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  1. All is well. I have since become a multi-national citizen, so I hold passports for both the UK and Germany now.
  2. Cougarstore in Leicester would be my choice, they know Zeds inside out
  3. Might help potential takers if they can see condition/depth of tread remaining.
  4. If its just for the game and nothing else, you could save pennies and just get something like MAME32 and the ROMs off the tinternet and play off your PC
  5. Anthem is looking quite sexy...shame we have to wait till 2018 for release
  6. Gaming laptops are always gonna run quite hot when pushed, I still own an older Dell XPS Gaming Laptop, and it was the best on the market back in the day, but yes, when pushed it would get hot, to the point that I found a workaround to control the fans to blow at 100% all the time while gaming (thank god for headphones) If PC gaming, then it's best to get a proper tower based one. Although the idea of powerful gaming and being mobile is great, it does have it's drawbacks. Even the super powerful Asus watercooled laptop, is gonna be noisy, and only properly "cool" when at home on the watercooling station. Which at that point you might as well get a proper homesystem
  7. They look very nice on a silver Z still got them on ? Have since sold the car, but they are still on the car, now living in the Netherlands, driven by a drifting instructor https://www.facebook.com/LycanStrife
  8. Installed these back in 2014 http://www.350z-uk.com/topic/91051-depo-06-headlight-install/
  9. Welcome With your budgwting, don't forget running costs. You may buy a bargain Zed, but then find out it needs say a new clutch. Factor in a new flywheel as while the cluth is getting done, to make the most of your labour cost might as well do the fly, you would need to set aside £900-£1000-ish for the job. Other stuff is for instance brakes etc. Know your prices and budget accordingly.
  10. Steve has dedication to his craft, he wrapped the roof on my old Zed. Perfect result. Glad his standards are still up there. Good job
  11. Anywhere you see the roadsign that looks like the UK national speedlimit sign (white circle with black diagonal) you can put the pedal to the metal, just keep your eyes peeled for restricted bits where it usually says either 120 or 100 km/h speed limit (usually near built up areas near towns mainly for noise restrictions)
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