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  1. davey_83

    Cam position sensor troubles

    Never saw the point in throttle controllers, once you pressing on and at wide open throttle - surely WOT is WOT........ Also do the controllers do anything with regards to the factory rev limit?
  2. davey_83

    'Wax and Shine' Appreciation Thread

    Another next working day delivery from our resident car care supplier, thank you Glen. Why go anywhere else?
  3. davey_83

    which exhaust to choose

    Go for whatever system you like the look of.........
  4. davey_83

    Hey from Southsea

    Ello n welkom
  5. davey_83

    Hey team! Dave here!

    Ello n welkom
  6. davey_83

    Calendar Entries 2019 - Submit Here

  7. davey_83

    Help with 207cc please

    Could be the switch itself
  8. davey_83

    Ford Fiesta ST150 MK 6

    Bring on the sexy lumpy idle
  9. davey_83

    Random Z video...

    Good the channel is going to follow the process through modifications and possibly track driving. Nice post!!
  10. davey_83

    Manor hotel meriden

  11. It will feel better as you've removed the most restrictive part of the exhaust now the HFC's can breath Looks wonderful, sound clip?
  12. davey_83

    2007 Rev Up. Azure **price drop £5000**

    Stick it up in Pistonheads and Gumtree for more interest pal.
  13. davey_83

    Memory Lane: Post up your old car pics here

    99' Nissan Almera GTi *body kit version Heat wrapped strut brace, what was I thinking.......
  14. davey_83

    Battery advice

    Even if i dont use mine for a week, il stick it on charge ready for the next morning. It'll start either way but the tracker and a freezing cold start does the battery no good.