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  1. ^ I was amazed a reversing camera and even powered folding mirrors are optional extras on a £116k 'state of the art' brand new car......Porsche clearly know how to empty the wallets of their customers.
  2. Taycan configurator is now 'live', £126K for the cheapest version with a few options, makes the 911 look affordable! Cannot see us ever been in a position to splash that much cash on essentially a toy, certainly not for another few decades .
  3. Never liked the look of the previous 911/Caymans before but the new rear end does look lovley, even on the Cayenee. EV drivetrains have saved Porsche from having to go down the diesel route ie: new diesel S4/S6 etc. I'm looking forwards to been able to not need the space of the X and go back down to a smaller car, I recon the Taycan (or even EV 911) will be very close the top of the shopping list......But sadly not for a while yet :).
  4. The Taycan is great, and pricing is suppose to about £90K start so bang in line with the current 911. The quick one though that did the 'ring time will be £150k+ before options, so Roadster 2.0 money, but still if you can afford it hard to think of a better car for the money. It will be interesting to see how many Porsche shifts versus the 911/Panamera, Porsche is now mainly a SUV brand, and I can see them becoming mainly an EV brand very soon.
  5. 37K in our Tesla, amount paid for 'dealer servicing' = £0. £450 for 4 tyres and thats yet. Even the windscreen wipers have been fine. Cabin air filter I will replace my self next year for £5 third party item, I already have a third party sourced HEPA filter as well, again a 10 minute job. Battery coolant change at 50K, and air-con regas next year, but am struggling to think of any else. Brake pads are hardly worn, 95% of slowing down via the motor and not friction brakes. oh 12V battery will need changing at some point I suppose...... Compared to an similar performance petrol SUV, the maintenance costs are tiny.
  6. What you need to account for with a Leaf/Zoe is the massive discounts RCI supported via crazy PCP/Lease deals back in 2015/16. I had one on PCP for ,£0 deposit and £200/month. On my paper work it showed around £8k of 'discounts' financed by Nissan to enable those kind of figures. This is what killed Leaf/Zoe residuals, not people worrying about batteries running down as the article implies. However buy a cheap used Leaf now and your loss hardly any money. 2p per mile motoring, no services costs, reliable, fits the bill perfectly for some one looking for a £10k family 2nd car. Aside from Leaf/Zoe if you look at i3/Ioniqi/Tesla residuals your see they are rock solid. The amount of anitEV news really is crazy, and the articles posted on this thread shows that really well. But big oil was never going to just go down without a fight, but long term they haven't got a chance. Even Chris Harris has now ordered a P Model 3.
  7. Since when have petrol cars only depreciated by 24% at 3 years? Infact if you bought a used Nissan Leaf in the last 24 months you will have almost certainly not lost more than 10%. I also love the quote about batteries lossing 10% charge at just 3 years. I didn't realise the daily mail was now considered a reliable source for fact
  8. I don't think I've ever stopped for an hour on any road trip in our EV due to charging. Not even close, we barely spend 20 minutes max per stop, depending on what our daughter is up to.
  9. We got a Model X, and will get a Model 3 for my wife at some point. Our daughter is now potty trained by still at the moment its stops every 60-90 minutes to avoid any potential accidents especially if she hasn't done her poo poo that day yet.....we have white leather seats :). Otherwise the X is massive enough we just let her run around in the back as a break. The last few times we stopped was because my wife demanded a coffee, infact we seem to arrive, plugin and charge, than leave before most of the combustion cars around us. When Tesla introduce 250KW chargers here in the UK and along with the rate at which the Model 3 can charge its going to almost too quick for a loo/coffee break. A LR Model 3 can add 120 miles of range in about 10 minutes on a 250KW charger. If you start the day with 300 miles of range, and than stop for 10 minutes to ads another 120 miles of range, that equates to 420 miles of range for the sake of a 10 minute stop. Am sure some people will claim to be able to drive from London to Glasgow non stop, but am not one of them. https://cleantechnica.com/2019/06/24/tesla-model-3-on-supercharger-v3-adds-50-range-in-under-12-minutes-charts/ Whilst as the article the OP shows if you try do it in an eGolf your be taking a very long time!! If your going down the EV route Tesla is by far still the only real choice for long distance trips.
  10. And thats why Tesla out sells everyone else combined when it comes to EVs. We are doing 250 miles on Saturday, in 2 legs - 2hrs driving for a kids party, but that's a different matter all together.... Anyways we will one charging stop, on the M4 where there is 16 Tesla Superchargers, I anticipate 0 issues with the trip. Infact with a toddler we will probably be stopping about twice anyways, and given we have 'free for life' Supercharging on our car we will be stopping at M way services with Superchargers and topping up the car for free :). Taking the extended family out to Breacon Becons on Sunday, no charging needed as it'll charge overnight. Bank Holiday Monday we will be coming back to Leicester from Cardiff, will stop again mainly for our toddler. I recon we'll be doing 500 miles this bank holiday weekend in the EV, total fuel costs will be about £5, as at least 50% of the 'fuel' will be provided for 'free' by Tesla Superchargers. Our EV is now coming up to 28k in under 2 years, I think we'll just be shy of 29k at exactly 2 years ownership, thats not bad mileage for any car, certainly a 'town' car ;).
  11. Glad everyone is fine! Weird the airbag didn't go off? Glad you daughter is fine, its great to see how safe cars are these days. Hope everyone is back driving soon!
  12. Thanks for the comments, I know kerbing damage is down to the driver (ie: Me), just want to make sure its not going to end up with some tacky finish that half peels/falls off. Current 22s look fab, but low profile tyres and 2 meter width makes avoiding kerbs not easy, they have picked up more kerb damage in 6K than the 20s did in 20k!! Ride is also harsh, and less efficient by about 5-10%, add in 275 section all round isn't half loud at M-way speeds, come winter I'm going to put the spare 20s back on which are currently silver. Had play with PhotoShop with 20's in mat black, the car will look almost as good as on 22s but without the drawback :). Will go and get some quote locally for powercoating.
  13. Having had black alloys on the car now for a few months I really like the look of them, and even my wife! So I'm thinking of changing the colour of the 'winter' set of alloys to matt black. Not looked into things like Powercoating etc for a long long time, any advice on which way to go? The wheels are currently off the car and will get new tires mounted this autumn so no issues with sending them off some where etc, but am keen to get a finish as close to OEM as possible and that will last day to day use - Car is currently doing 15K per year and will get kerbed so the finish needs to last well. Any experiences of the best way to do it?
  14. We already have access to the biggest fusion plant we can imagine. Its going to push temperatures in the UK to nearly 40 degrees. It comes out every day, and will continue to do so for billions more years. The fact we now have tech that can directly capture this energy instead of waiting millions of years for gravity to do its thing is amazing.
  15. This is my view, I just don't get why people seem so resistant to this idea of wind/solar energy generation. Whats the obsession with maintaining traditional ways of energy generation if the tech is now here to capture the most abundant energy we have on this planet, sun and weather? Let not forget without the sun we woudlnt even have any fossils fuels. Am seriously thinking of adding another 10KW of solar PV to our existing 4KW system, financially it doesn't make sense, but there is something attractive about been able to generate your own electricity/energy.



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