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  1. Clutches in the Z's

    They have all been second hand cars so couldn't tell you how much they had done when i got them but the first one was about 300 mile. The second I was at the end of a euro trip so been spending a week blasting up mountain passes in the alps around France/Switzerland/Italy etc but I was with about another 7 or 8 cars that didn't have a problem and all made the ring on the way home. The current car has about 45K on the clock so assume its the original clutch but only just had the Pilot sport 4's recently fitted and think they have more grip than the clutch plates when trying to do a burn out
  2. Hi all!

    Welcome to the Jap world
  3. Clutches in the Z's

    I had the problem with the sticking clutch pedal on the 350 and that was a master cylinder problem. Reading up on it now I could probably do with a stage 1 or 2 clutch too. Never had this problem with any other cars iv owned (S2000 etc) just on the Z's so that's why im thinking torque is the problem. You would just think cars like these would be built to be given a bit of stick
  4. Clutches in the Z's

    Is it a common problem that the clutches are not robust enough in the Z cars and is there a suggested upgrade if I change again. When had my first 350Z the clutch went in about 3 months. fair enough, wear and tear as it wasn't a brand new one but still under warranty so it was done for free. Then my second 350Z clutch went after a euro trip I had done when I was about 1 mile from the nurburg ring so I had to get the car recovered and never actually did make it to the ring. Now in my 370, I went to pull away at the lights yesterday (might have been showing off a bit) but as with what happens when you try to show off, my revs went full scale and my car just sat there in an all to common smell of clutch again. So my question is, is it my luck, my driving, or is there just too much torque for these cars for the clutches that they fit? and is there a "giving it beans" clutch out there if I need to replace it again before I do another road trip as im starting to not have the confidence that I used to have when doing my road trips?
  5. Front wheel bearing

  6. Front wheel bearing

    Has anyone had a front wheel bearing done on their 370? Feeling a bit of roughness so I think mines on its way out but have no idea at what its going to cost to get the bearing replaced. Anyone have any idea?
  7. Gregson Custom Exhausts

    Usually think you get what you pay for but why don't you try and give us the verdict. We always need a guinea pig in these cases
  8. Mar/Apr 2018 Yorkshire meet poll

    Im up for this. Know a few lads who are not on the forum who will probably come down too
  9. Yorkshire modified car show June 2018

    1. Rickdon 2. ATTAK Z 3.MikDu 4. Fergie1471
  10. I'm back!

  11. Private plate

    I always thought private reg's look too showy but I got one off my sisters for Christmas once and now I change it onto every new car. My name is Alan and was born on the 02nd and my last name Ferguson. Got an illegal space between the AA and 02 so had to get them made as show plates but never been pulled about them yet on any car. At first I thought people might think its an older car with it being an 02 reg but then I thought if they are that thick then im not bothered
  12. Snow and more snow

    Playing in the snow is the reason im looking for a new alloy wheel
  13. Spare wheel or foam

    Iv just gone down the water based foam route but thanks very much
  14. 370Z - Cobra Exhaust Question

    Thanks. I will get it ordered soon. Payday tomorrow Got paid 2 weeks early for Christmas so it feels like I got paid last about 6 months ago!
  15. Any meets planned this year..?

    We have had a few meets. Im sure we are due another one like. Usually starting in Middlesbrough and heading around Helmsley and Whitby for a drive out. Ill be up for a meet