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  1. Immense for a factory colour, very well shot vid
  2. Gorgeous picture fella, very nice work on spotting that deal. Changing the steering wheel gives a different driving experience, looks good. Sensible ride height, looks fab now.
  3. Some sweet UK Z footage
  4. And you boss!!! Glad I saw that little tear up 😃 The sleeper Beauty The new kid
  5. Sounding fantastic too boss 👌
  6. Looks like the gamble paid off pal. Seems a tasty bit of kit that, larger capacity, better fluid management with great clearance - win win win.
  7. Yep, very much a harsh winter coming our way
  8. Visually these are the ones for the w brace Always 6 sided sockets if you have enough access.
  9. Worth baring in mind these are often bought and out on cars worth 150k 🥵
  10. Last weekend I went along to the club's Rolling Road Day held at MSL Performance. Prior check over needed for the vehicle and managed to sorted out an exhaust leak from the y pipe v band. Fitted a Tarmacsportz ally undertray whilst carrying out an oil change for good measure. Also gave me the chance to swap over to the winter wheels ready for the morning, along with raising the ride height 15mm. Structurally alot more supportive than the 16yr old factory plastic item and future oil & filter changes will be a cinch. Tyre pressures set to 34psi
  11. Another good'un https://www.pistonheads.com/buy/listing/12315069
  12. Overall a nice looking Z, might be worth you sticking an MOT on which will help the sale for this low mileage example.
  13. The cars that ran, any guesses which car made the most power 🤣
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