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  1. Bubbling paint behind mirrors. (warranty repair)

    I have this too on my 370Z but I don't have full Nissan dealer service history. Will I not be able to claim? surely the service has nothing to do with corrosion?
  2. Wrapped rear diffuser

    have you got anymore pics? from further back?
  3. A lad at work has got one. Sounds nice. He's only 22 but doesn't drink which is where all my money was going when I was that age
  4. CS (Cougar Store) appreciation thread

    Got my exhaust fitted today ordered through cougar store. Excellent customer service from mitz and would 100% buy from they guys again. Spot on
  5. Im going to this on Sunday so thought as its for a good cause id post it up in here and it has a Z on the poster Hopefully get a few people along and get to meet some of you too. Not sure ill be on a stand yet as like most sundays, I might be too hung-over to hang about all day Worth a pop down if you have your sunday spare though and raise some money for a good cause and have a nose around other peoples cars
  6. New Y-Pipe Section question

    What is the reason for changing the y-pipe?
  7. Had a similar problem with an S2000 years ago. It was solved by doing a full oil change with a better grade oil. Might be different on these though
  8. Can any traders on here beat this?

    Will do when I get delivery and get it fitted. will be at the end of the month hopefully
  9. Can any traders on here beat this?

    Sorted. Bought from Mitz from the cougar store. Very happy with the service up to now
  10. Can any traders on here beat this?

    I don't really want the full system. I only want the rear section for noise enhancements and I don't want it too loud. Reading other threads I don't think I would get the benefits of a full system without doing anything else to it Is there a forum discount then or at least free delivery?
  11. Can any traders on here beat this?

    I have messaged him. Cant see that exhaust on their site though
  12. Can any traders on here beat this?

    Im going to get a Cobra cat back exhaust. Before I buy I am just giving any of the traders on here a chance to beat this price if they sell them. If not I will be ordering off these later https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Cobra-Exhaust-System-Fits-370Z-Inc-Centre-Section-Rear-Silencer-Stainless-NZ15/332406642813?epid=1728793555&hash=item4d64fad87d:g:NdkAAOSw1llZcebT Thanks
  13. Clutches in the Z's

    They have all been second hand cars so couldn't tell you how much they had done when i got them but the first one was about 300 mile. The second I was at the end of a euro trip so been spending a week blasting up mountain passes in the alps around France/Switzerland/Italy etc but I was with about another 7 or 8 cars that didn't have a problem and all made the ring on the way home. The current car has about 45K on the clock so assume its the original clutch but only just had the Pilot sport 4's recently fitted and think they have more grip than the clutch plates when trying to do a burn out
  14. Hi all!

    Welcome to the Jap world
  15. Clutches in the Z's

    I had the problem with the sticking clutch pedal on the 350 and that was a master cylinder problem. Reading up on it now I could probably do with a stage 1 or 2 clutch too. Never had this problem with any other cars iv owned (S2000 etc) just on the Z's so that's why im thinking torque is the problem. You would just think cars like these would be built to be given a bit of stick