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  1. Cheers, thats good insight. I didnt really consider them moving the age brackets as raiding pensions, but i guess it is exactly that.
  2. What sort of stuff could they do, or did they do previously? I assume removing the tax relief on contributions to some degree, but can they do anything to actually invested cash? I hate the concept of a pension anyway and would rather invest in the markets so that i'm not locked in till i'm 57... especially if there are other pitfalls im not aware of.
  3. Good plan... until the government whack a £5k a year road tax on ICE cars, forcing the market to implode. My mate's got a Ferrari F430 which he refers to as his pension.
  4. Hi guys, Very off topic, i know, but i'm interested to know how much people are saving for their pensions / investments for later in life, e.g. how much are you putting away each month, or what final pension pot size are you aiming for...? I genuinely haven't got a clue on how much is 'normal' to be putting away, although i guess that's irrelevant as everybody's circumstances will be different. I'm aiming for early retirement (57 at the latest) but I've neglected my pension until recently, only contributing minimally. I'm now 37 - so i'm aware I'll need to 'kick the a
  5. Yeah mad init. I'd have lost my house on that bet. I blame non-HD TVs from back in the day!
  6. And is a valet key even supposed to start the car? I always thought they just unlocked it so it could be valeted...?
  7. Did you drive it or leave it running after that one time it started, or just shut it off fairly soon after? Could be flooded (again) potentially. Try pulling the fuel pump fuse, turning the key and let it crank for 30 seconds, return the fuse and retry. This should dispel any excess fuel. Although i expect your mechanic would have tried that already...
  8. I got into The Professionals when watching a bit of daytime TV in lockdown 1.
  9. I hadn't seen that one, but it was on today... truly terrible. It's on again on Comedy Central late tonight if anyone fancies watching it.
  10. Not films but i'm loving watching The A Team and Baywatch re-runs on Comedy Central every night at the moment... takes me back to my childhood... Saturday afternoons were the best!
  11. Yeah that's a steal... i've seen prices triple that for the same job!
  12. Looking lovely as always Andy... Handforth Dean? In the below marked space?
  13. Yeah i'll definitely get it when i can... 4 million people in the UK have already had it... probably another 20 million to go before im eligible... they will surely have ironed out any bugs by then.
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