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  1. I like it. Not seen it before. It would look good on the right car with the right mods.
  2. Hey Stan, Really glad you're enjoying it. Im a bit jealous yours is a shadow edition... i might try peeling off your side decals and put them on mine when we meet up. The sat nav - the home button is in Favourites>Home. It feels like there should have been a home button on the main menu though. Ive only been on a motorway once with mine in just over a year. I think i've averaged probably 19 mpg in the year 15 months i've had it. Planning a trip to Spa for the F1 later this year though.
  3. Ah fantastic Stan... happy days!! Love the shadow edition... i've ordered a pair of the black 5.0 side badges for mine, and i want the side decals but can't find anything similar anywhere. Check out here for the Mishimoto exhaust parts, Tarmac sells them. https://www.tarmacsportz.co.uk/exhaust.html?tmcspz_brands=2778&cars=3285 I listened to the sound of a bunch of these on Youtube and liked the sound of the Mishimioto Race Axle back the most, which is basically just a straight pipe/muffler delete - so i got my local motor factors to fabricate this for me, for only £220. Its sounds bananas on cold start! I know what you mean about the neighbours...
  4. 've been looking for a private number plate since i got the car last year... finally found one i liked and fitted it today. Fitted my old motorised plate holder from my 350z days too. I've not wired it in yet... i need to replace the remote receiver for it as i'd left that wired in to my old car, but you can still work the unit by hooking the motor up to a drill battery. I'm really happy with the new mounting point for the front plate.
  5. Meh... all cars have issues. I've not even read this myself to be honest!! Interior water leaks, and oil cooler failure are the two biggies im aware of, but then if you buy a car with warranty you'll be fine.
  6. Good man... Check out this thread for known issues. https://www.mustang6g.com/forums/threads/s550-issues.83645/
  7. Ferrari MR2 FTW...! Looks lovely... Im starting to really enjoy my Mustang Stan... you know you want one. I bought a new private plate for it this week, and will be fitting my motorised plate holder for it shortly. '0008 MPG'
  8. Well tonight i've just got home from 6 days in Barcelona with the wife - I dragged her with me to watch her first grand prix. We had an amazing time and she's onboard for some future trips, including possibly Spa later this year. Colin you're right - there were a lot of empty seats in the grand stands at the GP, but the general admission areas were heaving. The price has a lot to do with this - I think £220 was the cheapest grand stand ticket when i bought mine, compared to £99 for the general admission. The atmosphere and arguably the view is better from the grass anyway. I think Max Verstappen is huge for the sport - his fan base is immense. Lewis still got the biggest cheer but it seemed the majority of people there were wearing orange. I think it's fantastic that they've announced a Dutch GP next year - we'll likely be going. The on track action this year has been a let down so far, but it's looking like Bottas is hopefully turning it up a notch and putting some pressure on Lewis, a'la Rosberg in his final year. Neither have got their elbows out yet, but it will come. For what it's worth, i was at the BTCC at Donnington a couple of weeks ago too. I've never followed BTCC religiously but i'm trying to this year. I find it a bit difficult to follow though. Very few of the teams are recognisable to me... too many independents. I miss the 90's when they were all manufacturer teams. I'm sure as i get more into it though it'll become more familiar.
  9. RE the Maser, i think i probably read it on here but someone was talking about them having supercar running costs. e.g. someone needed to replae their suspension struts and it cost £8k. Put me off them ever since. Might have been Docwra talking about this... Mustang... it might be worth trying to find out if there are any pre-facelift Mustangs brand new for sale... i bought mine 4 months before the facelift came out (which i dont personally like, tbh), and got a really good deal on it. At the time there were I think 246 pre-facelift models brand new for sale in the country, but dealers were going to get stuck with the stock when the facelift came out. There might be a few floating about still which they're giving away. Servicing - I got mine thrown in for free, but i certainly dont believe it's expensive. No more than a regular car i think. Car parks... it's not too bad, although does have the turning circle of a 32ft yacht.
  10. Hey Stan! long time no see! Yes i've had my Mustang about 14 months now. Bought it from new, and i'm very happy with it. Interior quality is actually excellent - it's a very nice place to be. I had to replace my tyres after 6k miles which is pretty crazy, and I get a pretty solid 21mpg average which is okay... i had an RRS before this which was the same MPG so used to it. Performance is alright... it's plenty quick enough, but it's the looks and mod-ability which i like. It's very personalise-able which is always fun and it gets a RIDICULOUS amount of attention everywhere i go. Men/women/children/old grannies comment on it more or less every time i go out! I've had people film me as i'm driving etc. It gets a bit embarrassing really. If the above sounds appealing then you can't go wrong.
  11. Been a while since i updated this! Few more mods done during the last few months... Gloss black roof wrap Black stripes with red pin stripe Lowered on Eibach springs 25mm spacers fitted Michelin PS4S fitted Muffler deleted Carbon rear spoiler fitted
  12. Keep your eye on this thread on Pistonheads... it's an ongoing conversation about the best lease deals around... https://www.pistonheads.com/gassing/topic.asp?h=0&f=255&t=1801047&i=900
  13. 370z has got to be near the top of the list surely.
  14. Okay seeing as you guys haven't clocked on yet... the meet is 12th May LAST YEAR.



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