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  1. I'm personally not a fan of Continentals. However I have got PS4 on the 370Z, and PS4S on the M4/GLE400d. However for sidewall sexyness it has to be the PS5 as mentioned though.
  2. Welcome to the forum. Your car is lovely, and I love that much more modern touch screen that you've put in. I was using the nav in mine the other day, and I felt like I was waiting for years for it to do something/anything! I'm used to a 2018 BMW and a 2022 Merc, so their systems are obviously miles quicker in comparison. Enjoy your car.
  3. I missed this first time around, but that is absolutely lovely Martin. My uncle used to have a white one years ago, and I always enjoyed going out in it for sure. Keep enjoying it.
  4. Lee370Z


    I think that HFCs are one of the best mods that you can do. As said they do add a lot of volume, but you also get a nice and pronounced change in tone as well.
  5. What I love about the 370Z is that the engine actually feels torquey for a naturally aspirated engine, whereas I always thought that the E92 M3 felt like it was lacking in torque in comparison for some odd reason though.
  6. I regretted going for the manual in my E61 520d Touring, and I personally think that the auto suits the engine better.
  7. Agreed. Don't get me wrong I love a 3 pedal manual, and both my 370Z and Caterham 7 are manuals. However the S65 V8 engine in the E9x M3 really benefits from the DCT I think as you say.
  8. I only had mine 10 months, but I did cover 10k miles in it in that time though. The chassis and ride(it had the EDC) were very high points for me, and the induction noise was to die for I thought. Overall I much prefer the DCT F82 M4 that I have now as a daily(faster/much more torque/better on fuel etc), however that just can't compete noise wise or ride wise to the E92 M3 though for me. The ride in the M4 is rock hard in comparison, and I've only got the 19" wheels on mine(the Comp Pack has 20" wheels so I dread to think how hard the ride is in that!).
  9. I think I would've gelled a bit more with mine if I'd gone for the DCT rather than the manual with it being my daily. I only did 10k miles in mine, but there were times with the manual if you were in the wrong gear it could feel quite gutless. I think the DCT helps to eliminate that I reckon. Plus with the manual the gears are so long as well. Third gear at 8400rpm is 110mph in the manual, and for quick overtakes I always needed to drop it into second, but then you'd almost immediately crash into the limiter and then grab for third. I found it more of a frustrating experience with the manual, when on paper the manual should've been a pleasure really. My brother in had an E93 M3 Convertible with the DCT that he kept for 11 years(only used as a weekend car), and he loved it to bits.
  10. Agree and they are such a lovely shape I reckon.
  11. Thanks. Most of the cars I've had in the past have gone up in price as well. Both the TVR Cerbera 4.5 and the E92 M3 I had went up in price as soon as I sold them too! Just my luck! I'm glad/grateful that I got to experience them though for sure.
  12. It is just so immaculate too. I've been on the Z4-Forum since back in 2012 so I've seen it on there a few times. Plus I've seen it a few times on PistonHeads as well. It is such a lovely car for sure.
  13. Is that Byron's? It does sound ace I agree! Mine was mega quiet as standard to be fair, however I did have a TVR Cerbera 4.5 with a factory sports exhaust on it before it though. So noise wise I was only ever going downhill after that I reckon!
  14. I used to have a Z4M Roadster and I personally think the 370Z Roadster sounds much better. However the Z4M was standard though, whereas the 370 has HFCs and an upgraded exhaust on it though. You couldn't even hear the exhaust roof down at speed in the Z4M for example. Plus I much prefer the ride/suspension/manual gearbox in the 370 as well.
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