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  1. Bump
  2. Not all 5w30 are the same, might sound obvious but do be sure to check. 5w30 for a VQ35 will have want a different a viscosity index to a 5w30 needed in a 1.3 CDTi Combo van. http://lubematch.shell.co.uk/gb/en_GB/browse/cars
  3. Cheers pal, not bad for a complete phone effort
  4. Tried to get everyone cars in, sorry for the long video but I was enjoying myself
  5. Oh sneaky purchase, enjoy the POWER
  6. Great video, mines doing too
  7. You will have your show off look at me cars, no one sat on my bonnet LOL
  8. He works for VW and its about as cheap and you'll ever find ie well less than £200 a month all in. You'll find manufactures have car schemes that side step the tax man in the normal manner
  9. Todays meet at the museum was sick!!
  10. That's great news about the new X
  11. Yes pal, its not removed a smell however replaced it with a new one which isn't too bad. Would recommend for sure. I find the 350z does get smells from the engine bay, plus there's no pollen filter either.
  12. Near enough all 100mph+ terminals though, which is good. What performance mods?
  13. An average driver/owner in a 918 would still be faster than this on track. 918 > P1