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  1. Very nice, it looks great.
  2. Hello and welcome. A great looking Z for sure.
  3. I'm really enjoying reading about what you are doing with it. There is plenty to go wrong as you say, especially looking at your previous pic for sure.
  4. Hello and welcome. A very nice Z. Enjoy it.
  5. Hello and welcome. A great looking Z. Enjoy it.
  6. Hello and welcome. Hope that you get to enjoy your 350Z soon.
  7. I'm using the turtle wax wet and black tyre gel at the moment and I've been really impressed with it. I used to use the wet and black turtle wax spray which did give a lovely deep black shine...but it always went all over the wheels and bodywork and that used to annoy me!
  8. Sorry to see that it is up for sale. It is a stunning Z and whoever buys it will be getting an awesome car I reckon. Wishing you all the best with the sale. I've loved following this thread too.
  9. It feels like I don't have one...because I haven't driven it since 23rd March because of the lockdown! Only had it 13 months, but from what I can remember from how it drives I do still love it!
  10. Gutted for you. Hope you get it sorted as easy as possible.
  11. Hello and welcome. Your car looks very nice. Enjoy it.
  12. Hello and welcome. Your car looks great. I have the same car in the same colour. Mine has Michelin PS4's on it and they are a really good tyre I reckon. I've also got HFC's and a full custom exhaust and stillen gen 3 intakes. They make it sound lovely(if a tad loud at times!). Enjoy yours.
  13. Brilliant and thank you for this.
  14. Welcome. A great looking Z you have there.





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