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  1. I do like the nismo sides, but only with the front to match then the rear spoiler is needed for sure. OEM+ for me rather than a body kit pick & mix
  2. If it makes a difference I've pranged a car with rear parking sensors
  3. Nice one Olly, yeah it's a great picture. She has side diffusers which is a nice subtle addition to the factory side skirts.
  4. Never had so many lovely pictures sent me must be the award winning wheels. Courtesy of @mrpix_photography
  5. She looks gorgeous!!!! Very nice pictures too
  6. Yay, looking and sounding SUPER!!!
  7. Few pictures from lunch @ C&M yesterday, lapping up the last few nice days of Summer. Drove down wonderful clear country roads to get there, then to come home made the mistake of going via Stratford - standstill traffic
  8. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/TEGIWA-GEAR-SHIFT-EXTENSION-M12X1-25-FOR-TOYOTA-SUBARU-NISSAN-R34-S15-/172684254466 Example above
  9. For a good few years now I've had a B&M quick shifter knob and 3' extension. Having that extra leverage makes running through the gears a breeze.
  10. Few of us yesterday met over at Caffeine and Machine for lunch, decent weather and great parking once the bikers cleared off.
  11. Cheers pal, I was able to finally get rid of the yellow factory wax that was sprayed all about the engine bay. Used white spirits and then hand polished back up while the strut brace was off.





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