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  1. Not long after having my license and going to TOTB events, at that time Rocket Ronnie in his R33 GTR was cleaning up and from then this car was my favourite 90's JDM motor. For the time it was mind melting numbers as for this competition, you'd entry one car for the handling, drag and top speed events so had to be a strong all-rounder.
  2. Good meeting you too fella, definitely a tidy spot for breakfast in the new year. I could have driven all day with the GTR in my rear view, what a car and the mods WOW!!!!!! Your 350z was lush too with sweet mods.
  3. Hi all, home safe and sound. Thank you everyone for coming out in less than desirable conditions, hope the breakfast made up for it *I'm still full now!!! Lovely seeing you all, great people, great cars. Also can I ask if you had a nice breakfast to drop Oakes Farm Shop a comment on Google, as no doubt we'll book there again in the Spring for breakfast and kindly even opened up early for us which I thought was very kind too. Oakes Farm Shop Till the next time #damncarboot
  4. That's bloody good going The big girl isn't bad on a steady run. Mine from Nottingham to Birmingham after MFN one evening.
  5. Weather looks pants for today so safe journey everyone, after breakfast I know a spot for undercover parking 15mins away.
  6. Ello n welkom That looks real nice, come along tomorrow morning if you not busy
  7. Morning all Its soon the weekend Be great to see some new faces that have kindly added their names to the list. Above on post #1 route planned is as follows, please make a note, who would like to lead the convoy? Starts: Oakes Farm Shop CV7 7AQ Checkpoint 1: McLaren Cars - Hockley Heath B94 5NH Checkpoint 2: Hatton Village Hall CV35 7LR Destination: Melbicks B46 3HY
  8. davey_83

    Next Project

    Wow that's something to look forward too, very exciting indeed.
  9. Burning clean chap!!!! Good score
  10. No we won't, not by owners of this forum anyways.
  11. Sounds like you have USDM switches in that case. I had mine from an Jap import which I know work fine.
  12. I did this upgrade and fitted JDM drivers and passenger side switches which were plug and play.
  13. Don't normally like red for a sports car but imo this looks so good. Be interesting to see what Evolve Automotive do with their demo car.



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