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  1. We're in the book, let's make this another great showing 👍 1. davey_83 2. GranTurismoEra 3. Headphones 4. Angelsanzbriz https://facebook.com/events/s/cotswold-breakfast-meet/623248489723286/
  2. Don't give up, a better idea would be if it's really bad at the end of the working day with sap and/or fallout - on the way home if you pass a BP is to pull in and jet wash the car off for £1. Keep a spray bottle of your favourite pre wash in the car, sprits it over, jet it off and you're good to go.
  3. Incredibly impractical to wash your car in the works carpark, dry then cover it. Not to mention having to get there early, running water, putting a hose away maybe a change of clothes for the rest of the day.
  4. Putting a car cover on a dirty car is a poor shout
  5. Gorgeous bump in torque across the rev range with a nice slab of 25lb-ft extra, where you spend 95% of the time 👌
  6. Z 20th Anniversary event a success, what a come down afterwards though ay. I need a favour, the British Motor Museum have again been fantastic with us and never give any bother. Can we all give a little back by dropping them a 5 star review, as much or as little detail as you like. Just our way of saying thank you 🙏 https://g.co/kgs/TBD3A3
  7. Oh nice, sort like a champagne colour. Take it these are painted rather than powder coated as the centre caps are matched.
  8. More teeny changes, had a few broken/odd clips around the scuttle that wanted changing out for the correct ones Nissan use. The silver oil and rad caps, got painted to match the theme. Engine bay cleaned ahead of the anniversary event in Gaydon. Who doesn't love protected wheels 🤷🏽‍♂️
  9. My pictures from yesterday, not as many as normal however I was a wee bit overwhelmed if I'm honest. Car count 197, an incredible turnout for the 350z 20th anniversary. Notcutts pre meet British Motor Museum On route to Caffeine and Machine Resulted in a mini Z takeover 😬
  10. My heads still a fuzz, what just happened?! Greatest Z event by far & all down to you guys 🙏 I had been fully crapping myself all week, wanting everything to go just right for the club. Multiple emails to the venue over the last few months, overseeing multiple pre meets and pre pre meets by way of directing folks to their local meet spot champion. Nigel over at Yakushi Show, getting what he needed for the trade stall. All hours event information chatline effectively, many many many hours I would imagine totted up. I needn't worry, best club around and what a day. Thank you ALL and to our lovely supporters: Yakushi Show - TORQEN - Tarmac Sportz
  11. Excited to see this later today 😁
  12. ^ wonderful, don't feel real that the big day is tomorrow 😬
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