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  1. Never been to Africa apart from a red sea resort so doesnt count, but some where in Asia we try to go every year, even now with a toddler. People are friendly, the food is great, and your more likely to run into trouble going out in Birmingham than any of those countries you listed. The big missing country on that list is India. I really do want to visit Africa and we will, but out of the rest of the continents/places I've been lucky enough to go India is simply on different level of sensory overload. From the beaches in Goa, to the madness of Mumbai, the history of Rajasthan, and foot hills of Everest up north you could spend a whole life time travelling in one country and not see everything!!! Travelling alone would be amazing, but your never really be alone in the second most populous country on the planet. The Taj still remains one of the if not the most magnificent man made structure I have been lucky enough to see with my own eyes. Photos don't do it justice, and if you have the chance to go its worth every mile of the trip there :). Sadly we're at a stage in life where our own interests aren't any near the priority list compared to other things, but if I had no responsibilities in life I would be on a plane to any where in Asia tonight!! Book a flight to Singapore, and plan the next 12 month of country hopping enroute, and transit out to the start of the adventure almost as soon as you touch down in Changi. You really don't need to worry about travelling alone in Asia, I wouldn't even bother packing much more than a large rucksack, tooth brush, a few change of cloths (advantage of been able to afford laundry service in hotels versus backpacking as a student), phone charger and camera job done, oh do check Visa status, the UK passport gets you in most places on arrival but not all....I am just slightly envious of your proposition
  2. 'Nav on Autopilot' just arrived in our car, got some 400 miles to cover this bank holiday weekend on the M-way network, cannot wait to try it.
  3. So the guy was intoxicated, he was going to 'drive' any car anyways and fall asleep, surely better in a car that could at least on the road and not crash into some bystanders. Nav on Autopilot will also not initiate a lane change without human input, it'll indicate to overtake slower traffic but wouldn't do it till you at least hold the steering wheel. The tech coming will 100% stop people driving into on coming traffic, that just wouldn't happen. Our car can now 'drive' itself for about 30% of my daily commute. Very boring stuff but in rush our stop/start traffic its fab. Oh I also set AP to the speed limit, so you can see pretty much every other car ahead cannot stay within the legal speed limit for more than 10 seconds. Us humans are really bad at obeying the highway code :). Apparently traffic light and proper junction detection is coming later this year.
  4. Are you going actually going to waste your time voting for anything ever again?? The whole Brexit thing has shown everyone how selfish and pointless the whole political system is. Every single MP just care about how they can get themselves to the top job, and will lie/back stab anyone and everyone along the way. None of them care about the country, let alone what their constituents want. At least with Putin and Kim you know what your getting.
  5. Am not sure what your arguing against? I've never said the car wouldn't be supported mechanically by Nissan, but financial support on a new car is a totally different game. Why would a Nissan dealer offer any kind of finance deal beyond the going rate on an Infiniti, especially with Nissan pulling official support for the brand in Europe? But this is why as a potential cash buyer you have a real chance to grab a deal. If I was in a market for a reliable, well equipped 400bhp coupes I would be flashing the cash at the nearest Infiniti dealer and gauging how desperate they are. However the fact Infiniti couldn't persuade me to spend my cash on one of their products despite me having owned 4 past Nissan's probably shows why they have no immediate future in the European market. Infiniti had a real chance to be a stand out brand, especially if they had committed to EVs backs in 2010, as some concept cars suggested. But life if full of ifs and buts.
  6. And how much is a Nissan dealer going to give you for a Q60 in 3 years time? PCP deals need manufacture/dealers to support the GFV, otherwise they might as well by HP deals. No Nissan dealer is going to put their own money down to support any Infiniti PCP deal. With a current APR of 5% for standard loans, £35k over 3 years is £1000/month. Is anyone seriously going to pay £1k/month on a car brand which is going to be nonexistent in the UK within 12 month? If your actually seriously interested by buying I have no idea why your getting angry, go and offer £25k for Q60 been advertised for £35k, I think you might be surprised how receptive the dealer might be to the low ball offer.....Its a buyers market in situations like this, awful news for dealers but great news for for consumers.
