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  1. I read the ad about 3 times before i saw the price too. Great add Stu... makes me want one.
  2. One last thing... searching for the word 'paddle' on my computer has just returned the following, which may or may not be of any use. In a notepad file titled 'My wires for M47.txt' 1. White 2. Blue 3. Dark Green 4. --- definitely blank --- 5. 6. 7. Grey @@@ Shift Down 8. Brown @@@ shift down Maybe (shouldnt be) 9. Yellow 10Dark Green I have no idea if this is accurate... this might have been preliminary research that turned out to be wrong, i dont know. So use with caution!! I also made the below wiring diagram at the time:
  3. I've just had a look through some old PM's on this forum as people message me about this every so often. The last person that messaged me, i gave them this link and also the following tidbit It was the M47 connector that i tapped into for the gearbox wiring - if you can find the details of that in the manual, you need to then work out which wires you need from it. I think they were the Up, Down, MT/SW, and Ground wires it needed.
  4. Here you go. The 'AT' section of the 350z service manual should have the info you need. in 2008 I made my own paddle shifters completely from scratch and reverse engineered the wiring diagrams in this document (plus many, many hours of research online). I don't think i did a tutorial at the time but there may be some useful nuggets in some of my old threads... i'll see if i can find anything. At.pdf
  5. Well... i've gone and bought what is now my 3rd RRS. I've had two of the original shape previously, but this is my first 'new' shape version. Its lovely to look at and is really well specced, and the interior is the nicest i've ever had on a car, even if it is 7 years old. 82k on the clock, but previous owner was a millionaire (so i assume that translates to well maintained), and it's just had a £1k service yesterday before i collected it. It's got 7 seats (very swish, electrically operated in the boot) and 21" rims with 4 new tyres (landsail ). Also as a full digital ins
  6. Yep, button on the right is fog lights. Fob slot on the left is likely immobiliser.
  7. I've got loads of pics and vids of the drifting...here's a few of the pics. I'm surprised it was 2010 though... i could have sworn this was in '08 but i was wrong. I was still in my poverty spec JDM at this point. I remember posting the below pic of the girls on my car on facebook and the only comment i got was someone suggesting i disinfect the car ASAP.
  8. Went for a blast today and stopped off to take some pics
  9. Propane is odourless so need a better description than that. If you've been on a track day, it'll be something burning so... tyres, brakes, clutch, or any of your fluids (oil/coolant/clutch etc). I'd go with tyres i think.
  10. Bit too different for me that.
  11. Thats great insight, cheers Jim. To be fair i only do about 8k miles a year most of which would be in the daily, so only 2-3k in either the Jeep or Stang, so it's nice to have something different/agricultural for special occasions.
  12. I've been on Autotrader/eBay literally every day since Christmas trying to work out what i want. I can't stop flip flopping between options, but i feel like i'm getting closer to a decision! I have £10k to spend, plus the value of my Mustang (£31-32k) if i decide to get rid. Or I dont mind borrowing a bit more if needs be. My dream car is a Mercedes AMG GT. These start at £52k, so are within reach, but it doesnt satisfy my needs. I want a nice, easy to drive daily - my current front runners are a C250d C-Class or a current shape Audi TT - both are approx.
  13. His car is a JDM so will need a JOBD capable reader rather than ODBII.
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