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  1. marzman

    Is it wrong to want one of these ?

    Like a baby G Wagen
  2. marzman

    Racing Crashes...

    Whoa, just noticed this isn't resting on it's side...!!
  3. marzman

    Racing Crashes...

    Or maybe Vettel with a puncture a couple of laps from the end at Silverstone, to give Hamilton the victory!
  4. marzman

    Racing Crashes...

    Nothing too spectacular but here's the best i've taken. Final corner at Silverstone in 2014.
  5. marzman

    Getting Rid of a Car you found

    What car is it, out of interest? I'd give the DVLA a call personally and tell them the truth, to find out if she is liable, (which i doubt). If she is, then wheel it down the street in the dark and then call the police to say it's been dumped.
  6. marzman

    BMW 335i?

    I car share with a guy who has a 235i most days. His is lowered and has a remap amongst other visual mods. It sounds lovely, with plenty of pops and bangs on downshift (flappy paddles). It's rapid too... feels a lot quicker than my Mustang, although in a straight line I think it'd be very close, the power delivery is much smoother on mine and his just feels venemous. Maybe thats just because i'm a passenger though.
  7. marzman

    10th Birthday Present.

    Jesus, i think i remember the thread when you got this.
  8. marzman

    Im back!

    No way, a blast from the past. Welcome back. The drifter looks like a beast.
  9. I dont know if this is out yet, but i'm 90% certain i've seen one of these outside my work today. It dropped a woman who works on our site. It was in the same red as pictured here, with dealer plates on, and the same A S T O N M A R T I N lettering accross the back. I've looked on AM's website and pretty certain it was this one. It looked seriously tasty, and sounded out of this world. it was surprisingly big too... an absolute beast.
  10. marzman

    Fly eye removal

    Rear bumper off is an easy job. 3 screws on each side around the wheel arch, and then a few poppers on the top by the boot.
  11. marzman

    Fly eye removal

    Do you have LED or standard rear lights? If standard then just buy another set and replace... sounds easier than removing the fly eye's. They're about £40 a pair for non-LED lights arent they?
  12. marzman

    'Wax and Shine' Appreciation Thread

    Agreed - placed an order with 3 different detailing sites last week for different products, and Wax & Shine's were the first to arrive. Great quality and really well packed, thanks!
  13. marzman


    One of my old ones from 2014.