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  1. Great interview Neil, very interesting - enjoyed that.
  2. Doubt il be needing to undo anything near 400nm of torque tbf. Just now tried it on a couple of wheel nuts recently torque up to 105nm and they were no bother.
  3. Year of the Supra!! Mega pictures Adrian.
  4. Pretty sure the entire Z community echo's this, as for the money there's tones of other quicker cars you can buy, but we choose the characterful Z
  5. Showing the love and spring with soon be here.
  6. Could have done with this for my bi annual wheel and spacer swap over but I have it now and can't wait to blitz some bits.
  7. Horrendous mate, so pleased you ok. How did this happen?
  8. The interior is a massive step forward, exterior looks of course follow the brand's new look. Lots of lovely soft touch plastics, leather and alcantra and 225/45 R19 tyres on a 1ltr 3cylinder Juke wow. Nissan bought one into work today for the techs to have a nose round. Feel and quality reminds my very much of a Q30 executive model, felt very solid. The sensation from Bose speakers in the headrest is very cool and I'd imagine handy for Bluetooth calls. To see a fuel rail and coil packs on the same engine was very odd also.
  9. Sounds like the classic case of RWYB Going to be a very special Christmas for sure.
  10. Very special indeed Sounds insane mated to stock y pipe and cats......
  11. I'd very much like to see that dash cam footage if available, love the Welsh A/B roads.
  12. Also quicker around the ol TG test track than a e46 M3......
  13. Experience from my colourful past is that any car that does 0-60mph in mid 6 seconds can race a car that does it in mid 5's. Mid 7's with mid 6' sec, mid 5's with mid 4's for example. Doesn't mean the slower car is ever going to win, but reaction times can bring the slower car into play however the outcome will always be the same.
  14. Left hooker but looks great!!!!



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