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  1. Been out for a little spin this evening just to stretch it's legs and take some pictures. I've not even detailed it yet... looking forward to getting the chance to so that it really pops in the pics... I bought a drone recently that i'm still getting the hang of... my battery was almost dead so i only had a couple of mins flight time so this is the best i could do. 🤪
  2. Very nice Jim, perfect concave wheels.😎 Definitely needs a drop as you say... I had Eibach springs on mine... I always felt like the car became quite bouncy after i had them fitted... didnt realise until 2 years later when i removed them myself, that when fitting springs you're supposed to cut a couple of inches off the bump stops to prevent it bouncing on them, so be mindful of that. 🤪
  3. Yeah i can imagine. EFI might be top of the list yet be yet... i'll see how i get on over the next few weeks with it. But it sorely needs modern brakes - at the moment i have to plan braking events about 400m in advance... i've not got a chance in hell if i have to do an emergency stop!
  4. Whats amazing about these Mustangs is that there are loads of off the shelf kits to do all sorts of cool things, and literally 1000's of Youtube how-to videos of people who have done every mod conceivable, which makes all of this maintenance much easier! Not saying i'm going to do it, but there's a fuel injection kit to replace the carbs, which looks pretty cool...
  5. Good advice, i'll keep that in mind cheers.
  6. Arcade Club is great, isn't it? Its about an hour north of me but i've been 4 or 5 times over the years. This new location is really good compared to where it started out...
  7. Cheers guys... took it out for a blast today and it feels gooood! I realised that you've got to be fairly heavy handed with it to get the most out of it... i was being super gentle on the day i got it, but its basically a tractor.... you have to slam the doors to get them to shut, and stamp on the pedals to get it to go/stop. Once i'd figured that out things felt a lot more natural! Im struggling a bit with the anxiety of wondering if it'll start each time I fire it up... it was only 2 degrees this morning here (but sunny), but it took me a good 5 mins to get it running comfortably. The first 3 attempts to start it just refused to idle and died, so i kept my foot on the gas at about 2k revs for maybe 3 mins and then it was fine... not ideal really... It has an auto choke which from what i've read can need constant tuning... Seems to start on the button though once warmed up.
  8. I sold my 2018 Mustang in June 2021 after 3.5 years of ownership. Since then i've been scouring the internet every night looking for its replacement... i've kept an open mind as to what i would replace it with, but narrowed it down to either a classic Mustang or an AC Cobra replica. I'd been to see a few cars but nothing was really doing it for me... ...until now. Yesterday i picked up this beauty - it's a 1968 289 4.7L V8 Coupe Automatic. 60k miles. Restored in Texas in 2014 before being imported into the UK, it's been owned for the last few years by a retired mechanic who's done some fettling in the engine for reliability and mild performance improvements. I've always dreamed of owning a 60's era Mustang - they have been number 1 on my bucket list of cars to own since i was about 12 - so i'm very happy with this. Whilst it looks and sounds great (imho), it honestly drives like crap...!! It has drum brakes all round which are about as useful as a chocolate teapot. I think itd be more effective if i Fred Flintstone'd my leg out the door tbh! So first on the list will be a Wilwood dics/caliper conversion, although im in no rush - it'll only be driven very occasionally. Anyway enough talking... here's the pics! Out with the new... In with the old... (shame about the skip - i'm having a bathroom done...)
  9. I got it for £59.99 on Base.com. To be fair i was happy to pay that for N64 games back in 1997 and they were only 32MB, not 97GB. 😂
  10. I feel for you Jim... its pretty ridiculous really... I managed to bag 2 on 21st December on Amazon at 6am - one for me and one for my Nephew. But been looking constantly ever since to get one for my other Nephew.
  11. Anyone playing this yet? My copy arrived in the post yesterday.... 97gb download though which was annoying. Apparently if you disconnect from the internet it'll install 80gb from disc and only need to download a 17gb update. Wish i'd have known that before waiting for the download... First impressions... it makes you sit through a 10 minute intro video that you cant skip, and you still have to do 50 bloody licence tests... what a joke! So frustrating. But... handling, graphics, and sounds seem to be spot on. Oh, and the SSD in the PS5 means there's no loading time between races which is a big improvement. I was happily playing for nearly 3 hours tonight... got to the final stage of license tests (super special licence) and then a game breaking bug appeared...! I use a Logitech G920 wheel and pedals, and randomly now throughout a race or licence test, the steering angle will reset itself and slam you straight into a wall!! Sometimes you can catch it, but end up completing the race with the wheel at 90 degrees just to stay straight, which makes changing gear a ballache! Im sure this is just a small teething issue though which will get sorted soon. Other than that... looks very promising.
  12. My brother has one of these. Arguably one of the best looking rear quarter views on a car in the last 20 years.
  13. Wahey, finally!! Jeez that's been a bit of a wait hasn't it! Any more mods planned for it? Off topic, but what the hell is that tyre off thats on the floor...? Looks like a 400 width!!
  14. Agree with Dan - surely thats the mismatched wheels on there rather than the module...? I cant remember the stock 350z tyre sizes but with 19's isn't is 245/40/19 and 275/35/19? If so then this would be 0.52% rolling radius difference, vs 1.62% difference based on the sizes you're running. Doesn't sound much, but could be enough to make the car throw a wobbler. https://alloywheels.com/tyreCalculator
  15. The mk1 Mondeo rear lights always put me off a Noble... !
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