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  1. Few out this morning at PHSS
  2. Yeah definitely. I remember old Almera GTi whereby the front hub assembly had two nut and bolts one on top of the other which held the MacPherson strut. The top mount for it had elongated holes and you could easily add camber to one side in error. You would have to pull the hub outwards and nip the nut up to get a neutral position. Ever since then I knew slight changes in camber can affect steering alignment. On the rear of the Z I raised the passenger side a touch which would have reduced the camber. All part of the fun with adjustable suspension.
  3. Car ever so slightly pulls to the left with steering wheel off centre to the right, so this morning planned to take it down to my local Kwik Fit for wheel alignment. Before doing so thought it prudent to fine tune the ride height and check tyre pressures. Measurements from the bottom of the alloy to top of the arch were in cm NSF 59.5, OSF 59.6, NSR 60.1 & OSR 60.4 Figured one turn needed on the passenger rear to level out the back, which should also dip the drivers side front also ever so slightly. Very close fit when jacking up from the rear. Opportunity to check as it's been a couple of winters since fitting the suspension, still very clean and tidy with no moisture build up at all. Releasing the tension on the lock ring and it turns by hand. Wipe down of the exhaust also while it was up. Headed out this morning to be one of the first in the queue and surprisingly the car tracks true. Steering wheel straight ahead and on a flat surface actually hard to find, no pulling - result!! As it was off
  4. Would honestly rather the new Z. Of those above: Ugly, I'm not going to an urban wedding, girls car and couldn't afford to run it.
  5. We can but dream right 😁 Exhaust, suspension, wheels/tyres and I'd be happy for a bit.
  6. No welding needed, that's why you can't find any information on it 👍
  7. The strut brace had elongated holes on the one side
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