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  1. Toggled through and noticed the DTE showing 350 after 70 miles of driving. Weren't hanging about either, good to see the ol' girl still running good. Rarely do I fill the tank, as it doesn't make sense lugging around the extra weight if not needed. Back home on the drive and showing 299 DTE after 162 miles through the Cotswolds. Mad to think the 350z could do Exeter to Edinburgh on a single tank.
  2. To help wrap this one up, the charity drive out is tomorrow and target has almost been reached which is fantastic. Weather looks just about perfect too, can't wait
  3. OP - buy whatever daily you want No need for a thread.
  4. Late order placed Thursday and package arrived next day, cheers lads - super service as per
  5. Is a shame really, as I'd say most folks that say negative things probably have never driven one at speed. VBH *racing license holder and race instructor loved the 350z and rated it alongside all that she's driven, which is more than good enough for me.
  6. Id imagine heavy clutch and steering, poor visibility, road noise, not great at getting in & out when parked in a normal parking space, feels a wide car on the road, only 2 seats, not great urban mpg. New Nissan Leaf? Almost the perfect cheap to run daily, if not doing more than 120 miles a day.........
  7. Few from today, been a long time since I was a Turtlewax fan
  8. Vehicle ideally needs to be completely flat also.
  9. Nice set for someone https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Toyo-R888s-2x-Front-245-35-19-used-and-2x-Rear-265-35-19-new-M2-Fitment-/173936408563
  10. If I was in the market for a 996, surely you'd just look for one that's had this common issue addressed. Much like the gallery gaskets for the HR, you'd ideally look for one that's had the work done by a reputable agent and enjoy less stress.
  11. Will you bother with the washer jet too or leave as is? Clean looking now too btw.
  12. Lol thank you - for 6 months of the year I wash and dry the car in the dark. For duration, I never got hung up on super longevity as it's a pleasure to apply a LSP quarterly not a chore. If you're serious about asking a question, feel free to PM rather than bulking a product thread.
  13. Clearly only looked at the pictures and not read what I had wrote, as I had given reason for the look. Between showers spritz of water to which I'm more than happy with its claims and my use of the product. Best £5 I've ever spent on the car



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