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  1. Get Guenther Steiner in their, i reckon! 😀
  2. I wouldnt worry about the crunching on gear change... Just double declutch on the gear change into the crunch gears and it'll be fine (clutch in, neutrul, clutch out, clutch in, into 6th, clutch out). Sounds like a faff but you'll soon get the hang of it. I used to have to do it into 3rd and it took me about 2 years after selling the car to lose the muscle memory. 😀 Just get some decent tyres and enjoy it. Michelin Pilot Sport 4's will do the trick.
  3. Well done Stu and team... I think thats probably the longest outage we've had in my 15 years on the forum. Glad everything's been restored. 😅
  4. They might have had aftermarket devices fitted and hard wired in which they removed when selling the car. E.g. a radar detector or dashcam etc. I had a head up display wired in with a switch there which i removed...
  5. Hmm... they could be anything... or nothing! Might have been kit plugged in that has since been removed. Looks like you've got the auto dip mirrors though which is good!
  6. Always love some moody carpark shots... Has some mysterious non-standard on/off switches and an on/off button that I will need to ask you guys about Are these to the right of the steering wheel? These are usually a fog light switch as this is non-standard on the JDM cars, and is one of them a small circle that says Auto? If so then this is for auto-dip rear mirrors when you put it in reverse. A fairly rare option if so.
  7. I never had an issue when i used to have a 2003 JDM auto back in the day... although i guess that was 15 years ago now so maybe they were in the database back then, but they've since been removed? I assume you're manually entering the vehicle rather than relying on the auto lookup of your registration? Is there an option for a Fairlady Z perhaps instead of a 350z...? This may work as thats the Japanese version... If really stuck, and for the short term, you might be able to get temporary insurance for a few days whilst you continue your search... usually about £20 a day but they seem less stringent on specifics!
  8. I did PCP on my Mustang in 2018 on 0% interest with Ford. Balloon payment was £18k, but the car didn't depreciate and i sold it for £36k in 2021, pocketing £18k for myself. I basically had free motoring for 3 years! Doubt you'd get that lucky again as it was a bit of a perfect storm, but I reckon cars aren't depreciating in line with their predicted curve at present, so there'll be plenty of equity left in a car on PCP come balloon payment time.
  9. Its aftermarket... could be anything. Possibly rear fog light which is non standard on JDM cars and is added aftermarket when imported as part of the SVA (legal process to register it on the road). That said, the fog light switch is usually mounted to the right of the steering wheel, by your knee...
  10. marzman

    The Carousel

    This is a factory Nismo N1 bodykit. You can buy after market Nismo N1 style front lip's, but i dont know how well they compare to the genuine article.
  11. Cant recommend one specifically but you need to look for one that supports JOBD (Japanese OBD) rather than OBD2 as its a different protocol on the JDM cars...
  12. marzman

    Odd Creaking

    Creaking - i had that on both my zeds and both times it was the drop links / anti roll bar end links. Nice and cheap and easy to replace. I'd swap them over first and report back. Search on here for creaking drop links and you'll find hundreds of posts.
  13. I finally found some time to decorate my garage this weekend with the various bits of Americana and motorsport paraphernalia i've collected over the years from holidays and car shows. The banners were from eBay, about £7 each. i've been wanting a garage like this forever so i'm pleased with where it's now up to...
  14. Were you there G Man? I was there in my '68 Mustang...
  15. Been out for a little spin this evening just to stretch it's legs and take some pictures. I've not even detailed it yet... looking forward to getting the chance to so that it really pops in the pics... I bought a drone recently that i'm still getting the hang of... my battery was almost dead so i only had a couple of mins flight time so this is the best i could do. 🤪
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