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  1. New end tips / cannons. Bob’s a good salesman!! 😎
  2. 1. andy James AJ07 ZZZ Paid 2. Stevenholtmufc S24 DWV Paid 3. Buster V80BSV Paid 4. Humpy - VO10UZA Paid 5. Spicknuts: D17 NGG (Paid) 6. Kayleigh - K23 XCC (paid) 7. SHEZZA - B9 MAS (paid) 8. Rhysos - R23MYR (paid)
  3. 1. andy james 2. Adrian @ TORQEN 3.ShortPaul 4.Ben350 5. Rhysos I should be able to make it this year
  4. Gutted I can’t make it but having to do the Family Easter thing near Wrexham 🙄 You never know I might see you en route, so if some random lunatic starts hooting his horn at you, that may be me (I won’t be in the 370 though)
  5. Great to catch up with everyone this morning despite the weather! See you guys at the next event!
  6. Yes definitely great to finally meet up! Really enjoyed it - see you in a couple of weeks at the next meet!
  7. Ooohh - should be able to make it. It’s a whole 6 or so miles from where I live 😀
  8. Rhysos


    Thanks for the info, will take a look and may PM you. Also need to find a friendly mechanic to fit as well.
  9. Rhysos


    Thanks for the advice. Might buy then get all done the same time as you recommend!
  10. Rhysos


    Morning - a topic that has no doubt been debated many times, but I am thinking of getting some HFCs for my 2019 370Z Nismo to see how they go with my Gemini exhaust now I am used to it. Any recommendations on products and also do they throw an error code once fitted? I am planning to get an EcuTek next year but not just yet. Thx in advance 🙂
  11. Completely missed this and I don’t live far from the Piston club 🙄 hopefully next time!
  12. Gutted I couldn’t make it today - events consipired against me again 😔 Looked like a great turn out though!!
  13. There’s a meet near Leam on Sat 14 Oct at the Piston Club (B49 6NQ) 10-2. I’m sure there will be folks there if you want to meet some local owners. (Possibly not in your 350z if it’s being stripped down though 😉)
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