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  1. fergie1471

    Cobra Resonated - Big Smiles

    Had had the cobra on my 350Z roaster and iv got one on my current 370Z roadster. Not noisey at all unless you want it to be
  2. fergie1471


    I had a test drive of the X6. They look lovely but its a small car on stilts. Not enough room in the back for what i needed
  3. fergie1471


    Just got this as a second car as now Iv got a dog and a baby on the way the Z isnt very parctical so keeping it as a toy with this as my grown up car
  4. fergie1471

    North East meetings..?

    There is a facebook group chat going with quite a few Zeds in now that have meets. Think its just called north east zeds
  5. fergie1471

    World Cup

    Iv loved it upto now. The weather has made it for me. Get in every afternoon from work, Put the spare TV in the garden and crack a cold one open. The missus isnt enjoying it quite as much
  6. I had the Cobra rear spoiler on my old car. Hard to find nice rear spoilers for the 350Z Roadster
  7. fergie1471

    Finally, an MPS4 review I can trust

    You can get the 275 which fit on the rear but not the 245 for the front last time i checked
  8. fergie1471

    Bubbling paint behind mirrors. (warranty repair)

    Don't think I will even bother trying. Spoke to a guy at work who has the same bubbling paint on his x-trail which he bought brand new and its only just had its first service which was a Nissan dealer. Nissan have said it must be from a stone chip (its on the side under the mirror) and refused to do anything. Iv told him about what was said in here with the ombudsman so he is going to give that a try but more shocking service from Nissan
  9. fergie1471

    Do you get bored of cars quickly?

    I really missed having a convertible when I went from my S2000 to my first hard top 350Z. So changed to the roadster which I had for 3 years but never really liked the look of the rear of the 350Z roadster and wanted more seats so I was looking for something eye catching that was a 4 seater convertible and everything within the price range I would pay was a BMW or Merc and I just don't find them eye catching enough. Too many on the road now. I sacrificed the 2 extra seats and went 370Z roadster but always keeping my eye out for anything that may tempt me away for under 20 grand which has 4 seats and convertible and nothing has took my fancy yet. Been toying with getting a DB9 soft top which is more money >35 grand but I cant see these dropping in price much more and might even increase so probably wouldn't lose in depreciation anything like you would on newer cars and you get to say you on an Aston
  10. fergie1471

    Bubbling paint behind mirrors. (warranty repair)

    I have this too on my 370Z but I don't have full Nissan dealer service history. Will I not be able to claim? surely the service has nothing to do with corrosion?
  11. fergie1471

    Wrapped rear diffuser

    have you got anymore pics? from further back?
  12. A lad at work has got one. Sounds nice. He's only 22 but doesn't drink which is where all my money was going when I was that age
  13. fergie1471

    CS (Cougar Store) appreciation thread

    Got my exhaust fitted today ordered through cougar store. Excellent customer service from mitz and would 100% buy from they guys again. Spot on
  14. Im going to this on Sunday so thought as its for a good cause id post it up in here and it has a Z on the poster Hopefully get a few people along and get to meet some of you too. Not sure ill be on a stand yet as like most sundays, I might be too hung-over to hang about all day Worth a pop down if you have your sunday spare though and raise some money for a good cause and have a nose around other peoples cars
  15. fergie1471

    New Y-Pipe Section question

    What is the reason for changing the y-pipe?