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  1. Right then, something a little different for me a Charity Car Meetup and convoy. Kwik Fit are raising money for Children with cancer UK. Doing all sorts of events but there's one that'll be our thing. Its about 90mins drive (59 miles) from the pre meet in Warwick to the venue through the Cotswolds which should be pretty amazing with a few of us Please let me know once you've paid as I need to let Kwik Fit know, as its a ticket only event. https://www.childrenwithcancer.org.uk/ There is a car meet on Sunday 23rd June from 10am near Cirencester and then a small village drive in convoy. At the meet there will be an F1 simulator and BTCC cars (KF being this years title sponsor) and a few other nice cars including ours. Its £25 per car which will ALL go to charity. Each entry goes in a raffle for prizes, 1st prise is x4 BTCC tickets, 2nd price x2 BTCC tickets. https://kwikfit.everydayhero.com/uk/car-feast-2019 http://www.btcc.net/2018/11/25/toca-announces-kwik-fit-as-title-sponsor-of-british-touring-car-championship/ If anyone is interested in coming, add your name to the list. Pre meet details Location: Holiday Inn Express Warwick Stratford Road Warwick CV34 6TW Time: 8:15 am Date: 23rd June 2019 Car Feast Meet Up Kwik Fit - Malmesbury Old Station Yard Gloucester Road Malmesbury SN16 9JS 1) davey_83 - 350z - DV05AZF Thank you all
  2. Super knowledge, and with a special door handle lol
  3. Set of ES2's and it would look waaaaaay better
  4. Few more pictures from the weekends clean before the Spring Mids Meet. Megs Ult shampoo Auto Finesse Triple Autoglym Ultra HD Wax Autoglym Tyre Shine  Immense depth for gunmetal The classic I've broken down shot.
  5. Cheers Sam, nice meeting you pal. The next place we go, hopefully lunch comes out on time
  6. My wee cut from the morning Thank you ALL again for supporting the Midlands Meet!!
  7. I was going to msg to say if you got home all ok. Reminds me for the short journeys I do, allowing the automatic a/c to kick in inst a bad thing. Cheers for coming pal, numbers were amazing and we had a pretty full on convoy.
  8. If I had to give it a name, it would be Super Zed Meet. Would have needed literally all day to have a proper nose around each, crazy amount of cars. Pretty sure we had a 25+ car convoy too. Thank you EVERYONE for coming and I want to say sorry for the church pull over. Leading the convoy I had zero idea we had that many cars, until the layby was full with still more stationary on the road. Plan was to pull over for a nice picture as we were good for time, swap order to enjoy another view but it was madness 101. Then with the food, I tallied 14 put there names down for lunch. Booked 18 as a buffer, but needed another 10 seats over the initial lunch count. Pub was having none of it and bingo, the large supposedly 'booked' table next to us remained empty the entire time huff. Details for the next super meet will be up once I've gotten over the trauma MASSIVE thank you again for supporting the Midlands Club Meets.
  9. Nice one Nick!! It might look like a stunning summers morning, but it's cold beyond belief in the Midlands this morning. Safe journey and drive carful. Checked over at the NEC and there's the Toy Collection Fair today, so extra traffic in the area. Should be an amazing morning
  10. Still working through this lot and would happily have again Easy to work with, very forgiving, smells great and goes a long way. Only product from the below I didn't get along with was the tyre dressing, not glossy enough for me but the stain look is desirable too.



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