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  1. That does sound nice...but there is still some room for improvement I agree!
  2. Great news. Enjoy picking it up and I hope the weather is kind to you.
  3. Your boot divider looks smart. The hi flow cats will make a lovely difference I reckon for sure. I love more noise!
  4. Hello and welcome. Your car looks lovely. Enjoy it.
  5. Very nice and I've always loved these. I sat in one in the same colour as yours when they first came out. I've wanted one ever since.
  6. As all round cars I think that the M140i/M240i are really hard to beat. I've always really fancied a M240i as well.
  7. I really like the HFC's on mine. They add a nice tone for me, plus they make the exhaust louder as well. However if your cats are fine it is a fair bit of extra money on top of the exhaust for the HFC's I reckon.
  8. That does seem expensive for sure. The drivers seat is a bit tatty for only 15k miles as well I reckon. I've always loved these ever since I sat in one at the Autosport show all those years ago.
  9. No issues(touch wood). Only done just over 3k miles in it up to yet though. Use it as an occasional/weekend car(I haven't used it since Dec 14th and I'm missing it to be fair). Looking forward to lockdown ending and the better weather.
  10. Hello and welcome from another Roadster owner. I've had my 2011 model for 2 years in April and I've been really happy with it. Yours is proper low mileage and mine has 47k miles on it now. Enjoy collecting it.
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