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  1. I noticed that the high flow cats were missing as well...but I thought that he'd probably spent enough as it is to mention it though!
  2. That looks fantastic! I bet that it sounds fantastic too! Enjoy.
  3. Hello and welcome. Your Nismo looks cracking in red. Enjoy it.
  4. Hello and welcome. A lovely head turning colour for sure. Enjoy it.
  5. I've said it loads of times already, but I really wish that this was coming to the UK. I have so much want for it.
  6. Mine is pretty loud to be fair, but I also have HFCs and Stillen gen 3 intakes as well.
  7. These are the backboxes and tips on mine and they a bit similar to that.
  8. I have a custom made stainless exhaust on mine and the back boxes on that one are pretty similar. It is definitely not OEM.
  9. What a fantastic write up. I really enjoyed reading that thanks.
  10. I've driven a 350Z and I've got a 370Z. For me they are more of a GT cruiser type of car rather than something that you grab by the scruff of the neck and throw down a nice twisty road. For example when I had my Mini Cooper S and the 370Z together...the Mini was far more fun for me down a nice twisty road because it was smaller and lighter than the Z. The Z obviously won in the sound department though!
  11. You've got it looking absolutely stunning rothers. It looks great for sure.
  12. Yes and I think it is Rose for the UK and Cherry for the US. Why couldn't they just call it the same in both markets though!
  13. That looks lovely and shiny rothers. I keep meaning to polish mine and I need to just get on with it! It isn't terrible, but it could definitely benefit from a little fettle for sure.
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