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  1. 1000% agree. Ive been driving an 05' E90 320d with 170k on the clock for the last 3 months (my wife's car). Its quick and fun to drive - more fun than my 5.0 Mustang tbh. Hydraulic steering is lovely. I enjoy driving it so much i've booked a track day at Donnington next week and i'm taking that and not my 'stang!
  2. Wow, might as well be free at that price! I'd be there every week i think!
  3. Awesome videos, that looks like a great little circuit!!
  4. Is this going to be released in the UK do we know yet? I've just read a brief article on Adrian Flux suggesting it will be, and will be priced around £23k which I cant believe. I'd have thought closer to £40k would be more realistic... But if they're that cheap then i'm having one! Will look good next to my Mustang on the drive way. https://www.adrianflux.co.uk/blog/2020/01/10-new-cars-to-get-excited-about-in-2020.html#:~:text=2020 Ford Bronco&text=The 2020 Bronco%2C however%2C is,bulkier version from the 1970s.
  5. Searching for L55UST 350z in google images returns only this photo: Which is a link to this site! Found these for L66UST which it says is the 2006 promo car...
  6. Nah, i sold it to a lad from Manchester (back in 2013) and he sold it about 3 years ago, but not sure where it went.
  7. Sounds like it could be my old one... UK52?
  8. I could read this all day... I've had my angle grinder out this week and chopped down a store-bought work bench to be narrower so it fits in a small space i had so i can close the door. Took me about 4 hours.
  9. Thats cool, these look great. I was in Japan in 2018 and bought a few paper craft kits - they're everywhere in Japan! They're extremely intricate/detailed and the materials used are high quality (its card rather than paper).
  10. No reliability issues at all on mine, touch wood, after 14k miles. There are a few reports of build quality issues on the forums, but mine has been perfect. There is one major fault that im aware of that can occur to do with oil cooler failure, at which point the engine is ruined and Ford replace under warranty, but this appears to be on the earlier 15-17 models i think.
  11. Mine's a 5.0 grabber blue auto, which'll be on the market the month your deal runs out...
  12. Your rocket looks lovely, I really like them. I'm just missing the noise of mine now... i keep looking at it longingly out of the window.
  13. I know... i even hate myself for saying it, but i just dont get them. I think it's im just into the more modern movies... Goodfellas/Casino, and then Sopranos (which i've watched through at least 5 times!). Every scene of The Godfather has been parodied and re-done 10 times better in other media that the whole films have become cliche.
  14. I've got a 2018 Mustang which i was planning to sell when my deal ends in March 21, if not before. I'll only owe £18k on it but hoping the bottom doesnt fall out of the market too much before then, as i should have been expecting in the region of £28k with < 20k miles and some good mods, but who knows, now.





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