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    Thanks for the advice. Might buy then get all done the same time as you recommend!
  2. Rhysos


    Morning - a topic that has no doubt been debated many times, but I am thinking of getting some HFCs for my 2019 370Z Nismo to see how they go with my Gemini exhaust now I am used to it. Any recommendations on products and also do they throw an error code once fitted? I am planning to get an EcuTek next year but not just yet. Thx in advance 🙂
  3. Completely missed this and I don’t live far from the Piston club 🙄 hopefully next time!
  4. Gutted I couldn’t make it today - events consipired against me again 😔 Looked like a great turn out though!!
  5. There’s a meet near Leam on Sat 14 Oct at the Piston Club (B49 6NQ) 10-2. I’m sure there will be folks there if you want to meet some local owners. (Possibly not in your 350z if it’s being stripped down though 😉)
  6. I’ve got a Gemini on my mkII Nismo and it’s definitely loader than stock having put 1,000 or so miles on it. It’s at its loudest at 3k revs under load but no drone. Quiet enough on the motorway. I’m planning to add some sports cats next year and that will probably do me as I don’t want it too loud. Good quality exhaust though and very happy with my purchase. I would also add sound / volume is very subjective, so if you’re unsure, pop along to one of the arranged meets and I’m sure plenty of folks will happily fire up their car for you to hear.
  7. It’s possible. All I can say is the ride is much better now. I’m not for a minute going to say it’s a soft ride as it’s still fundamentally a sports car, but the behaviour of the suspension is now what I would expect it to be. Ride comfort is quite a subjective topic in my experience. If you test drive a Nismo, get the dealer to check they have been removed first as they are pretty obvious black blocks on the coils that shouldn’t be there. An experienced mechanic should be able to spot them if they know what to look for.
  8. Thanks all. Cat back it is then as first step! Looks to be the safest option
  9. Thanks Andy - will give it some thought!
  10. Quick question before I pull the trigger on an exhaust. Does anyone know if changing the cats for HFCs will result in an error code on a 370 Nismo? I am trying to work out whether to do cat back and HFCs then an Ecutek remap in the future, or just cat back for now then HFCs and a remap at the same time.
  11. Me too and a formal complaint raised with the dealer I bought it from, not that it will probably result in anything.
  12. Interesting trip to Nissan Oxford today to service my 2019 370 Nismo which I’ve had 8 months. Before I say anything else they did a good job and the car is currently under a Nissan warranty. Guess what - they found the shipping suspension spacers on all 4 corners and duly removed them. The car was originally sold and serviced 3 times at a Nismo dealer. I then bought it from a Nismo dealer on the south coast last August. How does that happen - questions the thoroughness of the servicing and pre sales inspections 🤔. I always thought the ride was a bit crashy but put it down to it being a Nismo. Funnily enough the journey home was much more comfortable. Far more compliant now…
  13. 1. andy James x1 PAID TrackTimes TBA 2. Ricardo350z x1 PAID 3. George1966 x1 PAID 4. Nismoandy x1 PAID 5. SW66TTT x 1 PAID 6. SHEZZA x 1 PAID 7. Andy_Muxlow x1 PAID 8. HEADPHONES x1 PAID 9. PhilT + ‘Gimbal’ (x2) PAID 10. AndyH370 x1 PAID 11. Ledfut x 1 PAID 12. joe_milnes x1 PAID 13. buster x1 PAID 14. Blacklist_Nismo x1 PAID 15. Reece14789 x1 PAID 16. COZ@TORQEN x2 PAID 17. Plan370z x2 PAID 18. Stoker11 x 1 PAID 19. Jamah_Zed x 2 PAID 20. Theblue370 x 2 PAID 21. Lukey x2 PAID 22. Wudro x2 PAID 23. MicktZZZ x1 paid - track time 1000 defo still novice ! 24. JustTheJedi x1 PAID 25. Harvers x 1 PAID 26. Tommo350z x 2 PAID 27. Vlad_KFV x2 PAID 28. Righteous.z33 x1 PAID 29. Nathanawalker x1 PAID 30. monkey1983 x1 PAID 31. Petergee1 x2 PAID 32. GJC350 X2 PAID 33. mutly x2 PAID 34. LAB99 x1 PAID 35. Alex 350 x1 PAID 36. Kiki3fiddyzee x1 PAID 37. Chris141084 +1 PAID 38. Chris and Debs PAID 39. StewartBellamy17 x1 PAID - track time 40. Stevenholtmufc x2 PAID 41. Tommy9795 X2 paid 42. Buptaboy x1 paid 43. Roamy (Luke) x1 paid 44. Ben350 x2 PAID 45. StevieG x2 Paid 46. Steve1 x2 PAID 47. Bam370z x3 camping & x1 stand pass Paid 48. davey_83 PAID 49. fr06jap PAID 50. JSH95 x2 PAID 51. michelezee x2 PAID 52. Jam3z_350z x1 PAID 53. Stotty0512 PAID 54. MonkeyNuts PAID- Tracktime 55. LG93MODS PAID 56. MR ZZZ PAID 57. clacksonator PAID 58. Rhysos PAID (Club entry ticket only)
  14. I presume general club tickets are still available if not the the club stand?
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