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  1. Gutting pal, and insurance won't pay out straight away as there's a chance it'll still turn up. Check the spot as you might see caster marks as they may have had it away on skates and then a dolly trailer once round the corner.
  2. Attempted to the PPF the front splitter in sections and failed terribly, even made a template. Previously did my carbon bumper insert however this time she wasn't having none of it. Gave up on the idea and stuck a layer of sealant on to make myself feel better.
  3. Very sorry to hear this, as on FB thankfully not a vehicle you hardly ever hear get targeted. How did they manage to have it away, keys or trailer?
  4. Cheers pal. Soon be back on the road no doubt. Yeah made myself, might look to redo them as been on a few years now. Will go for gloss black wrap this time. https://www.350z-uk.com/topic/111683-db-nissan-350z-gt-05/?do=findComment&comment=1677658
  5. Any pictures fella? Yeah Ford, Renault and Vauxhall in its class of the days just didn't cut it.
  6. The other day popped on on my lunch break for a drive and took some pics. Had her 6 years and still love each and every drive. With a last Fotor Filter
  7. Took the Sunny over the Motoring Mecca. Every time I've gone in the Z, just been asked to follow round to the car park - that evening got pointed to a spot out front 😄
  8. Loads of goodies there, all the best with the sale
  9. All the very best with the sale, that's cheap and will sell quickly.
  10. Way I would look at it is, would I buy a 10yr car that was supercharged? Sure would if it was looked after. Sounds like a perfect once weekly to the office and weekend motor.
  11. The other morning I messaged Chris over at @Tarmac@TarmacSportz to see if they had any stock for their Mines style front splitter, goes they had two on the shelf - so made arrangements to pop up to collect that day. Wanted one for a while and finally pulled the trigger. Old splitter and carbon bumper insert off, quick clean up ready for the new item. Fitment was great however being a fussy bugger, i spent some time contouring the splitter where it bulked. Thought I'd rather do this as I didn't want to result to applying a silicon sealant, which can leave the splitter under unnecess
  12. Been a busy ol' couple of months for car shows/meets, with going to MidlandZ Evesham meet, Japanese Performance Show, Caffeine & Machine x2, British Motor Museum club meet and Yakushi show mixed with Z convoys for each 😃 Here's a mix of my photos and ones sent to me. Truly wonderful times linking up with fellow Z owners catching up and driving out. Coupled with warning lights on two occasions for a brake light switch fault and airbag connector, mixed with at show repairs for clutch f
  13. At the moment, it's kind of like discussing the picture quality of an 8k TV when the country you live in doesn't facilitate for the broadcast lol
  14. I can see this going backwards and forwards which I try to avoid..... Apologies as when you mention 'I think placebo' I took it that you didn't have direct experience and to be fair you still don't for a VQ *engine in question. I have now one fitted and can notice gains as per my build thread, irrespective of hypothesis.
  15. Have you ever had one fitted to a car?
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