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  1. I absolutely love the way that the 370Z Nismo looks, but the fake interior noise and the very quiet standard exhaust do come in for a fair bit of criticism(the later model). The exhaust is an easy fix though, and I presume that you can disconnect the fake interior noise as well. From what I read the 370Z Nismo is much more sharper to drive than the standard 370Z. The looks of the 370Z Nismo are heavenly for me.
  2. Enjoyed watching that thanks.
  3. I definitely suffer with that mental barrier. I used to say that you get the best from an engine from new to 50k miles...then from 50k to 100k miles the engine starts going down hill...then 100k miles plus it could blow up at any moment!! Modern engines are fine now though for mega mileage for sure.
  4. Wishing you all the best with it. I have a 370Z Roadster and I love roof down motoring(when it is a bit warmer than it is now though lol!). Good luck.
  5. A lovely car. I remember sitting in one at the Autosport show when they first came out. That one was yellow and I always liked the GT4 link with them.
  6. Hello and welcome. Very nice and I love the colour. Enjoy it.
  7. I have Michelin PS4 on both my 370Z and Mini Cooper S...so I'm a fan for sure. They are the best tyre that I've experienced. They are a really good all round tyre I reckon.
  8. Very nice. I reckon that these are the ultimate 370Z for many people. Enjoy it.
  9. Hello and welcome. I absolutely loved the S14 I used to have, great cars.
  10. Hello and welcome. Your Z looks very nice.
  11. The TTS was a very odd car to drive for me. The steering was extremely light and it didn't give much feedback to what the car was doing. Plus to say that it was 4wd it didn't give you much confidence to what it was going to do. You couldn't put it into a corner very accurately and trust it. I can only put it down to the front bias Haldex 4WD system. I had three rear bias 4WD systems over the years and they felt fine to drive in comparison. It is good to hear that the geo can make a big difference thanks.
  12. Lee370Z

    Nismo wheels

    Such a fantastic looking wheel. A great choice of tyre too.
  13. I know that the 350/370 aren't the last word when it comes to drivers cars(they are far too heavy for that/and based on a boring saloon chassis). However the first time I went around a corner in the TTS I nearly understeered into a field! The TTS was a great car to live with for sure, and I loved the interior/looks. As a drivers car though it is right at the bottom of the cars I've had. I am happy to take the 370 out for a drive just for the sake of it, but I'd never do that with the TTS. That is the difference for me.
  14. I can't argue with that to be fair. From a keen drivers point of view the 370 wipes the floor with the TT for me. The TT is great if you are chasing power/performance though. As a drivers car though they don't compare, and they are chalk and cheese for sure I reckon.





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