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  1. marzman


    I dont know you know. Looking again perhaps the car is real but the environment is CGI?
  2. marzman


    CGI I think. Looks lovely though. I was going to comment on the youtube video to find out how they'd done the tyre lettering on the MPS4S's as thats what I want, but then realised its not real.
  3. I honestly didnt know what one is. I've just googled it. I'm not into music, or instruments etc so i've never crossed paths with one.
  4. It looks lovely, and great craftmanship... but what is it?
  5. Any more progress planned for the weekend?
  6. My Dad's just put me onto this tonight. Watched the first couple of episodes... its a good watch!
  7. I've just googled under what circumstances do airbags deploy and i get the following: For the driver or passenger airbags to deploy in a crash, all the following minimum criteria must be met: The vehicle must be travelling at more than about 25km/h. The angle of impact is within around thirty degrees either side of the car's centre line (around 60 degrees in total). Looking at those pictures i wouldnt be surprised if the impact was greater than 30 degrees from centre.
  8. Jeez Stan just reading this... sounds awful. Looks like you guys were very lucky as this could have been a lot worse! Hopefully Lucy can recover without any lasting injuries.
  9. This was my favourite film as a kid, absolutely loved it. I cant wait for this...! And it looks like they've done the original justice.
  10. Just seen on the news the Zed driver is called Julian Castano. Not sure if he's a member on here. Reg ST04 VMM.
  11. Yeah I saw the hummer monster. The tyres were about 5 foot tall! Amazing. Yeah would be good to go down next year.
  12. I popped in for a bit Stan. There were about 20 UK S550's there... a fairly good turnout I thought. A couple of stock ones but mostly quite modified. Did you see the Sutton Performance stangs? £90k but 800bhp! I came away depressed that a) I dont own any of the classic cars there and b) that I dont live in the USA.
  13. Just be on the phone every time you pass. You're a busy guy, you've got personal calls to fit in with family members in between your other errands.



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