  7. Given how these things seem to be sitting forever at the dealers I recon if you walked in with a cash offer of £25K your get a call back by the end of the week to meet you half way.....say no that, and the final price wouldn't be much over £25k. Most cars are sold on finance, but which finance company is going to back a PCP deal on a dead end product with no dealership support? £25K might be way below asking price, but thats £25K in the bank versus a product they might not ever get a buyer for. If your serious make an offer, whats the worst that can happen?
  8. Either way nice problem to have :). I'm aiming to have our mortgage down to a reasonable level by the time I hit 40. Will allow us to drop work sessions without worrying about interest rates etc. Retirement isn't on card for another 30 years though!!
  9. Whilst looking at some UK mortality data (as you do :)),I recon median age of death in the UK will hit 90 pretty soon. If you are lucky enough to retire before 40, you literally have most of your life still to live!! Bare in mind the first 20 years of your life is just learning how to live, that's an awful lot of free time! Sound like your enjoying the free time, but 50 years ahead with no commitments....time to start a business, or may be three :).
  10. Depending on how brave you are I quite like the look of the new Q60T, 400bhp, sub 5 second to 60, loads of tech. £37K currently as ex-demo, I recon if you offered £30K cash the dealers would struggle to say no, may be even £25k.....But than would you really want a brand new car with no proper manufacture support? Not sure where it all went wrong, when I was looking to replace the 350Z I looked at Infiniti, but the product range just couldn't stand up to what the BMW/Audi had on offer. I suppose that was a sign, if Infiniti couldn't persuade a long term 350Z owner their cars were the natural next step up than who could they persuade. I hope they do come back to the UK at some point though.
  11. https://blog.infiniti.eu/en-gb/blog-post/3274 Looks like they have given up in Europe. Shame, but its been coming for a while :(.
  12. If you ignore this the rubbish range of this Honda EV other EVs are already at this point. Tesla have stopped increasing the size of the battery packs, VAG have now announced half a dozen products all using a battery pack at around 90kWh. Their pricing is all nearly identical, Jaguar/Tesla/Audi/Merc all will sell you a 'premium' EV for £60-80k. The Taycan is due out later this year, I suspect pricing will be around £80k, again is a 120 mile range Honda worth nearly 50% of the latest/newest Porsche?? The Honda EV looks great, but they are having a laugh at anything close to £40k pricing, with the specs it's a £20-25k car. Oh and don't touch a sub £10k 2015 Leaf, they are sold with a lifetime rental agreement on the battery. Effectively you dont own the battery but have to pay Nissan about £70/month forever. The cheapest battery owned Leaf is about £12k, so about 50% deprecation at 4 years, which is actually pretty good for a mass produced Nissan hatchback.
  13. So your saying you would pay £40k for this Honda EV with 120 miles of range even though for the same price your be able to get a AWD Long Range Model 3 that does 0-60 in 4.5 seconds and an EPA rated range of 310 miles?? Great, I look forward to your review of the Honda :).
  14. Have you seen what Nissan Leaf prices are doing at present??!! They essentially haven't gone done in the last 18 months, infact WBAC is increasing their offer for used Leafs. The reason prices crashed in 2015/16 was because Nissan flooded the market with cheap lease/PCP deals, which have now stopped. Lightly used Kona EV are currently selling at above list price.
  15. 100% relevant. The $35K 220 miles EPA range Model 3 is the bar set very very high for every other EV on the market. You cannot seriously tell me you some one looking at a small EV will be happy to pay nearly £40K for this Honda EV with half the range of a £30K Model 3?? Competition is great for us consumers, the more EVs the come the quicker prices will fall.



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