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  1. I shouldn't have driven this!

    Love all 911's Is that Shell Stechford........
  2. 350Z GT4 No. 163 - Build Thread

    That thing connected to the rear ARB is for the auto leveling dip beam. Nice Subs, both cars looking fresh.
  3. Olly's OEM+ inspired GT. New wheels!

    Lifted straight to a 10 pal, 350z with the kit on longs for 19's
  4. 2003 350z Gt gunmetal grey 6200 ono

    To help others, whats the costs for the wheels with a supplied clean set of 18' RAYS with good tyres? David

    ohh nice, very interested
  6. A well looked after 03'-05' spec car is a better buy than a ropey 06' on version. For your budget, your money will buy a nice early spec car with the lower tax per year. Visually the best features of the facelift model can be fitted to the earlier spec cars anyways. Im very happy paying less for road tax than I do for insurance, good luck with the hunt.
  7. Cornish long weekend

    Wow the the Newquay coastal run, love love love that pass.
  8. I very much fancy an lexus RC or the Q60 V6 tt next tbf also, different and smart much like the Zed
  9. Backbox internals

    much room for improvement obv
  10. What Can I Expect For My Money?

    Sounds a nice buy, qlwp
  11. Just sold my 370z

    My God or your God? Lol
  12. Just sold my 370z

    I was joking......
  13. Just sold my 370z

    Only jel as it would smoke anything on his drive.......
  14. 350z NGK Iridium plugs

    HR NGK's are jokes
  15. Another HR with failed oil gallery gasket

    All things being equal, slightly more warm idle pressure means more resistance ie less power - less pressure means less resistance, means more hp. Factory warm idle is circa 15psi *correctly working sensor.