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  1. davey_83

    Edinburgh 350zexy

    Ello n welkom Nice Zed!!
  2. davey_83

    350z Ebay Finds

    These are great if the zed isn't a 365 daily driver https://www.amazon.co.uk/CTEK-MXS-5-0-Reconditions-Motorcycle/dp/B00FC42HAA
  3. davey_83

    My First Z

    Looks fabulous, welkom
  4. davey_83

    2005 zed for sale £4000

    Cheap!!!!! should sell QUICK
  5. davey_83

    Track HR build PIC HEAVY

    Real nice car pal and don't worry about those two above. I really like the exterior styling and at a glance looks like an Advan sponsored car!!! Any exhaust sound clips or track time vids? Donington is the best track I've had the 350z on, loved it.
  6. davey_83

    Hi from the east mids

    Ello n welkom Sorry to hear of your mate
  7. davey_83

    Throttle body cleaning.

    I've cleaned mine and don't believe you can clean it out fully without moving the throttle butterfly. Problems folks have is carrying out the reset procedure afterwards on a cold engine, that just won't work for obvious reasons. Warmed engine, I disconnected the battery for 30mins then began to clean out. Reconnect battery and began all three resets *engine still warm. That was just the way I did mine.
  8. davey_83

    Busters new toy

  9. davey_83

    Admiral just slapped Adrian Flux?

    Great result and welkom to the forum
  10. davey_83

    Fast road/Track 350z HR build

    Magic mate, excited isn't close to conveying ones emotion. Is it march yet?......
  11. davey_83

    Fast road/Track 350z HR build

    Can't want to have a nose round when I pop by soon
  12. davey_83

    *For Sale* 350Z V6 Engine coffee table

  13. davey_83

    Hi from Herts

    Ello n welkom
  14. davey_83

    Volkswagen Golf Mk8 Spotted in SA (Video)

    For a mid spec model, it looks good.
  15. davey_83

    *** TORQEN DEAL ALERT *** 350z DEPO headlights in stock

    Folks with a 06+ could buy a pair, then sell their Nissan ones and make money whilst enjoying a fresh new look