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  1. marzman

    Brexit again

    There should be another referendum in my opinion, but then i am a remainer. How 52% to 48% can be considered definitive on such a massive issue is beyond me. It's like Night vs Day... because it's night time for 5 mins longer one day, we must now go to permanent night time for the rest of our lives? If there was another referendum and the leavers won again then a) i'd eat my hat, and b) i'd accept it. But i think if they voted again it would be more like 25% vs 75% for the remainers. And if HSBC had released their advert with Richard Ayoade before the Brexit vote, it would have been a landslide for remain. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=V-1UNaA92fg
  2. Yeah went about 6 months ago.
  3. marzman

    About time I said hi

    Hi Colin, welcome. An LPG kit...! I think that's only the second LPG conversion i've ever heard of on this forum in over a decade on here! Did you have this fitted yourself or was it on the car when you bought it? If you did it yourself, how does the performance compare to before? How many miles do you get out of a tank, and how much does that cost? Your car looks nice and straight.
  4. marzman

    Fairlady Z Azure Nismo 2002

    Woah Matt... no way!! Still looks good mate... has brought back some good memories seeing this. Andy is correct above, this is a full RSW carbon fibre interior. Super rare and expensive. Also worth noting that it's got a UK triple-gauge pod which replaced the original JDM one (which i still have in my garage!) GLWTS. What you getting next mate?
  5. marzman

    Raspberry Pi....

    What does it do? Sat Nav, music etc?
  6. marzman

    Cheap 22 inch rim mod WITH COMFORT

    Link doesnt appear to be working.... what was this? EDIT. Never mind its working now. Ctrl+F5 did the trick.
  7. Colour match of the bumper looks off as well.
  8. marzman

    Is it wrong to want one of these ?

    Like a baby G Wagen
  9. marzman

    Racing Crashes...

    Whoa, just noticed this isn't resting on it's side...!!
  10. marzman

    Racing Crashes...

    Or maybe Vettel with a puncture a couple of laps from the end at Silverstone, to give Hamilton the victory!
  11. marzman

    Racing Crashes...

    Nothing too spectacular but here's the best i've taken. Final corner at Silverstone in 2014.
  12. marzman

    Getting Rid of a Car you found

    What car is it, out of interest? I'd give the DVLA a call personally and tell them the truth, to find out if she is liable, (which i doubt). If she is, then wheel it down the street in the dark and then call the police to say it's been dumped.
  13. marzman

    BMW 335i?

    I car share with a guy who has a 235i most days. His is lowered and has a remap amongst other visual mods. It sounds lovely, with plenty of pops and bangs on downshift (flappy paddles). It's rapid too... feels a lot quicker than my Mustang, although in a straight line I think it'd be very close, the power delivery is much smoother on mine and his just feels venemous. Maybe thats just because i'm a passenger though.