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  1. And this time with a link that works... https://youtu.be/d3rp_GrGqiA
  2. Sorry I've been away for a while several years... Anyway - latest road trip video attached :-) Sorry no Z action in this one... If you look up my previous road trip write-ups, mine was (unsurprisingly) the 350z. In this trip, mine was the Purple TVR Tuscan Red Rose... enjoy :) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=d3rp_GrGqiA
  3. Wahey! Nice one - well done. Can somebody post pics for those of us that couldn't make it?
  4. All their track days get advertised on FB and on their website. http://www.marhamtrackday.co.uk/
  5. ^They still have a Victor parked up inside the base ðŸ‘
  6. ^ How often do you get to take the brunette for a ride?
  7. I was down there yesterday in my XKR along with my brother in his z06 Corvette. Nice day, weather was perfect, the standard of driving was good and I really enjoyed the course layout with a good mix of fast and slow corners plus a 2200m straight. Saw a grey 350z there but not sure it went on track? The very cheapo 'Zeta' tyres on the XKR held up much better than they should for their price, minimal wear despite me giving it full beans, and progressive, predictable grip levels from cold all the way through to over-heating. (Which took about 1/4 of a tank of petrol each cycle). The course at Marham is very wide so after I finally worked out how to fully disable the TCS I was able to play around in the corners a lot, particularly with oversteer. I've never done a track day on normal tyres before and although you lose a lot of cornering speed, you gain a lot in terms of play-ability and fun... I'd argue I learnt more about car handling yesterday with poor tyres, than I have done at any other TD with grippy tyres... lower cornering speeds and less grip makes inducing under/oversteer really easy, and you have a bit more time to correct things as you're going slower... and anyway, with 510bhp you can overtake at will so corner exit speed isn't that important :-) It was a charity day and funds raised go to the RAF Benevolent Fund (RAFBF) and to Riding for the Disabled (RDA). The Mission Motorsport guys were down there too in an MX5 and a GT86; these are the guys using Motorsport as a means of rehab for physically or psychologically injured personnel. I took a few of them out for a proper hoon in the Jag - 175mph indicated on the back straight and a weee bit of 3rd gear (80ish mph?) oversteer round a few corners made me feel like a driving god (which I'm absolutely not! Low grip tyres FTW) and the guys, all of whom were top lads with very interesting back stories, seemed to bloody love it too. Top day, definitely recommend people attending next year.
  8. The purple Tuscan (Mk1 Red Rose) was mine :-) Sold it since :-(
  9. 2x TVR Tuscan 1x Lotus elise 1x RX7 1x SL55 AMG 1x 3.0 Z4 1x 335i The Alps in France, Italy, Switzerland, etc... summer last year. Video compiled by Tom (335i driver). Hope you enjoy the video - despite the TVR trying to kill me via Heat Exhaustion, it was a bloody great trip.
  10. Looks a clean car, and you had a decent parking spot so must have been there early! I've been doing my PPL there... you?
  11. The Mrs was driving her 2010 Beetle down a local A road yesterday and a driver in the opposite direction turned across my Mrs' lane at VERY short notice and seemingly no idea my Mrs was coming. My Mrs doing ~50mph downhill, other car doing ~15mph uphill. The other driver realised their mistake as soon as they'd done it, but instead of putting their foot down to get out the way, they stopped. My Mrs braked and swerved but too little too late given how/when the other car turned, and the front passenger side quarters of the cars hit; the Beetle spun round 180 degrees post impact. All the airbags went off in both cars. Emergency Assist feature in the other car (1 series BMW) called the police and ambulance automatically. Both cars held up well and no visible intrusion in to the passenger space, though the passenger door on the VW wouldn't open. Crumple zones on both cars were very crumpled, alloy wheels, suspension and steering components destroyed on both cars. Mrs has bruises from the seat belts and airbags, and on her knees from being banged around in the footwell during the spin, but otherwise she will be ok. The car is a write-off. Fortunately I put some Michelins on it to replace the ditchfinders it came with; if she wasn't able to scrub off as much speed as she did in the small amount of time/space available (we're talking 1-2 seconds for all of this event) I think it would have been a lot worse. Drive safe (defensively!) people; the idiots are out there everywhere.
  12. So basically, a pack of bacon, a pack of eggs and half a loaf, all served as two sarnies? That's genius! ðŸ‘
  13. Interesting... I have had the total opposite outcome. Looked at a M135i but thought it wasn't special enough to get rid of my 350z for. (Ended up with an XKR) Different strokes for different folks though - enjoy it!
  14. Mods - please delete thread, I'm going to shove it on Autotrader instead. Thanks!





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