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  1. davey_83

    Water softners??

  2. Ian, we'll have another run out soon! Mega father's day giftget some rest. I'm editing as we speak, should be able to share the YouTube link Tuesday evening.
  3. Great pictures, co driver and camera girl!!! Ok if I use some for the vlog?
  4. Today Zab told me about this and he was like "how do you not know?" lol Looking fresh!!!!
  5. Lovely meeting you and co driver!! Stunning Nismo too, so so nice. Nice one for leading the return route, even if it was at Mach 2 lol
  6. Yep all well behaved...... mostly. Yeah saw you at the junction with you wheels turned to go right and I thought nooooo lol
  7. Cheers fella, yeah was a good morning!! Mega drive out, cracking little route
  8. That's cool pal, try and check in for the next one
  9. Ello n welkom We have a Midlands club meet tomorrow morning, if you fancy saying hello in the new motor
  10. davey_83

    Hi new guy

    Ello n welkom We have a local club meet tomorrow morning if you fancy saying hello
  11. Bummer dude, nice one for the update. Weather report, looking good and pre destination checkpoint details before for the run out.
  12. davey_83

    Detailing Products - Wax it Wet?

    I agree, but were on about a weekly wash. All I wash saying is to most folks that don't have a DI filter like the OP, to try and dry a car after only pre wash is suicide imo. You know when you spot another car on the road that's just had a £4 special with missed bits from a the wash. That's small areas that were missed by the wash mitt or sponge. To then run a drying towel over that....... *shakes head.
  13. davey_83

    Detailing Products - Wax it Wet?

    A proper wash includes pre wash, takes minimal effort to apply and rinse a TFR product. DI filter ftw, however the car will still be dirty.....
  14. davey_83

    Detailing Products - Wax it Wet?

    My point was a pre wash doesn't yield clean paintwork.