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  1. I understand why BMW use a sound actuator with the 2.0 L 4 cylinder(B48) because it would sound poor I reckon if they piped in real noise. Whereas I'd prefer piped in real noise from the 3.0L 6 cylinder(B58) because at least that is a nice engine to start with I reckon. I've never understood why BMW also use a sound actuator in the M4 as well. That engine should sound alright without it too I reckon.
  2. I have a manual gearbox mated to the same engine(detuned) as the Supra in my F56 Cooper S. It is an inferior soundtrack I agree, although both the 4 cylinder(B48) and 6 cylinder(B58) engines have piped in noise through the speakers...so I guess that it isn't that much different anyway from inside! Outside the B58 engine does sound sweet for sure.
  3. Wow! what a car! Congratulations. Enjoy it.
  4. Although it is probably out of my budget new, I do hope that the Supra does eventually get offered with a manual gearbox. In years to come it is a car that does really appeal to me. I liked the looks/shape of it when I looked around one a while back, although it does seem a very marmite car for many though looks wise for sure.
  5. A great thread and I'm thoroughly enjoying reading/seeing the changes/upgrades you are doing to it.
  6. I just love the Zeds history and legacy. I've always liked the 240Z and I really wanted a 90's 300ZX twin turbo too. Then when I drove a new 350Z back in 2006...I knew that I would love to have a Z of some description one day. Hence why I'd love to see the Z car legacy continue with the 400Z. It will be an added bonus for me personally if it is twin turbo as well because it will also have an easy tuning potential. My 370Z isn't fast and it isn't expensive either, but that doesn't stop me loving it to bits, and really enjoying the way that it drives also.
  7. I know that it doesn't help entirely but my mate is 6'5", and he fitted in ok in the passenger seat in my Roadster roof up(we got caught in a rain shower so I put the roof up). I'm the opposite because I'm only 5'8"...so I struggle to even reach the steering wheel/pedals!
  8. Hello and welcome. Enjoy roof down motoring! Lovely low miles too.
  9. Very nice and I love what you've done to it. Those Nismo wheels really suit it. I have the same car in the same colour. Bodywork wise mine is standard but I do have 25mm spacers all round. Plus I have a full custom exhaust/HFC's/stillen intakes, so it does sound really nice. I really recommend HFC's and they really make a difference to the tone/loudness.
  10. I put 157k miles over a 6 year period on a 3 month old 2006 E90 330d auto back in 2006, and it was a great mile muncher for sure. I do like the 3 series and I've also had a 2006 E90 330i and a 2009 E92 M3. As you mention the Hydraulic steering is lovely in them. Really good all round cars I reckon.
  11. Lovely Chimaera! I also had a TVR previously for 6 years, a Cerbera 4.5.
  12. Hello and welcome. A lovely Z in a great colour.
  13. Welcome back. Lovely Z's for sure. I love that blue.
  14. Agree with this and I really enjoy driving my Mini Cooper S in that regard. I can drive it pretty much flat out(it only has 189bhp!) and not worry too much about handing my licence in. Plus it feels relatively small and light, and I really like that about it too.





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