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  1. davey_83

    DB Nissan 350z GT 05' *bye bye RAYS :(

    Cheers davies, goes well!! Another little job sorted this week, grubby wiper arms. Remove, Clean, Prep, Prime, Paint and Refit.
  2. davey_83

    New 350z owner

    Ello n welkom
  3. davey_83

    Memory Lane: Post up your old car pics here

    95' P 306 xtdt
  4. davey_83

    Project: WeaponiZed

    Always a good feeling having a mag feature!! Car looks mega!! Any pictures of the shifter?
  5. davey_83

    The build begins..

    ooh nice rims, what kolor are going to be after the re paint?
  6. davey_83

    370Z Nismo Service

    Having worked at a dealer, you'll have lads that genuinely care about customers cars and will treat as their own and you'll have some thats main concern is bonus and racing thru the work as quickly as possible with a 'that will do attitude' #cutcorners. Which type of person your keys will be handed too is pot luck. I wouldn't let a dealer wash my car, let alone work on it lol Nissan SMR below
  7. davey_83

    370Z Nismo Service

    Same for my 350z, rather do it myself. However after the warranty period for a newer car, any goodwill towards manufactures defect repairs full dealer service history would be needed.
  8. davey_83

    Pops & Bangs with stock cats

    I personally class it with throttle controllers, engine and exhaust notes being sent thru a cars speakers, artificial and silly.
  9. davey_83

    Dude had taste**

    For any PW fanboys
  10. In for a convoy also, half the fun is watching Ian get lost
  11. Wonderful pictures, great time with the boys
  12. davey_83

    FS: 2006 Nissan 350z GT Roadster 49k *£5400*

    Sad times with having to sell up but the house will be worth it. GLWS, car looks super for the money!!