assume you want the passenger cell the strongest part so I may even add a few more to these areas.) most dangerous tool ever. (however it will do wonders on the underseal.) next big holes, template made.
  2. Koukicuda S14A, 350z handmedowns.

    Parts, Parts, Parts!!! Thanks Torqen, you know how much I like keeping you on your toes with specialty items =)
  3. Crank Pulley Upgrade for Supercharger

    Err you have the cogs the wrong way round in the calculator that would defo blow up the blower 68000 rpm lol
  4. Crank Pulley Upgrade for Supercharger

    Only a problem if you raise the Rev limit, but as above, not mentioned as a problem much or at all.
  5. Crank Pulley Upgrade for Supercharger

    Then it's either 928 impellar and 60,000 rpm limit or big boy V7 blowers...... need to actually get round to building my spare engine first.
  6. Crank Pulley Upgrade for Supercharger

    Plan to run my fluidamper, 3.12 pulley and 32/28 cog pulleys on my v3 sci vortech (non rev-up), it should only just over spin the blower if i remember right, but the time it does this for/ the chance i actually hit the increased rev limit (7000rpm probably) will be so small it shouldn't do any damage, if maintained well. 53,000 is the max speed of the V2 SCi (couldnt find the V3 data atm.) and the speed it would go to on my setup is around 56,000 i think. Seen a few post from america saying it should be ok to over spin the blower slightly as belt slip and acutally hitting the rev limiter are factors to consider.
  7. Cosworth intake gaskets

    Cheers Alex, thought that would be the best way to go, saves a few quid too.
  8. Cosworth intake gaskets

    Anyone with a cosworth intake bought replacement o ring gaskets for the end caps? If so where from? Finally got round to fitting the intake but thought I would take the end caps off for a look. unfortunately the cap screws were a bit dodgey and will be getting replaced, also a little bit of metal swarf from the previous owner will need blown out. You can see the flakes on the gasket. Since I want a good seal for stopping boost leaks (my problem at the moment, 4 large sealing faces with the motordyne plenum spacer that is now worn and been on the car for years), so I want to make sure this intake is leak free, the gaskets on it at the moment are flat so not much use, I have ordered some 2mm gasket cord and will order some gasket paste to seal the end/join but if anyone knows where i can get the cosworth oem gasket that would be great. part nos ;RH Plenum cap O-Ring 20001319, LH Plenum cap O-Ring 20001320. Thanks
  9. Koukicuda S14A, 350z handmedowns.

    Welder wasn't happy about attaching this, so I had to do the million spot weld method. Also think I should have used my thicker steel for this part but figured if something was to try and burst through it has two layers to go through. Still might put another patch on top for keeping my mind at ease. Need to grind off the slugs and fill any bits I missed but its the missus 30th so I should probably spend some time with her lol.
  10. Vortech SS Box Software

    Most people use uprev, so you might be waiting a while. try contacting vortech yourself?
  11. Koukicuda S14A, 350z handmedowns.

    Grinding off the spot welds and underseal from the sill join so I can weld in a u shaped metal piece to strengthen the sill for future jacking points. Cutting out a patch of rust to see whats behind! Hopefully good metal? nope. Scraped and wire brushed as much of the rust off so I can treat it then weld in some repair patches. Plenty more of this will happen =(
  12. Another One Goes Gold - Thank You Coldel

    Thanks for all the work bud! Enjoy retirement!
  13. Rear diffuser not fitting..?

    Why did you mention your boot then? No diffuser I know for the 350z goes anywhere near it?
  14. 200sx S14a Next Car??

    For the kit I bought you get an adapter plate that you fit between the gearbox and engine (some plates you have to cut the gearbox housing which I wasn’t for) then you use a s15 flywheel and clutch, cut the gear shifter linkage and shorten it so it lines up with the hole for the gear leaver in the car, then you have to modify the down pipe so it doesn’t catch on the larger gearbox. Plus bash the trans tunnel a bit so the thing fits. And lastly you need some gps device to send a speed signal to the dash, as the old gearbox had a speed sensor built in.
  15. Vortech V2 and V3 belt sizes

    same belts for both chargers, only things to note are what engine? rev-up or standard de? (different pulley routing so maybe a different belt) and what pulley as above are you using (3.33") also do you have a gtm extra pulley mod? (this also may require a longer belt), Is your crank pulley oem or a fluidampr/ati? (larger pulleys).