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  1. galgazza

    Can I ?

    Thanks Colin, looks like can.
  2. galgazza

    Can I ?

    Hi all, after being out of action for a while I’m afraid it’s time to sell my z. been on here for a few years but just wanted to check if I can sell on here as I know there are restrictions. would rather sell to an enthusiast Many thanks
  3. Hi all, Has anyone ever found anyone who can replace the JDM key and fob in picture ? really need to get a new one. any help appreciated.
  4. My is an import 04 but only 46,000 miles. Maybe it’s time to sell so happy to listen to offers. silver grey though unfortunately but I’m nearby in St Neots
  5. Took the old girl out for a spin today. she still gets admiring glances and proves she still has the look. Maturing nicely with a lot more style than some of the younger cars.
  6. Looks great í ½í±Œí ¼í¿¼
  7. galgazza

    Honda Nsx

    There are a few available on auto trader but you need deep pockets .
  8. Ha ha, yes thanks Dan. One the bright side I am off tomorrow and the sun is meant to be shining, so 24hrs after sedation I can drop the roof on the roadster and go for a nice spin in the country. Every cloud eh !!
  9. Thanks again everyone, all went okay but they found and removed one polyp. Unfortunately this means that I have to go through it all again in a years time, until I get the full all clear. Great work by all the nurses & doctors as usual.
  10. Made it through the night okay, now off to the sequel of journey to the centre of earth í ½í¸‚
  11. Thanks Granville, we all go through it.. mans middle age stand against cancer. Better to have these thinks checked out and if we can all add a bit of fun it helps with proceedings. Scanning, screening, tests, it's the only way forward.
  12. Ha ha perfect humour to help me through this, thanks everyone
  13. Nice looking car mate
  14. I must say it's good for fitness as I can now do the stairs in under 2 seconds
  15. Mattress, that is superb and brings back many memories of my first time, not all good ones I may add ha ha
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