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  1. Hello and welcome. Enjoy your lovely motor.
  2. Lee370Z

    Which HFCs

    Thanks. I wish I knew so I could tell you, but they were already on the car when I bought it, and I've not had the opportunity yet to look at them in detail on a ramp sadly.
  3. Lee370Z

    Which HFCs

    A quick update to this. My 370Z passed the MOT today and the HFC's were fine.
  4. I've never really done the lightweight thing, although my Cerbera 4.5 wasn't that heavy at around 1150kg. Everyone raves about the way that a MX5 drives so I've no doubt that you will really enjoy the Abarth Spider. Wishing you all the best with it and I like that they are a turbo so they can be fettled easily should you fancy it.
  5. Blimey and that is worn! I remember a time when almost everyone had tyres like that, but you don't see that many like that now for sure.
  6. Hello and welcome. A very nice Z you have there for sure. I have 25mm spacers all round on my 370Z and it still drives fine to me. I also have the Stillen gen 3 intakes(they look nice but I'm not sure that they do much though lol!). I really recommend HFC's and they really enhance the noise when matched to an aftermarket exhaust. I really love the sound mine makes with those changes. Enjoy yours.
  7. Hello and welcome. I do love the Nismo.
  8. Agree and the angle of the pic does make it look like they fill the arches better. I have spacers on mine and they do look better I reckon. The wheels do sit inside the arches a bit too much as standard for me.
  9. It is great to see so many Zeds in one place.
  10. I've got PS4 on my 370Z and I've been happy with them, so I'd imagine that the PS4S are even more brilliant. I've been that happy with the PS4 I've just put some on my Mini Cooper S as well! I've turned into a Michelin Pilot Sport fanboy it seems!
  11. Agree and an NA engine can be brilliant for sure. I guess that in my advancing years I have got a little bit lazy though, and I appreciate the benefit of a turbo(especially in a daily driver). I also like the easier tuning options that you have with turbos. As a general rule for me...I like a turbo in a daily, and an NA in an occasional/weekend car.
  12. It still massively appeals to me for sure. I just said 'appealed' because it isn't coming to the UK.
  13. Turbos do spoil you in some ways and I've only had a couple of petrol turbos, but I've had a few turbo diesels as well. Prior to 2002(past my test in 1991) everything I had was NA. I've currently got a NA/petrol turbo/diesel turbo so it is nice to compare them. The great thing about a turbo(petrol or diesel) is that they feel quicker than they actually are. Whereas most of the NA engines I've had you have to flog them to death to get the performance. So the new Z car with its twin turbo engine really appealed to me.





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