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  1. Did you ever try it with the matching fronts and dodgy rears in order to determine if it was a manufacturing fault on the rears, or did you go straight to matching fronts and new rears?
  2. How many miles on her now, Dave?
  3. Top one is the auto dip feature when in reverse on your wing mirrors. Bottom one immobiliser.
  4. Sorry it wasnt the battery. Have you confirmed with a multimeter that the ballasts are getting power?
  5. Yeah i definitely enjoyed modding it.... the good old days! Yep still got the Stang. Barely driving it though - i've only done about 1500 miles this year. My wife's WFH so i've been driving her car, which is my old 2005 BMW 320d. I actually enjoy driving it more than the Mustang strangely. Plus the Mustang looks amazing on the driveway when i get home from work.
  6. Yep, well remembered Andy. My favourite pic of any of my cars.
  7. Thats a really nice tribute. Car looks good in that colour.
  8. Ah the memories. My first poverty spec silver zed was in most of those pics.
  9. I had 2 Zeds covering over 5 years of ownership, and briefly owned a RX8 as a track toy (only did 1 day in it before moving it on). I much preferred the power delivery of the 350z. as Ekona said, there is far more torque which makes it much easier to live with. I didnt enjoy having to drive the arse of the rex to get anything out of it. The 350z is much more of a GT cruiser.
  10. Could possibly be the battery on its way out, as you said it was stood for a week. I know you said voltage looks normal but maybe pop a battery charger on and see how much charge you've got. When my battery was in its final throws, the headlights were coming on with the lights switched off, and i couldnt get them to switch off at all until i disconnected the battery! I dont know what causes that, i'm guessing some sort of odd voltage issue makes it spaz out.
  11. I dont believe the status of the 370 replacement will have an impact on used Nismo residuals. I think you can safely forecast your cars value based on the price of 2016 or 17 cars now - i.e. its still going to be worth circa £20k via private sale by the time you come to change your car early next year when your term ends (iirc!)
  12. There were boat loads of imported 350z's though so there definitely has been precedent for it... but i dont know if its still the done thing. Looking at the exchange rates, back in 2002 it was 180Y to £1, now its about 140Y to £1, so 22% worse now which would be a factor i guess.





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