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  1. For people wanting a more subtle looking 350z https://www.tarmacsportz.co.uk/brands/kbd-body-kits/kbd-nissan-350z-06-07-ing-style-4-piece-polyurethane-full-body-kit.html https://www.tarmacsportz.co.uk/brands/kbd-body-kits/kbd-nissan-350z-03-05-ing-style-4-piece-polyurethane-full-body-kit.html Pics of genuine kits for reference:
  2. JR6 18" Wheels special offer (one set only)

    Hi All, Currently have an offer for one set of JR6 Wheels in silver, they should be £762 a set but I can do one set at £699 Contact for details JR6 on a 350 Silver ones as below:
  3. 350z / 370z HEL Oil Coolers from £249.95 Tarmac Sportz

    If you are looking for a straight bolt on no hassle kit then this isn't the one to go for, its a kit of parts and needs cutting to size and retro fitting, if you don't mind that then at half the price of a Mishimoto one its a good option.
  4. Get our best selling brake package ready for Winter Just £47.40 deposit and 12 monthly payments of £35.55 with our interest free credit option
  5. 350Z Front Bumper wanted

    Got one of these in stock Not cheap fibreglass but pretty indestructible and finance available, https://www.tarmacsportz.co.uk/brands/kbd-body-kits/kbd-nissan-350z-03-08-nismo-2-style-1-piece-polyurethane-front-bumper.html
  6. Airlift Air Suspension Now at Tarmac Sportz

    See the full range below https://www.tarmacsportz.co.uk/brands/air-lift-air-suspension-kits.html Interest free credit coming very soon
  7. Tarmac Sportz have been supplying Cobra Sports products for many years now and have a great relation with the family run team Benefits of purchasing a Cobra sport product, limited lifetime warranty for original purchaser, 2 year warranty on sports cats (12 months on all other brands), affordable and great sounding Made to order in Sheffield - (average 5-9 working days) View all 350z/ 370z products below: https://www.tarmacsportz.co.uk/brands/cobra-sport.html?cars=4%2C2631
  8. Hi All The KBD Bodykits have started to arrive now, we have had to order some custom boxes for shipping which should arrive very soon and then we will be shipping via a budget freight courier I just wanted to put a guide together as this is a fairly new product to the UK and from experience normal body shops may have no experience with Polyurethane bumpers Firstly we are shipping these without them being folded - in America they are shipped in small boxes as below Even though we haven't shipped them in folded they will arrive with you distorted due to the way they are stacked for the journey to the UK. To get the memory release agent to activate the bumper is going to require heat, sadly in the UK we don't get as much sun as they do in the USA so bear that in mind Some people use a heat gun, or put the item in a heated paint booth or other heat source for approximately 10-20 minutes. This will activate the memory agent. Once it has come back to shape its going to need prepping for paint, theres a video here Also have a read here for FAQs and KBDs guides: http://www.kbdbodykits.com/faq.php DO NOT HAND THE BUMPER OVER TO A BODYSHOP WITHOUT SPEAKING TO THEM FIRST ABOUT THE PRODUCT AND SHOWING THEM THE GUIDES - THE CHANCES ARE THEY WON'T BE EXPERIENCED WITH POLYURETHANE Link below is to our KBD body kits shop: https://www.tarmacsportz.co.uk/brands/kbd-body-kits.html The key is in the prep work !!! Remember these bumpers are practically indestructible, perfect for drifters, slammed cars, or anyone that is fed up with cracking FRP parts in car parks or on rural roads, we have all seen pictures of road kill obliterating bumpers.
  9. 350z Service Parts in stock at Tarmac Sportz for fast delivery

    All service parts in stock
  10. Tarmac Sportz 350z Cosworth / RTS Performance Brake Package £474

    currently have a few sets in stock for next day shipping Brake lines and fluid also in stock
  11. Genuine Nissan 350z Facelift LED rear lights

    still available
  12. ***New improved Mines/Veilside lip 03-06 Pre facelift 350z ****

    Low stock on these at the moment
  13. 350z Replacement W Brace in stock - ULTRA RACING

    stock available
  14. *** Tarmac Sportz 350z LED Reverse & Turn signal Lights and Guide ***

    2 clear and 1 smoked in current stock
  15. 350z DE Lightweight Flywheels / Clutch combos in stock

    Got a couple left now in current stock