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  1. I own a 200sx s14a and 350z, unless I crash them or someone burns my garage down I won't sell either. Too much still to do to them and not enough time. Maybe when I am 80 they might be finished and I might get bored and want a swap. But I suppose I don't drive either so they could be pants for all I know.
  2. Putting the car together so gave the new floor panels a lick of eBay paint, quite happy with the colour match, just need to learn to paint=turn the air pressure up a bit next time.
  3. My predictions are; Boris in, Brexit his way, Ireland becoming one after many firebombs and shootings, Scotland fu# off and get stuck in limbo trying to get back in the EU on the same setup they had before.
  4. Feel like I am talking myself into indy ref2 lol, when I would have prefered things to have stayed the same before brexit trashed everything. (fingers crossed for the lib dems kiss and make up with europe.)
  5. I live in the west coast, people die young, kids grow up poor (missus is a teacher and 1 in 3 sounds optimistic, probably a lot worse than that.) At the same time I am fortunate enough to work in one of the large businesses in the area and know the tax revenue the government must make is huge. I am quite happy and glad to pay more in tax than someone doing the same job south of the border if the money can be spent locally to improve people’s lives. This is a reason we can spend more on public services; Scotland £12,500 to £14,549 19% £14,549 to £24,944 20% £24,944 to £43,430 21% £43,430 to £150,000 41% £150,000 46% Rest of UK£11,850 and £46,350 - 20% £46,351 and £150,000 - 40% £150,001 - 45% income taxThe median, or typical, gross salary in Scotland for all employees as of April 2017 was £23,150. This is just below the UK wide figure of £23,474. Broken down by region, it remains the highest outside London and the south-east - but is still lower than the overall England figure. **(Attmitally this last info was taken from the Scotsman newspaper so like everything you read, it may be complete boll~*cks.)
  6. I am in the Lib dem court but due to the complete SH#@* mess we are in and the little airtime/chance they have to become front runners I have to vote tactically ...... in Scotland..... even if I don't want their end game. *just now* (If borris gets a majority then I am all for independance.)
  7. yeah but its one step forward two backwards lol. Hopefully if the wife lets me I will get the new engine mount fitted which should be simple enough to cut off the rotten frame and weld onto the better one then I will have a set location where I need to line the sprockets up and go from there. The shock on the rotten frame is stiffer but not in great shape, toyed with a twin in line setup but it will add weight which I dont want.
  8. Compression isn't great, 100psi but the spark plug hole is tiny and my tester isn't designed for it so its probably a tad higher. main thing is the starter works and it has some. who knows if this is right but it was too tight to begin with so I slackened off the intake side a tad as the exhaust side seemed better. made a mess changing the oil too.
  9. As per usual i end up trawling facebook market place for scrap. Picked this up for £35. a 90cc 4 stroke quad with a non running engine. Good points; suspension is better twin arm design and will sit better in the ferrari body with more flush wheels. engine doesn't have any holes in the block and uses an electric starter. hydro brakes front wheels and one big one at back. Bad points; frame is dead, rust everywhere and the wiring is a mess. need to make new mount points. hopefully just the stator is dead(from the looks of it) waiting for a battery so I can test the starter and check compression. ferraris are mid engine'd lol wont work at the front sadly due to the horizontal angle and its going to be a pain to run that length of chain. the main downside is the rear suspension needs totally re done as the drive sproket is now on the other side and will hit everything.
  10. https://youtu.be/ImCk0I_rPD8 350z being built for gymkana last season was a good watch not sure about the presenter or the contestants this time, they don’t appear to be as entertaining
  11. It's very softly sprung so you can easily rock it just with light hand force, now I am used to it, I feel more confident in the corners. It's slow, I haven't really gone past 3.5K rpm due to running in but the engine is noisy and so is the trans. If you do lots of motorway miles don't buy one as the high sides mean you have to stay focused in case of gusts. Good points; Agricultural in feeling and will last a life time without issue, simple to fix. With the rear seats down the side opening door allows me to get a couple of ice hockey kit bags in easily. The visibility is by far the best out of any car I have driven, you can spot every corner, the mirrors point so low down you can see the full rear wheels for placement. Averaging 40mpg on a mix of town, rural and dual carriage ways. The gadgets on the base spec is decent. Feels like a defender but smaller and more economical = reason I bought it. They won't bring out a fast one as it would kill you in the corners but a few extra hp would be fine as my dads disco sport handles about the same but is more powerful. Plenty of space to fit a turbo.... not even checked engine codes yet as I know suzuki do a 1.5 turbo in some cars and I have a spare gt25/28 from my 200sx. (keeping it standard and reliable).
  12. Sad times, I was told the car was finished by the restorer after months of waiting and false promises from the guy I turned up and it was half complete. Ended up being a paypal dispute but hopefully it's clear cut and I will get money back. So it's back in my possession and I now need to see whats missing/broken and needing finished. Most of the new floor and sills have been primer'd but the ones that haven't I have done, today I used cavity wax to stop any fresh bits in the sills going rusty, lets just hope I don't have to weld near them as I think the stuff is very flammable? every crevice I could find I sprayed in, I bought 3cans and still have a small bit left in the first one. I will redo them all once ive finished welding any parts that need done (seat mounts were cut out and not replaced). I may have lost some of my labels on the connectors...
  13. steering column welded in place, just need to make a bracket to extend the tie rod joining point, this should reduce the amount of steering angle needed to move the wheels and stop my legs getting in the way of steering movements.





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