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  1. The first one was the real cash generator. Free flowing A road, 30mph limit way before the real start of the village and right at the top of the hill. The is van invisible till you get over the hill but with perfect line of sight of cars coming over the hill. Unless you were already at 30mph they will have tagged you. I just cannot be bothered with worrying about all these things anymore, so essentially stick to the limit religiously, which sadly often equates to idiots glued to my rear bumper.
  2. I've not had any points on my licence for the last 10 years, and these days I tend to pretty much stick to the speed limit regardless of how quite/empty the roads may seem. This Friday just gone I ended up doing a 40 mile work trip, in the space of 10 miles I clocked 2 police cars and one camera van all positioned in semi 'hidden' locations. No issues for me as I was sticking to the limit, but am sure the BMW driver that was stuck to my rear bumper up until the first camera van was glad I was there, as otherwise I'm 100% they would have got clocked by at least one of these cars. It does make me wonder about whats the point of owing anything half 'quick' these days, all it would have taken for me to get clocked by these car would have a tiny input from my right foot or got aggravated by the bimmer on my bumper to go quicker, and I could have clocked up some points :(. Over the crest of a hill just after 30mph sign, national speed limit just before. Blind bend, 40mph from national speed limit. National speed limit, 2 mile dual carriageway stretch on an otherwise single lane A road.
  3. Budget 50' TV

    OLED give by far the best picture quality purely because blacks actually look black rather than dull grey etc. I love our LG OLED panel, picked it up for £1400 a few months ago, beats the even the Kuro panel I had for a while. Just seen this deal, £1200!! https://www.groupon.co.uk/deals/lg-55-full-hd-oled-smart-tv?deal_option=918dbd07-3776-4c74-85b8-84e45a7a2cee&utm_medium=cpc&utm_source=google&utm_campaign=uk_dt_sea_ggl_txt_tim_pads_cbp_chp_nbr_target*_adposition*1o8_prodtarget*266080568135_adtype*pla_productpartitionid*266080568135_campaignid*687507726_adgroupid*40690311562&mr:referralID=63fceebe-b0ab-11e7-983e-005056946dac&gclid=CjwKCAjwyIHPBRAIEiwAHPS-GNynpyQFOgyM14r6jc3z5-06RPT90U7qyAzE3SUBFwpAxQACkvk7PRoCni8QAvD_BwE
  4. StarTrek and Expanse

    Arguing about the ST universe.....you guys need to get a baby, that'll sort out all the spare time you have free!!! I was happy with all the explosions and woshing noises!!
  5. StarTrek and Expanse

    Don't really get a chance to watch much TV these days but had Sunday night free, thought I have a look on Netflix for anything that wasn't a cartoon/nursery rhythm!! Came across the new StarTrek series and also the second season of the Expanse. I know there are a few other geeks on here who like a bit of Sci Fi, both seem really good - especially on a OLED panel. Certainly much better TV than all the dancing shows/pseudo reality rubbish around. Now just need to find another evening free from child care duties to watch a few more episodes https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Expanse_(TV_series https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Star_Trek:_Discovery
  6. The EV problem.

    Tesla meanwhile continue to expand the supercharger network, work on a massive 24 bay charger site is about to start at Leicester Forest East. Soon it'll be hard for me to drive more than 50 miles on the M-way in any direction without coming across another Supercharger site. If Porsche start rolling out their own charging sites, and than come to deal with Tesla to share chargers it'll be great way to ensure fast charging infrastructure for EVs get developed quickly :).
  7. The EV problem.

    Porsche Mission E taking shape.....looks like a possible alternative/rival to a high spec Model 3. Plenty of choice for our second EV come 2019/2020 :). https://www.theverge.com/2017/10/4/16418658/porsche-mission-e-electric-photos-tesla
  8. The EV problem.

    You can see by the lack of software customisation/voice command the 3 is still pretty much in 'beta' form. It'll get there but I doubt we'll actually see the final production ready car until nearly the end of this year. The car it self looks perfect as a replacement for wifes car, but 2-3 years is a long long time to wait, just glad we have our own X back now :).
  9. The EV problem.

    Tesla originally said the X would be out in 2015, we got ours only a few month ago, and we ordered ours before RHD production had started. Anyone who have actually followed Tesla product development will be familiar with the concept that Tesla time doesn't really follow normal human time :). Late 2019/Early 2020 is when I think first RHD Model 3 will arrive.
  10. Finally picked up the replacement car today, great to be back in our own car. Cannot wait to put some miles on it now, and hopefully no more incidents, plan is to keep it at least 8 years when the motor/battery warranty dies
  11. What would you choose.

    I thought you could never have too much power
  12. What would you choose.

    Ok, so looks like 700+WHP on a N54 block is pretty attainable these days. Bare in mind thats 700bhp at the wheels, RWD with a TC system you can actually 100% disengage, and weighs a good amount less than a GTR. My old 335i with 380WHP had problems going in a striaght line at WOT on anything but bone dry baby bottom smooth tarmac, with double the power it would be an 'interesting' experience to put all that power down without ending up in a hedge!! http://www.bimmerboost.com/showthread.php?76677-Just-another-700-whp-BMW-335i-Precision-6266-turbocharged-E90-N54-running-straight-E85-produces-737-rwhp ** Ok looks the above is running ethanol rich E85 fuel, which probably needed to keep the thing cool as much as power generation. So for UK road use your have turn down the boost and use a different map, but I'll be amazed if these days you cannot get a N54 to run at 500WHP on normal unleaded.
  13. What would you choose.

    How much are E92 335i? You can probably pick one up for not much more than £5k. Stick on a Quaife LSD, better dampers, remap it and your have something nearly as quick as the current M3 for less than £10k. The tubros might blow, fuel pump need doing, and if you really want to track it your need an aftermarket oil cooler. But if your budget is £40k and the car £5k, that's a massive mod budget, and because the guys over the pound love the 335i your modding options are almost endless you can literally go nuts - last time I looked 4/5 years ago people were shooting for 600-700 WHP. Your probably still have change from your budget too!! They will also do the day to day stuff fine, infotainment system is dated but plenty of aftermarket options, happy to sit at 150mph+ whilst your other half sleeps in passneger seat. I also don't think they will deprecate that much more. I couldn't think of another petrol car to replace my old with, not without really upping the budget. Given how cheap they are now really is a performance bargin.
  14. Your dream job?

    You do realise I live in Leicester, and our work IT system is so bad I cannot even load my University webmail account!!
  15. Your dream job?

    I think am lucky, I love my job, went on hoilday for 10 days recently and for the first time for a long while didnt take the work laptop....by the end of day 3 I was itching to get some work done. By the end of day 10 I was bored out of my mind. As a result have cancelled another hoilday planned for later in the year, work is much more fun!!!! If I did have the ability to take 8 weeks off I would love to learn to code properly in SAS which would make my day to day job so much more productive and less reliant on others, sad I know :).