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  1. Tyre tread depth with pictures

    Haha no but my brother in-law does, I work for the BIG one! There's no excuse for buying a car with less than desired tyres, worn out brakes, slipping or noisy clutch, blown exhaust etc. These are wear parts and visually very easy to spot. Running issues or electrical failures can occur at any time and aren't easily spotted. Good cars can be bought from dealer networks and small independent garages. Bad cars can be bought again from both ends of the scale. The level of aftercare depends 100% on the individual that is dealing (or not) with your enquiry, nothing more.
  2. Tyre tread depth with pictures

    Car dealerships are places to buy cars, no different to any other forecourt. It's people that can be untrustworthy. I daily via 1 link speak to car dealerships up and down the country and if people in the motor trade were truthful, I'd be out of a job.
  3. Painful reminder to get your alignment done

    Eye witness: Officer i saw everything, they were driving along allowing for the conditions then just came of the road but I'm not sure why.... Officer: See lad the car had tyres at 3mm, poor folks didn't stand a chance. Only a matter of time before this would of happen.
  4. Tyre tread depth with pictures

    Dan's totally right. The whole reason to buy from a dealer and pay the extra over a private purchase is the purchase gaurentee for matters overlooked or faults soon after.
  5. Fast road/Track 350z HR build

    Love your track videos, good safe driving too unlike me at times..
  6. Tyre tread depth with pictures

    Did you even drive the car? Without being disrespectful, that is totally the wrong way to buy a car any car!!! Upon viewing, go over it before handing over any final balance. MOT check could have done on route to see the car online. Same tyres still on, tell them you'll wait while the change them out. Sounds like a heart of head purchase, which happens but all one can do is learn from their errors.
  7. Painful reminder to get your alignment done

    I ran Michelins on the front and Nexens on the rear of mine for 2yrs (came like this when I bought it) absolutely no issues, just drive according to conditions. Same folks that say you must have four matching tyres, would have you change your tyres at 3mm regardless. Not even Michelin themselves say buy new at 3mm.
  8. DB Nissan 350z GT 05'

    Took advantage of the eBay sale day and picked up this year's service kit and a pair of MPS4 to replace my MPS3. Having taken the car out on track, both a boiling hot day (Japfest 2 Rockingham) and torrential rain (PHSS Silverstone) I really felt I could lean on the PS3's with confidence and abuse the front end at least in the dry. Cant wait to swap them out for the new rubbers, however will wait until later in the year as the old ones are still on 3mm. Shoppers faces when I came out of Argos with tyres
  9. Tyre tread depth with pictures

    Ideally you should have had whatever agreement stated at the point of sale, wrote down in the invoice. If they concern you this much........ change em.....
  10. Tyre tread depth with pictures

    Even from new the MPSS id say come with at most 4mm on the outer blocks, purely down to design. Very possibly those tyres in the past could have been ran under inflated, causing slight premature wear on the outer edges.
  11. New Car!!

    Nothing but love for a Pulsar GTi-R, however in standard forum they're tame in this day & age.
  12. Cross Point Meet - Sunday 18th February

    1. davey_83 - Lunch 2. Mopedmark - Lunch 3. Silky - Lunch 4. Shezza - Lunch 5. nissanman312 - Lunch tbc 6. antnee - Lunch 7. JamesT2992 - Lunch tbc @JamesT2992 welkom along pal
  13. Painful reminder to get your alignment done

    From what I gather, nowt can be adjusted on the rear of a standard 350z. No point paying for "4 wheel alignment" if only the front axle can be adjusted, is my thinking. I think the rears are hooked up on the machine purely as a point of chassis reference to the front, showing thrust angle.
  14. Tyre tread depth with pictures

    These look like 3mm across the central three quaters, no issues in my mind.