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  1. marzman


    I had Goodyear Eagle F1's A1s on my Zed for a while before replacing with MPS2's. The MPS2's were definitely an improvement on track, but on the road i can't honestly say I felt any difference. Im going to hold out for the MPS4's on the mustang though, as it feels a bit sacrilegious to but anything else on it.
  2. Cheers guys, good to know, thanks. Still might keep it yet... just going through the mild panic of thinking what outgoings i can slash and how long i'll survive if I cant find another job, when the reality is im sure I could find a job within a day or two if I needed to.
  3. Well i'm having a pretty crappy week... Sweeping changes and potential redundancies announced this week at work mean my job is no longer secure. I'm probably being over dramatic but i'm feeling like I want to get rid of my Mustang in order to be a bit more secure financially... I've still got 16 months remaining on my PCP deal. Am i likely to have any problems if I try to sell privately and settle the outstanding balance as part of the sale? Im hoping to sell for £31-32k-ish... has anyone on here successfully sold a car of similar value privately before, or would a car of this value typically need to go to a dealer to sell (so that i prospective customer can purchase on finance)? My mind's not made up yet, but i'm definitely having a wobble.
  4. marzman


    What are peoples thoughts on Goodyear Eagle F1 A2's compared with MPS4S's? I've been running part worn MPS4S's on my Mustang for the last 7k miles but they're ready to be swapped again, but I cant find any part worns, and dont really want to pay £450 for a pair. The Goodyear's are waaay cheaper, at about £120 each...
  5. The front grill is shocking, but i keep seeing a Ford add on Facebook with a black grill on a red car and it looks a lot better.
  6. Mint, i love these new Suzuki's. I saw one on the road the other day and got all excited. How does it drive?? I want one.
  7. marzman

    'STANG thread

    I had an email from Ford today announcing that the "all-new, all-electric Mustang-inspired SUV is about to be unleashed. And with a range of up to 370 miles (600 km)*, you can leave fuel behind and embrace the future." Interested to see what this looks like. I'm sure it will be hideous, but a couple of online renders look good imho (im sure it'll look nothing like this in the end though).
  8. I'd love it if it was electric as the article suggests... just to annoy all the haters on here.
  9. Yeah to be fair, i think the footprint is about 10cm narrower than my previous Range Rover sport. Doesn't feel that big when driving though.
  10. Mustang. It's very similar to the 350z RE character.
  11. marzman


    I dont know you know. Looking again perhaps the car is real but the environment is CGI?
  12. marzman


    CGI I think. Looks lovely though. I was going to comment on the youtube video to find out how they'd done the tyre lettering on the MPS4S's as thats what I want, but then realised its not real.
  13. I honestly didnt know what one is. I've just googled it. I'm not into music, or instruments etc so i've never crossed paths with one.
  14. It looks lovely, and great craftmanship... but what is it?
  15. Any more progress planned for the weekend?



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