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  1. I think that looks awesome! I bet you are well chuffed for sure.
  2. That is one of the big things I love about the 370Z. I saw a Nismo for the first time the other day and I got all excited and I said to my Mrs look a 370Z Nismo!! She thinks I'm daft with my love for them! I've got the bug for sure.
  3. Lee370Z

    Next Project

    Exciting times ahead!
  4. Yes and they are a lovely looking thing for sure. Sadly mine was the Roadster though so it looked pony in comparison to the Coupe. I haven't learnt my lesson either...because I went for the Roadster as well with my 370Z!!
  5. I've also had a Z4M/E92 M3 and their engines are as smooth as silk right up to the redline. Whereas I do love my 370Z for sure but the engine feels pretty rough after about 6000rpm and it goes against the fact that max power is at 7000rpm so really you should be revving it right out to 7500rpm. The VQ engine does feel far more muscular lower down the revs than the S54/S65 engines I agree.
  6. Very nice and I love the Nismo! Enjoy it.
  7. A lovely car for sure. Really looking forward to seeing the seats in.
  8. I really liked it when I first saw one in the metal(it was Black). That Red one looks great to my eyes and I really hope that Toyota eventually offer it with a three pedal manual for sure.
  9. Hello and welcome. A very nice Z you have.
  10. Lee370Z

    Tyre help please

    Camskill also do MPS4 in stock sizes too and a little bit cheaper than tyreleader when I looked last night. I have MPS4 on my 370Z and I've been really impressed with them.
  11. Yes and if funds/space allow I think that the two car set up really works. I tried the one car do it all with my E92 M3 and it didn't work for me(the car didn't feel special using it everyday/fuel costs were epic/plus it was frustrating not being able to use the performance very often). Now I'm happy to have my MINI Cooper S as the affordable daily and my 370Z as a weekend/occasional car.



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