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  1. I'd say the cams are bleeding off the compression, so I'm surprised to see the C8's noted as suitable for stock bottom end. Seems higher comp pistons are need to pull back what's been lost.
  2. It use to get busy real early as parking was at a premium, since then they've improved the set up ie x3 times as much so it fills up slower. Plus I think folks know they can arrive later in the morning, which works for everyone.
  3. Are you still using the stock fuel pump? If so fueling at top end may be at its limit.
  4. No worries Cal ask away, no not mapped hence the O2 spacers. Been over 2 weeks with a fair amount of driving and no eml as yet, fingers crossed it'll remain so. Yeah soaked the wrapped and damp installed which allows for better fitment and less shards. Heat cycled the ceramic and so far still looks great. Also if anyone was interested, I used 15m of wrap to do the below
  5. Few Pro photos of mine at the weekend from Japanese Performance Show in Stoneleigh.
  6. Hi, alot of 350z aren't daily drivers so mileage for some can tot up real slow. MOT history online will validate mileage along with service history. 7k is a very nice budget and should land you a tidy 350z be it a low mileage DE or higher mileage HR.
  7. Nice one @14N for arranging the gig for us, definitely again out grown our plot mind so more spaced needed for 2020
  8. We've had a rogue Ford Focus ST @Andy_Muxlow at a Mids Meet before now, a IS F will be no issue
  9. Thank you Ben, the 350z does wear 19's well. In pictures the wheels look bigger than in real life somehow. I remember last year when I first put them on, they looked massive and over the next few days appeared smaller as I got use to the new look. '19's for Show, 18's for Go'
  10. Cheers pal - Very nice and totally reversible too, crazy those haven't sold yet.



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