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  1. Yep, i need one one of these in my life.
  2. Jeez, under £60k? Im having one of those if it looks as good in the flesh as it does in the pics!
  3. Excellent. These are definitely on my list to get... I'll have a google, but do you know how they've returned? I'd read a while ago that they were making a commercial version of it which wasn't bound by the same manufacturer aggregate emissions rules.... or have they reworked the engine? EDIT - answered my own question - it's being billed as a 'light commercial vehicle'. Not sure what that means in real terms.
  4. You should be filming this and putting it on a Youtube channel. Check out B is for Build - you could do videos in their format - i.e. a few mins of commentary describing what you're going to do each day, and then just filmed from a static camera position on time lapse. Would make compelling viewing.
  5. I need to buy stock rims again, plus remove the lowering springs and weld back on the original back boxes... Will cost me £1k - £1.5k to return to stock, but i should recoup all that and more by selling the mods.
  6. Yep, keeping the plate too. Might stick it on my Range Rover, or save it for whatever thirsty beast comes next.
  7. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/393334681564?hash=item5b9492efdc:g:I8EAAOSw39dgpWUp
  8. Car looked great - i was in my Mustang near Tesco roundabout.
  9. Well... this is provisionally sold. Evans Halshaw have offered me £36k cash, but i need to return it to stock (which is a real ball ache as ive sold my wheels, plus its lowered etc), but that should mean i should recoup another £1.5k on top when i sell my aftermarket parts. Not a bad result!
  10. Cheers bud, sorry it's in the title - i'll add it to the main body too. £36,500 incl the private plate.
  11. For sale is my 2018 Ford Mustang Fastback 5.0 GT Auto. £36,500. I've owned this since new and have covered 17,450 miles. It's had 3x services on schedule with Ford (last serviced in March-21, a couple of hundred miles ago). Amazingly, road tax is only £155...! It has the Sync 3 Ford head unit with Shaker Pro premium audio system, sat nav, rear-view camera, and the 6-speed automatic gearbox with paddle shifters. The Sync 3 is the best infotainment system, available in the 2017 onwards Mustangs. The car has the following
  12. I read the ad about 3 times before i saw the price too. Great add Stu... makes me want one.
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