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  1. Sunday 15th July is the World Cup final at 4pm, so may affect attendance. If this was on a Saturday I could be up for it.
  2. marzman

    DIY-uk.com How Do I Remove These?

    Angle grind flush, and then drill into it to create a recess before filling.
  3. marzman

    Detailing Products - Wax it Wet?

    You've hit the nail on the head, it's the extra bending to the buckets to rinse the mitt and get clean water etc. Typically my back has just enough stamina to snowfoam, rinse, and dry with a microfibre. I'm dead by the time i get to the wheels, but at least I can sit for that. If I have to 2BM wash as well then i'm ruined. I've been popping the codeine like skittles this week since doing a full 2bm wash at the weekend.
  4. marzman

    Detailing Products - Wax it Wet?

    Yeah good shout... sounds like a plan. Okay so i've bought the following this evening: From eBay Foam Lance From G1en@Waxandshine Car Chem Snowfoam 1L Car Chem Revolt 500ml Car Chem Alloy Wheel Armour 500ml Car Chem Bug Remover 500ml From www.cleanandshiny.co.uk (The only site I could find Gyeon products in stock!) Gyeon WetCoat 1L Total spend - approx £69. The only thing i'm a bit concerned about is that i've possibly cheaped-out on the wheel sealant. Thinking I should have gone with the GTechniq C5 but that was £42 alone, so will see how I get on.
  5. marzman

    Detailing Products - Wax it Wet?

    Okay the Gyeon Bath+ stuff sounds amazing, but do i have to apply with a bucket and mitt? Can it be applied with a foam lance? I'd like to just snowfoam, rinse and dry if possible as washing the car kills my back for a few days. Is it worth going for the following then, or should i skip the Bathe+ and go from the Snowfoam to the Wetcoat? Car Chem Snow Foam Gyeon Bathe+ Gyeon Wetcoat Then i'm going for: Car Chem Revolt Car Chem Alloy Wheel Armour
  6. marzman

    Detailing Products - Wax it Wet?

    This is mint advice, really happy with this guys, thanks. Got some reading up to do before buying some bits this weekend. Cant wait.
  7. Hey guys, I have a few questions which I could use some guidance on please. I'm well out of touch in the detailing world as it's been a good 4 years or so since i've had a car worth washing myself. Snow foam lance - I have a Nilfisk with a stock foam bottle. It kind of works, but the snow foam only stays on the car for < 10 seconds. Whats the cheapest option for a propper one which will work with my Nilfisk? Wax it Wet or equivalent - I was always a big fan of the spray on Wax it Wet-type products. i.e. wash the car, and during drying you spray on the wax and wipe off with a microfibre cloth. I cant seem to find anything like this in Halfords anymore. I can find spray on wax, but the car needs to be dry before applying and it needs buffing off afterwards. Any suggestions please? I've been using a Demon Shine product, but it's more of a short term shine rather than a wax. Wheel sealant - Any recommended products to seal my wheels and make future cleaning easier? Lastly - where's a good place to buy products from, other than eBay or Halfords? Thanks
  8. marzman


    Its for the ios, and it's called Explorer CCTV, and is made by QVIS. It's not amazing, but it more than does the job and is free. The CCTV software has a QR code which displays on screen, and you just take a photo of it using the app and it instantly links the app to your CCTV device.
  9. marzman


    Im delighted with mine. The software really impresses me... and i'm a software development manager! It's fully comprehensive and really easy to use. The only let down was the app that they recommended for use, but it turns out these are completely generic, so i downloaded several others until I found a good one.
  10. marzman


    I bought one of the following from eBay recently, and can't recommend it enough: FLOUREON 8CH 1080N Video DVR Outdoor IR 3000TVL CCTV Security Cameras System 1TB. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/8CH-1080N-AHD-HDMI-DVR-1TB-Outdoor-3000TVL-Cameras-Home-CCTV-Security-System-Kit/112582291237?hash=item1a366d6f25:m:m59jyeIknIG2be73ISRyyIw I paid £97 with a 1TB HDD, which was a bit of a bargain to be honest. They all seem to be priced around £130 for the same spec with the HDD. Its a proper professional quality kit. Great software and easy to install. Its got motion detection so only records when it detects motion, and you can include/exclude areas of the view which you want it to detect motion on, e.g. you can exclude the road if it's got frequent traffic etc. Im not sure how long it records for, but the last time i checked it had over 1 month's worth of recording and there was still plenty of space left, and it'll just loop round when it gets full. Here are some screenshots i've just taken from my phone (i've only got 3 of the 4 cameras hooked up, currently).
  11. marzman

    Guess the car part

    Looks like an F40 Cut&shut
  12. marzman

    Guess the car part

    Wow, i love that.
  13. marzman

    Guess the car part

    Pars? Aka Safir / Persia?
  14. marzman

    Mustang Build Thread

    Indicators work fine and still flash amber.