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  1. Not car related but a good deal nontheless... I've just bagged one of those fashionable Ooni Koda gas pizza ovens tonight - they've got a 20% discount on their site. I've been eyeing these up all year and this is a great deal... 😀
  2. Nah, it's the oblivious ones doing 35 in a 60 in a Daewoo Matiz that force every other normal driver to risk an overtake when they really shouldn't. These guys need locking up!!
  3. Johnny Chimpo! What did you make this video in, out of interest?
  4. Cheers Andy, i'll check this out. 👍
  5. Hi guys, Since selling my Mustang I have, for the first time ever, managed to NOT let the money burn a hole in my pocket! That said, I have been on eBay every night looking for inspiration of what to get next. I've been to see a couple of classic 60's Mustangs but they've not been quite right. Lately i've been leaning towards a Cobra kit car, but i don't know a great deal about them. Has anyone got any experience? I'm talking Pilgrim Sumo or Dax Cobra etc. I want a ready built one, as new as possible. The Pilgrim's are in the price range i'm hoping to s
  6. Looking lovely as always Andy... Handforth Dean? In the below marked space? Ha, same spot as last time. 🤣
  7. Maybe it works the other way round thinking about it. I bought a car on a private plate once, and it flagged an alert that the plate had been on several other cars (and listed the make and models it had been on).
  8. An HPI check will show previous plates, I think... or does it just show when the car has been on a different plate, rather than the actual plate, i cant remember.
  9. marzman

    Stolen 350z

    Got you, cheers. 👍
  10. marzman

    Stolen 350z

    Sorry to read all this. Must be quite stressful. What do you mean by your insurance has been cancelled... why would they do that?
  11. Yep - I paid £38.5k for my Mustang brand new 3.5 years ago. I did 18k miles in it and sold it back to Evans Halshaw a couple of months ago for £36k (and sold all my mods separately for another £2.5k!), and its now up for sale on Auto Trader for £38.1k! Crazy times.
  12. Are the ribbon cables that go into the white AC control unit okay? Not folded or pinched or anything?
  13. No idea sorry... happened o me in 2008. 🤣
  14. Agreed - i had this once when i'd popped a footwell fuse - but given this is intermittent i'd say the fuse is unlikely, and more likely a dodgy earth on that circuit, which could be a bit of a nightmare to find.
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