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  1. Im a manager on a chemical complex with muliple chemical plants and a power plant. There is a shutdown on at the mo so loads of people on site still trying to keep 2m apart or where full PPE if that isnt possible. Im still coming into contact with hundreds every day but as we all still need food packaging and electricity we wont be getting any time off. Infact im working more overtime than i ever have with the amout of people having to isolate. Cant complain when my missus is a nurse on a COVID-19 positive ward
  2. I havnt done it on my bike before
  3. Yeh I think I will get a bike again this year and do scotland again
  4. Wowzer! Are you just tracking it or will it be road legal (just looking at no plates on the front) Would deffo love a passenger ride if your having a blast out up the moors when the weather picks up
  5. My new "sensible" ride I picked up today
  6. If they start knocking the price down too much at "we buy any car", take it to the Evans Halshaw version of we buy any car. Found that there initial offer is lower than "we buy any car" but the final settlement what they actually pay out ends up being after all their deductions better at Evens Halshaw one. Does it with 2 cars now
  7. So enjoyable but take an umbrella and poncho? Ha
  8. How many people have been to goodwood before? Iv always fancied going but its a treck from where i live. Iv just got tickets for this year and cant wait. Change my mind every day what Im excited to see most
  9. If it was living the dream I would have a decent bird next to me with a great rack in her bikini top. Not my dad
  10. Looks lovely in the black when they are that clean. From experience, it doesnt last long though. ha
  11. Cheers. Iv gone for the Jaguar F-pace S V6. Need something to fit a pushchair and a dog in the boot now What V8 have you gone for?
  12. Well after years of enjoyment of owning Z's its time to move on so thought Id just share some of the road trip videos and fun Iv had since ownership. First few are of my 350Z GT 313 roadster and then my 370Z GT roadster. Hope everyone else Is enjoying there Z's as much as I have
  13. Looks like the car is just going to be traded in. Never found anyone who wants it and seen the "dad" car I want so going this week. Its been emotional. Here are some videos of various road trips etc Iv done since owning Z's. Enjoy
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