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  1. That is the one I've got currently on my 370Z and it works a treat. I've had it a few years now and I used it on my previous cars when they've not been used much. I used to use an acumate on my Cerbera but that was more expensive. Everyone does rate a Ctek though for sure.
  2. Lee370Z


    This thread has made me smile for sure!
  3. Lee370Z


    I'd be happy with 400bhp in a Z.
  4. It could have been worse...and at least it has a petrol V8 engine. Car life will really be over when they are powered purely by a battery.
  5. Welcome back Your car looks gorgeous!
  6. This is a good point and I only use my Roadster as an occasional car and the opportunity to use it in the dry/reasonable weather is becoming less and less currently. It has been in the garage on its trickle charger for over two weeks now, and I can't see that changing anytime soon.
  7. That seems like a real bargain for someone at that price for sure. These look great in White for me.
  8. A positive difference for sure and thanks for the video. The bark really reminds me of the sound mine makes with my HFC's. It is a distinctive noise and I didn't realise that it was the HFC's that specifically made that noise until listening to your video. Looking forward to when the invidia is on too.
  9. That is a surprise then given how well rated the e46 is in the handling department. I can see me getting one at some stage in the future I reckon, because they remind me quite a bit of my old S14a 200SX(I absolutely loved that car once I'd modded it to 250bhp) minus the Turbo.
  10. The GT86 was slightly quicker than the 350Z around the Top Gear test track too. I actually dismissed the GT86(I'm a big fan overall of them) when I was looking to buy my 370Z, thinking that I'd find the GT86 a bit underwhelming in the performance stakes...I was very wrong it seems!
  11. Weight has always been the 350Z and 370Z's achilles heel and it certainly hampers them a bit. I need to have a go in a GT86 to see what they are like because I really like the recipe of them. Love the fact that they only weigh around 1200kg as well.
  12. I always percieve the GT86/BRZ as being fairly slow cars but that video proved otherwise for sure.
  13. It just shows how much we all want it to happen though!



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