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  1. The younger you are, generally you will have less experience. The younger you are, possibly you'd be more inclined to want to show of a new car and an inexperienced driver showing off in a 350z is only going end one way. I personally think 17 would be fine to own a sports car.
  2. Gutted about my Z

    Rotten pal, this time of year is always bad for accidents. Go to work in the dark, come home in the dark for example. Hopefully matters get resolved without any dramas.
  3. ^ Not a true car guy
  4. 0-100 in 4.4 seconds...

  5. Original Nissan promotional video

    Damn US spec motor
  6. Whiteline Arb setting

    as you know, generally going softer on rear promotes understeer.
  7. Whiteline Arb setting

    Try to take the same or similar bend again and see what happens? Check tyre pressures all round too.
  8. DB Nissan 350z GT 05'

    More winter prep, not as thorough job as the front arches as most of the factory underseal was still holding up well. Daisy 50:50 APC Autoglym wheel cleaner for alloy suspension Agitate with stiff nylon brush Rinse and repeat Left to dry naturally Hammerite stone chip applied Plastics dress with Chemical Guys new trim gel ACF50 bushes, brake lines and suspension Before: Yuk!! During: Rinsed and left to dry
  9. 0-100 in 4.4 seconds...

    Should yield a great time at the nurburgring ring.
  10. Cheap 350z on Ebay £2999 85k

    These are mentioned in the item description redsky
  11. Too much worry?

    I worry about body damage, worn part generally give a chance for upgrade. A few months after ownership of my 05' GT, the diff bush started leaking. I didn't have to replace it but in wanting to take my car on track I figured it was only something that was going to get worst. This gave chance for upgrade and £350 less in my pocket, which is the cost of a clutch replacement for most hatchbacks.
  12. DB Nissan 350z GT 05'

    Had a weekend away just me and the Mrs to South Wingfield near the Peak District, few Zed pics needed as per. Stayed at Park Farm B&B and woke up to a stunning view, wee bit different to what we get in Birmingham. Yuk!! Ended as all other trips do, a visit to the local BP and relax.
  13. Ring pile up

  14. my Z on youtube

    I like that!! Love those wheels too