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  1. I've used the same one as you for a few years now. I put it back on the 370 yesterday now I know that it won't be used again for ages. I had it on it all the time over the colder winter period and it does keep the battery fit and well.
  2. The GT86 was on my list when I was looking to buy my 370Z but I will admit that because I've been used to torquey engines in the past...I think I would have been slightly disappointed with the performance of it. I also have a F56 Mini Cooper S with a 2 litre turbo engine(only 189bhp) but I like how torquey it feels low down(although it only revs to 6500rpm though). With this new turbocharged GR86 coming out it gives me a very good option to swap the 370 for one if I ever fancy doing it. I'd have another S14a 200SX tomorrow given half the chance and I absolutely loved that car.
  3. It wasn't that highly regarded as a NA engine with the torque dip though in fairness. I'm really excited by this new one and I modified my 200SX from 200bhp to 250bhp and that was pretty much perfect I thought for road use. Fast enough but not unusable fast. 250bhp and around 1200kg is a lovely sweet spot I reckon. Although I did think that 420bhp and around 1200kg in my Cerbera 4.5 wasn't too bad either!!
  4. Now that is music to my ears. I've always been a big fan of the GT86 but I personally wanted more performance from it and I wanted it to be turbocharged like my old S14a 200SX. This is great news!
  5. Hello and welcome. A cracking Z you have there, enjoy it.
  6. Congratulations. That looks lovely. Enjoy it.
  7. Congratulations and that is great news. I will look forward to the pics.
  8. Hello and welcome. Great to see another 370Z Roadster owner. The wrap looks awesome and I really like the colour.
  9. Totally. I wish I was one of those people that buys something that appreciates...everything I've ever had I've lost a fortune on sadly!
  10. I've never found it a problem and my 370Z is on a NI plate and I've had a E92 M3 as well that was on a NI plate.
  11. Agree and they are both cracking cars and both will put a smile on your face for sure.
  12. Both lovely cars for me. I guess it depends what you like best, but I prefer the engine more in the 370Z but I like the lighter kerbweight more in the BRZ.
  13. Great news that you are keeping it and I bet it sounds awesome with the decat! The small tank and range used to hurt me when I had mine too...the petrol station attendant becomes your best friend for sure!
  14. I've always loved the shape of the 350 but I also prefer the 370 shape more(just). Both fantastic motors though for sure. I've always lusted after the 350 GT4 Limited Edition in Yellow...after I sat in one when they first came out.





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