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  1. Do it yourself, materials cost me circa £60
  2. Clip of my repainted wheels, a job I've been meaning to do for years and years.
  3. Anglesey with the club was a blast, personally my favourite drive out and conditions were great considering it was the end of March. Used the wipers for about 4 minutes on the way back across the boarder so can't grumble at that. Fuelled up ready for the day Home for a wash, decon and wax ready for Japfest Silverstone the following weekend Annual oil and filter change. Ally underlay with service hatch, but still take it off to have a nose round and wipe down underneath
  4. Mate bang on work sorting the leak yourself!!! Fair play as the headache must have been REAL!!!
  5. Short clip of the wheel finish https://streamable.com/bvawpm Couple of rollers from Japfest Silverstone 24' 🔰
  6. Few bits to catch up on, 18' RAYS wheel refurb, Spring clean including arches, suspension raised 15mm all round and annual service. Previously painted before my ownership most likely to help with the sale, showing lacquer peel, corrosion coming through and a couple of paint runs. Nothing terrible but every time you'd wash the car however 240, 320 600 prep work - 2hrs each wheel Masked off and tac ragged over X3 coats of primer later 1st dust coat of silver My makeshift spray booth x3 coats of primer, base & 2k lacquer later with 24hrs between each stage Searched a decent amount of time for the right silver as most silvers are metallic, which I didn't want and think looks crap on wheels if you want an OE look. Products used x2 cans each, wheel barrels not done. 3 years in and the coilover still look fantastic under the socks, slacken the lower lock ring with the c spanner and it'll spin up the body by hand. Arches cleaned and dressed, 20mm wheel spacers refitted The raised ride height, damping and 45 profile tyres were a dream on the run out to Anglesey a couple week ago.
  7. Brilliant day, long but brilliant! @andy james top work for arranging the club stand and being in the heart of the show was a nice treat. I was gutted to the issue unfold as you were parked next to me, hopefully safe and repaired without too much bother. On the interest matter forum v Facebook groups, we have both however it's a missed opportunity not to push meets and club stand interest on our 350z-UK Facebook group or on Car Calendar for example. I personally don't think the size of the club stand was bad in all honesty, it's the 2 or 3 club stands a year that makes folks look elsewhere for their car fix. No regional southern or northern meets, no meals out, no rolling roads days, no drive outs and thus folks will aligned with other car clubs that do make the effort to provide this. As soon as members of our Facebook group see the below while looking for shows club stands and meets they're off elsewhere.
  8. And you matey!!! Cheers for coming over to say hey 👋
  9. Mate incredible!!! Car looked fantastic on track too
  10. These will more than likely be in reference to to the kidney braces and fuel tank cover, both replaceable bolt off/on.
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