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  1. Those are a bit different from a Cayman :). Maybe its the higher driving position but in 50k+ and 4 years of driving our Model X on similar country roads I've never had any concerns on width or size. Infact I cannot remember once having to mount a bank/crub, the people coming the other way usually just jump out of the way, its only tractors which don't slow down as they get closer......might is right as they say :). I do however now hate driving my wifes Lexus saloon, it feels cramped, unsafe, and when you are behind a SUV all you can see is a back bumper + number plate
  2. Are people still questioning the vaccine???!!! I spent last weekend at work prescribing Tocilizumab like smarties and sent 2 people to ITU because of COVID. Luckily the vaccination program + lockdown has really made a massive difference to overall morbidity which everyone is thankful for, but this virus is as deadly as ever for some.
  3. The NHS pension is probably the best/safest scheme around. The final payout is directly related to your contributions and the pay out growths at a inflation+1.5% rate guaranteed. Compounded over 30 years it a crazy figure at the end. The final salary scheme was even crazier, presuming you are near the top of the NHS pay scale at retirement, 50% pension at that amount is substantial higher than average UK salary let alone average UK pension payout. Yes you will be taxed for having such a generous pension, but as they say its a nice problem to have. I much rather pay tax
  4. The rear 2 seats fold totally flat, you can buy bog guards for the X, this video gives you an idea of how big the space is in the back. The GLS will be bigger - but that thing really is a tank! The 6/7 seater Xs also have a dedicated HVAC setup just for the 3rd row, so your dogs can have their own temperature preference if needed. For utility these things are mad - add in sub 5 second 0-60 time for the slowest version like ours (sub 3 seconds in top spec - 2.6 seconds will roll out I think), and 3p per mile in fuel+tyres = lots of happy (and cheap) family road trips :).
  5. I think this must be the first time I've seen someone worried about a X been too small :). If you really are after interior size you will need a GLS or minivan to beat the X. I've had x2 adults in the back + 2 kids + luggage for shuttle runs to the airport with no one complaining. The boot is also really deep as well as wide, you can dump a kids bike in the back even with the third row seats up! There isn't a larger EV on the market short of the Nissan van thing, but that has a range of sub 100 miles and is as interesting to own as a van.
  6. ^A massive EV.....am sure you have heard of the Model X . Cannot quite believe its coming up to 4 years since getting ours, as they day time flies when you are having fun!!
  7. This virus is here to stay - become endemic, the vaccine isn't going to render it harmless like small pox or even hepatitis B. The mutation rate will mean it will almost certainly mutate enough to render the current vaccine antigen targets useless, its not a IF but when. However having antibodies of any kind to this virus is better than none, and having the vaccine is safest way to do this bar contracting the disease. Am not going to comment on how hospitals are now thinking about managing resources, as thats far far above my payscale and frankly I rather no
  8. ^£78k for the spec I would order, seems like a lot but our Tesla was £72k back in 2017, and the Taycan has a 20% bigger battery. Hard to call a near £80k Porsche 'cheap' but for a premium EV, it certain isn't over priced. I'm using my best man maths to see if we can justify one to sit along side the Tesla.
  9. If I had a £ for every "new" battery story I've seen..... Much more relevant, my mother in law just got hold of an Mini E for the equivalent new cash price of £25k.....That's the mid spec version. Who would have thought Mini now under cuts Hyundai/Kia interms of EV pricing!!
  10. Happy Christmas all!! Its a been a year to forget, Coffee Martini helps :).
  11. I fathom to think why anyone would object to wearing seat belts unless they were keen to become an organ donor!! The biggest issues of EVs is still cost, but the fact VAG is now pushing ahead that should change. Apparently 'discounts' of upto 20% on the VW ID3, making it barely any more expensive than the petrol Golf. Tesla on the otherhand just put UP prices on the S/X by £5k, £100k is now what you need for X after options!!! And it'll be a long time before used EVs offer the same choice and value as used combustion cars. But combustion cars will be around for decades
  12. I don't know what the fuss is about people still make about EVs. This is how old my daughter was when we ordered our current EV.... And 4 years on the EV is treated like any other family car, today it was ginger bread snack whilst listening to Frozen waiting for mummy to finish some shopping. There is no need to be melodramatic about EVs, if you don't want one no one will make you buy one, combustion cars will be around for decades even after new ones stop been made.
  13. That is very true... Out of all the stuff I own with lithium ion batteries this is the most fun for sure on B roads, infact I've done more miles on this this month than any other EV I own!! Ofcourse if you really want 'fun' in current road conditions, nothing comes close to this. 23mm 'slik' tyres pumped up to 100PSI+, wheel spin on demand, almost lost the FRONT end twice on a straight when trying to avoid pot holes due to lack of grip, and the brakes take a good few seconds to really bite when you need them.....add in near zero degree wind in the face, you
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