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  1. davey_83

    Midlands Meet - Sunday 4th November

    Deal - have a good one
  2. davey_83

    Midlands Meet - Sunday 4th November

    Morning chaps, check the date and let us know @Jack94 @Maggz @MattV6 @Brummiestormer @valy @Bhupz350 @MattyBacon
  3. davey_83

    350z Fuel Conundrum

    I'd brim it with super unleaded and enjoy it pal, more safe - more fun.
  4. davey_83

    Silverthorn's MB 370z GT

    Wow!! I thought my wheels were bling. These are next next level, will look great. What spec and what size tyres ahve you ordered?
  5. davey_83

    Midlands Meet - Sunday 4th November

    Well we're only just up the road and can't have enough HR's, especially a full bolt on track monster!! 1. Davey_83 2. nissanman312 (Maybe) 3. 14N 4. OnlyAfro  5. Matt jb88 6. Jay84 7. CLASSIX 8. Killick.z  9. Cob1980 10. Negget 11. ILikeDolphins 12. Trott (Maybe) 13. Lewis Schwier 14. SHEZZA 15. buster 16. Andy_Muxlow 17. Justthejedi 18. 350Butcher (maybe)
  6. Have you done the steering column mod or has it already been done?
  7. davey_83

    350z Fuel Conundrum

    Thing is when buying from a garage/trader and they send a driver to go put £10 worth in for road test, do you reckon they'd have put the more expensive super unleaded in? errrr no
  8. Nice upgrade ol' pal!!! I've never driven a 370z hint hint mids meet wink wink..... Your 350z did you well but comes a time for everyone when you gotta move one I guess.
  9. davey_83

    Midlands Meet - Sunday 4th November

    Deal Jay, be nice to meet you and see your sexy Zed
  10. davey_83

    Midlands Meet - Sunday 4th November

    RUN OUT details for those interested, which will piggyback the OP meet. Plan is to drive out on a few twisty A & B roads around Warwickshire (no boring motorways), along some stunning country roads snaking our way to The Yeoman Harvester in Nuneaton. My little brother lives in Atherstone, so often take the country roads to get there and they're amazing. Leaving time from Melbicks 12noon or earlier if @Justthejedi gets too excited - I remember the M54 to SVM!!! Direct route would take 30mins, ie get to Atherstone and turn right - however a run out isnt about taking the direct route Address: The Yeoman Harvester St Nicolas Park Dr Nuneaton CV11 6EN Tables booked for 1pm with Zoe and planned route below. Should take an hour or 20mins according to @CLASSIX version of the highway code. Start point is the grey dot at Melbicks (A) is the swap order point if we wanna follow a different Z and (B) is the lunch - so @14N will be first to arrive no doubt.
  11. davey_83

    350z Ebay Finds

    Set of cheap 06' led lamps https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Nissan-350z-led-rear-lights-genuine-pair-/132820901521?nav=SEARCH
  12. davey_83

    Midlands Meet - Sunday 4th November

    Nice one Justin, a run out for lunch it is - i'll look to set something up.
  13. davey_83

    Midlands Meet - Sunday 4th November

    I've not set anything up as yet, the garden centre has a lovely café OR could look to plan a run out for lunch at noon.......
  14. davey_83

    Midlands Meet - Sunday 4th November

    ^ Champion 95%........ that's a greater probability than me
  15. Ello n welkom Pop along to the local club meet next month, to say hi if you can.