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  1. I've just googled under what circumstances do airbags deploy and i get the following: For the driver or passenger airbags to deploy in a crash, all the following minimum criteria must be met: The vehicle must be travelling at more than about 25km/h. The angle of impact is within around thirty degrees either side of the car's centre line (around 60 degrees in total). Looking at those pictures i wouldnt be surprised if the impact was greater than 30 degrees from centre.
  2. Jeez Stan just reading this... sounds awful. Looks like you guys were very lucky as this could have been a lot worse! Hopefully Lucy can recover without any lasting injuries.
  3. This was my favourite film as a kid, absolutely loved it. I cant wait for this...! And it looks like they've done the original justice.
  4. Just seen on the news the Zed driver is called Julian Castano. Not sure if he's a member on here. Reg ST04 VMM.
  5. Yeah I saw the hummer monster. The tyres were about 5 foot tall! Amazing. Yeah would be good to go down next year.
  6. I popped in for a bit Stan. There were about 20 UK S550's there... a fairly good turnout I thought. A couple of stock ones but mostly quite modified. Did you see the Sutton Performance stangs? £90k but 800bhp! I came away depressed that a) I dont own any of the classic cars there and b) that I dont live in the USA.
  7. Just be on the phone every time you pass. You're a busy guy, you've got personal calls to fit in with family members in between your other errands.
  8. I just got back from Vancouver this week - spent a couple of weeks out there visiting family. Stayed on UBC campus (staff faculty). My first time out there. Didnt do too much touristy stuff, just hung around and went out for lots of nice meals. Tried to go whale watching but it got cancelled due to windy weather out on the water (despite being perfect on shore).
  9. I like it. Not seen it before. It would look good on the right car with the right mods.
  10. Hey Stan, Really glad you're enjoying it. Im a bit jealous yours is a shadow edition... i might try peeling off your side decals and put them on mine when we meet up. The sat nav - the home button is in Favourites>Home. It feels like there should have been a home button on the main menu though. Ive only been on a motorway once with mine in just over a year. I think i've averaged probably 19 mpg in the year 15 months i've had it. Planning a trip to Spa for the F1 later this year though.
  11. Ah fantastic Stan... happy days!! Love the shadow edition... i've ordered a pair of the black 5.0 side badges for mine, and i want the side decals but can't find anything similar anywhere. Check out here for the Mishimoto exhaust parts, Tarmac sells them. https://www.tarmacsportz.co.uk/exhaust.html?tmcspz_brands=2778&cars=3285 I listened to the sound of a bunch of these on Youtube and liked the sound of the Mishimioto Race Axle back the most, which is basically just a straight pipe/muffler delete - so i got my local motor factors to fabricate this for me, for only £220. Its sounds bananas on cold start! I know what you mean about the neighbours...
  12. 've been looking for a private number plate since i got the car last year... finally found one i liked and fitted it today. Fitted my old motorised plate holder from my 350z days too. I've not wired it in yet... i need to replace the remote receiver for it as i'd left that wired in to my old car, but you can still work the unit by hooking the motor up to a drill battery. I'm really happy with the new mounting point for the front plate.
  13. Meh... all cars have issues. I've not even read this myself to be honest!! Interior water leaks, and oil cooler failure are the two biggies im aware of, but then if you buy a car with warranty you'll be fine.



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